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Poisson Invites Radical Islamists To Richmond

By Greg L | 29 January 2008 | Loudoun County, Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

At the request of Delegate David Poisson (D-Loudon), the opening prayer of the Virginia House of Delegates was offered today by Imam Mohamed Magid. Magid is the Vice President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which has somewhat of a troubling history in the United States, prompting U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Charles Grassley to list them along with a handful of other radical Muslim organizations in the United States who “finance terrorism and perpetuate violence.”  The ISNA is also currently listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation plot to finance terrorism.  David “The Fish” Poisson is apparently untroubled by this, and thinks the ISNA deserves to be heard in Richmond.  I doubt many of his constituents would agree.

According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation”; “convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred” (for instance, al Qaeda supporter and PLO official Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi was invited to speak at an ISNA conference); has held fundraisers for terrorists (after Hamas leader Mousa Marzook was arrested and eventually deported in 1997, ISNA raised money for his defense); has condemned the U.S. government’s post-9/11 seizure of Hamas’ and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s financial assets; and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Islamic Horizons, that “often champions militant Islamist doctrine.”

The ISNA is also part of the illegal alien lobby, endorsing the “Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coalition” which seeks to obtain amnesty for all illegal aliens and completely open our borders.  Perpetuating the problem of our terribly insecure borders and ensuring that all lawbreakers obtain amnesty certainly would help make it easier for radical islamists to infiltrate the country and wreak all sorts of havoc.  I wonder if “The Fish” agrees with this agenda of doing harm to our national security in order to support the Wahhabist cause.

For more about the ISNA, visit DiscoverTheNetworks.

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  1. Arlington Minority said on 29 Jan 2008 at 3:51 pm:
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    Delegate Poisson should be renamed, David “the Pork” Poisson, to further endear him to his radical Islamist brotherhoood.

  2. Anonymous said on 29 Jan 2008 at 7:34 pm:
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    A Troubling Presence at a Funeral
    By Ben Johnson
    June 11, 2004

    …Magid, who was born and educated in the Sudan, is the Director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS). ADAMS has numerous close affiliations with the main targets of “Operation Green Quest,” “the largest U.S. terror finance investigation anywhere in the world.” In March 2002, federal agents raided ADAMS’s facility in Herndon, Virginia, as part of an investigation into financial support for terrorism. Federal affidavits state that the “Grove Street addresses” (500 and 555 Grove St. in Herndon) housed more than 100 interlocking Muslim organizations, most headed by Jamal Barzinji, and these groups gave material aid to terrorists. Among those raided were several major ADAMS associates, including its chairman. Magid himself was present when federal agents raided the Herndon offices of ADAMS in March 2002…

  3. Anonymous said on 29 Jan 2008 at 7:56 pm:
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    Isn’t Mukit Hossain moving soon to PWC???

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