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Today’s Homework: “Why George Bush Sucks”

27 November 2007 | Prince William County | 113 Comments

Apparently there’s something new in the curriculum of the Prince William County School System of which I was previously unaware:
[George Bush] is openly Christian and ties his religion too much to his politics. The USA is about equal representation and diversity. We need to work VERY hard on making people other religions feel like they […]

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Comcast Proves It Lied To City Council

27 November 2007 | Manassas City | 13 Comments

Even after Comcast tells the media and the Manassas City Council that it will stop torturing Manassas Resident Melyssa Webb, it has come back with a new definition of what “that equipment won’t come back to your yard” actually meant and is telling her that the electrical enclosure farm is indeed coming back to her […]

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Help Save Manassas Wednesday

27 November 2007 | Manassas City | 16 Comments

Help Save Manassas will have it’s General Membership meeting this Wednesday evening at 7:30PM at Manassas City Council Chambers (not Stonewall Middle School).  Be there, and help gear up for the next session of the General Assembly.

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The More Things Change…

27 November 2007 | Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

Jerry thinks the “ousting” of Walter Stosch as leader of the Senate Caucus is good news, and looks forward to Senate Republicans acting more like, well, Republicans.  Now At The Podium seems happy as well.  Although the leadership shakeup in the Senate does provide some cause for celebration (Mark Obenshain as whip is very good […]

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Stewart: No New Taxes

27 November 2007 | Prince William County | 9 Comments

County Staff has said it would be a bad idea, and Corey Stewart agrees, according to the DC Examiner. Even though the transportation plan passed last session allows Prince William to increase commercial real estate taxes, given the current vacancy rate, there’s not going to be a tax increase in Prince William County. […]

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A “Loyalty Oath”?

27 November 2007 | Virginia Politics | 44 Comments

The Washington Times reports that Virginia voters who want to participate in February’s Republican presidential primary will be required to sign a statement saying that they intend to support the eventual nominee in the General Election, something being described as a “loyalty oath.” All of this is an attempt to ensure that Republicans are […]

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Lingamfelter Starts A Reformation Effort

26 November 2007 | Virginia Politics | 32 Comments

An opinion piece by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter was published in today’s edition of the Washington Times calling on Virginia Republicans to stop trying to out-Democrat the Democrats, and fully live up to the conservative principles that underpinned the coalition-building policies of Ronald Reagan.  The timing of this piece is important.  This weekend, Virginia Republicans will […]

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Casa De Maryland Visits Venezuela

25 November 2007 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 29 Comments

In case there was much doubt left as to what was actually the philosophical underpinning of the illegal alien lobby, a publication which calls itself “The Militant” helps dispel them all.  Apparently some folks from Casa de Maryland went down to Venezuela in order to participate in a panel discussion along with Ward Churchill on […]

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It’s Long Past Time To Dump Comcast

25 November 2007 | Manassas City | 19 Comments

The Prince William Section of today’s Washington Post has picked up on the story about Manassas resident’s frustrations with Comcast Cable, and Nick Miroff gives a recap of last Monday night’s meeting of the Manassas City Council where residents had an opportunity to vent.  Getting prominent attention are Melyssa Webb, whose front yard was for […]

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The MJM Tells A Sob Story

25 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 118 Comments

Today’s Manassas Urinal-Massager provides an example of how Prince William County’s policies towards illegal aliens is having an effect.  An illegal alien charged with child abuse, and who had decided to relocate to the illegal alien sanctuary that is Maryland after being charged, is being held on an immigration detainer and faces the possibility of […]

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A Trial Baloon For The New Religion

24 November 2007 | Virginia Politics | 22 Comments

Let’s say you’re an elected official, fresh of an election cycle where you discussed vague notions like “leadership” and “bold new ideas”. Now that the pre-filing period for legislation in the General Assembly has commenced, it’s now time to put action to rhetoric, and start actually delivering on “leadership”. But how does one […]

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More Waste At PWC Public Schools

23 November 2007 | Prince William County | 48 Comments

From the “your tax dollars at work department”:
County Workshop Highlights Inclusive Culture
The Prince William County Public Schools Office of Special Education Parent Resource Center will host “Steps to Building an Inclusive Culture,” a workshop for parents and professionals, on Wednesday, November 28 from 7-9 p.m. The workshop will be held in the Benton Middle School […]

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Democrat Senate Leaders Announce Plans

23 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 73 Comments

Virginia Senate Democrats, while talking to the Washington Post about how they will divide up committee chairmanships for the next session of the General Assembly, seem to have outlined their legislative agenda for the year:
The divided General Assembly will meet Jan. 9 for 60 days to pass a two-year budget. Senate Democrats will promote an […]

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Bob Marshall For Senate?

22 November 2007 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 24 Comments

According to the Washington Post, Bob Marshall is considering joining the field of candidates for the Republican nomination or U.S. Senate, along with Jim Gilmore and Chris Saxman. This would be a very interesting three-way race.
Jim Gilmore comes into this race after a pretty disheartening run for the Republican nomination for President, where he […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

22 November 2007 | Patriotism | 40 Comments

I wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey be perfectly cooked, may the dog eat the cranberry sauce so you won’t have to, and may you be successful in keeping Uncle Elmer from picking off some of the turkey skin before the bird gets to the table.
But perhaps the best wishes […]

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Illegal Alien News Roundup

21 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 34 Comments

Employers of illegal aliens are starting to feel the heat as enforcement actions seem to be increasing in numbers, Culpeper cleans up an informal day laborer site, and an illegal immigration fraud ring gets dismantled. Here’s a roundup of what’s happened in the Commonwealth recently on the illegal alien issue, which shows we here in […]

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Liberty Street Owner Getting Some Heat

21 November 2007 | Manassas City | 37 Comments

Apparently the city has been getting some complaints about the makeshift billboard at Liberty and Prince William Streets in Manassas and is looking at doing something about this eyesore in the city’s historic district, according to today’s edition of the Potomac News.  That Manassas City residents have been so accommodating to this point is a […]

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The Park Revokes Rack n’ Roll’s CUP

21 November 2007 | Rack & Roll Scandal | 26 Comments

The Manassas Park Governing Board has predictably revoked the Conditional Use Permit of Rack n’ Roll after ignoring extensive evidence of improper behavior by the city.  When city officials are complicit in perjury, fabrication of evidence, harassment and abuse of a local business owner who got in the way of their grand designs, it is […]

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First Phone Call for 2008

20 November 2007 | US Congress | 18 Comments

I got a robo-call this afternoon. A group called American Family Voices wanted me to know that Congressman Frank Wolf is responsible for allowing poisonous toys into the country, threatening the lives of all American children. I didn’t even know Congressman Wolf was a health inspector.
American Family Voices is a liberal advocacy group […]

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Gun Bans In Jeopardy

20 November 2007 | National Politics | 129 Comments

The Supreme Court is going to hear the DC gun ban case after all, the AP reports.  This is the best chance to reiterate that the Second Amendment is an individual right since US v. Miller in 1939, and is going to substantially impact the entire debate about gun control.
The gun control advocates must be […]

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