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Milt Johns Shoots Back

17 July 2008 | Prince William County | 29 Comments

School Board Chairman Milt Johns rose to the defense of the school system after the Manassas Journal-Messenger published a somewhat bizarre editorial cartoon implying that the school system was failing.  Hopefully this will set the record straight.  While I have my complaints about the schools from time to time, the system is fundamentally sound and […]

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More Diversity At Work

17 July 2008 | Crime, Humor & Satire | 7 Comments

When you’re not allowed to keep a collection of venomous snakes in your Arlington home, what’s an enterprising amateur herpetologist to do?  Rent out motel space in Fairfax for these things and let the motel staff deal with them?  Apparently so.
The snakes were discovered when some of them died and a motel employee noticed […]

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Senators Want More Immigrants With AIDS

17 July 2008 | National Politics, US Senate | 31 Comments

We apparently do not have enough HIV-positive people in this country, and have a need to import them from overseas, as Fox News reports:
Under current law, HIV is the only medical condition explicitly listed under immigration law. The Kerry-Smith provision would make HIV equivalent to other communicable diseases where medical and public health experts at […]

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All Your Base Are Belong To Me

16 July 2008 | Crime, Humor & Satire | 12 Comments

Another case of a government bureaucrat run amok, although this one was armed with a grudge and millions of dollars worth of information technology infrastructure.  If a state or local government’s system administrator seizes control of all the servers, do we just bow down and welcome our new overlord?

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Go Figure

15 July 2008 | Crime, Prince William County | 53 Comments

It really irks me when some people somehow feel like the rules don’t apply to them.
Stopping off at a 7-Eleven on my way home this evening, there was once again a car parked in the fire lane, about a whole twenty feet away from an open parking spot.  The car’s driver got out, opened the […]

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Kaine as Obama’s VP Choice?

14 July 2008 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 35 Comments

Lots of pundits out there are talking about how good an idea it would be if Barack Obama selects Governor Kaine to be his running mate.  It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for this Chicago-area proto-communist to choose what is supposed to be relatively moderate Democrat from a southern state to soften his edge […]

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Gaudencio Fenandez Violates Yet Another Ordinance

14 July 2008 | Crime, Manassas City | 25 Comments

In yet another demonstration of the anarchy that pervades the deranged mind of Gaudencio Fernandez, the MJM is reporting that he has again been cited for a violation of local ordinances, namely one that requires a special use permit to host public events on his property at the corner of Prince William and Liberty Streets.  […]

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Richard Viguerie Blasts McCain

14 July 2008 | National Politics | 38 Comments

This press release from conservative stalwart Richard Viguerie gives another explanation why conservatives are so tremendously unexcited about the campaign of John McCain.  Some of us are fed up with McCain’s Hispandering, others recall McCain’s abysmal record on Second Amendment issues.  Just about every conservative issues voter has some reason to be backing away from […]

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More Mail

13 July 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 72 Comments

Some of the items that land in my inbox really reinforce my firm conviction that working to reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in our community is a vital community service.  There are a shocking number of folks out there seeking to excuse a specific ethnic group from any requirement to comply with […]

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Prince William Real Estate Outperforms Again

11 July 2008 | Local Economy | 22 Comments

The upswing in residential sales continues for June, with the Prince William County area leading the Northern Virginia region for the sixth straight month.  Prince William County sales in June were up 82% over 2007, Manassas Park City sales were up by 116%, and Manassas City sales were up a huge 178%.  The Prince William […]

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9500 Lomond

10 July 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 36 Comments

A liberal activist filmmaker is trying to lionize a civic vandal in Manassas City who has erected a forty-foot long billboard claiming that Latinos should be exempted from complying with federal immigration laws because they are somehow “Native Americans”.  Instead of 9500 Liberty, we might be better talking about “9500 Lomond”, the location where a […]

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The Rule Of Law Resolution Turns One

10 July 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 30 Comments

In the Washington Post’s article on the anniversary of the Rule of Law Resolution we find yet another piece of evidence demonstrating the success of the Rule of Law Resolution - a 62% drop in residential overcrowding complaints in Prince William County between July 2007 and July 2008.  This comes on top of the removal […]

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Judy Feder To Campaign In Dale City

10 July 2008 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 19 Comments

This will be a big campaign weekend for Judy Feder, who is going to spend two days campaigning in Dale City according to the PWCDC website here, and here.  Judy must believe there’s a rich trove of potential Democratic votes for her down there in Dale City to devote the whole weekend there, and pull […]

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Modified HB 6055 Passes House By One Vote

9 July 2008 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Right Wing Liberal is reporting that the monstrosity of HB 6055 has been heavily modified and passed the House on a 51-45 vote.  I would expect that the Senate will not pass this, which might be one of the better things they have done.
Word is that some Republicans voted for this expecting that the Senate […]

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McCain Courts The Communists

9 July 2008 | National Politics | 12 Comments

Barack Obama is going to reach out to the Communist Party for votes, which comes as little surprise since it’s pretty difficult to distinguish some of his policies from those of the Communist Party.  John McCain is joining him however, I guess following through on his “maverick” image, and for many of us this is […]

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Coverstone 7-Eleven Cleared Of Day Laborers

8 July 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 87 Comments

This friendly guy, who drives a Ford F-550 with Virginia commercial tags TX 667, may have to look elsewhere for day laborers to hire for his commercial business from now on.  The 7-Eleven on Coverstone Drive was the site of some actual enforcement of the law by Prince William County Police today, and for the […]

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Fake Labor Union Ads On WMAL?

8 July 2008 | Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to WMAL as usual.  I’ve enjoyed the ad that’s run a few times from Americans For Prosperity opposing new transportation taxes, but decidedly did not enjoy an ad from some labor union advocating that the General Assembly raise taxes so we can create jobs building […]

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Open Thread

7 July 2008 | Uncategorized | 93 Comments

Have at it…

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Vote For Jerry Fuhrman!

7 July 2008 | National Politics | 5 Comments

Looks Like Jerry Fuhrman, the blogger from high atop Walker Mountain in the Blue Ridge has got quite a movement going — an independent run for President of the United States!  Go check it out, and help him out as much as you can.  There’s no question that under a Jerry Fuhrman administration, amnesty for […]

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Northern Virginia Invites Organized Crime

6 July 2008 | Virginia Politics, Crime | 32 Comments

Joe over at NOVATownHall continues to lay out the evidence of a massive zoning enforcement problem in the Sterling area of Loudoun County while advancing an interesting theory that explains some of the observed behavior.  Based on what we’ve seen in this area, I’d suspect the behavior and this possible situation that would explain it […]

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