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PWCRC Convention Surprises

By Greg L | 12 April 2008 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 29 Comments

A few hundred Prince William County Republicans gathered today at Woodbridge High School for a convention which ended up being a lot more interesting than I think most delegates expected. Since the PWCRC Chairmanship wasn’t contested, few expected this to be anything other than a pretty mundane coronation of Lyle Beefelt, but there are a few other things going on.

The headline here is definitely an unprecedented wave of support for Delegate Bob Marshall for U.S. Senate. While Jim Gilmore was well received as everyone expected, there was an absolutely stunning wave of support for Bob’s proxy who held the stage for Marshall which crescendoed into a full-blown pep rally once Bob Marshall entered the auditorium after returning from the Fairfax GOP Convention. Delegates had been receptive to Jim Gilmore’s clear support for widely-held Republican principles, but Bob Marshall’s determined and relentless battles on behalf of those principles that in the end end up looking a lot like modern-day repeats of Davis vs. Goliath clearly has captured the imagination of the PWCRC. If Marshall has failed to capture at least 80% of the Prince William County delegation to the state convention, I would be rather surprised.

What really makes this fascinating is that this wave of support appears to have very little to do with the widely-reported back-and-forth battle about who defends the sanctity of life the most. Although it’s clear that issue does motivate some, what is really at play here has much more to do with Bob Marshall’s clear demonstration that in an age of poll-driven, see-which-way-the-wind-blows political maneuvering, he is a dedicated public official who cares nothing for what political advantage a policy position may create, but is deeply concerned with what is right, and guided by an unerring moral compass that is utterly resilient to corruption. Not only are his positions the product of absolute moral and ethical conviction, but his record of success tends to be pretty impressive, even when he’s taking the battle to Mark Warner.

The current level of utter contempt in the U.S. Senate held by many Americans is the key factor here. Few, if any trust the Senate to do the right thing, and most interactions the electorate seem to have with the Senators are expressions of outrage and disgust over whatever this body is attempting to do. When was the last time you heard of someone thanking a U.S. Senator for anything? Convention delegates certainly seem to have been doing little but sending angry emails to their Senators, and have utterly lost any degree of confidence they may have in this institution. Given that mindset, the appeal of a combative firebrand warrior over a statesmanlike politician who sounds not terribly unlike some of the current U.S. Senators (albeit those displaying some degree of responsibility) is undeniable and compelling. The press has utterly missed this one, which has them downplaying the strength of Bob Marshall’s insurgent campaign, and setting the stage for another dismantling of mainstream-media driven conventional wisdom.

Jeff Frederick didn’t quite muster this level of fanatic devotion, but seemed more than competitive with John Hager in seeking the RPV Chairman’s slot. Jeff is going to pull a lot of support out of Prince William County, and his energy and enthusiasm are rather infectious.

The other major surprise here was an attempted play by some who still can’t seem to get over the result of the debacle in the 51st District, and attempted to deny me credentials for the 10th District and RPV conventions. It didn’t go so well, and after a few delegates gave some rather impassioned floor speeches on the subject, that effort was batted back with only two votes supporting the attempt to shut me out. Faisal Gill’s son did a good job of rebuilding some bridges by saying that neither he nor his father supported this effort, which was a welcome display of class. In the end, county Republicans clearly want to move beyond those events, and this ham-handed ploy ultimately resulted in closing the book on the 51st District Convention of 2007.

Sometimes “uneventful” conventions can get awfully interesting.

UPDATE: “Citizen Tom”, who initiated the denial of my credentials has written a post about his rationale for doing so.  It would seem that some folks just don’t want to let this go, even though the convention soundly rejected this argument and there’s virtually no support for it whatsoever.

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  1. PWConservative said on 12 Apr 2008 at 5:19 pm:
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    A Refreshing change from last years Lucas vs Gill convention

  2. Rebecca B said on 12 Apr 2008 at 5:28 pm:
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    you gave a great speech and I think this does put a close on EVERYTHING. Lets start fresh and start building the party. We wont all agree on everything, but Jim Young said it best today when he talked about focusing on the party and supporting others in the party. Mr. Gill’s son was a class act today, and I hope others will follow suit.

    Bob McDonnell for Governor!

  3. Ron said on 12 Apr 2008 at 7:48 pm:
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    Marshall and Gilmore both spoke at the Fairfax County GOP Convention. Both got applause, but I would say that Marshall’s crew was louder (though I don’t know if they were more numerous). Ken Cuccinelli got the biggest applause of any elected official (even before he spoke). However, the biggest standing ovation went to the McCain campaign coordinator who showed up. The young man is a veteral of Iraq (Fallujah in particular), and everyone was on their feet and applauding. We joked that this was not the sort of thing one would encounter at a Democrat convention. ;)

  4. James Young said on 12 Apr 2008 at 8:38 pm:
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    Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca.

    A word of explanation. While I respect Michael’s (and Faisal’s) magnanimity, this question was not about the personal wrongs done to Faisal Gill. Neither was it about the First Amendment, and Grant Lattin’s assertion that it was is one of the sillier things I’ve ever heard him say. The GOP as an institution is not government, and is therefore not bound to ignore vile speech. To the contrary, political parties enjoy First Amendment protections of private associations which permit them to punish such speech activities.

    It was about the integrity of the rules. The only rule we have for participation in the GOP (beyond statutory) is the requirement that one pledge one’s “support all of the Party’s nominees for public office in the ensuing election.” It’s one reason that I didn’t raise a complaint against Desi Arnaiz’s participation as a delegate — his actions were against an endorsee, NOT a nominee — and spoke out and voted against Greg’s. It is really the only rule we have, and I believe we should enforce it. If I have to stand alone in that position, it is certainly one for which I’m proud to stand.

    And Greg, the one’s who can’t get over “the result of the debacle in the 51st District” were supporting you. I’m surprised you badmouthed them like that.

  5. CONVA said on 12 Apr 2008 at 8:50 pm:
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    Now the heavy lifting starts to rebuild what Kopko and Co. have destroyed. Lyle is starting out on the right track by insisting on a thorough audit of the books before taking over. Lyle, Jeanine, and Kim will have the support of the back bench as long as they stick to the by-laws and keep the members informed and involved.

  6. James Young said on 12 Apr 2008 at 9:36 pm:
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    “Destroyed,” “CONVA”? A party holding a convention much larger than the one held two years ago? A convention with 6 or 7 times the number of delegates four years ago (about 70)? The GOP is in no worse shape than when “Kopko and Co.” took over two years ago. It is (arguably) in better shape.

    I don’t know if Corey Stewart can be given any credit, but it is certainly interesting that there were so many more people there now than at a convention the year after Sean Connaughton’s re-election. I wonder who it was who denigrated the County GOP.

    I’m looking forward to the occasion when — like Kopko — Lyle makes a decision or pursues a course which, while wholly within his authority, you snipers don’t like. Then only those who aren’t paying attention (sadly, probably most) will fail to recognize you cowardly lions for the nihilists that you are.

    As for an audit, one is required annually under the Party Plan, and has always produced a “clean” result. You can complain about the spending decisions which were made, but there is no evidence that spending was not that which was authorized by the County Committee.

  7. AWCheney said on 13 Apr 2008 at 5:07 am:
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    Well, Jimmy boy, the new County Committee may well be more reflective a body of the convention vote which overturned Greg’s challenge than the Committee which supported the descent into bankruptcy of the PWCRC. That you would take exception to that does not surprise me…YOURS was by far the louder of the two nays when that vote came up!

  8. legal2 said on 13 Apr 2008 at 8:52 am:
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    Mr Young and any others involved in the PWCRC and/or RNC - I think it’s pretty pathetic that we are told we must vote for any republican candidate we are stuck with just to defeat a dem. When your group/s continue to back candidates like mccain (and locals) who do not support the planks we have, what’s the point? He is not pro-life; he is pro-amnesty; and he is not much different than the dems running against him and we are supposed to settle for that?
    Three cheers for the gentle lady who challenged the credentials committee decision to eliminate Mr. Letieqc from the state convention, and three cheers for Faisal Gill’s son who unified the group with his reasoned words.

  9. Freedom said on 13 Apr 2008 at 11:49 am:
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    jimmy, ya just can’t let it go, can ya? :( :( and here ya go again, with your version: “…one pledge one’s “support all of the Party’s nominees for public office in the ensuing election.” Although not exactly, it was more like “I pledge that it is my intention to support the Republilcan nominee.”

    While a person may intend to support a June nominee November, few would be so stupid in June as to “pledge”a vote for anyone or any thing in November…particularly a railroaded nomination.

    Get over it, jimmy…you’re reminding me of Barack, or maybe it’s Howard Dean…you’re better than that!!

  10. Wdg. taxpayer said on 13 Apr 2008 at 2:23 pm:
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    I am afraid Jimmy Boy you saw at the convention,what will be a new Committee coming to us in PW.

    Kopko &Co. has torn the committee down and caused us in losing good candidates the past few years.

    Yes an Audit has to be done each year but it seems when the person changes an audit needs to be done.

    Since a detailed report is not given out at the meetings,I wonder if there has been a budget to follow?

    The money has disappeared?Where is it?

    We need a fresh start and hopefully Lyle will do this.

  11. James Young said on 13 Apr 2008 at 3:49 pm:
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    Well, [AWC], it’s nice to see that some things never change: like your reliance upon your self-serving fancy rather than facts. “the Committee which supported the descent into bankruptcy of the PWCRC”?!?! Where DO you come up with this stuff? Bankruptcy?!?!? As far as I can tell, we’re nowhere close to that. Certainly, you’re not one to comment on that, as you’ve had no role in the Committee (even as a Member) whatsoever.

    As for your comment, “legal2,” that “we are told we must vote for any republican candidate we are stuck with just to defeat a dem,” that is simply not the case. The obligation to do so is one freely taken, as a condition for participation in official GOP activities in Virginia. Private associations get to do that, just like the Boy Scouts get to say “no” to open homosexuals who want to be adult leaders. No one “tells” you anything. I might well agree with evertything you say about McCain, for example. I might even have a few things to add. But if I want to assume a leadership role as a Member of the County GOP Committee, I must put my personal differences aside and pledge my aforementioned “intent,” assuming that McCain is the nominee. Just as those participating in the 51st District Convention in 2007 were required to do.

    That some lacked the honor to do so speaks volumes about their character, and the meaning of their “word.”

    And thank you, “Fredo,” for your version of what constitutes “wisdom.” That’s working out quite well, I hear, for the pro-life voters of the 51st District.

    And “Wbg. taxpayer,” your comment is a fine example of seeking controversy where there is none. I was responding to the suggestion that an audit is necessary by pointing out that one occurs in the normal course of business. Yet you still feel the need to belittle me. I wonder who is more subject to belittlement: the one who knows the rules, and points them out, or the one who suggests something untoward has occurred with no evidence whatsoever? A healthy skepticism is a good thing, but a presumption of wrong-doing is not a healthy skepticism.

    I wouldn’t disagree with you about the need for more detailed reports at meetings, but how is Kopko to blame for that? Under the Party Plan, the Treasurer has independent duties. If he or she has failed to fulfill them, that person should be approached, or dealt with. Of course, there has been a “budget to follow.” One is considered and passed annually, and I have voted on one every year that the PWC Committee has been in existence.

    [Ed note: comment slightly edited.]

  12. AWCheney said on 13 Apr 2008 at 4:52 pm:
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    “Certainly, you’re not one to comment on that, as you’ve had no role in the Committee (even as a Member) whatsoever.”

    That’s really quite amusing Jimmy, considering that I only resigned from the Committee a few short years ago in protest over the atrocious way they chose to treat a Republican icon in our county, Harry Parrish, (they attempted to pass a resolution demanding his resignation as member of the HOD because they wanted to put Stevie Chapman into the position…and I have the proof of that in an email which Stevie himself sent to me) back in 2003. I then saw no useful purpose in going back after Tom Kopko became Chairman, because I envisioned it going downhill fast from there. Prior to all that I had been a rather active member of the Republican Committee here, probably going back to before you were born, with only short gaps in that membership.

    The difference between my activism and yours, Jimmy boy, is that mine was actually real and not all talk, and I really do try to refrain from blowing my own horn too much…I don’t need that ego rub like some other people. :-)

  13. Freedom said on 13 Apr 2008 at 6:14 pm:
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    jimmy, ever consider getting a blog of your own so you can sit in a corner and talk, talk, talk on how wonderful Tom Kopko and Faial Gill are and then, without any interruption or dissent, turn and agree with yourself? :)

  14. AWCheney said on 13 Apr 2008 at 6:28 pm:
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    He’s got one and doing that already Freedom…nobody goes there, so you may not have noticed.

  15. CONVA said on 13 Apr 2008 at 6:30 pm:
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    I don’t recall an audit in 2007 nor a budget being presented for 2008 by the Kopko Kops. A also understand that the reporting to the state election’s board has been up to par, when they bothered to report at all, and it I have been told it was brought up to both Kopko and Denny the king maker.
    The committee membership has went down from over three hundred to less than one hundred. So much for the sterling management by Kopko and company. I understand that Lyle is setting up an audit committee that will go over the “books” with a fine toothed comb. Good for him.

  16. James Young said on 13 Apr 2008 at 8:58 pm:
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    “I understand that Lyle is setting up an audit committee that will go over the “books” with a fine toothed comb.”

    As I said, “CONVA,” not surprising, as he is required by the Party Plan to do it. I don’t recall if one was conducted in 2007, but I assume so, since I believe that one was required. As for the membership of the Committee, I would really be interested in knowing why you think that declining Committee membership between Conventions is a new phenomenon? Those of us who have always been there and active know that it is a sadly typical phenomenon. I know this doesn’t fit into the “Kopko-Is-Satan” meme, but it is true, nonetheless.

    As for you, [AWC], are you really as stupid as you sound? Of course, I know that you were nominally and occasionally a Member of the Committee over the years, not that you were ever known to do much, and certainly had no leadership positions; I was obviously referring to the period since Kopko was elected Chairman, when you participated in the Committee not at all, and therefore can not have been privy to the knowledge that you (typically, without basis) claim.

    And since you seem to want to compare participation (yeah, I know; now I’m just bragging, yada, yada, yada, but I wasn’t the one who brought it up), I have been a Member of the PWCRC continuously since its founding in late 1991. I have NEVER resigned in a fit of pique because I didn’t get my way, though it has happened occasionally (so who is it who’s the better Republican?). Did I knock on doors or drop literature? I did my share, back in the day. However, some people’s talents are suited to writing, rhetoric, management, and setting the agenda; others’ are more suited to … well, as you phrase it, “actually real and not all talk.” To be sure, I do talk a lot … in court, and in pleadings in my professional capacity, which IS, if you don’t recall, in a Conservative movement organization. So I guess I’m paid what my activism is worth, and you are paid what yours is worth. Is that the source of your bitterness?

    As for Chapman, it appears that you are once again re-writing history to create deep, dark conspiracies to serve your own purposes. While I was certainly aware of dissatisfaction with Harry’s go-along-to-get-along tactics (specifically, running a joint fundraiswer with a Democrat; why don’t you mention THAT, I wonder?) in 2003 (prompting the effort to which you refer, which pre-dated Kopko, and in which I did not participate, except to vote), my impression always has been that Chapman came along later, because he sense an opportunity in that dissatisfaction, not that the effort was made “because (the ever-mysterious and oh-so-conspiratorial) they wanted to put Stevie Chapman into the position.”

    [Ed note: comment edited.]

  17. legal2 said on 13 Apr 2008 at 10:53 pm:
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    jy, i attended yesterday’s meeting wherein we were told by several people at the podium that “although mccain wasn’t my first choice, we have to vote for him to defeat the dem candidate.” I am a Republican, but could not in good conscience vote for mccain. Whatever the outcome, so be it. The Republicans aren’t giving us much to work with.

  18. Springfield Interchange Scout said on 13 Apr 2008 at 11:22 pm:
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    It was a landslide for Jim Hyland who was re-elected as Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee.

    The weighted vote was:
    Jim Hyland - 1,071.88
    Kamal Nawash - 178.12

    PWC folks who had material on the tables at the Fairfax Convention included OP Ditch for National Convention Delegate and Don Scoggins for State Central Committee.

  19. AWCheney said on 14 Apr 2008 at 12:51 am:
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    “I was obviously referring to the period since Kopko was elected Chairman, when you participated in the Committee not at all, and therefore can not have been privy to the knowledge that you (typically, without basis) claim.”

    Jimmy, I already addressed the reason for my non-participation during the Kopko years…and isn’t it interesting that those candidates who had strong personal campaign operations in the County were the ones who were successful in their areas? I guess my prediction wasn’t far off the mark. Insofar as being privy to knowledge, I guess people just don’t talk to you to keep you up to speed. After all, for such a highly placed and active Committee member as you, it’s rather strange that you can’t even recall something as important as a transition audit. I’ve never had that problem.

    “I have NEVER resigned in a fit of pique because I didn’t get my way, though it has happened occasionally…”

    Actually (your lack of reading comprehension aside), I didn’t resign in a “fit of pique”…I resigned in protest of the treatment to which someone of Harry’s stature was subjected. As far as “not getting my way,” you may recall that no such resolution was actually passed by the Committee. I always take care of business first before I leave fools to their folly.

    ” As for Chapman, it appears that you are once again re-writing history to create deep, dark conspiracies to serve your own purposes.”

    As far as Stevie is concerned, there is no need to create conspiracies…over the course of time he has managed to convince pretty much everyone of his ineptness and lack of character, lending considerable credence to the probability that he is quite capable of doing just about anything stupid.

    Last, but certainly not least, whatever you and your inflated ego may believe (professional qualifications aside), your claim to superiority insofar as political activism is concerned has produced little in the way of specific accomplishments. To address that, I repeat my challenge from the post which Greg dedicated to you (“Tom Davis Gets A Bizarre Endorsement”…aren’t you flattered?): I’d gladly meet you on the field of honor with political resumes at 20 paces.

  20. James Young said on 14 Apr 2008 at 6:59 pm:
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    I understand your position on McCain, legal2. I might even agree, in a perfect world.

    However, the author of the immediately preceding post demonstrates well that we don’t live in a perfect world.

    Once again, the [AWC] is demonstrated to be ill- or mis-informed, so she changes the subject.

    “I already addressed the reason for my non-participation during the Kopko years…and isn’t it interesting that those candidates who had strong personal campaign operations in the County were the ones who were successful in their areas?”

    The point wasn’t about WHY you didn’t participate — I don’t much care — it was about THAT you didn’t participate, and therefore were obviousrly relying upon either your own fantasies, or comments by nearly-equally disgruntled children. As for what you find so “interesting,” identify a time when another situation governed, and then it will be “interesting.”

    As for whether I can “recall something as important as a transition audit” — I can — has nothing to do with what I said. Indeed, your comment is such a non sequitor as to be virtually incomprehensible. What I can’t recall precisely is whether an audit is required annually or biannually. And it has utterly nothing to do with whether I am a “highly placed and active Committee member” — your words, not mine.

    “I didn’t resign in a ‘fit of pique’…I resigned in protest….”

    Why do you assume that I was referring to you, [AWC]? Guilty conscience? Or the sneaking suspicion that you chose euphemism, while I described your behavior accurately? It’s not a “lack of reading comprehension”: it’s an affirmative choice to use an accurate descriptive term. Someone who truly cared about the GOP wouldn’t behave as you over a personality, even crediting your opinion of Harry Parrish, whom I have reason to believe was equally capable of such fits of pique.

    “As far as Stevie is concerned, there is no need to create conspiracies…over the course of time he has managed to convince pretty much everyone of his ineptness and lack of character, lending considerable credence to the probability that he is quite capable of doing just about anything stupid.”

    Soooo, now we’ve gone from “A bunch of people were engaged in this specific conspiracy” to “Steve Chapman is capable of doing any stupid thing of which the [AWC] accuses him”?!?!?! That’s quite a leap. No wonder rational people dismiss you, [AWC], or are loath to have their real names associated with you. The nice thing about truthfulness is that it removes the need to keep your lies straight.

    And one more thing, [AWC]: I didn’t “claim … superiority insofar as political activism is concerned;” I merely pointed out facts that belie your implicit claim to be sole arbiter of facts, and claims regarding matters with which you were not involved, and which you did not witness. Saying “I happened to be there, and you weren’t” about a specific event is a “claim [of] superiority insofar as political activism is concerned” is irrational, and simply wrong. But I guess it’s par for the course for someone whose primary rhetorical weapon is belittlement, not facts. Rather than address facts, you set up one of those phony challenges (”political resumes at 20 paces”) so popular among the childish blogosphere. I might be willing to indulge you, but I fear that you would get lost were you to search for the “field of honor.” Either that, or burst into flames upon stumbling unwittingly on it, much like a vampire in sunlight.

    Besides, judging the quality of a resume is a subjective exercise, in any case. If you want to judge relative worth, I suppose we could choose the market as a judge. How much is it you’ve been paid for your contributions to the Conservative cause?

    [Ed note: comment edited.]

  21. AWCheney said on 14 Apr 2008 at 9:27 pm:
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    Jimmy, have you ever wondered WHY you are such a laughing stock on the blogs? The above comment is the perfect example. I must wonder how it is that someone who believes himself to be such a brilliant writer and thinker can come up with something so utterly ignorant and inane. You are unable to respond so you descend into shear drivel. Case in point:

    “I didn’t resign in a ‘fit of pique’…I resigned in protest….” (me)
    “Why do you assume that I was referring to you, [AWC]?” (you)

    What?? Who ELSE were you referring to? You are really brushing dangerously close to that fine line between sanity and insanity throughout the above comment. Couldn’t you at least come up with something witty?

    It’s been suggested to me that I should, perhaps, feel sorry for you…maybe they’re right. The author of the above comment is truly unarmed and not up to waging a proper battle in a war of words. I must wonder if you are capable of even waging a proper debate. If you can’t do any better than that, how did your briefs even make it past a Supreme Court law clerk? You’ve got to be able to do better than that. You are truly a sad little man.

  22. SJCheney said on 14 Apr 2008 at 11:20 pm:
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    Hey Jimmy Troglodyte. I think the person that would burst into flames on a field of honor would be you not AWC.

    I haven’t been able to read your real comments as Greg has been a gentleman and redacted or deleted the really bad ones. You are quite obviously not a gentleman and, if you really do every appear before the Supreme Court, I hope you have a better mouth when you “speak” to them.

    As far as who has done the most for conservative causes, I doubt that when everything that you have done is compared to what AWC has done you would not even be in view in the comparison. You obviously have never really checked to see what she has done and probably wouldn’t be able to find out anyway as she doen’t like to “blow her horn,” but works quietly.

  23. James Young said on 15 Apr 2008 at 11:04 pm:
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    FINALLY, [AWC], you’ve said something with merit. You say you’re sorry. I agree completely. You’re sorry, indeed.

    And a “laughingstock” with you, and others who (mainly) hide their identities? High praise, indeed.

    And you’re doubtless correct, SJ. Like I said, let’s allow the marketplace judge.

    It’s a battle she cannot win, which is why you so scrupulously avoid the question.

    And “Troglodyte”?!?! Yeah, I guess that’s how you characterize those who respond in kind to sleazy tactics. At least I don’t try to enlist the criminal justice system in service of political differences, or lie to do advance my beliefs. All Greg has redacted is my reference to your relative as “[AWC]”; it’s refreshing to see that he hasn’t redacted my relation of facts related to those aforementioned sleazy tactices of the [AWC]. Once again, a Cheney tries to advance their cause with dishonesty.

    No wonder the far Left has such a field day with the Vice President of the same surname.

    [Ed note: comment edited.]

  24. James Young said on 15 Apr 2008 at 11:09 pm:
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    And BTW, “doesn’t blow her horn”?!?!? Damned by her own words: “I’d gladly meet you on the field of honor with political resumes….”

    Yeah, you go with that.

    Her psychosis is well-represented by her attack upon someone who dares to defend himself against her misrepresentations. Must be nice to be so oblivious to the rules of civilized behavior that one rejects as elementary principle as self-defense.

    Perhaps I should ignore her lies. Perhaps Greg, too, should ignore accusations of racism. Sadly, Conservatives learned long ago that response to the lies of the far Left and their useful idiots is sadly necessary, risk of indignity notwithstanding.

  25. James Young said on 15 Apr 2008 at 11:11 pm:
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    And “proper debate,” [AWC]? I would remind you that I never refer to you in a thread by anything but your proper name … until you attempt to belittle me with your appellation.

    I’m curious: are you more frustrated by my refusal to practice unilateral disarmament, or by the accuracy of the appellation? Even liars don’t like to be called “liars,” after all.

    [Ed note: comment edited.]

  26. AWCheney said on 16 Apr 2008 at 6:55 am:
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    You’ve really lost it boy…I guess I SHOULD feel pity for you (that’s what feeling sorry for someone means).

  27. SJCheney said on 16 Apr 2008 at 7:24 am:
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    Sorry Jimmy, I haven’t seen AWC misrepresent anything in any of her comments whereas you twist everything you write.

    And by the way, comparing resumes would include everything that was done, not everything that was public, so again AWC doesn’t “blow her horn”. You seem to do so in almost every comment you make.

  28. Freedom said on 16 Apr 2008 at 4:12 pm:
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    oh jimmy, jimmy, jimmy….please, take a chill pill; it’s not worth getting appoplectic over. …and always remember, jimmy, we think you’re a really nice young man, we really, really do.

  29. AWCheney said on 17 Apr 2008 at 1:34 pm:
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    You forgot your sarcasm alert Freedom…Jimmy has trouble comprehending straightforward comments much less nuances.

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