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Is Dave Albo The New Russ Potts?

By Greg L | 28 June 2008 | Virginia Politics | 7 Comments

James Atticus Bowden has a terrific op-ed excoriating HB 6055, which is the Dave Albo initiative to re-brand the Republican Party as the party of higher taxes and wasteful spending.  This isn’t the first time that Albo reflexively jumped at the idea of regional tax authorities and higher taxes — in 2006, Albo advocated for something rather similar to HB 6055 along with then-Delegate Michele McQuigg which called for regional tax authorities funded with tax and fee increases.   This time around Albo, Delegate Jack Rust and Delegate Tim Hugo all are pushing for this same idea again despite serious flaws in the proposals and the fact that Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads voters both rejected the idea of regional transportation authorities funded by tax hikes by solid margins before.  To say I’m unimpressed with this idea is a huge understatement, and Bowden does a great job of explaining why:

HB 6055 is the son of Frankenstein (HB 3202) that was ruled Un-Constitutional by the Virginia Supreme Court. The arrogance of trying to stuff this bill and its Regional Government down the throats of voters – again – reveals much of what is wrong in the elected caucus of the Republican Party of Virginia. The Regional Government scam reveals the rot of political corruption like a surgeon cutting away the sores to show the cancer.

HB 6055 puts billions of dollars in the hands of the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) The con the Republican bill HB 6055 is running skips putting the money in the Un-Constitutional Hampton Roads Transit Authority but shoves it at the MPO. The MPO, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, and the Hampton Roads Transit Authority are the same people. They meet at the same time. The Republican shell game moves the new, higher taxes to the State Treasury in Richmond (as our Constitution requires) which dumps the money in a new holding account (professional thieves would use an off-shore bank), which sends the money to the MPO.

The MPO then manages the regional transportation projects for Hampton Roads/Tidewater. Unfortunately, the HR MPO has been cited as one of the worst functioning (meaning operating contrary to public law) MPOs in the Nation. The MPO is made up of appointed politicians representing the cities and counties and 4 big project advocacy representatives. HB 6055 adds more politicians.

These appointed officials will spend more than $30b. There is no oversight. No checks and balances. No separation of powers among the same body raising tolls, taking tolls, and spending tolls. That is taxation without representation – again.

The decision on what to build was made back in 1997. The construction of every project actually INCREASES congestion after completion. HB 6055 adds improvements to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT), which would reduce congestion. But the HRBT isn’t on the MPO list nor Is it established in funding priority in HB 6055. It’s a fig leaf.

So, why do Republicans insist on creating the Regional Government in HB 6055 (the MPO now, not the HRTA) ?

It’s all about the money. $30 to 35 billion is too much to pass up.

The appointed officials on the Regional Government aren’t engineers. They aren’t executives who have managed billion dollar programs for profit-earning corporations. They bring absolutely no expertise – except how to spend other people’s money on pet projects – to improve transportation.

So, the logic of HB 6055 is to give $35 billion dollars to politicians to hand out in contracts. The Un-Constitutional HRTA has already spent $200k. The first $50k went to Kaufmann and Canoles for legal services. Republican State Senator Ken Stolle is a partner with Kaufmann and Canoles. You can smell the rot even if you can’t see it yet.

Since the politicians of the MPO have no clue how to manage major engineering projects they will have to hire help. This is where you can see the pus oozing.

These politicians will have hundreds of millions of dollars from year one to hire staff, rent offices or build them, hire transportation, more legal services, pay for meals, run executive off-sites, conduct ad campaigns to re-educate the public, put in the latest IT equipment, provide security, hire lobbyists, conduct environmental studies, and, above all, pay six figure salaries to retired and failed politician friends as ‘consultants’.

Eventually, huge contracts for the actual engineering will be awarded without accountability oversight or checks and balances or adjudication for disputes.

The people who will make millions to billions in government contracts can afford to give tens of thousands of dollars to the politicians, or their friends or family or some other middle man. But, the corruption will be done the genteel Virginia way. No bags of money will change hands. Just the right folks will get the contracts. And there will be a lot of consultants – just the right folks again.

English-speaking People have built roads, ports, canals, bridges, ferries, railroads, airports, tunnels and subways in Virginia without Regional Governments for 400 years.

The People voted against Regional Governments with taxing authority in 1998.

The People rejected Regional Government, the projects and the taxes like HB 6055 in 2002 over 2:1. Polls indicate The People in Tidewater are against it about 3:1 today.

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled the Regional Government (HB 3202) Un-Constitutional in 2008.

There is no Constitutional, legal, technical, engineering, financial, moral, ethical or principled reason to have a Regional Government involved in building these big projects for HR/Tidewater. None.

Yet, Republicans are going to try it again. This pursuit of political power to control money and power is not a unique Republican condition. It is the way of the world. But, our Virginia Constitution is designed as a bulwark against such tyranny and thievery. Our Constitution distributes powers, authority and accountability appropriately - with no Regional Governments. However, it takes a vigilant public – and a press to do their duty to report news instead of shilling – to hold Virginia’s politicians accountable.

It can be done. Ask my former Senator Marty Williams. It’s really a hard, painful, distasteful, disruptive fight within the Party.

The fact that this fight has to be fought within the Republican Party of Virginia exposes the source of the rot. Only a few Republican politicians can be counted on to represent The People in Hampton Roads/Tidewater – and vote ‘No’ reflexively to HB 6055. No to Regional Government because The People know it is a corrupt scam.

Few Republicans will vote Conservatively on their own. This is without mentioning the illogic and burden of new and higher local taxes, regressive taxes and taxes unrelated to transportation vs. the Republican Creed of Virginia. Or, the absence of project priorities to fund as you go.

Now, the elected Republicans will listen for voices to vote for HB 6055 and Regional Government between now and 9 July. Will they hear the special interests who will contribute thousands to politicians and gain millions in government spending or The People of Virginia? It depends on who speaks up.

Who needs tax-hikers like John Chichester and Russ Potts when we’ve got folks like Dave Albo around to do the same thing?

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  1. Free Citizen said on 28 Jun 2008 at 12:30 pm:
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    All sounds interesting to me. Many of the so called Conservative Repb. are not really conservative. They are interested in what they want. They will play games every which way to get what they want.
    Look at McQuigg??? Shes a great example of play cards and tricks. All to get a high paying job before she goes under and she’s not equipped to do the job.
    Now she has payback to Fitszy boy and he got a high paying job.

    These people could care less about the average citizen and it’s time we wake up.

  2. Arlington Minority said on 28 Jun 2008 at 1:09 pm:
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    The stench from this cabal of self-interest must be reminiscent of that created at the federal level when the GOP had control of Congress until 2006. Politicians of every stripe so easily lose sight of whom they are sworn to serve.

  3. Bill Schmidt said on 29 Jun 2008 at 12:21 pm:
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    Something is wrong in your reporting on this. Delegate Jack Rust has not been a member of the House of Delegates since he lost to Chap Peterson in 2001.

    The one rationale for forming local tax districts for transportation is that it has been impossible for various reasons to change the current allocation formula for transportation funding. Northern Virginia sees that they send funds to Richmond and get a smaller percentage back for transportation. How true this is is difficult to say, since the state budgeting and spending process is so convoluted that few if anyone really understands just where the funds come from or are spent.

  4. Dave Albo said on 29 Jun 2008 at 1:15 pm:
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    The article is interesting and raises some good points. However, it does not offer a SOLUTION on how to build roads in NOVA and Hampton Roads. Let me comment from the NOVA perceptive and let HR people comment on their situation independently.

    The reason I am supporting the regional transportation concept is that I am trying to find a way to raise $ for transportation and have it stay in NOVA. If new money is put into statewide transportation, as the Governor and Senator Saslaw are proposing, the new $ goes through funding formulas that do not return it to where it was raised. For example, according to the Saslaw and Governor plans for statewide transportation, NOVA pays 40% of all revenue to the state but only receives 14% of the $. Obviously, I do not support that.

    While in 2007 the General Assembly did put in hundreds of millions in new road $ statewide via HB 3202, the statewide portion of that bill plan did not come close to what NOVA needs. So the only SOLUTION available is to create these regional packages where all the money raised in NOVA stays in NOVA.

    I don’t have all the answers. If people have better ideas for a SOLUTION, I am all ears.



  5. Thumper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 8:09 pm:
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    Delegate Albo, I understand whole revenue mismatch. I think we hear it time and time again from every NOVA delegate every two years and every two years, we send the same people who continue to tell us they are getting us more money. Every year they come back empty handed.

    Personally, I see regional taxing authority to be copout instead of fighting for funding I’m sure you talk about every two years to your voters. Personally, I’m sick of it. However Delegate Albo, your not my delegate, Delegate Miller is so you can completely ignore me. Instead of setting up regional taxing authorities which voters/courts/dog catcher reject, refuse to vote for any transportation bill that doesn’t have NOVA “fair” share. It’s gridlock now, by refusing to cooperate can’t be any worse.

  6. Hampton Roads Voter said on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:03 pm:
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    It’s amazing to me that you have just asked an elected official to vote FOR gridlock. You must be an idiot, as your only mention of voting is “refuse to vote for any transportation bill that doesn’t have NOVA “fair” share.” If you would engage the question, you will see that bills don’t come up with a “FAIR SHARE” clause. The state-wide funding formula is based on road miles constructed, NOT population. Therefore, YOU WILL NEVER GET A FAIR SHARE IF YOU DO IT THROUGH RICHMOND. THAT’S WHY YOU NEED A LOCAL SOLUTION.

  7. Wine Please said on 1 Jul 2008 at 3:57 pm:
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    Hampton Roads Voter said on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:03 pm:
    I would dare to naively guess that NOVA and HR/TW have more miles of road constructed than the more rural areas of the state. And again there seems to be little-to-no oversight on these regional boards (not that there seems to be much more on the state level…).

    Is it too simplistic to get the verbiage ammended to state it needs to be based on population, tax influx, and traffic needs and not by some arbitrary language of “road miles constructed”? If 40% of the population of Virginia resides in NOVA (and that is just a number I pulled out of the air), why should we get 40% of the transportation money? That way if populations shift and suddenly the Blacksburg area has 40% of the state population, they can then get the money they need.

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