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More Illegals, More Crime?

By Greg L | 18 July 2008 | Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 63 Comments

At the same time the crime rate in Prince William County made the biggest drop in seven years, it seems that the crime rate in Fairfax County is increasing.  This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the frequent reports of illegal aliens relocating from Prince William County to Fairfax County now, would it?

Overall crime in Fairfax County increased by nearly 22 percent for the first quarter 2008 compared to first quarter figures from last year.

Of the seven categories used to evaluate crime statistics, only two categories, rape and robbery, showed declines. Between January 2008 and March 2008, there were 27 rapes county-wide, eight less than that same period last year. There were 155 robberies in the first quarter of 2007 and 113 the first quarter this year.

The most striking increase was in the number of larcenies, skyrocketing from 2,851 in the first quarter of 2007 to 3,643 in 2008.

Although it is very difficult to draw any conclusions over crime rate data during short periods, and attribute potential causation when so many factors come into play, it’s not like there’s no relationship between illegal aliens and crime that might help explain this.  There’s an extensive relationship between the two that has been strongly demonstrated over the past several decades, particularly in areas where large groups of illegal aliens are present such as southern California.  Illegal aliens account for 25% of all federal inmates, the Virginia State Police report that 90% of all MS-13 members are illegal aliens, and 20% of the population in the Prince William County Adult Detention Center are illegal aliens.  While no one suggests that all, or even most illegal aliens pose a criminal risk, there certainly is a significant criminal element within this population and they account for a proportion of the area’s crime statistics far in excess of the proportion of the population they represent.

So while Gerry Connolly keeps his welcome mat (as he puts it) out for illegal aliens, his constituents pay the price in increased crime.  Where that welcome mat has been rolled up and the rule of law actually garners respect, crime decreases.  It should be interesting to see how Gerry Connolly justifies this decision during this year’s campaign, and why he would rather subject his constituents to criminal illegal aliens rather than stop welcoming illegal aliens to unlawfully reside in Fairfax County.

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  1. Arlington Minority said on 18 Jul 2008 at 11:00 pm:
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    Fortunately, Fairfax County provides a good buffer between Prince William County and Arlington.

  2. LoyalPatron42 said on 19 Jul 2008 at 2:31 am:
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    This crap makes me sick. Just admit it. Admit the fact that there is an on-going issue with any and all illegals of all races and sexes. They are here ILLEGALLY. Why is it so hard to grasp the fact that they are breakking the law? ‘You’ want to be here, fine. Do it legally and you won’t have any problems. Don’t want to pay taxes and get paid crap for a crap job? Fine. Leave. Give Fairfax County 10 years and, I bet ya, it’ll end up like PWC. Sorry folks.

  3. NoVA Scout said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:34 am:
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    Because the crime rate for illegal aliens is lower than that of the general population, the answer is probably that the Fairfax rate is not influenced by internal migration. However, if you get a large population increase, whether illegal aliens or Yankee Doodle Dandies, you’ll see the number (not necessarily the rate) of crimes increase.

    There is, however, a direct correlation between general economic conditions and certain types of crime. As times get tough, one generally sees a sharp increase in larcenies, robberies and other economic crimes, whether it’s in Fairfax or anywhere else.

  4. Anonymous said on 19 Jul 2008 at 7:12 am:
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    We know for sure it was not the Prince William County Police that wanted to clean up the crime that was going on in Prince William, it was the hard work of Corey, John and Greg that got Prince Willam’s crime rate down and the neighborhoods cleaned up.

  5. BattleCat said on 19 Jul 2008 at 8:07 am:
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    I know articles in several newspapers have already noted the frustration with the influx of “PWC fugitives” in neighboring counties and in MD. Adrian Fenty, however, still has all faith in the fact that folks who started their American experience by breaking the law will, of course, suddenly respect the laws in DC.

  6. anon said on 19 Jul 2008 at 8:18 am:
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    They were looking for a Hispanic male last night in a stabbing in Manassas, also had the Fairfax helicopter out searching. They had a similar incident last weekend. I’m sure it will be in the police briefs in the next few days.

  7. Arlington Minority said on 19 Jul 2008 at 9:32 am:
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    Anon, lest we forget the public resources (the chopper’s fuel one of them) that has to be spent tracking down this perp, who shouldn’t be here in the first place? We’re engaged in a one-way free trade of Third World behavior and values.

  8. Diversity Gal said on 19 Jul 2008 at 10:32 am:
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    So you heard they were looking for an male Hispanic illegal immigrant, or just a Hispanic male? Maybe we should clear this up…Arlington Minority, you seem to have already concluded that this Hispanic male shouldn’t be in the country, when no one mentioned a thing about illegal status. Why? We don’t even have the police brief info yet.

    When conclusions are jumped to about the legal status of every Hispanic-looking person, or any Hispanic person that is mentioned, you provide evidence that for some people, this is not just about legality; you are stereotyping.

  9. Arlington Minority said on 19 Jul 2008 at 10:42 am:
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    Diversity Gal, get a grip on reality….whether the perp is illegal or the offspring of illegals, the opportunity cost of not sealing the border is the same.

  10. Emma said on 19 Jul 2008 at 10:43 am:
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    Arlington, you have been duly put in your place by Diversity Gal’s lecture. Try to be more PC in the future.

  11. ladyxx said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:01 am:
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    Emma said on 19 Jul 2008 at 10:43 am:
    Arlington, you have been duly put in your place by Diversity Gal’s lecture. Try to be more PC in the future.

    Emma, being politically correct (PC) got the country into the mess it is in today.

    Time to use a little common sense, enforce our laws, take a ten year time out on immigration and close the border until we can getthe situation can under control.

  12. Emma said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:08 am:
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    ladyxx, I was being tongue-in-cheek :)

    Diversity Gal’s self-righteous liberalism is annoying, at the very least. I’m with you!

  13. ladyxx said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:09 am:
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    Got ya!!

  14. El Guapo said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:14 am:
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    Good comment by Diversity Gal.

  15. Emma said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:16 am:
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    Sorry, I find even her name painful.

  16. Anonymous said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:38 am:
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    Diversity Gal said on 19 Jul 2008 at 10:32 am:
    So you heard they were looking for an male Hispanic illegal immigrant, or just a Hispanic male? Maybe we should clear this up…Arlington Minority, you seem to have already concluded that this Hispanic male shouldn’t be in the country, when no one mentioned a thing about illegal status.


  17. Diversity Gal said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:42 am:
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    Awww, Emma, and I was hoping that you were cheering me on:(

    Look, we all know it’s obvious that I’m a liberal and not for the resolution. I haven’t tried to hide it or anything. I do want to be in on the conversation, though, and I want to listen to what people have to say…from all sides.

    From what I can tell, there are many pro-resolution people who keep saying, “It’s about the law, not about prejudice.” The fact that this kind of this is mentioned over and over by posters leads me to believe that some really do want to be taken seriously about their complaints and issues, and want the other side to hear them.

    I have always said that it would be easier for me to take the “law not prejudice” statement if some posters didn’t use language reflecting a clear bias, prejudice, or racist point of view. It just makes sense to me that if you want people to listen to your argument, ya gotta remove the stereotype. How can people who claim it is all about legality for them turn right around and jump to conclusions like about Hispanics that aren’t supported by evidence? If they truly don’t care about people taking the “law not prejudice” statement seriously, and are OK with giving creedence to the arguments of those who are anti-resolution, then by all means…keeping leaping to those conclusions.

    I’ll tell you a story…I have a friend from Bangladesh who entered the country legally around 2000, and has remained here legally since. She is a hard-working, devout Catholic student. Right after 9/11, she was working in a JC Penney in the Tidewater area. An older woman came up to the counter and began shouting at her, waving her finger…saying that she should be ashamed of herself for what she and her “Middle East Muslim kind” had done to this country. My friend was so confused and heartbroken. This woman jumped to the conclusion that because she had darker skin and spoke English with an accent, that 1) She was from the Middle East, 2)She was Muslim, 3)She should be held accountable for the 9/11 atrocities. Are we supposed to just give the ignorant woman who jumped to these conclusions a pass? After all, we wouldn’t want her to watch her language…that would be asking her to be PC. So I guess my friend should just shut up and take it, huh? Unfortunately, that is what she did.

  18. Diversity Gal said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:43 am:
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    OOPS! “this” should be “thing”:)

    By the way, thanks El Guapo!

  19. Arlington Minority said on 19 Jul 2008 at 12:00 pm:
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    So, Diversity Gal, you equate Bangladeshi woman under deranged attack with an Hispanic male fleeing from a stabbing scene. Come to think of it, that does make perfect PC sense. The Hispanic should be given a pass straight to San Francisco.

  20. Emma said on 19 Jul 2008 at 2:34 pm:
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    And the shouting woman in JCPenney should hang. Justice, “anti” style.

  21. theproofisinthepudding said on 19 Jul 2008 at 2:50 pm:
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    No but really, you guys are trying to say that statistics determine that a Hispanic male on the run is most likely either an illlegal alien or, as so eloquently put, the “offspring” of an illegal alien. I think that a little more careful analysis will prove that to be incorrect.

    I thought that a major compliant about political correcness and liberalism was the emphasis put on indulging and emphasising culturaal and ethnic groups. If so, what is the difference between doing in in what could be perceved in a positive way and by doing same in a negative way, i.e. the assumption that a fugitive Hispanic male must be an illegal alien?

    So granted, this guy may turn out to be an illegal alien, but do the math and check yoursleves regarding crime rates by gender, ethnicity, and legal status and don’t forget to include the crime rates comapred to overall population to make it relavant. Post your findings, please. If you are not willing to do so than I say, with all due respect, shut your traps. Or just keep on keepin on, which is what I am guessing you will all do.

  22. IllegalisILLEGAL said on 19 Jul 2008 at 3:23 pm:
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    Diversity Gal, It seems to me that you are also stereotyping. From what I read from you, you are lumping posters on here of “bias, prejudice, or racist point of view.” Just like most of you that post on anti. All BVBL posters and HSM members are racists and should be exterminated. Sound familiar?

  23. jfk said on 19 Jul 2008 at 4:13 pm:
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    You know you are in trouble when El Guapo gives you a pat on the back.

  24. Karla H said on 19 Jul 2008 at 4:57 pm:
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    A buddy of mine was very keen on amnesty for illegals. Heck, he’s catholic, and the pope told him that he wouldn’t make it into heaven if he didn’t feel this way… given that illegals are catholic and all. Anyway, one night he woke up at 2 AM to some racket in his house. Yep, an illegal had broken in and was robbing his place! He phoned the cops and they showed up and snagged the guy. His wife said he should appear in court as any good citizen should. He went to court. The illegal had a court appointed attorney who accused my buddy of voicing “hearsay”. When he was on the stand the illegal’s wife just stared at him. I imagine because he was ruining their shot at the American dream. My buddy spent a day down there. I don’t know if he’s that keen on amnesty for these people any more. Ya gotta chuckle though.

  25. chunkymunky said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:06 pm:
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    they can relocate to elena’s house, I hear haymarket has a lot of good territory for illegals to shack up.

    She wants to support them so much, she should have a bunch live with her for awhile. I’m sure she’ll change her tune after that.

  26. Black Saint said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:38 pm:
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    The Latinos that make up the largest group of the Illegal Aliens population has the largest school drop out rate of any ethnic group in the USA, second highest illegitimate birth rate, second highest crime rate, highest birth rate and recent studies confirm they start dropping out of school, using drugs, having illegitimate kids, joining gangs at an earlier age then any ethnic group in the USA. This behavior continues even after citizenship and down through each generation. This culture characteristic explains why Mexico and Latin American, while having more natural resources and moderate climate than most First World Nations are still mired in an Cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Poverty and Misery!

  27. monticup said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:54 pm:
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    NoVA Scout: I would you appreciate it if you would stop spreading disinformation. Your statement that the crime rate for illegal aliens is lower than that of the general population is a canard. So knock it off. Thank you.

  28. monticup said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:58 pm:
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    Diversity Gal: The fact is that even if a Hispanic male is legal, he may be harboring illegals–relatives or friends from his village. There may be one legal resident in a household in with 20 illegals. The anchor isn’t always a baby.

  29. monticup said on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:59 pm:
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    Well said, Black Saint. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  30. monticup said on 19 Jul 2008 at 6:03 pm:
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    Well, maybe the woman at JC Penney lost a loved one in the 9/11 attack on the US by Muslims.

    I have to say, Diversity Gal really sounds like a caricature.

  31. BattleCat said on 19 Jul 2008 at 6:33 pm:
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    Good story, there, Diversity Gal. I imagine quite a few folks with dark skin took some crap after Sept. 11. And from a little old lady? People have to smarten up and consider the source. Now, comparing anything that happened in the direct wake of Sept. 11 and the illegal invasion problem??? Apples and Bowling Balls, hon.

  32. BattleCat said on 19 Jul 2008 at 6:36 pm:
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    Black Saint.

    Careful, now, you don’t want to lay on too much truth on folks…their heads might explode! You’d be a big hit over at the anti-site! Lay a little truth on those folks and watch ‘em froth at the mouth!

  33. Diversity Gal said on 19 Jul 2008 at 11:37 pm:
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    I never said, “All BVBL posters and HSM members are racists and should be exterminated.” I want to talk to you guys, NOT say that every single person on here is alike, and that you should be eliminated. Sheesh…


    I’m sorry I sound like a caricature to you. If that lady lost a loved one in 9/11, am I to understand that it is OK with you that she behave this way, holding any stranger with a darker skin tone accountable?

  34. Emma said on 20 Jul 2008 at 7:41 am:
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    Diversity Gal, first we have to accept that your story is for real, and not a neatly contrived little tale to fit what you acknowledge yorursef as your own liberal view. You could give the “older woman” some allowance for her age, or perhaps she was confused, who knows? You could imagine that maybe she lost a loved one in the 9/11 attacks. Or maybe she was just very frightened at the time, as many people were.

    Really, what is your point with this little anecdote?

  35. Ducky said on 20 Jul 2008 at 8:14 am:
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    I haven’t seen any police brief yet. Are you sure this incident wasn’t made up?

  36. Not4Nothing said on 20 Jul 2008 at 8:27 am:
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    Back in January the WaPo had an article on gang activity in VA (see link below). In a CIS announcement that I received later, these facts are noted:

    More MS-13 members have been nabbed in VA than in any other ICE jurisdiction in the US, and nearly 80% of the ICE arrests in VA were MS-13.

    These gang members tend to work by day (construction, landscaping, farming, day laborers) and do their drug dealing, prostitution rings, theft, extortion, as welll as some violent crimes such as assault and murder in their “off time”. Anyone looking for some cheap labor ought to think about this item long and hard.

    Gang investigators estimate that 90% of MS-13 members are illegal aliens.


  37. anon said on 20 Jul 2008 at 8:32 am:
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    There were a couple dozen calls about Hispanic males last night, one involving an abduction. The two involved resisted arrest and were transported to jail. I’m sure we will never know any of the immigration status of the offenders.

  38. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 9:23 am:
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    My point was that whatever the situation was, the woman should have watched her language and not jumped to conclusions about someone’s race or ethnicity. Earlier in the thread, you sarcastically accused me of lecturing someone to be PC, and someone else agreed that it “got the country into the mess it is in today.”

    I understand that anon’s report (I do NOT think he invented this report) of a Hispanic male in the Manassas area was about a criminal. Are there Hispanic people who are criminals…sure. There are criminals of all races. I just didn’t see why the heck Arlington Minority assumed that this Hispanic male was here illegally or was the offspring of illegal immigrants, so I asked a question.

    People started talking about the odds, but I still don’t know why it’s OK to just assume that every Hispanic person talked about is illegal. Again, if your purpose is to let someone know that all you care about is legality, this logically defeats that purpose.

    I brought up the TRUE story of my friend (she is the cousin of a former roommate after college; I drove with my friends to the airport to pick her up when she entered the country) to illustrate what can happen when we jump to conclusions based on someone’s skin color. What interests me is that while some people here admitted that the attack on her was wrong, others said nothing about her treatment, and only seemed to care about the older woman’s possible background. You are right, the older woman could have lost a loved one or been scared, and that would be awful. I still do not think that gives her the right to deliberately come over and harass my friend with her assumptions.

  39. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 9:35 am:
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    I should have directed the prior post to Emma:)

  40. Emma said on 20 Jul 2008 at 9:52 am:
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    Diversity Gal, forgive me. I have learned to think like an apologist.

  41. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:03 am:
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    I do hope that you are using the word “apologist” in its classical sense (one who defends) and not in its pejorative form.

    (A*pol”o*gist\, n. [Cf. F. apologiste.] One who makes an apology; one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, a cause, or an institution; especially, one who argues in defense of Christianity.-Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary)

  42. Arlington Minority said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:20 am:
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    Diversity Gal, you continue to puzzle. No one, except you, said anything about skin color, which, by the way, does not define being Hispanic.

  43. Emma said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:26 am:
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    And now the “friend” has evolved into the cousin of a former roommate that DG went with friends to pick up at the airport as she was entering the country. And on the way she related this story? Was she traveling via jet or time warp?

  44. Emma said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:31 am:
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    And, incidentally, Diversity Gal, I am acquainted with a number of Hispanics who look as white as I do.

  45. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:36 am:
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    Come on…I met her through her familial connection to my former roommate. I have known her since 2000. When she lived in Chesapeake, I stayed at her home many times. I attended her wedding there two years ago. Since she moved to Herndon, I have been over to dinner many times. She is now studying to be x-ray technician, and works retail part-time.

    Must I go on and on to make the story true in your eyes. I can describe her if you wish, and tell detailed stories about the times we’ve hung out, but what good would that do? It seems to me that you don’t want to believe me, and that’s OK. I won’t list her name, phone number, and address if that is what you require.

  46. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:41 am:
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    My friend from Bangladesh was judged on her skin color. That’s why I mentioned it. In my eyes, it’s just as bad to judge a person just because someone told you they were of a certain ethnicity.

  47. Arlington Minority said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:45 am:
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    Oh, I see. It’s baseballs vs. watermellons again.

  48. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 10:45 am:
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    or spoke a certain language…

  49. monticup said on 20 Jul 2008 at 12:18 pm:
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    DG: You sure your friend wasn’t judged by her Muslim garb?

  50. Arlington Minority said on 20 Jul 2008 at 12:22 pm:
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    Ah…so my fluency in Spanish makes me Hispanic does it?

  51. Diversity Gal said on 20 Jul 2008 at 12:28 pm:
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    Her Muslim garb? Didn’t I mention in a prior post that she was a devout Catholic? She wears shirts/blouses, pants/skirts to work and at home. She sometimes wears a sari to a formal party, and she wore one at her wedding.

    Arlington Minority,

    When did I say that fluency in Spanish makes someone Hispanic? It’s been my experience that sometimes people are judged unfavorably for not speaking English in this country. If you thought I meant anything else by my comment, I apologize.

    Gotta go…be back later tonight:)

  52. LaVer said on 20 Jul 2008 at 12:28 pm:
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    Unless the cowards here find the courage to pick up weapons, your failure is predetermined.

    Amnesty is on the horizon. It will be here by this time next year. It’s over for you.

  53. Arlington Minority said on 20 Jul 2008 at 1:11 pm:
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    With amnesty will come unbounded entitlements…and it will be over for all of us.

  54. Emma said on 20 Jul 2008 at 1:26 pm:
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    Keep going, DG. A few more details and even you might start actually believing your fish tale.

  55. Black Saint said on 20 Jul 2008 at 6:36 pm:
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    Mexico total economic policy is to send their Uneducated peons and Criminals to the US for Tax payers to support and be the Victims, Businesses to Profit from and Corrupt Politicians to Cuddle and Pander! While having one of the most punitive and enforced immigration policies in the world!

  56. Bridget said on 20 Jul 2008 at 7:52 pm:
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    Good Lord DG, but you do like to whinge on and on regarding this put upon friend of yours. From what you have thus described, it sounds for all the world like she has recovered from this attack pretty well and, unlike yourself, moved on….

    Was a momentary, senseless verbal tirade from an old woman enough to send your friend packing back Bangladesh? Apparently not.

    And why, pray tell, was a woman from Bangladesh compeled to depart her homeland and choose to come to the U.S.A. ?

    According to you, she - among other things - is a hard working, devout Catholic student - could her move have had something to do with her efforts to escape a place where Islam is the state religion and women as well as non-moslems alike are treated like crap - denied educational as well as employment opportunities and worse?

    She found employment, education, freedom to worship her faith, a marriage, friends in our homeland … but, for whatever reason, you seem to want everyone to bow their heads in shame and atone for the blurtings of one loon … to gloss over the blessings that this nation has the capacity to bestow upon her.

    We can’t be both the the cure and the poison… immigrants choose us, not the other way around and for better or worse she , like the homegrows with heritage, she will get the sunshine and the rain.

    I, for one, have lost count of the number of times someone has attacked, punished, degraded, humiliated and/or dismissed me for the simple yet unescabable fact that I was not a fellow tribe member. For not being a person of sufficient pigment. I was the wrong raza, if you will.

    You wrote: “When conclusions are jumped to about the legal status of every Hispanic-looking person, or any Hispanic that is mentioned, you provide evidence that for some people, this is not just about legality… ”

    You’ve got that one right…

    The fact is that every effort to provide service and sanctuary to criminal aliens is based on a whole lot of profiling and conclusion jumping.

    That law enforcement should jump to the conclusion that every Hispanic - or foreign looking, sounding or acting person must be assumed to have legal status. Profiling is a vitue as long as that assumtion is made.

    That’s precisely why sanctuary policies are put in place -to force police and other agencies to pretend that people of certain ethnicities and languages are all here legally.

    That they shall, ironically, be judged not by the content of their character - but by the color of their skin…. race, ethnicity, country of origin are the pass.

    That some will be granted a pass on certain facets of their criminality simply becouse they are the correct raza. Once we start refusing to persue and prosecute criminals becouse of their race, ethnicity, country of origin etc., — that any mention of the rule of law or preservation of American society is discriminitory — move from ignoring criminality towards celebrating it - we are in bad shape.

    It is indeed hard to imagine a more racist attitude than the one behind white guilt. While being “brown” or foreign is no more proof of criminality than it is of sainthood, nor is it the ticket to being treated like untouchable, sacred royalty. Nor is a pass to act with impunity.

    Regardless of whether the friend you described is flesh or fish tale - consider this; and the stupifying hypocricy that you display in it’s telling:

    At the point where this woman cures cancer, raises the dead and walks on water- you will still be focused on her one truly important “accomplishmet”, the reason, the proof above all, that she should be be beyond reproach and regarded as a blessing - her ethnicity. That alone is the reason you believe this woman deserved to be treated with kid-glove respect and left alone in the store. Fact or fiction, it’s rather revolting that you would find a purported friends skin tone proof of your own moral superiority.

    And this:

    Thousands of Americans were targeted for execution on 9/11. And hundreds died in the attempt to rescue them … not a one would have done less knowing your friend was in the towers.

    There are thousands upon thousands of Americans who would have gladly endured a verbal thrashing in exchange for the fate their loved ones received on 9/11.



    In MHO, anyone who suffered, or knows someone who suffered any backlash from 9/11 should place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the highjackers.

  57. Junes_Reston said on 20 Jul 2008 at 8:18 pm:
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    Now that Arlington has passed the resolution allowing homeowners to rent rooms in their homes (boarding houses?), lets all cross our fingers that Fairfax becomes the “passage way” to Arlington, rather than the buffer.

    Whatever it takes to move them along to the official sanctuary City of Alexandria and County of Arlington.

  58. John Light said on 21 Jul 2008 at 12:32 pm:
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    (SARCASIM ALERT for all new BVBL types):

    Sorry, Greg, but Fairfax County just does NOT have an illegal alien problem…just ask Gerry C - lol

    BTW, I would also blame metro for the increase in crime to the Spfld Mall area.

    Speaking of Spfld Mall, anyone else see the cornstalks at the houses???

    So, how do we go after illegals without profiling???

  59. Johnson said on 21 Jul 2008 at 5:46 pm:
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    Black Saint-
    Feel free to join myself and others on this site to bring the “big picture” to light. Most of us are so wrapped up in ourselves that we fail to see what is really going on around us.

  60. Michael said on 21 Jul 2008 at 9:31 pm:
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    DiversityGal, you are absolutely correct to point out any person on this blog who makes a racial, gender, religious or ethnic group aligned comment, rather than simply point out that an “individual” was “illegal” or “broke the law” or was “arrested”. What you cannot assume is that the comment applies to anyone other than the “poor judgement of the individual who made the comment”.

    You may be, however I have seen assumptions and comments where you extend this concept of “misbehavior” to others who have said no such thing and really do simply want the “illegal” alien law enforced, regardless of race, gender, religious or ethnic group. Those individuals are not in a minority of numbers here.

  61. /\/\3|)iç 64 (Winner of the BVBL 40k and 50k post award) said on 22 Jul 2008 at 1:52 pm:
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    I personally do not care what they look like or what nationality they are, if they are here ILLEGALLY, they have to go.

  62. anon said on 22 Jul 2008 at 2:02 pm:
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    Another Hispanic stabbing last night, the 3rd in a week (that I know of) in Manassas, yet no mention in the paper. Manassas PD has been busy.

  63. rebelreggie said on 27 Jul 2008 at 9:13 am:
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    U.S. Border Control
    Legal immigrant from Mexico seeks recall of Phoenix mayor

    Posted: 26 Jul 2008 08:54 PM CDT

    Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix, Arizona is facing a recall effort lead by a woman who was born in Mexico, came to the U.S. legally and became a citizen. Anna Gaines says illegal aliens are committing crimes in Phoenix, and the mayor is not doing enough to fix the problem.

    The group headed by Gaines, a retired teacher, wants tougher immigration enforcement.

    The mayor, of course, describes the group as “extremists.” He went on the offensive this spring in criticizing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration and crime sweeps in two predominantly Hispanic areas of Phoenix. Gordon has asked for a federal investigation of Arpaio for possible civil rights violations.

    Gordon was criticized last year for not changing a longstanding policy that ordered police officers to hold off on asking questions about people’s citizenship, except for people suspected of committing a serious felony.The policy has since been changed to let officers ask all criminal suspects about their immigration status.

    Gaines says the change in the police department policy was made because advocates like her pushed for it.
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