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Fairfax County Gets Our Illegal Aliens

By Greg L | 26 April 2008 | Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 17 Comments

The DC Examiner is reporting that the majority of non-English speaking school students leaving Prince William County as a result of the Rule of Law Resolution are relocating to Fairfax, which as Gerry Connolly has said, doesn’t want “to roll back the welcome mat” for illegal aliens.   So while Prince William County is increasingly relieved of the the taxpayer expense of educating illegal aliens, Fairfax County is picking up the tab.  I’m sure Fairfax County taxpayers are going to be just thrilled that the financial burden of accommodating illegal aliens is increasingly falling to them, since Connolly is unwilling to address this issue.

The number of non-English-speaking students transferring from Prince William County schools to neighboring school systems climbed again last month as families flee the crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The vast majority, 623 of about 760 departing students, have moved to neighboring Fairfax County schools, while 80 selected Arlington and 58 chose Alexandria.

With this continuing outflux of illegal aliens from Prince William County, the potential savings for taxpayers continues to increase and now approaches  eight million dollars, which far outweighs the real costs of the Rule of Law Resolution, even if you include unrelated items such as possibly installing video cameras in patrol cars.  Decreased costs in the provision of public benefits to illegal aliens and an eventual reduction in the costs related to crimes committed by criminal aliens will only add to this substantial figure.  It’s not often that a policy initiative ends up with a net savings to taxpayers , but this one clearly is.

Fairfax County residents would be well served to start pressuring their elected officials to finally begin addressing this issue, since school officials are finally going on record with an explanation of why this dramatic change is happening.  There aren’t any more feeble attempts to explain this in economic terms, or to evade questions about what is responsible for this dramatic change.  There’s consensus on why this is happening.  With the truth finally being uttered by school officials who had been collecting information about why these transfers were happening all along, the solution to the financial burdens that illegal aliens place on localities is now conclusively demonstrated: enforce the law, and illegal aliens leave.

The transfers from Prince William County to Fairfax County are nearly triple the 241 students who completed the same transition between September and late March last year, and officials say the immigration policy contributed to the increase.

There are plenty more illegal aliens left in Prince William County, and more and more are going to relocate to Fairfax County as the enforcement of the Rule of Law Resolution continues. Gerry Connolly wants to keep this welcome mat out, but it’s going to be increasingly expensive and troublesome for him to do so.  Constituents should hold him strictly accountable for presiding over this entirely avoidable debacle, because it’s not Gerry Connolly that will end up footing the bill here, but the taxpayers who will see their neighborhoods decline while their taxes will increase.

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  1. MdMan said on 26 Apr 2008 at 10:18 pm:
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    Illegals are following the yellow brick road…the road of yellow politicians afraid to enforce the laws that is. Fairfax, Montgomery, and PG are the new axis of evil. Arlington makes it a quartet.

    Is it me, or does Gerry Connolly resemble a pig? Let’s hope he and other liberal-diseased pinkos get slaughtered in their next election.

  2. choctaws said on 27 Apr 2008 at 3:44 am:
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    They are welcome here in alexandria.

    House values are strong in alexandria

    The school system has 27 languages amogst its students.

    I have hispanic neighbours who cook the nicest grilled food around.

    Birds chirp here at 330 am

    Bald eagles are flying around at day break

    In the primary, dems had 300% more voters than republicans

    You all can always immigrate to Canada

    ( Snow in thunder bay right now)

  3. Dave in PWC said on 27 Apr 2008 at 5:59 am:
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    I feel a little sorry for my friends who live in Centreville, but they need to take the issue, it’s their county, their elected officials. My friends have cleaned up their condo complex of the “flop” houses using the county super zoning squad and they say that works there. Wonder how far north we can push the illegals?

  4. Purple said on 27 Apr 2008 at 6:25 am:
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    I would be curious what the impact is on Fairfax County business and real estate values (and market). It would be an interesting statistical study to compare and contrast to PWC’s experience.

  5. BattleCat said on 27 Apr 2008 at 7:51 am:
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    You’re very welcome, Fairfax County!

  6. june_reston said on 27 Apr 2008 at 7:56 am:
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    Since the crack down in PWC, it was reported in the news that ESOL enrollment increased by 400. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    As a Fairfax County resident I am willing to take on this burden. This is NOT because I agree with Connolly and the BOS. Quite the contrary. We have to “feel” the financial burden first hand as Fairfax County encourages illegal aliens to avail themselves of a plethora of tax funded benefits and services to which they were never entitled.

    Connolly’s and his Supervisor friends continue to tell constituents that Fairfax is in a financial position where it can absorb the “immigrants” seamlessly without denying legal residents any current benefits and services.

    Recently, it was announced that the RE Tax Rate will increase by 3% to cover unforseen costs at the time the previous version was drafted. AND … many benefits and services to legal residents are being cut and/or cut back as part of the County’s “belt tightening” process.

    The Fairfax BOS overtly presents the County as a safe haven for illegal aliens. However, there will come a breaking point when legal tax payers will realize our “leaders” are wrong and tell them so (as they have in PWC). Despite Connolly’s fantasy, Farifax County does not have an endless supply of tax dollars to provide for benefits and services for an every growing number of illegal migrating to the area demanding perceived entitlements.

    I can’t speak for other Fairfax County legal residents, but IMHO addressing the growing concerns related to illegal aliens has fallen to local governments by default when Congress refused to get involved - with the exception of our Frank Wolf.

    Herndon got the ball rolling by bringing to light the adverse effects on our community by illegal aliens. They took the full brunt of the wrath of apologists and liberal judges.

    Help Saves have been organized and consolidated within the Commonwealth to form a voice that is now loud enough to be heard.

    PWC’s crack down on illegal aliens by detaining and deportiing felons and denying benefits to which they are not enititled has brought to light that illegal aliens are NOT good for the country

    Sorry I got long winded but I had a need to make a speech. ;>)

  7. NoVA Scout said on 27 Apr 2008 at 10:20 am:
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    I would be very surprised if many of these children are illegal aliens. The risks of illegally crossing the border are not insignficant and I suspect that that sort of activity largely an adult enterprise. So I would think that many, if not the large majority, of these kids are US Citizens and that there are in fact not huge expenses involved in “educating illegal aliens.” I could be wrong. Anyone have any good data on this?

  8. june_reston said on 27 Apr 2008 at 11:05 am:
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    NoVA Scout, educating is just one of many tax funded services provided to our “new residents.”

    If 400 quite probable illegal aliens have enrolled in ESOL programs, it is a very real probability they will also enroll in many of the other services provided by the County (if they haven’t already).

    Remember, this Fairfax County. Though not quite as outspoken as Arlington and City of Alexandria, the Fairfax BOS continue to aver that illegal aliens are an asset to the County, not a problem, and welcome.

    There are already questions about the BOS’ PR message as each time the Budget is “re-visited,” a tax increase is usually the end result.

  9. park'd said on 27 Apr 2008 at 2:41 pm:
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    I don’t suppose that outside of a few areas in FFX County that they will have much of a problem with illegal influx into their precious enclaves. Sully and Franconia will bear the brunt of the influx. My friends in Centreville are already letting me know that the influx has started en masse. Franconia has always been inundated so nothing much will change there. The school budget is also a mess and the FCPS Superintendent Dr. Dale has already stated that due to an unprecedented influx of new students that the budget numbers are even worse than what they first thought. This is PC codespeak for lots of illegals have moved into the school system recently and we are struggling to provide the resources for them. The school system may have to make RIFs for the first time in 15 years if they can’t get a budget ratified. There are also rumors of cutting the cost of living adjustment raises out this year as well. Things are all up in the air and a lot of that cost is tied to illegal aliens. Difficult times ahead for all of us. Things get more expensive by the day, yet salaries are stagnant or declining. We just don’t have the money to provide for illegal aliens any more and act like nothing is wrong. The welfare state has GOT to come to an end.

  10. Boney572 said on 27 Apr 2008 at 3:25 pm:
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    On my street in Manassas, there are now three vacant houses which were clearly inhabited by latinos. I can’t prove their status but suspect it was illegal since they all bolted during the night. I can tell you as far as neighborhood appearance goes, I’d rather have three For Sale signs in front of these homes since they now have cleaned driveways, cut lawns, and don’t have 5-6 cars strewn around the area. Of course I don’t miss the undercover police showing up, surrounding the house in order to serve warrants either. I’d rather mow their lawn myself than go back to that BS.

  11. americangal4ever said on 27 Apr 2008 at 4:02 pm:
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    Go to the IRS web site and download Form 211 - Application for Reward for Original Information. Fill it in with info on employers you think are dodging taxes by hiring illegals. Fill in everything except your personal info and mail it anonymously to said employer and watch him sweat.

    The IRS used to list a Spanish version that was fun to leave on windshields at construction sites.

    keep it polite

  12. A Reader said on 27 Apr 2008 at 5:04 pm:
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    We need to do more advertising so that our illegals will know how wanted they are in Arlington. Arlington has the welcome mat out. Our loss will be their gain. Then in 3 or 4 years we can see if Arlington is still singing the same tune.

  13. Not4Nothing said on 27 Apr 2008 at 6:18 pm:
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    “So I would think that many, if not the large majority, of these kids are US Citizens and that there are in fact not huge expenses involved in “educating illegal aliens.” NoVA Scout

    NS, you may well be correct in that these children are likely US born citizen children of illegal aliens (aka anchor babies). These children’s education is as much a result of illegal aliens in PWC as if they had come across the border with their parents.

    In fact, it is a DOUBLE slap in the face in that when the costs are totaled up, these children are counted in the column of US citizens when assessing costs of US citizens vs illegal aliens, and so the true costs of the illegal alien invasion is lessened.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  14. Advocator said on 27 Apr 2008 at 8:33 pm:
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    Actually, Not4Nothing, it’s a TRIPLE slap in the face. The anchor babies were undoubtedly nutured pre-natally, birthed, and whelped at taxpayer expense.

  15. Tobias Jodter said on 27 Apr 2008 at 11:48 pm:
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    The Centre View had a story that contains confirmation of the Examiner story - “MAKING MATTERS WORSE, Centreville’s day laborers must now compete for work with immigrants from another county. Once Prince William County began cracking down on illegal immigrants, said Denis, “A lot more people from Manassas came here to look for jobs.”


    It’s only anecdotal evidence but I spoke to a teacher at a Centreville elementary school this week and was told they are seeing a “lot” of new students coming from the Manassas/Manassas Park area and they are expecting more.

    NovaScout, I think you are naive. We also spoke to a young lady in our daughter’s class who just moved to Centreville from Woodbridge. If she’s here legally I wonder why she mentioned (rather innocently) that she can’t visit relatives in El Salvador because if she did she would not be allowed to come back????

  16. NoVA Scout said on 28 Apr 2008 at 5:38 am:
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    Tobias: It’s not naive to ask if anyone has data on a point. Until I get better information, I think it is rational to assume that schoolchildren are probably more likely to be US citizens than illegal immigrants.

    I think it’s a fair issue to question whether citizenship should attach by the geography of birth. But, under the Constitution, it does. That could be changed to another system, but it’s a gnarly Constitutional question that also has effects for our citizens abroad. In no circumstance could the policy be changed retroactively, so it doesn’t make any sense to start trying to distinguish between this sort of US citizen and that sort of US citizen.

    So whatever the policy issues are of internal migration between jurisdictions, my guess is that “taxpayor dollars funding education of illegal immigrants” is not very high on the list. When someone shows me the data that prove my hunch about this wrong, I’ll look at the policy issues in a new light.

  17. No Longer #4 Town in America.... said on 30 Apr 2008 at 9:34 pm:
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    We have had an increase in day laborers in Vienna in the last year or so. I don’t know what percentage of them are legal or illegal, but they all hang out at the shopping center at Cedar and Park.

    I am concerned about any large number of people hanging out as there are inevitable scuffles and other problems (there was a stabbing at some point, too). You’ve got a crowd pretty much competing for scarce jobs. There’s not much order to it at all. It’s a tense thing. And I feel like our government has dropped the ball on keeping order, which is one thing they are supposed to try to do.

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