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The Prince William County Fair

12 August 2008 | Prince William County | 38 Comments

Posting has been a little light lately while I help man the Help Save Manassas booth at the fair, which I find a fascinating opportunity to meet at lot of folks from across Virginia and hear their stories.  We’ve had a lot of people come and thank us for our efforts, and consistently hear that […]

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Hamas Takes Over, Bill Day Goes For A Visit

9 August 2008 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 46 Comments

Bill Day, candidate for the First Congressional District, fancies himself as quite the international traveler, as the story I heard this evening goes.  It seems that Bill wanted to find out what was happening in the Palestinian territories, so in Spring of 2006 he went on a trip there, and then came back and gave […]

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Park Authority Board Votes Themselves More Money

8 August 2008 | Prince William County | 12 Comments

I heard tonight that the Prince William County Park Authority had an interesting meeting this week, during a time they would normally not be having meetings.  They tried to raise their own salaries, Board Member Jane Byer vigorously objected, and it didn’t pass.  Then they tried to give each member a ten thousand dollar discretionary […]

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Free Health Care For Criminal Illegal Aliens

7 August 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime | 57 Comments

If we didn’t have illegal aliens committing crimes and getting themselves incarcerated in our Adult Detention Center, would county taxpayers end up bearing a lesser burden in publicly-funded health care costs?  Although the MJM article today didn’t mention just how much of the $800,000 in increased costs can be attributed to providing free health care […]

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Gerry Connolly’s Fairfax County

5 August 2008 | Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens, US Congress | 102 Comments

$150 million in taxpayer dollars used to support the unlawful presence of illegal aliens, crime is up 22% while declining 19% in a neighboring jurisdiction.   Meanwhile some residents are being told that there’s not enough money for a new school.  This is Gerry Connolly’s Fairfax County, as VA GOP Caucus reports, where the reaction […]

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William Day Steps In For Deadbeat Democrat

5 August 2008 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 10 Comments

Democrats were really excited about running a candidate in all of Virginia’s congressional districts until Keith Hummel finally decided to withdraw in the First District following revelations of some rather disturbing personal history on his part.  So who do the Democrats have playing pinch-hitter in the First so they can keep talking about how many […]

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Marty Nohe, The “Examiner” For Illegal Aliens

4 August 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 79 Comments

Manassas City Police Chief Skinner gave a report to the Manassas City Council this evening that all was going well with the Section 287(g) Program, that ICE is not trying to change the kinds of offenders they will accept, and that ICE is removing illegal aliens every two days from the Prince William County Adult […]

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Apostasy On The Left

2 August 2008 | National Politics, Blogs | 21 Comments

There hasn’t been much over at Howling Latina worthy of mention since she made such a huge effort to help Jeanette Rishell get thumped by Jackson Miller in the 2006 Special Election for the 50th District.  This erstwhile communist was the source of much amusement then, and today she returns to the pinnacle of over-the-top […]

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Open Thread

1 August 2008 | Uncategorized | 120 Comments

Been busy lately…  Let me know what’s going on!

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