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Delegate Votes, Apples, Oranges, And Weighted Votes — UPDATED

31 May 2008 | RPV | 14 Comments

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my seat at the Republican Convention today.  I saw a big sign for the 10th Congressional District, which is where I live, and Prince William County wasn’t seated there.  After a little searching, I found out that I would be seated, and considered a voter […]

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Bob Marshall: The Conservative Voice Of Virginia

31 May 2008 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Bob Marshall’s very narrow loss to Jim Gilmore should produce a shock wave that will blast through the Republican establishment and put “moderate” Republicans on notice that further attempts to marginalize or sideline Marshall could bear a very significant price.  Coming out of seemingly nowhere and running against a popular and respected former Governor in […]

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Gilmore Wins

31 May 2008 | RPV, US Senate | 25 Comments

I had to leave early before the results for Senate were announced, but Jim Gilmore eked out a very narrow victory at the Republican Convention today, Bearing Drift reports.  Based on the sticker count I saw, Jeff Frederick should cruise to a pretty substantial victory.
Congratulations to Jim Gilmore for his victory, and Bob Marshall for […]

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Prince William Leads The Way

30 May 2008 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 48 Comments

Team America PAC, run by Congressman Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan gave a little bit of love to Prince William County this evening in the inaugural of their “Team America’s Immigration Alert”.  In their first salutation of “local heroes”, Prince William County gets the nod.  Yes folks, we are definitely inspiring the nation.

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Marshall Wraps Up Late Endorsements

30 May 2008 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 4 Comments

First, from the publisher of National Review Online, Jack Fowler:
I am the publisher of National Review, so I believe I have some conservative credentials. And a long time ago I was a member of the Spotsylvania Republican Party.
That said, I support Bob Marshall as THE conservative candidate, and I have put my money where my […]

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Open Thread

30 May 2008 | Uncategorized | 46 Comments

It’s time once again for the free-for-all!

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The Woodbridge Chicken Ranch Update

30 May 2008 | Crime, Prince William County | 72 Comments

Readers have been interested in what’s happening in the saga of the Woodbridge resident that is living near an un-permitted chicken ranch, so I contacted the Woodbridge resident in question to get an update.  Despite complaints, the fowl are still there, and it seems that the story is getting a whole lot more interesting.  The […]

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Hager Tries To Rig A Convention

30 May 2008 | RPV | 6 Comments

Is John Hager trying to run a railroad at the RPV Convention this weekend?  By the looks of the information I got this evening, is kinda looks that way.

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News Of The Dumb

29 May 2008 | Humor & Satire | 2 Comments

But did he lose the union’s endorsement?  Portland police officers have asked for an apology after they said organizers of a Barack Obama rally set up Porta-Potties on a memorial honoring fallen officers…(more)
I guess this is what “green” is: Green Village Concrete wanted to clean off some concrete forms with hydrochloric acid, and dug a […]

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Gerry Connolly Gets Illegal Corporate Campaign Support

29 May 2008 | Gerry Connolly, Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 15 Comments

The Washington Post is reporting that Gerry Connolly’s employer SAIC sent out an email encouraging employees to financially support Gerry Connolly’s bid for the Democratic nomination for 11th Congressional District in what would appear to be a violation of federal election laws.  This doubtlessly will become a significant issue in his campaign, since this reinforces […]

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A Strange Way To Advocate Open Borders

29 May 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas City | 24 Comments

Charles Reichley makes an interesting observation about the billboard on Prince William street that’s definitely worth taking note of:
The Liberty [street] property represents hope for illegal immigrants, sending the message that borders mean nothing, that people can’t be illegal, that each person has a right to live where they want without regard to laws.
But […]

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Fairfax County: Illegal Aliens Good, U.S. Army Bad

28 May 2008 | Patriotism, Fairfax County | 23 Comments

This is way too good to pass up:
[This] just makes it all the more galling then while [Fairfax County] welcome people who entered the country illegally, they cry poverty when the Army moves in with thousands of jobs in tow. The message seems to be that the children of illegal immigrants are welcome to Fairfax […]

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Manassas Billboard Headed To Court

28 May 2008 | Manassas City | 43 Comments

The MJM is reporting today that Manassas City officials are again recommending that Gaudencio Fernandez be taken to court for his continuing violations of city zoning ordinances, and given Fernandez’s continued intransigence, we may well see that finally happen.  While the city has bent itself over backwards trying to encourage Fernandez to comply with the […]

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Commies Scream Bloody Murder About Jeff Frederick

28 May 2008 | RPV | 14 Comments

Man, I don’t know how one manages to get communists to rail against you like this, but I wish I knew how.  When the far-left rails that Jeff Frederick, who is running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia has ties to — gasp — Americans For Prosperity, “All Children Matter” and the Conservative […]

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Manassas Park Election Deadlines Loom Quickly

28 May 2008 | Manassas Park | 9 Comments

If you’re interested in fixing the mess that is the Manassas Park City Governing Board, the deadlines are coming up quickly and no one is making much of an effort to let people know what when deadlines are approaching.  The Manassas Urinal-Massager has published the call of the Manassas Park Republican Committee as required, but […]

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Shooter Arrested Near Day Laborer Site

28 May 2008 | Crime, Prince William County | 22 Comments

The Potomac News reports that a suspect in the recent shooting at Global Foods was arrested this past Sunday, and lo and behold, where was this suspect arrested?  Rather close to an informal day laborer center at the 7-11 on Coverstone Drive, of all places.  Now why does it not surprise me that suspects wanted […]

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Jim Gilmore Walks Into An Ambush

27 May 2008 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 10 Comments

A funny thing happened on the way to Jim Gilmore’s anticipated coronation, in a way that’s not entirely unlike the planned coronation that Hillary Clinton was somewhat unexpectedly denied.  Jim Gilmore pressured the Republican State Central Committee to decide on a convention rather than a primary as a means of selecting a nominee for the […]

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The Goats Of Arlington

27 May 2008 | Arlington County | 27 Comments

If Arlington residents Bryant Nichols and Matt Haggerty get their way, their county will take on a distinctly rural character where keeping livestock is permitted as long as someone can plausibly claim that they’re keeping their animals as pets.  According to the Sun Gazette, these two bought a pair of goats, which do helpful […]

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Electeds In Manassas Park Desert Their Party

27 May 2008 | Manassas Park | 31 Comments

In case anyone ever was unclear about how dedicated the Republican elected officials in Manassas Park City were to the principles of the Republican Party or the Manassas Park Republican Committee, Monday’s email should end any remaining confusion.  All Republican members of the Governing Board running for re-election in November, including Mayor Frank Jones, have […]

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Why Few Trust The Mainstream Media

26 May 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 52 Comments

Here’s a “balanced story” from the Associated Press on the effects of the Rule of Law Resolution in Prince William County.  Interview a bunch of businesses that catered to a market segment that included a substantial number of illegal aliens, talk to Mexicans Without Borders, get a quote from the ACLU, and then to balance […]

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