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RK Goes A Whinin’

By Greg L | 7 December 2007 | DPVA, Blogs | 2 Comments

Head on over to RK to see one of the whiniest rants ever mailed to an elected official, begging Senator-elect Donald McEachin of Richmond for help in kicking George Burke out as the Chairman of the 11th District Committee.  It’s a whole lot like kids begging the principal to have their schoolmate spanked because the kid called them mean names, and the response to the request reads pretty closely to that scenario.  If while reading this your eyes begin to glaze over at the sheer inanity of the whole diatribe, here are some of the more interesting quotes allegedly leveled by Burke:

On Lowell Feld, who runs Razing Kaine:

“Feld deserves to be held accountable for the damage he is reaping on the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, too many people are afraid to confront him because he will aim his Webb attack dogs at those who do take umbrage with his rants.”

“Once people realize that Commissar Feld (and some others) censor their blogs to eliminate opposing views, Pravda (formerly RK) loses any impact it might have had. It is just a “house organ” for Webb and, unfortunately for Lowell, he is going to have to suck on that “organ” when Webb loses.”

“Commissar Feld deserves to be punished for his totalitarian actions. He is not a Democrat. He is not a Marxist. He is not even a Communist. He is a Stalinist!”

“Lowell, like Goebbels, wants to be the master of misinformation about Webb and a CENSOR of free speech.”

On Jim Webb (note this was before the election, he had the bully thing nailed):

“That is why Webb left the job of Reagan’s Navy Secretary, he didn’t want to give the men and women of the military a pay raise. Helping the big defense contractors build more ships was more important to him.”

“But like most bullies, Jim Webb shrinks from the actual fight and hides behind the coattails of his band of bullies.”

“To many of the Webb supporters on and off the blogs.. I say good riddance to you. We don’t need your kind in the Democratic Party…”

So I guess the idea of Democrats accepting diversity of opinion, as they seem to embrace diversity of everything else, just isn’t going to happen.   Lowell Feld is going to try to muscle his way into being the arbiter of ideological purity for the Democrats, and anyone who doesn’t toe the line is going to promptly be the subject of a long-winded complaint to a legislator in another part of the state within twelve months.  Or maybe twenty four.  Oh, the horror!
Thank God Lowell’s not complaining to Jim Webb.  That guy has his aides carry his .45 for him everywhere, even where it’s illegal, and I’d imagine he would actually do something rather than whine.  He might have one of his aides put a bullet in the back of your head.  There is after all that “by proxy” which got left off that “Born fighting” slogan, but I suppose it wouldn’t fit on the campaign signs.

Have at it, Lowell.  Be the man.  Fire off a complaint or two about other Democrats in Fairfax County you don’t like.  Have you tried sending a letter to Roscoe Reynolds yet?  Since he probably has no idea who you are, he might even take you seriously, because in case you missed it, Donald McEachin pretty obviously thinks you’re out to lunch here.  And thanks for compiling all those great quotes you claim are from George Burke.  I had almost forgotten about them, and they really are too good to fall into obscurity.

Democrats can sometimes be so very entertaining.

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  1. Loudoun Insider said on 7 Dec 2007 at 11:51 pm:
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    That was pretty interesting and a little over the top. It looks like the Puritan spirit is cross infecting the Dems.

  2. Isophorone said on 8 Dec 2007 at 1:55 pm:
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    Benjie Boo-boo is a party to this as well, apparently.

    Now is the winter of their discontent? LOL

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