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Marty Nohe: Section 287(g) On The Chopping Block

By Greg L | 30 October 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 11 Comments

Budgets are tight in Northern Virginia, and local elected officials in Prince William County are looking to economize on the “nice to have” programs while preserving the “must have” programs.  Where various supervisors are drawing that line is a revealing.  While Corey Stewart is dedicated to preserving public safety, it doesn’t seem that conviction is as universal as it should be.

Republican Chairman Corey Stewart said he did not think the [Section 287(g)] program would be reduced. He said he believed the cuts to the police department would be about 10 percent, if there were any.

Marty Nohe, R-Coles, wasn’t as sure.

“It’s really hard to say,” he said when asked about potentially scaling back the illegal immigration crackdown.

“There’s nothing [in the budget] that’s not a positive program,” he continued. “Now the question is going to have to be, ‘What are our key priorities?’ The top priority for local government is always going to be public safety.”

Excuse me, Mr. Nohe? Just how is the Section 287(g) Program not public safety?

This is the program that takes illegal aliens who commit crimes and ensures they’re turned over to ICE for deportation at the end of their sentences rather than be released back into the community.  It’s the kind of program that might have prevented the deaths of Tessa Tranchant and Allison Kunhardt in 2007 by a drunken illegal alien driver who had four previous arrests and convictions in Virginia had it been in place there.  It’s the program that has removed over a thousand criminal illegal aliens from Prince William County in the past year — illegal aliens who aren’t here to prey on county residents any longer, some of whom are considered so dangerous they would have been placed on the sex offender registry.  This is something an elected official could possibly not be sure about?  This is ridiculous.

Mr. Nohe might benefit from some input by his constituents in the Coles District.  The ones who can legally vote for him, that is.  They might help him understand that removing criminal illegal aliens from Prince William County might just be consdered a priority.

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  1. ben said on 31 Oct 2008 at 5:43 am:
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    marty nohe has done everything he can think of to undermine the crackdown on illegals in pwc. once he was re-elected he started to hem and haw on the resolution. he has wanted to gut the resolution ever since his fellow chamber of commerce buddies got pissed at him because of his vote on the resolution.

    hey marty, better start thinking of the folks who can vote you out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TedKennedysSwimInstructor said on 31 Oct 2008 at 7:43 am:
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    Marty Nohe has always reminded me of Lumpy of Leave It To Beaver fame.

    He always seems to do whatever is required to be accepted and part of the crowd.

    Nohe’s priority is not the welfare of the Coles District, it’s the welfare of his Appliance Connection business and his standing among the more elitist folks (leftists) of the local business community - i.e. the Chamber of Commerce.

    Nohe really is a marionette of the left, masquerading himself as a Republican when he goes online before budget hearings and finds a Ronald Reagan quote he can cite to cast himself as some sort of fiscal conservative.

    Nohe also talks way too much at BOCS meetings, primarily to watch himself on reruns as he does all he can to ascertain that a significant cadre of illegals remain in Prince William so that he and Frank Principi have indentured servants to clean their private sector offices.

  3. Anonguy said on 31 Oct 2008 at 8:33 am:
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    Am I missing something? It says the “shortfall” was reimbursed by ICE. If the fed is going to reimburse the county for the extra expense of participating in the program, why is Nohe considering scaling it back? Does he think the fed will give the county the same or more if they cut back? I think he is using this to pander to Allana and her crew of 6.

  4. Hard R said on 31 Oct 2008 at 11:34 am:
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    Nohe should be fired.

  5. Here we Go Again said on 31 Oct 2008 at 12:17 pm:
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    Well we can’t fire him but we sure can eliminate him at the next election. He should have never been there to begin with,as he has a conflict with his business and he doesn;t know PW County.

    Nohe talks out of two sides of his mouth. Public safety includes the illegals running around, it includes the deteriation of our neighborhoods,it includes the loitering of day workers that hang around on corners and do their filthy business all around the grounds where they stand.It attracts rats and bears all sorts of disease. One has to consider this as a public concern and safety.

    Nohe has gotten in to deep with Allana and her crew. He needs to go back to his roots and remember from where he came and how he got where he is now. It sure wasn’t with the help of the Allanas of this county.

    To think this guy thinks he can be County Wide Supervisor if and when Corey decides to move up.He can’t win any type of show right now and he sure can’t win being a Supervisor.

    He was handed a golden platter and I guess he now thinks he is above all the
    regular citizens.

    Let’s get real Mr. Nohe,you owe your family better than this for now and the future.

  6. Tyler Durden said on 31 Oct 2008 at 1:31 pm:
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    He can pander all he wants as long as he keeps voting correctly.

  7. 40 years in Woodbridge said on 31 Oct 2008 at 5:44 pm:
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    Here we go again,

    I was tracking with you on most of your points but bears???? How do the people whizzing behind 7-11 attract BEARS?????? Rats hhmmm maybe if there is food also but BEARS??? I don’t think so I haven’t seen any of them running around Woodbridge or Manassas in the past 40 years.

  8. 40 years in Woodbridge said on 31 Oct 2008 at 6:47 pm:
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    I should correct myself before someone else does and say that I haven’t seen the bears running around the areas where the day labors are located. There have been bears around Manassas even as close in as the woods off Sudley Rd between Impalla and Barrett Dr.

  9. Anonymous said on 1 Nov 2008 at 1:43 am:
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    TedKennedysSwimInstructor said on 31 Oct 2008 at 7:43 am:
    Nohe also talks way too much at BOCS meetings, primarily to watch himself on reruns

    And he repeats the same damn stupid questions at every meeting and answers them himself. Guess it is to let everyone know he is awake and not asleep with his eyes open.

  10. chicko said on 1 Nov 2008 at 1:52 pm:
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    Nohe and Principi are EXTREMELY tight with Elena and Crew. I would bet if you FOIA’d communications from the supervisors you would see such information being trafficked back and forth between them.

  11. Coles District voter said on 2 Nov 2008 at 11:28 pm:
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    Mr. Nohe, you might not want to get too comfortable in your re-elected seat. You are showing signs of not being able to withstand the heat. Keep it up and you will see next time your own defeat!

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