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Billboard Hearing On July 8th

By Greg L | 29 June 2008 | Manassas City | 25 Comments

On July 8th Gaudencio Fernandez is scheduled to appear at a hearing in General District Court to answer for his serial violations of Manassas City zoning and building ordinances for erecting and then structurally reinforcing a billboard on Prince William Street.  That laws and ordinances would actually apply to Mr. Fernandez as they would to the rest of us has outraged the open borders lobby, prompting this emergency missive from  radical Native American activist Mr. Barry Carter.  Within this diatribe are a few insights that presage the character of what is certain to be a circus in the courtroom that will undoubtably result in a thorough dose of discipline to this civic vandal Mr. Fernandez.

From: Barry Carter <mailto:barryc@indigenousway.net>
To: NativeAmericanEmpowerment@yahoogroups.com; VIPCoalition@yahoogroups.com; VirginiaActivistNetwork@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:56 AM
Subject: [VIPCoalition] Call for Help

There is a war going in the state of Virginia and the United States against Native Americans. Virginia is on the front lines of this war and  Prince William county is the front lines in VA.  There are 70,000 Native Americans under attack as I write.  In 2008 over two dozen  anti-Native American bills were passed by the Virginia State legislature.  Gaudencio Fernandez, is a Native American and U.S. citizen, who put up a sign on his private property expressing his views as a Native American.  He is being persecuted by the town of Manasses and Prince William County. Right wing racist are up in arms because of the message of truth in Gaudencio’s sign and have prodded town and county officials to take action (as can be seen from the debate on this website in Prince William county:  http://www.bvbl.net/index.php/2008/03/25/mexicans-without-borders-defaces-manassas-again/.  The town of Manassas sent Gaudencio a letter several weeks ago telling him that he must remove the sign or face court action.  Last Friday June 20, 2008 police came to his house with an arrest warrant [Ed note: actually, this was a summons].  On July 8, he must go to court and is being prosecuted for not removing his sign.

We must all remember that Turtle Island covers all of the area from the tip of south America to the tip of Alaska , and thus Indigenous people from anywhere on Turtle   Island are Native American.  We never agreed to any borders imposed by Europeans, thus the “illegal immigration” issue is actually an indigenous rights and human rights issue.  What has been created with illegally drawn borders on our land, is an apartheid
system.  The vast majority of people on Turtle Island are Native American (600 to 700 million).  There are  perhaps 200 million white people and perhaps 50 million black people.   Turtle Island is and has always been a majority Native American (Indian) continent.  The laws and borders and brainwashing have us convinced that we are a minority in our own homeland, when in fact, we, by far, are the majority on Turtle Island.  Identity  genocide, where we are classified as something other than Native American, is part of the brainwashing (colored, mulatto, mestizo, Hispanic, Latino, Black, Negro, White) and effort to keep our numbers low and to keep us disempowered.  Illegal Borders and illegal laws and false labels have been used for 500 years to keep us divided, conquered and powerless on our on land.  In 1714 our Siouan people in VA were illegal aliens North of the James River border, without a pass from the  white people.  By 1830 we Indians were illegal aliens east of the Mississippi.  During the 1800’s we were illegal aliens, in the west, when we left our reservations without a pass.  Now our numbers above the Rio Grande have been reduced, through physical and identity genocide, to the point where we are no longer a threat, so we are free to go as we please.  However, the hundreds of millions of Native Americans below the illegal border are a threat to the apartheid minority-white- rule system on Turtle Island .  Hence, the same people who said, “tear down that wall” in Europe are building a wall on Turtle Island to maintain a minority rule society on our homelands.

The apartheid system now on Turtle Island , works exactly the same as that of South Africa .  Most native people are kept out of the majority
white area (the U.S. and Canada ) and allowed in for menial labor, with temporary work passes.  It is illegal for the majority of natives to  come and go as they please in their home land of Turtle Island.  Since 1492 Native Americans never agreed to any border at the Rio Grande river and thus this border is not binding on us.  The borders (apartheid system) is what keeps the majority native population powerless in our own home lands.  Our prophecies have stated for centuries that  Native Americans would return to this part of Turtle Island and now they are here.  What we are seeing with the laws being passed and enforced in VA, against our brothers and sisters, is the Indian Removal acts of 2008 and the continuation of 500 years of genocide.  What we are see with Gaudencio Fernandez is no different that what our people have faced for 500 years.  And  for 500 years we have allowed others to divide and conquer us with false labels, borders, brainwashing and pitting us against one another.  It is time for the 600 to 700 millions Native Americans on Turtle Island to united, to come together, and take the lead in bringing peace, abundance, balance, justice and environmental harmony to our continent.  We are NOT against white people.  We desire living in peace and harmony, however, we will no longer tolerate the divide and  conquer manipulation that keeps us powerless and beggars for crumbs from the table of the dominate culture in our own land.  How is it possible that we have brought into the greatest con-game in history where the illegal immigrants have become the natives and the natives are now the illegal immigrants?

Gaudencio needs a free speech attorney who is willing to take this all of the way to the supreme  court if necessary.  If you know of anyone
please email me.  We are putting on a nationwide, continent wide and world wide public relations campaign to bring justice for Gaudencio
Fernandez-a Native American of courage and honor who dared say, “the emperor has no clothes”.  Please fax or send letters, send emails, call and demand justice for Freedom of Speech for all U.S. citizens including Gaudencio  Fernandez and to end the 500 year old genocidal process of our people, that Manassas and Prince William County now leads, with proposition 287g, which forces local police to work with ICE to force relocate Native Americans from Manassas and Prince William County.

Barry Carter
www.indigenousway. net

In case anyone was under the impression that this represented some sort of fringe opinion, it is noteworthy that Barry Carter’s views are strongly endorsed not only by Mr. Fernandez on his billboard, but by a wide swath of the area’s open borders lobby.  Aracely Panameno, who ran a write-in campaign against Supervisor John Jenkins and who has now become a member of the Prince William County Democratic Committee likes to quote Barry Carter in her articles on Nuevas Raices.  Katherine Mecurio Gotthart reposts Barry Carter letters on her website, and Mr. Carter has been a featured speaker at Mexicans Without Borders protests and jointly testifies with them before the General Assembly.  This idea that everyone who has any genetic connection with Native Americans is exempt from immigration laws (and presumably local ordinances) solely because of their racial and ethnic heritage is promoted by a shockingly large group of people, who in the same breath they use to promote ethnic and racially-based preferences call everyone who disagrees with them a racist.

The Occoneechee-Saponi Indian Tribe of Virginia that Mr. Carter represents is placing itself front and center in this fight by offering tribal lands as a “place of refuge for immigrants who may have to leave the country”, presumably because they would be subject to a deportation order issued by a court.  One would assume that this offer applies to the 25 acre tribal territory in North Carolina, since the Occoneechee-Saponi tribe is not recognized as an Indian Tribe in Virginia nor does it have real estate holdings under its name as far as I can tell. By offering these illegal aliens who have been ordered deported “housing and employment opportunities”, Carter and those who will follow through on his promises are willfully violating 8 U.S.C 1324 and which carries a maximum penalty of ten years in a federal prison.  Given their tremendoualy faulty legal theory that the law doesn’t apply to them because of their ethnic and/or racial heritage and their often stated dedication to disobeying the law, I’ve little doubt any investigation by federal law enforcement authorities would quickly uncover plenty of violations.

Although Gaudencio Fernandez and his supporters will certainly try to turn this court hearing into a circus, their ridiculous legal strategy and apparent lack of competent legal representation will make it pretty easy for the courts to impose sanctions on Fernandez for his violations.  Trying to drag in some attorney at the last moment to offer a defense based on the First Amendment in a case where the question at hand is the lack of a building permit for structural modifications is utterly ridiculous. Nowhere in the litigation is the content of this billboard an issue, and Manassas has demonstrably given Mr. Fernandez more deference that anyone should be entitled to. Fernandez simply modified an existing structure (subject to a demolition order, no less) without a building permit.  Confused by a radical political theory that has enormously compromised his reading comprehension, Fernandez and his ilk are woefully unprepared to deal with what will inevitably await him in the courtroom.

Ignorance can be painful.  It just takes longer for that consequence to arrive in some cases than we’d prefer.

The opinions expressed here are solely the views of the author, and not representative of the position of any organization, political party, doughnut shop, knitting guild, or waste recycling facility, but may be correctly attributed to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. If anything in the above article has offended you, please click here to receive an immediate apology.

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  1. MdMan said on 29 Jun 2008 at 5:16 pm:
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    Write-in Yurtle for el Presidente!

  2. Arlington Minority said on 29 Jun 2008 at 5:25 pm:
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    How ironic is Mr. Barry claim, on the one hand, that European “invaders” are imposing an apartheid system on the Indigenous Community, yet, on the other hand, does not hesitate to invoke the legal system descended from such “invaders” by calling for a free-speech attorney who can appeal Mr. Guadencio’s case all the way to the Supreme Court.

  3. jz said on 29 Jun 2008 at 5:54 pm:
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    he has no cause of action, a free-speech attorney will not take this case and if they do they’ll be a laughing stock. he can find an attorney to represent him at his court proceedings, but if this does get to the supreme court (highly, highly, and very highly doubtful) they’ll decide to not hear it.

    he violated numerous ordinances to place this sign, it doesnt matter what it says, the ordinances still have to be abided by.

    free speech does not give people a license to break the law, looking at numerous court cases on this issue will tell you that. this fernadez idiot has had a multitude of opportunity to comply with the law, now we see his true intentions..to get this sign into the limelight and attempt to get it heard by a court to bring publicity to his ridiculous cause.

    the framers of the constitution intended the amendment support free speech to be so citizens can righly protest authoritatian goverment i.e. the english at the time, they didnt intend it as a license to break the law. sorry for the poor punctuation, bad keyboard.

  4. freedom said on 29 Jun 2008 at 7:10 pm:
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    Train wreck!!!

  5. Jimmy said on 29 Jun 2008 at 10:35 pm:
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    this is just nuts

  6. Rick Bentley said on 30 Jun 2008 at 8:14 am:
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    We should applaud Fernandez though for helping to consolidate public sentiment and for demonstrating that those on his side of the arguement do in fact want not just what’s right and fair, but special priviledges.

  7. Big Dog said on 30 Jun 2008 at 8:45 am:
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    Rick Bently-
    Good point. The sign is counter-productive
    for Mr. Fernandez and his supporters at many levels.
    It has done his cause far more harm than good.

  8. KO said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:40 am:
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    The sickest part is that true Native Americans have been abused and discarded by the US over the years. That illegals mix their fight with the plight of true American Indians is an outright lie. There is no cultural interlink between Mexicans and US Native Americans. If you are in doubt, check the history books and look at the long and bloody relationship between Navajos and Mexicans. Navajos were routinely taken into slavery in Mexico for hundreds of years during border raids.

    Barry Carter seems like one of these noveau Indians who probably has ambitions to open a casino or other business by exploiting any amount of Native American blood he might claim. Illegal aliens make great low paying laborers - just ask the folks at Lansdowne.

  9. KO said on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:40 am:
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    correction - low paid laborers.

  10. Howard the Duck said on 30 Jun 2008 at 10:18 am:
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    Turtle Island????

    Will they go back into their shell?

  11. Advocator said on 30 Jun 2008 at 1:34 pm:
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    We got winners, we got losers
    Chain smokers and boozers
    And we got yuppies, we got bikers
    We got thristy hitchhikers
    And the girls in Okra’s dress up like movie stars

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this sign

    We got cowboys, we got truckers
    Broken-hearted fools and suckers
    And we got hustlers, we got fighters
    Fat broads and Bloggers,
    And the veterans talk about their battle scars

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this sign

    I love this sign
    It’s my kind of art
    Just walkin’ by the big fence
    Puts a big smile on my face
    The 1st amendment is alive and benign,
    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this sign

  12. Howard the Duck said on 30 Jun 2008 at 1:55 pm:
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    Should we circle the pickup?

  13. Michael said on 30 Jun 2008 at 4:22 pm:
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    Again every now and then I have to bring an improtant concept across both blogs, and the following one is as outrageous as any I have ever learned about the real reason people want this election to go the way it is, and why every person who believes in fair and impartial law, should sit up and take notice of the “new winds of political change” in the democratic party.

    Mackie said yesterday:
    “The most important issue concerning the border is that there are very genuine and sincere people who have come to see us as a mortal threat to their faith…probably because that’s exactly how we have been behaving. These people intend to defend their faith at all costs and our wide open border is a open door.”

    Firedancer said:
    Well, they wouldn’t be Latino laborers. Using the security argument against that segment is just an excuse to villify.

    Also for God’s sake, National Council of La Raza is an advocacy group like the League of United Latin American Citizens and the NAACP, that promotes social and educational opportunities for their constituents. To say they are out to destroy America is silly, and those arguments should be put to rest.

    Michael, 30. June 2008, 15:04
    FireDancer 11:34 and anyone else who believes group political advocacy is the “way of the future”

    I never enjoy attacking any individual and I won’t here, but I really need to understand a fundamental issue here that bothers me over and over but never seems to bother anyone in a “minority” group.

    It comes down to this. Which ethic Firedancer is the way of the future?

    1. All races, genders, religious groups and ethnic groups will join together into politcial groups like La Raza, League of United Latin Citizens, and National Association for the Advancement of Colored people to promote social and educational opportunities for their “constituants”.

    The legal arms of these organizations are designed to support the election of people into power that will create law favoring these organization’s goals and favor the execution of these laws to give these groups financial, educational and social advantage over other groups as they promote race, gender, religious and ethnic group specific “social” and “educational opportunities”.

    This means that to be fair and equatible politically, new groups that do not now exist to represent the special political interests of the “majority” groups need to form political groups like “The Celtic Peoples”, The League of United Causasian Citizens and the National Association for the Advancement of Non-Colored people”.

    2. Groups such as La Raza, League of United Latin Citizens, and National Association for the Advancement of Colored people look out only for the interests of their own race and ethnic group and as such care nothing for the political interests of people who do not qualify to be members of these groups and as such will not be equally or politically represented in thses groups promotion of social, financial, and educational opportunities for these “non-constituants”, not a member of their race or ethnic group and in fact will have no political faction representation at all. Becasue these groups practice racial and ethnic “exclusion” they should be classified as hate groups and prohibited from political funding and political advocacy unless it is legal for all groups of race, gender, religion and ethnic group membership to practice and promote “exclusion” and capture political funding and laws that advance only that groups social, financial and “educational opportunities”

    Which choice Firedancer, is the choice you want people to make in the future, 1. we blend together and integrate using common law, or 2. we all advocate seperately, with our own leaders pursuing separatism and political advantage for our own’s groups political interests, exclusively of all others.

    I would like to know the rules now, so I can choose to go one way or the other.

    Michael, 30. June 2008, 15:09
    If you choose one way, the first, we will eventually have war and conflict in our nation. If you choose the second, we will have less war and conflict in our nation and might last the next 100 years.

    Censored bybvbl, 30. June 2008, 15:20
    There are no rules about this, Michael. You chose what you’re comfortable with. This election has been interesting since women and minorities have had a choice about which candidate best represents them. Does a person’s skin color or sex matter most…or does the candidate’s political view trump everything else? It’s a choice that we as individuals make. Will the nation change? Yes, it always has. Will some groups feel more comfortable with the changes? Sure. We’ve been fed a white, upper-middle class perspective in most fields. It’s not the only game in town. And we don’t have to choose merely between your two alternatives of blending together or advocating separately.

    Michael, 30. June 2008, 15:38
    to Alanna:
    I do have a question however, one that never seems to be answered.

    If I assume that what people really want is “controlled” immigration rather than “un-controlled immigration then I have a basis to argue for the law. My first questions however before we even get out of the gate on debate is.

    Does anyone on this blog believe we need to have “controlled immigration”? If the answer is no then all I can say to debate further is welcome to the destruction of the United States and democracy in the next 30 years as the US becomes a reflection of the “morality” and “political ideology” of the rest of the worlds nations typically fighting ethnic, religious and cultural wars that have neither democracy, nor high morals, and typically in these war-zones advocate for lawlessness and crime organizations to take over and put their own criminal leadership into power (like Somalia). Let’s say for example you “desire” uncontrolled growth in the number of Somalians that come into the US with their “moral” baggage that has allowed one ethnic and religious group to stay constantly at war with another. Will they simply change when they get here, or simply attempt to keep their existing culture of hatred going against other non-Somalians?)

    If on the other hand (hope of hopes) you believe we need “controlled” immigration growth, how do you think we enforce the law to prevent people from seeking “un-controlled” entry again and simply advocating to ignore any growth control laws or legal concepts of “immigration status and papers”. To uphold any law you must have “illegal” immigrants and you must have “legal” immigrants, to seperate those who followed the control of immigration law from those who do not follow the control of immigration law.

    If you beleive we need “controlled” immigration and by definition that means we will have “illegal” immigrants if some individials simply decide to come here un-lawfully anyway, how do you propose we enforce those laws? By our local police (effective) or by our ICE (in-effective and has been for 30 years or more)?

    If you agree we need controlled “legal” immigration, what do you think is wrong with todays immigration law? It does not allow anyone to come into the US (It Does), it does not allow EVERYONE to come into the US (It Does not). It does not allow guest workers, tourists and students (It does), it does not allow anyone to overstay visas, student visas, temporary work permits, or simply fly into the US and stay or croos the border and stay without authorization.

    What more do you want from this law? For it to not be enforced simply because people broke the law and since the last 1986 Amnesty, simply ignored “controlled” growth and chosen to become “illegal” in defiance of the law. If you “fix” the system (whatever you think that is beyond granting amnesty), how will you guarantee in the next 20 years that the law will be enforced and growth will be controlled. Do you think the law can simply be ignored in order for the system to be “fair” and “fixed” and that “anmesty” now will not prevent “millions” more from flooding the nation illegally in hopes we will feel sympathy for them and grant a “third” amnesty in 2030 when we reach 30 billion people in the US and 50% or more of them are “illegal”.

    If enforcing the law is not your ideal solution then what is? Amnesty again and “no law” enforcement until it gets even more out of control?

    Michael’s mental note before the last postback:
    I simply couldn’t believe that Censoredbybvbl and others on this far left blog (Antibvbl), really believes that we need to return to the civil right violations of the 50s, so I fired this reply off hoping of hopes that some congressman, reporter, or political leader of this nation might read this and understand the magnitude and threat to all in our fair democracy and existing common law from the racial, gender, and ethnic seperatism and “exclusion” emerging on the winds of Hillary’s and Obama’s political “winds of change”. If you were afraid to vote Republican this November, the above concept (and CensoredbyBVBL is only the tip of the iceberg I’m un-covering) may find you living to regret voting against it.

    Michael, 30. June 2008, 15:53
    Censored bybvbl: Actually there are “rules” about this, those rules came out of the civil rights violations of the 50s and 60s. If you have no rules, and every color, race, gender and religion can simply do whatever it wants and become “exclusive” and self-centered politically, then you are saying we can all return back to the “lack of rules” that caused the civil rights violations in the 50s. I’m hearing you say that is OK with you, as long as the new dominant race or ethnic group is not white. I’m hearing you say the “class” and ethnic group separatism of the 50s is a good thing for America now in this new “change” in political winds.

  14. Michael said on 30 Jun 2008 at 4:40 pm:
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    This my dear nation is what “racism” and pro “illegal” immigration is ALL about. I suggest you vote against it while you still can.

  15. anon said on 30 Jun 2008 at 5:36 pm:
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    can’t we all just get along

  16. El Guapo said on 30 Jun 2008 at 5:58 pm:
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    Ordinarily I wouldn’t care about that sign, but every time I see it I’m reminded of how upset losers get when they see it. I always end up with a smile on my face.

  17. Anonymous said on 30 Jun 2008 at 6:21 pm:
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    Oh, I think anyone who has a huge billboard in their yard must be a true loser! Kind of ghetto (or suburban Mexico) don’t you think.

  18. centsless said on 30 Jun 2008 at 6:27 pm:
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    What dribble.

  19. Mr. Anon said on 30 Jun 2008 at 8:46 pm:
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    El Guapo said on 30 Jun 2008 at 5:58 pm:
    Ordinarily I wouldn’t care about that sign, but every time I see it I’m reminded of how upset losers get when they see it. I always end up with a smile on my face.

    So I guess you consider yourself a winner?

  20. Rick Bentley said on 1 Jul 2008 at 7:33 am:
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    Michael -

    A. Pacifism is no way to approach life. This world would be a very different one were it not for U.S. dominance.

    B. New winds of Democratic change? Give me a break. I can’t take Obama or any other Democrat seriously. If they wer serious about things like universal health care, they’d acknowledge that the illegal immigration issue undercuts it - we the people aren’t going to pay for free health care for illegals - who as George Will likes to note make up 40% or more of our “chronically underinsured”. The issues are intertwined to the point that the Democratic Party’s positions are so contradictory that one has to call “bull****”. Same thing when they speak of improving schools, reducing poverty, etc. The Democratic Party stands for nothing real as currently configured, making Obama a snake-oil salesman. Democratic ideals have devolved into a vacuous mass-marketing campaign (targeted at minorities and women, not so much at the white male demographic). All they stand for is empty sloganeering. watch and see, live and learn - and as Pete Townshend says, don’t get fooled again.

  21. anono said on 1 Jul 2008 at 10:48 am:
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    “New winds of Democratic change?”

    I got some of that when I ate some beans.

  22. Wine Please said on 1 Jul 2008 at 5:55 pm:
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    will we have video of the court proceedings? I always love me a good judicial smack-down, especially when someone’s got a crazed lawyer who’s fighting about something unrelated to the charges at hand.

    And Michael is right…the more we allow special-interest groups and race-exclusion groups to exist, the worse we make it for all of us to come together as one nation. We’re called a Melting Pot for a reason…we all are different colors, races, creeds, religions, languages, but we get mixed together to become a totally new one called an American.

  23. humbug said on 2 Jul 2008 at 12:57 am:
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    Does anyone know if Arlington County police cruisers use dash cams?

  24. Johnson said on 2 Jul 2008 at 2:33 pm:
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    What these people use that passes for logic is a joke. They are wack jobs.

  25. Anonymous said on 3 Jul 2008 at 11:49 am:
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    Fernandez will appear in court and when all is said and done, will apply for a permit to put up a larger billboard and it will be granted.

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