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Gov. Kaine Cronies Say Life Too Difficult For Illegals

By Greg L | 24 November 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 67 Comments

The Virginia Commission on Immigration, stacked by Governor Kaine with a large number of illegal alien apologists, is expected to issue a report to the Governor urging him to abandon any efforts to ensure that our laws are enforced and instead make it easier for illegal aliens to unlawfully reside in Virginia, according to today’s Washington Post.  Although this is not unexpected given who Kaine put on this commission, it is nonetheless outrageous.

Among the recommendations being reported by WMAL are the following:

And here’s what the commission will say should not be done:

So in uncertain economic times we’re supposed to increase the public benefits illegal aliens are eligible for, further undermine the ability of tradesmen to compete with illegal aliens for jobs, and encourage more illegal aliens to unlawfully reside in Virginia and enroll their children in our public school system?  I think Kaine and his cronies have this one phenominally wrong.

Let him know just how wrong he is here.

For a dose of sanity, here is Corey Stewart’s reaction on WMAL.

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  1. ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 9:45 am:
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    You know….I’ve had it here…and I’m born and raised Virginian. There are 2 older ladies (one is 62 and the other is 79) in my neighborhood (condos) who are being run out of their home by 6 hispanics (who never seem to sleep at night OR during the day for that matter) living in the condo above them. This is a disgrace. These ladies have appealed to the City of Manassas for help and were told their names would be given to the people they were complaining about (if asked), possibly endangering their lives!! So… instead of being able to defend themselves…they have to move because of the horrific noise, thumping and bumping that go on all through the night. The 62 yr old is scheduled for surgery in January and said she absolutely could not possibly recover well in her own home (4-6 weeks of recovery) due to the stressful circumstances. They have had several of their neighbors (I”m one of them) come to their place in the evening and listen (as witnesses) to what goes on above them. The night I was there, it was between 11:30pm and midnight and it sounded like cannon balls hitting their ceiling. It was AWFUL!!. I can’t believe they’ve stood it as long as they have. The poor 79 yr. old is a nervous wreck and this is someone who was in fantastic condition 6 months ago. I used to see her “power walking” every morning but not anymore. These were normally 2 very upbeat seniors, always had something good to say, always made you feel good/welcome around them, just lovely ladies!! Now…they look like they’ve been beaten up. As their friend/neighbor for 4 years, I’m worried about them. Neither of them get any rest. I’m sure you’re thinking….THEY SHOULD MOVE!! Perhaps for their own sake, they should…but WHY? THEY”RE not the ones doing anything wrong!! THEY’RE not the ones in VIOLATION of occupancy restricitions, THEY’RE not keeping the neighbors below THEM up all night…WHY do THEY have to MOVE!! Because the City of Manassas says so thats why!! Because their own government has thrown them under the bus on behalf of illegals…THATS WHY.
    These poor ladies have just about given up but I haven’t. Is there ANYONE they can talk to who can help them or anyplace/agency they can SAFELY go to for “back up”?
    OR is the City of Manassas so gunshy when it comes to standing up against ANY hispanics that they’ll just let these 2 ladies go down the drain along with other LEGAL CITIZENS who’s lives have been so negatively affected by these law breaking people!!
    If that’s REALLY the case, then I don’t want to pay another penny of tax to the state of Virginia!! It’s time to leave.

  2. MdMan said on 24 Nov 2008 at 10:15 am:
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    I can sympathize with these women as I experienced something similar.

    About 8 years ago we were living in apartment in Gaithersburg for about 6 months while our townhouse was being built. The people in the apartment above us were an hispanic family that spoke no English and had 2 small kids who were up at all hours of the night. They would be runnuing around and banging things on the floor well past midnight. We couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t communicate with them. When I complained to the Prop mgmt Co. they told me one of the kids had been banned from the pool for misbehaving, and they did nothing but send them a letter which I’m sure they couldn’t read.

    Finally I called the Gaithersburg police and they had a Spanuish speaking officer work with them to shut-up. But that was the most frustrating thing I ever dealt with. I wanted tio kill these people. I couldn’t go through something like that again without being thrown in jail for a long time.

  3. Rocky said on 24 Nov 2008 at 10:22 am:
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    Outrageous. I’m a Fairfax resident who has had it with
    illegal immigration. I’ve been firing off e-mails and phone
    calls to my elected officials all morning. Totally
    unacceptable. This is what we get for electing “Timid” Timmy
    in the first place.

  4. Herndon Bob said on 24 Nov 2008 at 10:43 am:
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    Sanctuary Kaine packed the commission from the start with illegal alien supporters. It is not surprising that the recommendations would expand services to people who have no right to be in this country, let alone the State. The best we could have hoped for from this group of clowns is a recommendation to implement E-verify state wide.

    What did we get? Increased tax payer funding in support of illegal aliens in the middle of a recession. The number of unemployed in the nation will, in all likelihood, exceed the number of illegal aliens before the job market turns around. Our elected officials care more about funding support for illegal aliens than they do for the well being of the citizens and their families. Outrageous!

  5. junes_reston said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:11 am:
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    ziggystardust are you aware that the General Assembly has granted Homeowners Associations (including Condos) far more rights to deal with this type of concern than cities or counties?

    The GA has set up HOAs as mini democracies. They can enact and enforce rules by Board resolution or at the Annual Meeting.

    These ladies should be presenting their case to the the Condo Board and/or management firm - not the city or county.

    I lived in a Condo Association where the situation was becoming a little ‘hairy.’ The Board enacted a resolution requiring all absentee owners provide the Association with a copy of their leases, with all tenants. To ensure the landlords weren’t “pulling a fast one,” they also implemented a “parking by permit” resolution with permits assigned to units with vehicle information and license number.

    Condos and HOAs have tremendous power to legally resolve rules violations within weeks. Yet, despite this power, Boards and homeowners seem to prefer to take the long, drawn out method, that usually results in little more than excuses.

    I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I have little empathty for HOAs that complain about illegals in their communities when they refuse to do what the VA General Assembly has empowered them to do.

  6. junes_reston said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:23 am:
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    Rocky if Ken Plum or Janet Howell is your representative in the GA, then you’re wasting your time.

    Both feel this is the most positive thing that has happened in Northern VA in decades.

    And yet, they keep getting re-elected - go figure!

  7. bonscott1976 said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:27 pm:
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    i am completely and utterly disgusted with this. how the hell are they getting away with this? i’ll tell you how, because “we the people” elect the a-holes and they as always end up screwing us!!!…lol

    i moved here to manassas park in feb of 2000. back then everything was as far as i was concerned ok. but since then i have noticed (as i am sure most of you here have as well) a meteoric rise in crime. in no uncertain terms due to the illegal aliens. there i said it. so sue me…lol

    the house next to me was owned by a gentleman who rented the house over the years to illegals as a crashpad. pure, plain and simple. my roommate who works for an agency who shall remain nameless, did some poking around and found out to our mutual astonishment that this man owned several more houses in Vienna, Fairfax. and due to her impromptu investigations, the houses were foreclosed on as of late. here’s what i have noticed since i moved here….

    1. the first family consisting of a husband, wife, mother-in-law and 3 kids moved in round about 2002-03. the name the man gave to us (Guervarra by the way) from the police when we called about loud music and such was false. so i am guessing the rest of their names were false as well and so illegal. not to far of a jump involved there.

    2. the second group consisted of no less the 8 to 10 people if my memory serves me. 8 men and 2 women. at least one of the men was a MS-13 gang member (who got into a shouting match with my roommate because he wouldn’t talk to a woman…lol) judging by the fact that it said so on his neck and chest. everything was fine for the first two weeks or so, then all hell broke loose. beginning with knocks on the door asking to turn down the music (in one instance beginning at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning!!!) which in turn progressed into visits by the police. which let’s face it did absolutely nothing. way to go manassas park police!!! in the 6 to 8 months they lived there cars would stop by at all hours of the night, so many in fact that we could not rest as out dog dutifully doing his job kept us up by his barking. so we videotaped the activity. i have in my desk a notebook with 5 pages front and back filled with dates, times, makes, models of the cars and trucks and physical descriptions of all the people who came and went. cars were mostly from Texas and North Carolina with a few from Va.

    before the “group” finally did leave (only to move into a house within shouting distance of the one they moved out of, in one day), they felt it perfectly fine to throw a 12 pound rock through the rear window of my car!!!….sons of bitches!!! excuse the language there but i am still ill over that. i still have the rock and if i ever see them again i will give it back to them personally.

    3. the next bunch consisting of a man his wife, granny and a small baby were very nice people. no trouble at all. they left after a few months. they were illegal as all hell because our new neighbors who moved in recently have told me they found fake drivers licenses, social security cards and unpaid bills in a pile in the basement.

    4. our newest neighbors so far are awesome. husband and wife with 5 kids. a little cramped i think but they like it. the moved here from alexandria to “get away from all the crap”…lol…i told him, well, you’ve moved out of the frying pan and into the fire….lol.

    wtf is going on here???

  8. ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:34 pm:
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    I know these ladies went FIRST to their HOA, sending detailed documentation, time, dates, etc. Also, their landlord contacted the HOA as well. They were all told, “it’s not our issue”, “we maintain the grounds and properties…any matters between tenants/landlords must be resolved between those parties”. Also, the ladies were told that ONLY those who witnessed the number of people coming and going (i.e., the ladies) from the apt. could report it EVEN THOUGH the HOA has a copy of the lease on file STATING how many people occupy the unit. They won’t do anything on behalf of the ladies, in fact, they don’t do much of anything to keep the condos in decent shape either for that matter. Many of us are very unhappy with them. They have no problem collecting roughly 200 bucks a month from us in condo fees…they just have a problem when you file complaints against the condition of the property or property violators. I’ve complained to the HOA about these people above the old ladies for other reasons, (grilling being done on the deck, yet another resident complained about them drying their laundry on the deck rails, hanging sheets from the bedrooms windows, etc.)
    All we get for trying to take care of our community is being labeled by our HOA as “complainers”. So…in response to your comment about the HOA…they’re a COMPLETE waste of time (and money).

  9. ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:42 pm:
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    One more comment to Junes,
    The parking permit idea is good. We had that until this HOA took over and they did away with the idea of permits. Now, anyone can park any number of vehicles pretty much anywhere. I guess the fewer rules you have to enforce, the less work there is to do…worthless.

  10. CONVA said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:56 pm:
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    At some point in time a true American will break out his/her’s assault rifle and put a few of these bastards in their proper place, six feet under. Then the inept police department will be all over the American. It definitely is time for a revolution.

  11. Groveton said on 24 Nov 2008 at 1:42 pm:
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    “ziggystardust are you aware that the General Assembly has granted Homeowners Associations (including Condos) far more rights to deal with this type of concern than cities or counties?”.

    And that is the problem.

    The Commonwealth of Virginia operates on the basis of an arcane and discredited concept called Dillon’s Rule. Named after Judge Dillon, Dillon’s rule was adopted in the aftermath of the US Civil War. It basically says that municipal governments were not mentioned in the US Constitution. Therefore, they do not exist. Or, more precisely, they exist only to the extent that the state allows them to exist. All power for cities and counties has to be granted by the state. Many US states have amended their state constitutions to grant “home rule” power (to some extent) to the municipalities. This constitutional amendment is hard to change and allows the local governments to operate with some clarity as to their future. Virginia remains one of the 5 states with the most strict interpretation of the Dillon Rule.

    The people on this site should look at the demographics and economics of Virginia. There really is no state. There are somewhere between 2 and 5 different states masquerading as a place called Virginia. In many areas of the state immigration is virtually unknown. In fact, there are plenty of counties where minorites are virtually unknown. The people in these places (and their representatives) don’t see an immigration problem.

    The transportation system varies widely by area within Virginia. Who hasn’t been on I295 in Richmond? Was it ever crowded? Ever? It’s a beltway like the one that is choked with traffic around Washington. Only Richmond is a small city without enough people of traffic to congest the multi-billion dollar boondogle called The Richmond Beltway. Do you think the people of Richmond care about congestion in NoVA?

    The economics are a disjointed shambles in Virginia. Billions of dollars are taken out of Northern Virginia to pay for schools elsewehre in the state. Some might say that’s OK - people who are more wealthy should help those less wealthy with schools. Maybe so. But would you say the same thing if you knew that these same “needy” municipalities lowered their property taxes to generate bigger subsidies from NoVA through Richmond? Would you feel the same way if you knew that one of these counties has essentially the same income level as Prince William County (See: Henrico County)?

    So, we have two choices - we can try to get people in the 2 - 5 Virginias to agree with us (on a bunch of things that don’t really affect them) or we can demand home rule and decide for ourselves.

    Junes is right in saying that the GA has given HOAs more power than counties (cities are a little different). But is that right? Why shouldn’t PWC be able to enforce immigration law? Why shouldn’t Fairfax and Loudoun be able to take the vast ocean of taxes already being paid by their citizens and build Rail To Dulles?

    BVBL will never convert enough people in Virginia to its philosophy. But you might be able to convert enough people in NoVA. What stops you? A state legislature (politburo?) that thinks it should decide everything for everybody from Richmond? Don’t like the results? Call your HOA.

  12. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 24 Nov 2008 at 2:59 pm:
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    Kaine makes me sick …

  13. Johnson said on 24 Nov 2008 at 4:04 pm:
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    If the Commonwealth won’t protect us from illegal aliens, it becomes our responsibility. Keep the sanctions strong through enforcement. Keep sending the message. It is being heard, loud and clear. They will run out of sanctuary cities as soon as those cities start losing money. Liberals exist on someone else’s dime, certainly not their own.

  14. HardcoreSouma said on 24 Nov 2008 at 4:10 pm:
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    I certainly do see the problem here, speaking as a Virginian who has lived in both Southside VA and Northern VA for a time.

    A lot of the comments here are addressing very localized problems and are a little off-track with the original blog. Maintaining “ideal” living space is the least of our worries. State allowance for an Immigration Assistance Office is necessary, but the real issue here is acclimation of public offices and civic servants (i.e. police). While this may not be of concern in say, Arlington, this should be at the forefront in places like Petersburg or Danville. Simply put, because the concentrations of foreign peoples’ is so small towards the South and the Mountains compared to NoVA, the authorities there are not prepared to handle the recurring pitfalls. Not just how illegal citizens are purposefully affecting their surrounding, but how they are *unwittingly* affecting it. Many of these families make easy targets for criminals. The illegals aren’t at fault in that situation, but think about it this way: If you were a burglar, who would you rob? The person who speaks English, is aware of their rights and may be a legal gun owner…or the family too scared to call the police in fear of being caught without visas? And the police are all too willing to ignore these crimes because of the language/cultural barrier, or they just half-ass the investigations. This is what is taking place in these smaller pockets of illegal alien communities around VA. And sadly, lack of a valid authoritative presence–along with economic factors–is a fast-track gestation for gang activity and overall neighborhood dilapidation. The administration in smaller locales need to be made to see how important this process is and take the appropriate steps: Outreach, training, and awareness.

    I also have a very unique outlook on this because I have also been a legal foreign resident of another country. (I lived and worked in Asia for two years.) I had to carry around an Alien Registration Card at all times, and the police could ask to see it at any time. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WITHOUT YOUR CARD YOU ARE ARRESTED AND DETAINED UNTIL IT IS LOCATED, with no respect to what language you speak or what country you are from. If you are an illegal you are immediately deported and banned from the country for a minimum of 15 years. I say, if the laws are so strict in other *democratic* countries, why can’t they be here? Yes, it was inconvenient for me to prove my residency to get insurance, or to pay bills…but I was willing because the country I stayed in was SAFE. At least compared to most other Asian nations. To people who say “It’s not fair”, I say “…Yeah. It IS fair. Because if I lived in your country, then I would have to do the same things we are asking of you.”

    But like I said the complaints listed here are trivial. What about the sex-slave trade? Allocation of tax dollars to highly-unsuccessful ESL programs? Illegal guns? Overcrowded and poorly prepared schools? Community degradation isn’t the virus, it is the symptom. And we can’t go and shoot people because they aren’t conducive to our lifestyle (the person who wrote that is scary).

  15. ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 4:32 pm:
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    Well, the HOA is denying that they have ANY power whatsoever, to do anything other than cut the grass or trim the bushes. In fact, it was the HOA who told them to call the City!! These are 2 elderly women on who probably can’t afford the counsel they may need to defend themselves safely…IF they can do that. At this time, they’re just trying to figure out how they can move quickly (another unnecessary expense) before the one lady has to have her surgery. The people they complained about above them accused the ladies of “targeting” them (because they’re Hispanic) and these ladies have never had a problem with anyone in our neighborhood, EVER in the 5 years they’ve lived here, including other hispanics. The problem isn’t because they’re hispanic, it’s because they’re too damn loud and downright cruel. And now, they’re just confrontational. Since the ladies have complained, it’s only gotten worse. Now it’s like retaliation. I know of at least 4 occasions in the last 2 weeks where they’ve had to pick up their bed things in the middle of the night and go sleep somewhere else. They have a standing offer at my condo and a few of our neighbors until they can find another place to live. It’s just so sickening to watch this happen and feel like we’re powerless. As one woman said, “we used to be powerless because we’re women…now we’re powerless because we’re American”. After hearing what Mr. Kaine and his boys are up to….I’m afraid she’s right.

  16. Chuckie said on 24 Nov 2008 at 4:52 pm:
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    According to the anti site, you’re all a bunch of racists.

    Trust me, the illegal aliens really are not the root of the problem. It’s people like those who frequent the hirsute harpies’ blog, i.e., those who benefit from the presence of illegal aliens, who are the real problem. That includes those who hire illegal aliens, those who sell and rent houses to them, those who are hired to teach them and their issue, and those who find personal pleasure in destroying this country by succoring to them. Those are yours, and every good American’s, real enemies. Remember that, Conva, and weave their names into the virtual warp and woof of a 21st Century Madame DeFarge scarf.

  17. Anonymous said on 24 Nov 2008 at 5:09 pm:
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    ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 9:45 am: Flag comment
    You know….I’ve had it here…and I’m born and raised Virginian. There are 2 older ladies (one is 62 and the other is 79) in my neighborhood (condos) who are being run out of their home by 6 hispanics (who never seem to sleep at night OR during the day for that matter) living in the condo above them.

    I would report this situation to the State Attorney General’s Office. I think you will see some action from that office if what you say is true.

  18. Elvis said on 24 Nov 2008 at 6:05 pm:
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    you guys want to see some real excitement check out the MJM. Old Alanna up to her old tricks again. She posted a really “nice” letter about the supervisors and this blog as a letter to the editor. I would have to say she’s taken a really nice beating as there is over 12 pages of comments about it, most of them in the negative.

    Can you say “open mouth, insert foot”? She sure did it this time.

    I’m sorry they are just so comical now, saturday night live couldnt top them. I just start busting out laughing when I see Elena presenting her powerpoint about the Dog at the Bocs meeting. I was sitting in my chair fighting to keep from laughing, so hard I actually started crying! I’m sorry, that was damn funny that night. It’s pretty hard to present a message when you are whining like a little baby. Someone should have shoved a pacifier in her mouth and given the rest of audience ear plugs.

    Then Alanna got up with a kid attached too her. The first thing that came to my mind is that I instantly got transported to some alternate universe trailer park.

  19. me-n-u said on 24 Nov 2008 at 6:56 pm:
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    ziggystardust Contact the admin og this blog and have him give you my email address. I have some idea’s to help you.

  20. Wolverine said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:20 pm:
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    Re the problem outlined by Ziggystardust:

    1. HOA’s have elected boards of directors and usually hold board meetings at least once a month plus an obligatory annual meeting of all owners. It appears from Ziggystardust’s comments that there are a number of people in the condo complex who empathize with these ladies and understand the problem. So, get together as a group and go beat the verbal Hell out of the Board at the next meeting and every meeting after that. Demand that the HOA rules be enforced or that the Board and residents enact new rules to cover such situations. If that doesn’t work, get up petitions to “recall” the recalcitrant Board members and then run a campaign to elect your own to the Board. If it comes to that, pool your funds and threaten the Board with a good, hungry young lawyer looking to make a jumpstart in his career.

    2. Form a Neighborhood Watch and watch those guys closely. Call ‘em on it every time they break the law or the rules: noise abatement; parking; littering; trash disposal; vehicle licensing; traffic violations; zoning laws; whatever. Study county and city law on these issues as well so that you know when to send law enforcement to their door. File formal complaints. File FOIA’s to get a record of government reaction to your official complaints. If these yoyos in the condo confront you, confront them back as a group by coming immediately to the aid of your own. Get them to the point where they are looking over their shoulder every time they move. Forget Kaine. He ought to be locked up somewhere where he can no longer harm his fellow Americans. Use your local HOA rules and your local laws. Neither Kaine’s sinking into stupid b.s. nor even a federal amnesty exempts anyone from these local rules and laws, so use them to the max. And, if the politicians do not respond, start jumping on them in public just as you did with the HOA Board. If your city/county officials hold open hearings to listen to the citizens, have these two harassed ladies go to one of those sessions and tell their story, hopefully with some local press present. Follow it up with letters to the editor. Embarrass the crap out of the HOA Board and the local politicians in a public forum.

    3. Believe you me. A serious HOA Board, a top-notch property manager, and a persistent Neighborhood Watch can make life miserable for persistent scofflaws and wiseguys of any ethnicity. I should know. I just came in from doing that very thing with regard to HOA rules and county law concerning trash disposal. Fines all around, fools, until you understand that you have to follow the rules/laws, no matter what your immigration status! We all have to remember once again that WE are the owners of this country and our HOA’s. If the stupid politcos and the wimps on an HOA Board aren’t listening, as now seems often to be the case in this country, then WE need to go out there and take it all back. If you decide to quit and move away, just remember that the crap will follow you and you likely will have to face it again somewhere else.

  21. Bill Woods said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:37 pm:
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    would it be the same if they were black or asian?
    you guys are so pathetic that your actually going to
    hunt these poor people down until they move out..
    wow that shows what no lifes you guys are. If those
    elderly women (my respect to them) need some peace
    and quiet that bad then they should move to a retirement
    home. & trust me there are plenty of them in VA. It’s a lot
    easier then trying to get rid of some “illegal” family that’s
    probably not gonna move no matter how much you can’t stand
    them or hard you try to get them evicted.

  22. bmo said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:38 pm:
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    Thanks for the post Greg L.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. junes_reston said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:42 pm:
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    ziggystardust said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:34 pm: Flag comment
    I know these ladies went FIRST to their HOA, sending detailed documentation, time, dates, etc. Also, their landlord contacted the HOA as well. They were all told, “it’s not our issue”……………..

    Ziggy, this sounds like the property management firm’s response than the Board. If you live in the condo, gather together your neighbors whose “quiet enjoyment” is being infringed upon and then hire an HOA attorney to have a little chat with the HOA attorney. It really does get their attention quickly.

    We were able to oust boarding house tenants from four units in less than 6 weeks by simply using the power given to us by the General Assembly.

    Accepting “it’s not our job” is a cop out. This is your home and the Board accepts your fees to maintain the property which includes maintaining the value of the property by ensuring the Quiet Enjoyment of the members.

    I would venture to guess that your rules and regulations also have a noise ordinance. In HOAs and Condos, they don’t have to conform to the City’s even though most do.

    The Dillon Rule does NOT apply to HOAs. Don’t buy that. The rules that apply in an HOA or a Condo are the rules that you agreed to when you signed the deed or lease. The GA says the HOA or Condo is legally bound to enforce those rules.

    email me if you want to discuss this further. Greg has my email address

  24. junes_reston said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:43 pm:
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    Forgot to add. I’ve served on two Boards, so I know how this works.

    This has nothing to do with County or City. The GA laws that apply to HOAs and Condos are state-wide.

  25. junes_reston said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:49 pm:
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    Wolverine said on 24 Nov 2008 at 7:20 pm: Flag comment - Re the problem outlined by Ziggystardust:……………………

    I skimmed past your post and should have read through it before posting.

    I second, third and fourth every recommendation you made. Everything is spot on!

    Ziggy, it really DOES work - it isn’t always easy but if you are persistent, it WILL work.

    Working on the other side of the table (as a board member) I can say with certainty that polite persistence does work better than in your face.

  26. Emma said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:02 pm:
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    Why in the hell would you say that the elderly women should move, Bill Woods? Why do we have to be tolerant of disruptive behavior in our neighborhoods? Do you consider that to be the definition of racial “tolerance?” I don’t care if immigrants–illegal or otherwise–are black, brown, or zebra striped. What is wrong withe expecting a little respect for their neighbors, some effort at assimilation, rather than spitting in our faces? If they are legal immigrants, great, welcome to America, but don’t expect everyone else to embrace cultural norms that impinge on everyone else’s rights to a reasonable level of order, cleanliness and quiet in the late hours.

    I am so fed up with the stupid characterization of the “ugly American” who visits a country but stands out like a sore thumb, presumably refusing to keep a low profile and blend in. Yet people come to this country and WE’RE the ones who are supposed to sacrifice our way of life, our clean and safe neighborhoods, our peace and quiet, so that THEY can feel welcome.

    I say BS to that. Bring your diversity of thought, language, foods, culture or whatever when you come here–legally, thank you–because it enriches all of us, but show some damned respect for your neighbors and shut the hell up when the vast majority of people are trying to sleep. You might be surprised to feel a little more welcome.

  27. Maureen said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:05 pm:
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    I sat in on the farce of this immigration commission when they made their recommendations. It was so biased I don’t even know why they bothered to waste our tax dollars having it.
    Captain Reyes of the Alexandria police department recommended that even if 287g was fully funded by the Federal government, that it not be implemented. His reasoning is that “immigrants” must be able to trust the police.
    287g has nothing to do with “immigrants” and has everything to do with Illegal alien CRIMINALS. So now we know what the real agenda is of the folks on this immigration commission, and it’s not for the American and legal citizens of Virginia.
    Captain Reyes and the others that voted against this just slapped all of us in the face. They told us that they do not care about our safety or well being. The rights and feelings of illegal alien CRIMINALS are more important than the law abiding citizens of Virginia.
    Way to go! I’ll post the names of those that attended the meeting and voted against implementing 287g, even if it was FULLY paid for soon

  28. Wolverine said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    Some things Bill Woods fails to understand:

    1. Scofflaws come in all colors and nationalities and may be citizens, legal immigrants, or illegal immigrants. They are all confronted equally if they break the rules and the laws and cause a deterioration of neighborhood life.

    2. The object IS NOT to chase them out of the community. The object IS to convince them to become law-abiding members of that community.

    3. Our Neighborhood Watch participants are multi-ethnic. Some of the most serious and alert we have are Black, Asian, and Hispanic-American. Just like all the rest of us, they are really pissed off when they see their neighborhood deteriorate, their children endangered, and their property values sink.

    4. Who the crap does he think he is, telling someone else to give up and move out of their own home because others are so determined to make life miserable for them? Thank God he wasn’t around in 1776.

  29. Anonguy said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:29 pm:
    Flag comment

    Isay, Who is John Galt?

  30. Love the USA said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:31 pm:
    Flag comment

    I would bet that the management company is making money here. Possibly by collecting rent per individual instead of the condo. Maybe that unit is section 8, so they are collecting from the government and the people living there too. If these folks aren’t willing to enforce their own HOA rules, something is going on. Do you know if there is a problem with other units?

  31. Save Jeff said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:33 pm:
    Flag comment

    I’ve started a petition to support Jeff Frederick and help him confront things like this. Please sign it here: http://savejeff2009.blogspot.com/

  32. Chicken Little said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:38 pm:
    Flag comment

    Emma and Wolverine -

    That is the typical response from the apologists. WE should be made to assimilate to their culture, instead of the other way around. No one should have to move from their house because their neighbors aren’t law abiding citizens. No one should tell two women, who have contributed to society and deserve to live their “golden years” as they please, that they should have to leave their house because the people who live near them don’t feel the need to assimilate to our culture and the police and others in government won’t enforce the law.

    This is probably the same person (Ray Williams?) on MJM who has said that if you have issues with illegal immigrants in your neighborhood, YOU should move. No way - not when I’m a legal citizen and they aren’t. Not when I pay my taxes on time and don’t let my house fall into foreclosure.

  33. Pat.Herve said on 24 Nov 2008 at 9:10 pm:
    Flag comment

    Why don’t we ask Tito the Builder how life was as an illegal.

  34. citizenofmanassas said on 24 Nov 2008 at 9:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    We can only hope the law enforcement officials and elected officials who support illegals are directly affected by illegals, and then we can all laugh in their faces when they start to cry a river. Yes, that may sound harsh, but these people that support child rapists and murderers, and yes that includes Timmy Kaine, and Timmy if you have a problem with that too bad. If you did not support child rapists and murders you would do all in your power to combat illegals, but you don’t, therefore, you support child rapists. Sure you can say we don’t know which illegals are child rapists and which ones are not. Which is exactly why all of them need to go, because we don’t know.

    How you sleep at night knowing you support child rapists is beyond me. I suppose though, since you live in public housing behind security every night, you do not have to worry about illegals breaking into your house to rape your children. However, for those of us who live in the real World do have to worry about such things. How do you respond? You put the welcome mat out for the child rapists and attempt to chip away at our rights to defend our families and homes. There surely is a special place in hell for people like you.

  35. NoVA Scout said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:01 pm:
    Flag comment

    Ziggy seems to have a problem with rude Spanish-speaking insomniacs. Not sure what this has to do with illegal immigrants. If they spoke Urdu or Shakespearean English, wouldn’t the problem be the same?

    CONVA associates being a “true American” with breaking out an assault rifle and putting “bastards” (I assume he means illegal aliens) in their graves. No one asks whether CONVA is getting appropriate attention from mental health providers or law enforcement.

    Citizen of Manassas continues his unhealthy fixation on child rape, a horrible crime for which no punishment is too condign, but a crime perpetrated in far greater numbers by citizens than by illegal entrants.

    Maureen seems to think all illegal immigrants are criminals.


  36. AWCheney said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:38 pm:
    Flag comment

    Groveton said on 24 Nov 2008 at 1:42 pm: Flag comment
    “Only Richmond is a small city without enough people of traffic to congest the multi-billion dollar boondogle called The Richmond Beltway.”

    295 is NOT a beltway, it is a by-pass…big difference. Let me tell you about the Richmond beltway system, and the major highways such as 95 passing through Richmond…Richmond paid for all of them. They long ago established a pay-as-you-go road system, which is why that portion of I95 which passes through Richmond was the only segment that, at one time, had a toll. You see, they were also the only people not to take Federal transportation dollars to build it, and any state dollars were a loan, long since paid off. As the years went by (and before the BY-PASS construction of 295), enough money was raised by the considerable north-south I95 traffic to raise enough money to invest in an actual by-pass…known as Po-White Parkway. Bridges, highway construction, road and highway maintenance have ALL been financed by these tolls, and they have a lot of them…although they’re not as exorbitant as the tolls in our area on the privately-owned toll roads. Over the years, as their transportation fund has been adequately maintained by newer highways, the older one such as the old I95 section have their tolls removed.

    Richmond practiced far-sighted fiscal responsibility in their handling of transportation…and you won’t hear the old Richmond residents complaining about those tolls. Why? Because they know the system has saved them enormous amounts of money in the long run, as well as providing them with sufficient numbers of roads and highways to stave off the ridiculous gridlock we suffer in Northern Virginia…which NEVER hesitates to demand more transportation funds from both the Federal and State government.

    Groveton…you couldn’t have used a worse example.

  37. AWCheney said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:01 am:
    Flag comment

    As a LONG time Virginia resident (all but first two years of my life), familiar with many other parts of Virginia, I agree 100% with the comment made by HardcoreSouma (HardcoreSouma said on 24 Nov 2008 at 4:10 pm). I’ve felt from the very beginning that it was lax enforcement of our relatively lax immigration laws which have always been the problem. HardcoreSaouma said it far better than I could.

  38. Citizen12 said on 25 Nov 2008 at 2:02 am:
    Flag comment

    NoVA Scout said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:01 pm: Flag comment

    Maureen seems to think all illegal immigrants are criminals.


    Perhaps because they are


    1: relating to, involving, or being a crime


    1: an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law

    So…..The fact that the law may not be enforced or enforcement is discouraged by elected representatives whose job it is to see that these laws are enforced, does not change the status of the person who violates the law.

  39. junes_reston said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:55 am:
    Flag comment

    NoVA Scout said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:01 pm: Flag comment
    Ziggy seems to have a problem with rude Spanish-speaking insomniacs…………….

    I believe it would be more accurate to say Ziggy has a problem with condo residents who have little consideration for their neighbors because they feel the rules are for everyone else except them.

    Often there is not much you can do about the tenants, however the Board CAN (and a good Board WILL) take action against the owner and property manager.


    I can understand why two ladies might feel intimidate and “put up” rather than take action for fear of reprisals. Unfortunately that is exactly what feeds people like her neighbors - regardless of their ethnicity.

    These ladies - if they hope to resolve this concern must take action as outlined in the govering documents. They may learn as I have that bullies back down quite fast when they see they no longer are able to intimidate.

    As I posted earlier, working with Neighborhood Watch, we were able to contact the property owners with clear evidence of a boarding house, explaining that we were certain there were far mre people living in the property than he may have intended which has led to property damage outside and most likely inside as well.

    One thing that is universal - in almost every instance, no one who owns something of value will willingly let another destroy it.

    Any self-respecting Board will take action - albeit a letter for the first offense - and then follow up if the violation persists. If they fail to take action, then you an speed up the process by either contacting the Condo attorney or hiring an attorney familiar with Condo law to have a chat (they probably know each other anyway).

    NoVA Scout - NO ONE should have to live under these circumstances. You obviously do not live in a multi-family dwelling. If you did, I don’t doublt you would be the first to “pay your neighbors a visit” regardless of where they’re from. You just strike me as the type.

  40. NoVA Scout said on 25 Nov 2008 at 6:41 am:
    Flag comment

    Point well taken, junes, I agree totally/ My point was that Ziggy was making it a 2I issue based on the fact that they spoke Spanish and were rude. I think it’s a rudeness issue. I would certainly be upstairs in a second telling them to cool it. The elderly ladies can’t be expected to be that confrontational and deserve effective assistance from management or the police.

  41. junes_reston said on 25 Nov 2008 at 7:19 am:
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    I don’t believe Ziggy was making a 2I issues based the fact they spoke Spanish and were rude.

    It just so happened they DID speak Spanish and showed little, if any regard, for the right of their neighbors.

    Personally, I get a little miffed with the PC attitude of some. I’m waiting for the day when we see a police report that says:

    “Armed suspect about 5′6″ tall, wearing a hoody and blue jeans held up a 7-11 at X street. Suspect spoke in a foreign language. If you have any information, please call ………..”

    Facts mean details, even if those details make some people uncomfortable.

  42. citizenofmanassas said on 25 Nov 2008 at 7:44 am:
    Flag comment


    Once again in your rush to support illegals, you miss the point. It does not matter if every illegal is a child rapist or if only one is, we should not take the chance to allow them to stay.

    Why do you insist on comparing people who do not belong in the Country with people who where born here and have every right to be in their own Nation? We have a solution to Native Americans committing crime, it is called the police who seemly do not have an issue with going after Native American criminals. Too often those that support illegals do not want to extend the same treatment to illegals. Why?

  43. Groveton said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:15 pm:
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    The only jurisdiction in the Richmond area to maintain their own local roads is Henrico County. The only other county in Virginia to do the same is Arlington County. All areas of Richmond take funds from VDOT which, in turn, gets funds from taxes raised throughout Virginia.

    Tell me again about this “pay as you go” system in Richmond. First, tell me what you mean by Richmond - the city of Richmond, Henrico County, etc.

  44. Anonymous said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:21 pm:
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    bonscott1976 said on 24 Nov 2008 at 12:27 pm:

    “….we called about loud music and such….”
    “….we could not rest as out dog dutifully doing his job kept us up by his barking.”

    I LOL’d. This place you were living in, it wasn’t a glass house, was it?

  45. Groveton said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:22 pm:
    Flag comment

    As for the tolls in Richmond - where are they? What percentage of the lane miles have tolls? Another ruse. How much are the tolls that exist? Are any tolls $1/mile? Not a trip, a mile? Here’s something from the www.virginiahotlanes.com -

    “To keep traffic on the HOT lanes flowing freely, tolls could reach around $1 per mile in some high-demand sections of the Beltway at peak times. As a guide, the average trip cost is estimated to be between $5 and $6.”.

    Tell me again - where are the $1/mile tolls in Richmond? Where are the $6/trip tolls? There aren’t any.

    As for tolls in Northern Virginia - have you ever driven on the Dulles Toll Road? Guess what - it’s A TOLL ROAD. Better yet - the original promise was that the tolls would be eliminated once the construction bond was paid. Guess what? The bond is long paid and the tolls have been raised, not eliminated.

  46. Groveton said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:31 pm:
    Flag comment

    And from Wikipedia …

    “The Richmond area does not formally have an outer “beltway”, at least no combinations of routing so designated, as some of the other major metropolitan areas nearby do, such as Hampton Roads, and Northern Virginia.

    However, it has several roads which effectively form major portions of a beltway. Although they do not completely encircle Richmond, these roadways aid in providing alternative routing to circumvent the downtown area for much through traffic as well as offering similar suburb-to-suburb pathways for more local travelers in the greater Richmond-Petersburg metropolitan area.

    These highways are:

    Interstate 295 from I-64 west of Richmond southeasterly to State Route 895 east of Richmond (25 miles)
    State Route 288 in the southwest and western areas, between I-95 south of Richmond and I-64 west of the city. (30.7 miles)
    A full outer beltway loop, approximately 70 miles long, could be designated by combining the preceding major sections with:

    State Route 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) toll road (8.8 mi)
    an existing 5 mile section of I-95 south of Richmond
    an existing 2-mile section of I-64 west of Richmond
    The only tolls along such a “virtual beltway” of Richmond would be on the State Route 895 portion, which includes the modern and costly to build high-rise Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge over the shipping channel of the navigable portion of the James River below the Port of Richmond.”.

  47. Groveton said on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:45 pm:
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    My point is that you can’t trust politicians as a whole. However, you can more easily see what local politicians are doing than state politicians. So, you can more easily demand that they take appropriate legislative action based on the specific needs of the local community. One example would be aggressive enforcement of immigration laws. Another would be refusal to implement $1/mile tolls on a very small percentage of the area’s drivers.

    But that local autonomy is difficult in Virginia. Because the state maintains too much power. So, a goup of part time legislators from places as different as Alexandria and Big Stone Gap try to devise a single set of laws that make sense for everybody. This “one size fits all” philosophy is failing. For example, here are the demographics for Wise County (which contains Big Stone Gap):

    The racial makeup of the county was 96.88% White, 1.78% Black or African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.30% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.26% from other races, and 0.61% from two or more races. 0.73% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

    Now, do you really think the representatives from Wise County give a thought to illegal immigration from Latin America?

    So, when Tim Kaine convenes a panel from around the state and the panel doesn’t see much of a problem with immigration, isn’t it because the problems are unevenly distributed? Should Northern Virgina legislators tell the people in the rest of Virginia how to farm tobacco?

    One size fits all does not work. It has not worked for decades. And the core of the one size fits all philosophy is the lack of home rule provisions in the Virginia Constitution.

  48. AWCheney said on 25 Nov 2008 at 1:09 pm:
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    Groveton, you obviously have never done more than pass through Richmond. I gave you a first-hand history lesson…you should feel privileged! (The rest of my thought I will keep to myself, out of decorum.)

  49. Herndon Bob said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:12 pm:
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    NumbersUSA has action alerts for Virginia members to send faxes and phone calls to members of the commission.

    You can also email your comments to the commission at ‘immigration.commission@governor.virginia.gov’

  50. Maureen said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:18 pm:
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    NumbersUSA action alert

  51. Maureen said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:28 pm:
    Flag comment

    NoVA Scout said on 24 Nov 2008 at 11:01 pm: Flag comment
    “Maureen seems to think all illegal immigrants are criminals”

    First of all you do not know what I think. Second, I have never said that I thought ALL illegals are criminals, even though they broke the law to get here. What I was saying, and you sorely missed, was that the “immigration” commission doesn’t even want the criminal illegal aliens gone.

    What was so hard to understand with that statement?

  52. DPortM said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:33 pm:
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    I know all illegal aliens are criminals - they broke the law by coming across our border illegally or overstaying their visas. If you question this statement, look up the definition of crime and illegal and alien.

  53. Dave in PWC said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:50 pm:
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    Go Maureen!!! I think all illegal immigrants are criminals, they broke the law by sneaking across the border or overstaying their visas, therefore they are illegally here and should be rounded up and sent packing. The good news if this happens is that the gang members and bank robbers and child rapists will be rounded up along with the guy who cuts the grass or sells tacos out of his cart, but illegal is illegal.

  54. Citizen12 said on 26 Nov 2008 at 12:09 am:
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    Read the following and tell me we’re not stuck in some wacky twisted episode of the Twilight Zone…………..

    Also present was Carlos Soles, of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia.
    In Soles’s group was Jose L. Vela, a Bolivian making his first foray into U.S. politics. In an interview, Vela, 45, spoke proudly of the Arlington citizens police academy training he completed and his membership in a neighborhood emergency response team — efforts he said show his contributions to his community.

    Vela, who is an illegal immigrant, said the training erased his fear of police. Some of the laws under consideration could change that, he said.


    sounds like ol’ Jose heard Roosevelt’s speech about “nothing to fear but fear itself”

  55. junes_reston said on 26 Nov 2008 at 12:10 am:
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    DPortM said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:33 pm: I know all illegal aliens are criminals - they broke the law by coming across our border illegally or overstaying their visas. If you question this statement, look up the definition of crime and illegal and alien………………….

    Congress and this Administration have proposed “legalization” for any illegal alien who has not commited a felony. If they are sincere, then no illegal alien on anyone’s payroll will be eligible for legalization. Falsifying an I-9 is a criminal act, subject to a fine and/or imprisonment up to 5 years. It is also a deportable offense.

    Until now, politicians lie through their teeth as it suits them. This will be the true test as to whether Obama is sincere about Change or he’s just another politician telling people what he thinks they want to hear and never intending to follow through.


    “Unlawful Aliens are Subject to Criminal Penalties for Engaging in Fraud or False Statements, or Otherwise Misusing Visas, Immigration Permits and Identity Documents

    Persons who use fraudulent identification or employment eligibility documents or documents that were lawfully issued to another person, or who make a false statement or attestation for purposes of satisfying the employment eligibility verification requirements, may be fined, or imprisoned for up to five years, or both. Other federal criminal statutes may provide higher penalties in certain fraud cases.”


  56. Groveton said on 26 Nov 2008 at 12:29 am:
    Flag comment


    Facts are stubborn things.

    Here is a list of the current VDOT projects in Richmond. Prices are included.


    I take it that you contend all of this is being paid for with toll money or will not rerquire any money from VDOT other than loans. By logical extension, all gas tax, new car taxes, etc paid by residents of Richmond are forfeited to other areas of the state since Richmond pays for all roads with tolls or loans that are repaid after the tolls are collected.

    AWCheney, I take it you have only done a pass through of those nasty economics books they tried to get you to read in high school.

  57. Anonymous said on 26 Nov 2008 at 9:00 am:
    Flag comment

    Maureen said on 24 Nov 2008 at 8:05 pm: Flag comment
    Captain Reyes of the Alexandria police department recommended that even if 287g was fully funded by the Federal government, that it not be implemented.

    Isn’t the name Reyes Latino? My, my, this wouldn’t be another case of a Latino standing up for Latinos? No, of course not!

  58. Vigilant1 said on 26 Nov 2008 at 9:23 am:
    Flag comment

    junes_reston said on 26 Nov 2008 at 12:10 am: Flag comment

    Persons who use fraudulent identification or employment eligibility documents or documents that were lawfully issued to another person, or who make a false statement or attestation for purposes of satisfying the employment eligibility verification requirements, may be fined, or imprisoned for up to five years, or both. Other federal criminal statutes may provide higher penalties in certain fraud cases.”

    The last “comprehensive immigration bill” that was being rammed down our throats by the Senate and was fortunately defeated, contained a “forgiveness” clause which eliminated any criminal prosecution for anyone using stolen identities. What the Senate in effect was saying was “we know you used stolen identities etc. but that was then and this is now. Welcome to America! We don’t care if you performed a criminal act.”

  59. junes_reston said on 26 Nov 2008 at 10:38 am:
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    The last “comprehensive immigration bill” that was being rammed down our throats by the Senate and was fortunately defeated”

    The operative word being DEFEATED!

    It’s still a crime.

  60. Bridget said on 26 Nov 2008 at 1:29 pm:
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    I urge all who utilize the NUMBERSUSA.com site to take action and contact Kaine and his cronies over this issue.

    If you have not yet joined numbers, this would be a fine time to get in the fight - plenty of faxes and phone numbers available to provide voice.

    The Virginia Commission on Immigration has had it’s say … and by God now it’s time that Kaine and his little cadre hear from The Virginia Citizen Coalition.

    I , for one, am not buying the nonsensical Kaine fret over burdening state officers with 287(g). Kaine and his ilke sure as hell ignore the burden put on the police officers nationwide brought on by illegal aliens.

    The same dopes who decry “profiling” as an abuse are going to utilize profiling to dole out their accommodations, services and santuary!

  61. Anonymous said on 26 Nov 2008 at 2:25 pm:
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    Hmmm Let’s see… big state budget shortfall, cutting services to and raising taxes of legal residents to address the shortfall while increasing services to illegal aliens. Yep that’s my Timmay!

  62. junes_reston said on 26 Nov 2008 at 6:32 pm:
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    Bridget said on 26 Nov 2008 at 1:29 pm: Flag comment
    I urge all who utilize the NUMBERSUSA.com site to take action and contact Kaine and his cronies over this issue…………

    Already sent the NumbersUSA fax, along with emails and voice mails. Probably shouldn’t do it more than once (per contact vehicle). Don’t want to be accused of spamming.

    Did however send the “list” to several friend, who sent to several friends, who sent to several friends……

  63. DeMaan said on 26 Nov 2008 at 7:39 pm:
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    Is it just me, or are there others, that now believe that our Governor has more concern of the illegals than he has of the constituents that voted him in. I can only believe that he thinks that getting the support of the hispanic community will enhance HIS future career endeavors. Therefore he is thinking only of himself and NOT those that put him into office. Based on his attitude, he is assured of never receiving a vote of support from me. When he shows that he is looking out for those citizens that are supposed to be here, which he never does, then I MAY reevaluate my opinion…..until then HE AIN”T LOOKIN’ OUT FOR US !!!!! Thanks for nothin’ governor

  64. Bridget said on 1 Dec 2008 at 11:38 am:
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    Thanks, CASA of Maryland , for proving my point regarding profiling:


    CASA is not concerned that police are relying on profiling … rather, they are concerned that police are not ulilizing profiling to suit the CASA agenda:

    Profiling -based on race, ethnicity and/or national origin is a perfectly legitimate tool when it comes to:

    a) Handing out exclusive “rights” to evade and avoid abiding by immigration/labor laws.

    b) Siphoning off tax money extorted from citizens to fund another socialist boondoggle.

    More on CASA - Central American Solidarity Association - of Maryland:


    And this http://wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1528552 a murder in Wheaton, MD where CASA has one of it’s day labor centers - fresh on the heels of the Spevak murder http://www.news8.net/news/stories/1108/573411.html

  65. Bridget said on 1 Dec 2008 at 3:41 pm:
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    it’s=its. Can’t type or spell.

  66. Deborah Bornstein Munoz said on 10 Jan 2009 at 10:47 am:
    Flag comment

    1. Pat.Herve said on 24 Nov 2008 at 9:10 pm:

    Why don’t we ask Tito the Builder how life was as an illegal.

    Pat: Tito is an American citizen. You are a bigot.

  67. Tito Munoz (Tito the Builder) said on 10 Jan 2009 at 10:50 am:
    Flag comment

    You don’t know me and you don’t know my life.
    Your assumptions are stupid and they breed bigotry.

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