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Obama’s Suspect Birth Certificate

By Greg L | 28 June 2008 | National Politics | 65 Comments

After some questions about whether Barack Obama qualifies as a “natural born citizen” under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, the Barack Obama campaign released an electronic copy of what they purported to be Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  There’s a bit of a problem, however.  The document that the campaign released does not appear to be legitimate, and officials of the State of Hawaii say they cannot authenticate it.  At this point not only are some asking about whether he is legally qualified to be president, but whether he is actually a United States citizen.

Above is the birth certificate that the Obama campaign released.  For anyone that doesn’t regularly deal with public documents, or can’t dig up a Hawaii birth certificate to compare this with, it looks legitimate.  However there are folks out there who aren’t as easily satisfied as the rest of us, and after seeing this document they started asking some questions, such as why there’s no embossed seal on this, why there’s no signature, and why the certificate number is redacted.  A blog called “Israeli Insider” has been doing some digging and asked state officials about this birth certificate, and those officials can’t confirm the authenticity of this document nor adequately explain why it differs so significantly from a legitimate birth certificate such as this one:

Here are a few of the issues the Barack Obama campaign could clear up by providing a paper copy which could be authenticated by Hawaii State officials:

  1. Why do the colors and border elements on Obama’s birth certificate seem to be so different from a legitimate birth certificate?
  2. Why is there no embossed seal on Obama’s birth certificate?
  3. Why is there no embossed registrar’s signature on Obama’s birth certificate?
  4. Why does Obama’s birth certificate appear to have the embossed date stamp of June [6] 2007, but no other embossings?
  5. Why does Obama’s birth certificate have a “Date Filed by Registrar” whereas other birth certificates show a “Date Accepted”?
  6. Why does Obama’s pristine copy not have folds, when Hawaii will only send these by mail in an envelope that requires folding?

Does this necessarily mean that Barack Obama’s birth certificate, as provided by his campaign is fraudulent?  No.  Nor does this necessarily demonstrate that Obama’s citizenship may not be American.  It does raise a question that should be pretty easy to put to rest and has not, however, and that in itself is pretty disturbing.  Why would there be lingering questions at all about something as fundamental as Barack Obama’s basic constitutional qualifications for the office of President of the United States?  When you or I apply for a job, we provide physical documents as a matter of course.  Why wouldn’t a person who wants us to hire him as our President not be eager to do the same?

To the extent that the Obama campaign has attempted to address these questions, they have posted this uncertifiable image of Obama’s birth certificate online, presented an irrelevant passage from the Constitution and mentioned the date that Hawaii became a state.  Other than that, they have done absolutely nothing to address this.  How do you think that might work for you if you flat out ignored a potential employer’s request for documentation that would conclusively prove your identity and ensure their compliance with the law?

Israeli Insider sums up the significance of this potential problem this way:

If Obama lacks a certified Hawaiian birth certificate, he’s not a natural born American. If he’s not a natural born American, he can’t be president. That’s the law of the land.

If Obama is a legitimate candidate, a natural born citizen of the United States, he must prove it. If he is not, he must admit the truth, and accept the consequences. Now, not later.

This is a matter of US national security. Because there are people in this world who know the truth and can prove it. They would be able to hold that knowledge and proof over his head to make him do their bidding, or else expose him as a fraud, liar and, yes, an illegal alien. That is not a risk that it is reasonable for the American people to take.

Beyond the vulnerability to blackmail, there is a more fundamental question that must be asked if Obama is not forthcoming in producing the requisite documentation of his citizenship: does the American people really want to elect a man who would conceal his past and identity? Does it want to elect a man who would withhold the full truth and stonewall legitimate questions in his pursuit of the presidency, all the while claiming to be a victim and accusing others of fraud?

There’s only one way for Obama to show he’s a natural born citizen eligible to be President: produce the paper proof.

I agree.  This can and should be cleared up quickly and conclusively.  Trotting out a potentially suspect computer graphic along with some irrelevant verbiage does not put this question to bed one bit.  Obama is and should be absolutely required to answer any and all questions regarding his constitutional eligibility for the office he seeks to the complete satisfaction of the electorate.  Any perceived obfuscation in answering such questions should disqualify him as a candidate just as it would disqualify you or I were we to act in the same manner when applying for our much less sensitive and critical employment.

UPDATE: The actual source of this birth certificate posted on the Obama campaign website was not apparently Barack Obama, but Daily Kos blogger Marcos Moulitsas.  That alone should raise some questions here.  If Obama will supposedly give his birth certificate to Kos, why won’t he make it available to someone more capable of determining the authenticity of the document?  Last I’ve heard, this wasn’t exactly what Moulitsas was qualified for, and he is certainly not an objective source of information on this subject.

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  1. Johnson said on 28 Jun 2008 at 10:00 pm:
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    His father’s race is given as “African”. Since when is “African” a race? Aren’t there people of all races born in Africa? There are three races: Caucasian, (white) Black and Asian. Who ran this joke off the color printer in their office? Please!

  2. Krutis said on 28 Jun 2008 at 11:22 pm:
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    Gee. Greg. this Saturday night is the worst yet!

    What makes you believe something called “Israeli Insider”?

    What makes you hate Obama to such a degree that you take the risk of laying yourself open to ridicule?

    Why are the birth certificates different? Could it be because Obama’s was issued in 1961 and his mother’s in 1930.

    You are really, really grasping at straws. As I have said before, your Saturday night ravings are common, but now you’ve just about reached the limit.

    Are you hoping that Barack Obama is in fact an illegal candidate for the Presidency? There are folks out there who would do ANYthing to destroy a black person who has made it in society and achieved things beyond what most of us even dream of achieving.

    “Produce the paper proof” What does that mean?

  3. Krutis said on 28 Jun 2008 at 11:40 pm:
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    Sorry, guess it wasn’t Obama’s mother’s birth certificate.

  4. Greg L said on 28 Jun 2008 at 11:40 pm:
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    Krutis, you appall me.

    I’ve work with and on behalf of a number of African-Americans for years, and if any one of those accused me of being a racist, it would deeply hurt me. You, who haven’t any clue about who I am, and who to the best of my knowledge have never met me, not only have no basis to make such accusations, but they hurt me not at all. This is the useless prattle of someone who not only cannot apparently understand the written word, but resorts to personal attacks rather than discussions.

    I spent some time at an event today with my family that Glen Hill attended. My daughter who is a very excited six year-old campaign volunteer for Glen Hill was absolutely thrilled to see him again. The reason she feels this way at least partly is because her father speaks so highly of him and has devoted a fair amount of time and energy supporting him.

    Goodbye, troll. Go darken someone else’s door with your rot.

  5. Arlington Minority said on 28 Jun 2008 at 11:40 pm:
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    Jim Geraghty of National Review Online says there are far more relevant records than Obama’s birth certificate that bear looking into: http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ZTIzMDE2OTJiOTkwNmE3MTQwOWZiODYyZTBiMzdhMmI=

  6. Ducky said on 29 Jun 2008 at 2:21 am:
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    Since Obama is not a US citizen, I urge everyone to vote for John McCain this fall for President.

  7. NoVA Scout said on 29 Jun 2008 at 8:01 am:
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    Golly - what a lot of words and speculation about a certificate that facially looks fairly ordinary. It seems it wouldn’t take much to figure out if the means of transmission or reproduction(electronic, as opposed to hard copy delivery) might obscure the embossing, whether the seal is ever put on the obverse side of the document (there appears to be some sort of small imprint in the Obama document, but not the same type of seal as the Dacosta document - I tried getting my fingers around the back of my computer screen to feel the other side, but with no success) before you or this Israeli Insider yahoo go off on some wild flight. Why not just call someone at a records center (preferable the one where this was issued and ask about it? This isn’t as bad as some of the stuff you put up (and then never correct) about alleged immigrant atrocities in PW (I saved and share with students as a lesson in hysteria the fevered, “this just in!” sequence about the imagined gang rape in the middle of a residential street - the one where the imagined good samaritan rescuer was fabulistically stabbed as he gallantly tried to help), but it all bespeaks a total credulity when a story conforms to your world view.

    I suppose it isn’t nearly as much fun, compared to having quasi-public nervous breakdowns, but isn’t it enough that Obama is the most liberal candidate the Democrats have ever put up (at least since McGovern)? Isn’t it enough that in a year when leadership incompetence in both parties has left the Nation in a terrible state, and that any centrist Democrat should have a romp in November, the Democratic Party has chosen to try to blow by the American people an articulate but untested virtual neophyte politician, with naive views on foreign and defense policy, no military experience, one term in the US Senate, and tax/fiscal/trade policy notions that could break the back of the economy? Isn’t it enough that Republicans had the uncommon good judgement to run a man who has not always kow-towed to whatever weak brew passes for Party orthodoxy these days, has taken stands against fiscal irresponsibility, and who has served the country impressively over many decades, in and out of the uniform?

    OK - now you guys go back and pore over some electronic image of a Hawaii birth certificate. Glad to see we have our priorities straight.

  8. Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 8:29 am:
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    “whether the seal is ever put on the obverse side of the document”

    Typically the seal is embossed.

  9. Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 8:40 am:
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    The embossing process is 3-dimensional so an embossing is clearly visible from both sides of the paper.

  10. LegalPWCCitizen said on 29 Jun 2008 at 9:18 am:
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    Ah NoVA Scout, interesting how you “share with students as a lesson in hysteria the fevered, “this just in!” information. I, too, share information with my students, but we use both sides of the issues as comparisions to fairly
    reflect what some perceive as hysteria while others believe it is the use of the 1st Amendment to express opinions and garner input. It is a unique opportunity offered us to have students research ideas and comments to come up with their own opinions. Quite honestly, I have little patience with those who take statements at face value and then ask others to do the work of verification. Politicians have been, are, and will be just that: Politicians.
    It is up to each of us to research and learn who we feel is best suited to represent our needs as a country.

  11. Pat.Herve said on 29 Jun 2008 at 9:49 am:
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    Surely there must be some process for doing this properly - not in the main stream media. For instance, are any candidates Felons (I do not think so) - but it is not the media that needs to be assured of this - it is some one else.

    Who is the ultimate responsible authority to indicate if Barack is a citizen or not? (Which to me is simple, his Mother was a citizen, so that makes him a Citizen).

  12. Johnson said on 29 Jun 2008 at 9:59 am:
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    I think that must be a record for playing the race card. Go play it elsewhere. If the question about Obama’s documents were not a problem, we wouldn’t be discussing it. His campaign should have no problem with producing all the proper documentation to prove his citizenship and eligibility to run for president. Why are we having to drag it out of him?

  13. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 10:05 am:
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    Someone need s to look at certificates given out in a brief window of time prior and post Obamas said birth at the same facility and note the differences. One must also keep in mind that they can do the same at try to match it up… If it is a fabricated certificate he would be guilty of some sort of criminal act. Also, I find it interesting that it does not include proper ID embossing which is telling, it does not look real to me. Too may flaws on one paper. Without the embossing it is not legitimate. It is like having a notarized document without the stamp and signature. Not worth the paper it is printed on. They think the public will swallow this nugget.

  14. freedom said on 29 Jun 2008 at 10:31 am:
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    Pat says, “Which to me is simple, his Mother was a citizen, so that makes him a Citizen.”

    Do we REALLY know who his Mother is? I know, he said something about her being a “typical white person,” but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen her or heard from her. That’s an issue that the birth certificate would clarify beyond a doubt too.

    I don’t have any reason to question his citizenship or whom his Mother is, but it does seem more than a bit odd that he does not stop all this talk right away by making his unquestionable birth certificate available to the public?

  15. MdMan said on 29 Jun 2008 at 10:51 am:
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    NoVa Scout - “fairly ordinary” may be a good enough standard for letting an underage kid with a suspected fake ID into a college bar, but it’s not enough for a document that could determine this man’s most basic qualification to even run for president.

    As far as I’m concerned, the absence of the certification number invalidates this document as credible. I doubt it would even be admissable in a court proceeding such as for an estate or paternity case, or even to obtain a marrigae certificate (unless of course you’re gay, but I digress).

    One thing I find interesting about the 2 documents. Both have a “laser” reference in the bottom left-hand corner. Since no laser printers exisited at the time either person was born, are we to assume that Hawaii at some point went through a data entry exercise to convert all historical birth certificates into a an electronic database capable of reproducing the documents? Otherwise, I have no idea what the laser term could be referring to. A simple type-font analysis could help determine authenticity. If the Obama document is legit, it would have had to been hand-typed by whatever type-writers they used back then.

    This fun…we all get to play Matlock for a day.

  16. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:30 am:
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    Ducky said on 29 Jun 2008 at 2:21 am:
    Since Obama is not a US citizen, I urge everyone to vote for John McCain this fall for President.

    Yes and today’s Washington Times said he spent the day on Saturday pandering for votes with the Latinos. He has finally uttered the first truthful thing he has said during his campaign. He said he pledges that one of his top priorities will be to legalize repeat legalize all illegals in this country. My goodness, wasn’t it just a few days ago he said he would secure the border and then look at an immigration plan. He changes his story faster than he changes fingers to pick his nose.

  17. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:40 am:
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    I understand that Obama’s father never divorsed his African first wife before he married Obama’s mother. It seems to me that is called bigamy and therefore the second marriage is null and void. Am I correct in this assumption?

  18. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 11:42 am:
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    Also, IT clearly says on the bottom “Any Alterations Invalidate this Certificate”. The redaction alone invalidates the document.

  19. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 12:07 pm:
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    6. That copy definitely does have folds. Take a closer look.

  20. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2008 at 1:16 pm:
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    Just came across this article:

  21. NoVA Scout said on 29 Jun 2008 at 1:56 pm:
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    Freedom (1031): usually it is fairly simple to know who the mother is. in most cases where parentage is in doubt, it’s the father who is the mystery.

    Anon 1140: If a candidate is born of a marriage that’s null and void, does it have any impact, legal or otherwise, on his eligibility for office? I didn’t think so.

  22. freedom said on 29 Jun 2008 at 2:12 pm:
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    Yes Nova, but this isn’t “most cases.” Actually, I have expected “Mom” to come forward and tell us all how wonderful little Barack is, but I haven’t seen that…nor have I even heard of it. I haven’t heard one word from her, have you? My only point is that a verifiably valid birth certificate certainly would clear up the potential of that as an issue. …and now that there’s a questionable birth certificate and a Mom that we haven’t heard from…it just complicates the mystery.

    I could understand protecting the privacy of medical records…there could certainly be some embarassing issues there, e.g., a candidate could have been treated for VD or something…I’m not starting a rumor, that’s just a potential for ANY candidate. However, a birth certificate??? It seems pretty benign to me; I just don’t get it!!!

  23. MdMan said on 29 Jun 2008 at 2:14 pm:
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    Will the real Barack Hussein Obama please stand up???

    This guy is nothing but a train wreck. Praise be to Allah that he is not eligible to be president. Operation Chaos will back on track.

    I think I would rather have Hillary than either BHO or McCain. God I hope a good candidate emerges from the rubble of either convention that America can trust.

  24. Golem said on 29 Jun 2008 at 2:49 pm:
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    I am no Barack Obama supporter. I support John McCain because I have confidence in his ability to keep this country safe, and therefore my grandchildren. I have no such confidence in Mr. Obama. Nevertheless, some of the above seems absolutely rediculous.

    You have not heard from Barack’s mother for the simple reason that she’s dead. After her death he was raised by his white grandparents. His father, who apprarently deserted his mother and returned to Kenya, is also dead. While I would agree that if there is any really legitimate question about the circumstances of his birth those questions should be resolved, I’ve read enough about his background to doubt seriously that there is any problem with his legitimacy as a U.S. citizen.

    As encouraging as it would be to be able to say that this county has progressed and matured to the point where it would elect an African American as its president, unfortunately I don’t believe that Mr. Obama is that man. I would suggest, along with NoVA Scout, that we concentrate on the substantive reasons as to why this country, in good sense, should reject him.

  25. freedom said on 29 Jun 2008 at 3:00 pm:
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    OK, Golem…I’ll give you one substantive reason why he should be rejected…he’s simply not saavy enough to realize how simple it would be to clarify all this …and “put it all to bed” in a very clear, logical and straightforward way. That’s one….not to mention all the other substantive reasons that we’ve heard about sooooooooo many times. :(

  26. Amused said on 29 Jun 2008 at 3:16 pm:
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    Jeez, Freedom, Barack’s mother died many years ago following a long battle with cancer. A simple google search would have cleared that up for you in a hurry. Unless you’re expecting her to speak from beyond the grave.

    This is silly season, all right.

  27. Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 4:47 pm:
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    “Someone need s to look at certificates given out in a brief window of time prior and post Obamas said birth at the same facility and note the differences.”

    This is not the actual birth certificate, but a “certified copy”. When I got my birth certificate from DuPage County, Illinois for my passport, I got a “certified copy”, not the original, and provided that certified copy with the other documents along with my passport application.

    The original is probably on microfilm somewhere.

  28. Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 4:50 pm:
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    “are we to assume that Hawaii at some point went through a data entry exercise to convert all historical birth certificates into a an electronic database capable of reproducing the documents?”

    The State of Illinois sure did.

    If this birth certificate were the original, it probably would have been typed, and that font does not look like a typewritten font.

  29. Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 4:51 pm:
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    Also note the “rev 11/01″ at the bottom of both documents.

    That most likely means “Revised November 2001″

  30. LegalPWCCitizen said on 29 Jun 2008 at 7:07 pm:
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    It would appear, although I am not positive, that the Federal Election Commission should play a role in having this issue cleared up. The way the mission statement is written, it appears as though they are the overseers of enforcing requirements placed on election candidates. As stated on their website, “The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections.” If any Presidential candidate uses public funding, it appears as though the FEC has a right to make inquiry into the candidate’s eligibility.


    Anyone else know who may be responsible for ensuring that eligibility requirements are met?

  31. freedom said on 29 Jun 2008 at 8:44 pm:
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    Amused said, “…Unless you’re expecting her to speak from beyond the grave.”

    Knowing the Barack and Jeremiah twins would you expect anything less? :) :)

  32. Good Grief said on 30 Jun 2008 at 12:21 am:
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    Why don’t you get right on that for us? Do a few FOIA requests, maybe an amicus brief or three, a google search here and there (don’t forget the wingnut conspiracy sites). Put it all together, and stick it in one of those super-duper, oversized manilla enveloes. Seal AND Tape. Then make arrangements to hand over your research documents under cover of night. Hey! The new Manassas Parking Garage is the place — if you can wait until it opens. Alas, time is of the essence so you’ll have to make other arrangements. They guy in the trench coat is who you’re looking for.

    I’m sure the FEC, DOJ, League of Women Voters and, what they heck, Fox News, will give your efforts the serious attention they warrant. Especially Fox News.

  33. long time said on 30 Jun 2008 at 6:48 am:
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    Folks it’s simple. Virginia will be a Presidential battle state. No matter our feelings on Sen McCains immigration platform, we must “back Mac”. Not supporting the Republican candidate is a vote for Obama.

  34. Rick Bentley said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:22 am:
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    And a vote for McCain is a thumbs-up for Amnesty for illegal aliens.

  35. Rick Bentley said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:24 am:
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    The plain and simple fact is, Obama is less defined by his illegal immigration platform than McCain is. McCain is the more crazed, activist of the two and the one who engages in intellectually dishonest debate on the issue. If you can accept that you vote for him, I’d rather die first.

  36. Turn PW Blue said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:33 am:
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    Really want to know?

    File a claim with the State of Hawaii Department of Health. If you provide the name, DOB, location of birth, etc., they can issue a “Letter of Verification” for the paltry sum of $5. Info is available here:

  37. Benton said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:43 am:
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  38. Mike said on 30 Jun 2008 at 10:42 am:
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    I’d like to clear up one point about the document. It’s not a birth certificate, it’s a certification of live birth. It’s the “short form.” If you request such a certification from Hawaii or any other state, they don’t send you a photocopy of an original from when you were born. The computer spits out the data fields associated with your record (birth date, name, place, mother’s and father’s names, etc.) and prints it out onto a brand new piece of paper.

    But forget about all that stuff. No one needs to prove that it’s a forgery. It is, simply, on its face, incomplete. It would be impossible for Sen. Obama or anyone else to take such an incomplete document and get a passport or a drivers license.

    Perhaps this is the ultimate test by the Obama campaign of the media’s craven devotion to him. Certainly no Republican could ever get away with this. It’s incomplete on its face, he refuses to release a paper copy or even a scan of the back side of the paper, and no one in the media has anything to say about it.

  39. LegalPWCCitizen said on 30 Jun 2008 at 11:04 am:
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    Interesting Good Grief. Sour milk in your 12:21 a.m. coffee?

    My response was to a question posted earlier by Pat.Herve…

    Pat.Herve said on 29 Jun 2008 at 9:49 am:
    Surely there must be some process for doing this properly - not in the main stream media. For instance, are any candidates Felons (I do not think so) - but it is not the media that needs to be assured of this - it is some one else.

    Who is the ultimate responsible authority to indicate if Barack is a citizen or not? (Which to me is simple, his Mother was a citizen, so that makes him a Citizen).

  40. PWC Republicans Rock said on 30 Jun 2008 at 3:08 pm:
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    If this is a forged document, then the Obama campaign has perpetrated a big-time fraud, in which they have conspired with officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois, as well as many other government agencies. Sounds like a vast left wing conspiracy doesn’t it?

    Dear readers can you believe those radical blowhards are challenging whether our savior John McCain is a “natural born citizen”, simply because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone? It is true that this was never a sovereign US territory, and unfortunately this has been affirmed (the sovereignty of Panama over the Canal Zone) numerous times by the Supreme Court and past presidents. They are saying that by law McCain is an American citizen, not a natural born citizen and that this provision in the Constitution has not been interpreted to mean anything but being born in the United States. I pray to the Lord above that since this can be challenged by any U.S. citizen, it is not.

    Also frustrating to me is that the same people believing this are harking back to George W. Bush’s claim in the 2000 campaign that our hero fathered an illegitimate black child, even though he and his wife Cindy claim that she was adopted from an orphanage in Bangladesh. Dial up and call me one confused Republican because I firmly believed Karl Rove and the Bush campaign 8 years ago when they stated rumors such as this, as well as rumors about his war record. Did the Bush campaign dupe us that badly? His campaign also was known for truths such as the fact that McCain cheated on his wife, who raised his children while he was in Vietnam, and then married Cindy McCain one month after serving his wife divorce papers while she was recovering from a crippling injury in the hospital.

    Friends I am fearful that these left wing nuts will give us some of our own medicine and stick to the issues, as those damn Democrats tend to do. And let’s face it, if we stick to the issues, we’re sure to lose.

  41. Bl said on 30 Jun 2008 at 3:56 pm:
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    Juan McAmnsety seems to care much more about the invading Mexicans then he does American citizens! The people that obey the Laws, paid their taxes, fought the wars and built this country that are having their jobs downgraded, their communities destroyed, hospitals closed, education of their kids destroyed, social network used for the invading horde instead of American citizens.

    Both Obama & Juan McAmnsety support policies that will turn this Nation into another Third World Cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Poverty & Misery the same type of society the invading horde has built in their home countries and are exporting to this Nation!

  42. Harry said on 30 Jun 2008 at 4:00 pm:
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    With McSame born in the Zone, is he natural born?

  43. /\/\3|)iç 64 (Winner of the BVBL 40k and 50k post award) said on 30 Jun 2008 at 4:54 pm:
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    # Brian Leeper said on 29 Jun 2008 at 4:47 pm:

    “Someone need s to look at certificates given out in a brief window of time prior and post Obamas said birth at the same facility and note the differences.”

    This is not the actual birth certificate, but a “certified copy”. When I got my birth certificate from DuPage County, Illinois for my passport, I got a “certified copy”, not the original, and provided that certified copy with the other documents along with my passport application.

    The original is probably on microfilm somewhere.

    I got my BC from the national records because that was the only one VA DMV would accept. I have a certified copy from the registrar in Williamson CO in IL. They refused it. My copy has a seal and signature on it for authenticity. My mother has my original one and it has the seal and signature on it as well. This BC looks suspicious to say the least. A good PhotoShop person could copy the original and go from there. The font cold even be used to make it look authentic.

  44. Benton said on 30 Jun 2008 at 5:41 pm:
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    Shouldn’t these folks be targeted as well as a nuisance?

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  45. Bridget said on 1 Jul 2008 at 2:47 am:
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    “With McSame born in the Zone - is he natural born?”

    Back in April of ‘08, McCain’s citizenship status underwent nothing less than Senate scrutiny.

    The Senate unanimously declared McCain a natural-born citizen and thus eligable to run for the Presidency.

    Question is - would Obama pass the same Senate sniff-test?

    P.S. to Benton:

    These sorts of ID cards are also easily purchased at many local check cash/payday loan stores …

  46. zeezil said on 1 Jul 2008 at 8:35 am:
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    Obama is nothing more than your typical sleazy, slippery politician that cannot be trusted, much less supported. The real alarm bell is that he slides by with a large number of idol worshipping, mind numbed, not a clue or care to have a clue voters. Elect Obama and we’ll experience far left radical extremism directly and consistently from the White House, rather than chirping periodically from the halls of Congress, as we do now. Elect Obama, and America, as we know it with her Declaration of Independence and Constitution, will be transformed into a socialist state, perfectly in lock step with the third world socialist states in Latin America. And it won’t take 4 years to achieve this.

  47. Laughing at you said on 1 Jul 2008 at 3:32 pm:
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    In fairness, Greg, I’m sure you’re telling all your readers that John McCain was born in Panama and isn’t a “natural born citizen” either. Right? Because truth is important, and printing baseless lies is not something that Republicans would stoop to, except in ‘68, ‘72, ‘76, ‘80, ‘84, ‘88, ‘92, ‘96, ‘00, and ‘04.

    [Ed note: yeah, I’m having a season-long rally for McCain where he is escaping any and all criticism. Just feel the McCain love-fest here, here, here and here.]

  48. Wine Please said on 1 Jul 2008 at 5:33 pm:
    Flag comment

    1. I agree that the Obama doc looks weird. It’s too digitized…looks like an electronic created copy and not a scan of a paper document. I won’t even go into folds or no folds because when my cousin got a certified copy of her BC in the mail, it came in a stiff 9×13 envelope. Her original birth certificate was probably folded like the rest of ours were.
    I also agree it should have a signature and a seal from the Hawaii Vital Statistics office, even if it’s not embossed because it’s a certified copy (my children’s BC’s are not embossed…they were born in ‘04 and ‘07…the little disclaimer on them says it needs to have the signature and the seal of the VA Vital Stats…). It’s just plain fishy-looking.
    2. I seem to remember that McCain was born not on land in Panama, but on the ship? Maybe I’m remembering wrong or read wrong? But if what I’m remember is true and correct, then him being born on an American military ship to two American parents makes him an American. Just like children of the military who are born in Germany…they are born on what is a small piece of American soil in Germany and are thus, American citizens.

    Please feel free to correct my memory if he was born on land or sea…

  49. freedom said on 1 Jul 2008 at 5:59 pm:
    Flag comment

    Laughing at you, you’re certainly right, we’re all laughing at YOU….well no, actually, I suppose that a better description would be that we’re having pity on you. Did you have a difficult time picking up on “colors” and “shapes” too? :) :)

  50. PWC Republicans Rock said on 1 Jul 2008 at 9:02 pm:
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    Bridget, I’ll be happy to give you a bit of a lesson on our Constitution…a Senate resolution is non-binding and has no power or force of law. “Natural Born Citizen” can be interpreted only by the Supreme Court — only they have the ability to interpret our Constitution, although I’m sure the Dubya Administration would disagree wholeheartedly.

    Since the conspiracy theorists have come out on Obama, it is worthy mentioning that there is no record of McCain’s birth in the bound birth registers of the Panama Canal Zone Health Department, which are available for public inspection at the National Archives in College Park, MD. Here is what a State Department manual on U.S. citizenship has to say about children born on U.S. military installations:

    Despite widespread popular belief, U.S. military installations abroad and U.S. diplomatic or consular facilities are not part of the United States within the meaning of the 14th Amendment. A child born on the premises of such a facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of birth.

  51. Greg L said on 1 Jul 2008 at 10:21 pm:
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    Actually, all personnel on U.S. military installations overseas are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and decidedly are under the jurisdiction of the United States. War prisoners detained at Camp Delta in Guantanamo certainly aren’t subject to Cuban law, that’s for certain.

    U.S. Diplomatic posts and overseas installations are considered U.S. territory under the law and the status of forces agreements negotiated with host countries. Host country government personnel are not permitted to remove persons from these facilities, nor subject them to their laws without the consent of the U.S. government, nor are personnel stationed at these facilities subject to taxation by the host countries.

  52. That Angry Guy said on 1 Jul 2008 at 11:09 pm:
    Flag comment

    Here’s one for you. I think Greg is gay. Now hear me out here. Every picture I’ve seen of him, he’s got this prissy little look on his face. And I’ve never seen him pictured with a woman. And he’s rabidly anti-gay (like Pastor Ted, or Larry Craig, or any of the other dozens of closet case Republicans I could name) in his writing–a little TOO obsessed with the buttsexing if you know what I mean.

    Now I’m not saying Greg IS definitely gay. Might be, might not. But it should be really easy for him to clear up. Greg, give us some proof you’re not gay. And while you’re at it, why don’t you prove to us that you’re not a space alien.

    Isn’t that silly? Of course it is…just like asking Obama to prove he’s a citizen. I think there’s about a billion issues more important than wasting time on that. And like it’s been said before, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof: basically, it’s up to YOU to show he ISN’T a citizen, not for him to prove he is.

  53. Johnson said on 2 Jul 2008 at 2:49 pm:
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    I agree that none of the so-called candidates are up to the task. HRC ran as a woman and Obama is running as a black. Neither is qualified to run for the reasons that they ran, just as McCain is not qualified to run because he was a POW (respectfully).

  54. Mr. Anon said on 2 Jul 2008 at 10:20 pm:
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    Winner of the most idiotic, inane, and stupid post of the year is:

    That Angry Guy on 1 Jul 2008 at 11:09 pm.

    Activate IGNORE button.

  55. 143000 said on 3 Jul 2008 at 12:55 pm:
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    That Angry Guy said on 1 Jul 2008 at 11:09 pm:

    Here’s one for you. I think That Angry Guy is an idiot. Proof: His 11:09 pm post. End of story.

  56. Karla H said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:09 pm:
    Flag comment

    McAmnesty was born on an armed forces base in Panama… not on US soil. And if bases are US soil, then shouldn’t Guantanamo be under the jurisdiction of the US courts? Hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but McAmnesty is a loser too! How did we ever get into this mess!

  57. tt said on 27 Aug 2008 at 12:19 am:
    Flag comment

    McCain= WWIII
    McCain = the last of the US jobs sent to India
    McCain = worlds largest ecological disaster with his offshore drilling plans
    McCain = the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle get squeezed dry paying the taxes the rich did not pay
    McCain = wars any wars he loves wars
    McCain = Traitor***

    I would vote for an amoeba or Mickey Mouse before voting for McCain.

    And McCain was born in Panama. He was not born in the naval base in the Canal. The hospital he claims he was born in the base was not built till 1941 after he was born. McCain was born in the country of Panama, in a hospital in Colon, Panama.

    But to me were he was born is irrelevant at this point. What’s important is we vote for a candidate that will not continue to harm this country more than Bush and Chaney already have. And McCain will follow in Bush’s footsteps and this time it will be a point of no return. WWIII and we all will be glowing for a couple of hours or many just minutes and die. With McCain someone, maybe even him will push the nuke button and that’s it world.

    McCain gave war secrets to the enemy when he was captured to save his butt. And that made the enemy possible to kill countless more of our soldiers. Yes he is a traitor***

    And a cheat and liar. He lied to his first wife, had affairs with countless women before his last affair with Cindy which he married right after divorcing his wife.

    And the latest. His wife’s beer company is buying another beer company that does business in Cuba. All while McCain supports the embargo.
    So he supports the embargo but he is braking the law by doing business in Cuba. Well as long as his wife keeps getting richer, so what if he brakes the law. And he is running for President, isn’t it mandatory to uphold the law to be president.

    Oh and he’s so proud of his wife, how she is a terrific business woman.
    She inherited the beer business from her daddy dearest.
    And she makes her millions pushing beer to underage, and young adults ages 18-25 with the beer commercials geared at those age groups. Watch them if you don’t believe.

    So young college students die in beer drinking binges at the colleges, and so many end up alcoholic before they graduate. The Budweiser ads and commercials play an important part in that.

    And some are thinking of voting for such scum. Instead of a respectable person like Obama with his respectable family.

    Please you need a lobotomy.

  58. tt said on 27 Aug 2008 at 12:29 am:
    Flag comment

    PWC what about the biggest conspiracy of all. Bush’s and Chaney’s conspiracy to hide their involment in 911. Yes, they constructed 911 to take us to war. Many innocent people died for their sick sick games.

  59. mendy said on 27 Aug 2008 at 12:46 am:
    Flag comment

    zeeze, you do not know what you are saying. If you want socialism, well more like communism look no further than now with this president.
    President Bush is the closest to Fidel that we have seen in this country and McCain will follow Bush’s lead.

    I had to flee Cuba and would hate to see this country turn into another Cuba with the continuation of Bush’s policies by McCastro.
    Our democracy and civil liberties are at stake, wise up and think.

    McCain’s wife is already doing business with Cuba. And isn’t that a violation of the embargo. Wasn’t McCain for the embargo at one point.
    Well with his jekel and hyde personality who knows.

  60. tt said on 27 Aug 2008 at 1:18 am:
    Flag comment

    “As for offshore drilling its safe enough these days, not even hurricanes Katrina and Rita could cause significant spillage from the battered rigs off the cost of New Orleans and Houston.” McCains own words

    That is just an outright lie.

    Hurricane Katrina and Rita caused over 124 offshore spills for a total of 743,700 gallons offshore. Anything over 100,000 gallons is considered a major spill and there were over “700,000 GALLONS” of crude oil from platforms, rigs, pipelines and 189,000 gallons of refined products much of that was on shore or close to shore or on ships. 6 major spills of 42,000 gallons or greater.
    “THE LARGEST SINGLE SPILL AS A RESULT OF THE HURRICANES RITA AND KATRINA.” “OFFSHORE” was 152,250 gallons, this one of the 6 major spills out of the total 124 spills.

    This was worse than the Exxon Valdez. But he is still lying about it.

    And what about the empty prison in Iraq that is a $40M ‘failure’. An empty prison north of Baghdad is a monument to waste, poor planning. And you continue to say we need to stay in Iraq indefinitely. That is a failed war that was unnecessary and a total lie got us into it by this administration. Just to make money off of oil.

    And you still want to vote for McCain.

  61. tt said on 27 Aug 2008 at 1:35 am:
    Flag comment

    Golem you want to glow in the dark for a couple of hours and then die. Is that keeping this country safe. A vote for McCain is going to definitely take us into WWIII. He is a war lover and mainly because he is not mentally fit to be president. He has very bad outbursts of anger were he acts madly without reasoning.

    He is going to keep us safe, someone who did not keep many of his fellow soldiers safe but were killed when he gave vital secret information to the vietcong to save his butt when he was captured . Come on.

    This is not a republican or democrat issue anymore, but a personal issue. Whether this person is fit to the president or not. And he is definitely not.

    To be fair any of the other republican candidates were more fit than McCain, how McCain who was dead last rose to the top is beyond belief.

  62. Johanna said on 21 Oct 2008 at 5:25 pm:
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    You forgot to write.. In 1961 it wouldn’t say African it would say Negro or Mulato… I believe that certificate is fake…

  63. kab said on 24 Oct 2008 at 12:06 am:
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    i thought his really name was brock and later change it, i could be wrong! does anyone know?

  64. anonymous said on 1 Nov 2008 at 4:41 am:
    Flag comment

    Anyone who’s worked with city or county documents knows that revisions to docs are expensive and must be justified. so why would the document version (11/01) be the same on both, yet the documents look so different.

    Yes they could have changed the paper, but as far as I know that would be a version change. Hmmm?!

  65. Baruch Hitler Stalin Schmucker's Hussein Obama said on 23 Nov 2008 at 8:40 am:
    Flag comment

    How’d that all work out for you?

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