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I’ll Stick With Jeff Frederick

By Greg L | 24 November 2008 | RPV | 32 Comments

There’s a debate supposedly within the Republican party over whether it should remain steadfast to Republican principles or be “pragmatic” about them in order to appeal to independents and Democrats.  Another concurrent debate has started about Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman.  If you really want to understand why these debates are happening, look no farther than the folks who are interjecting themselves into it.  A fascinating letter to the editor in the News & Messenger recently appeared advocating for Republicans to reach out to independents, arguing that “coming to the center” is the key to electoral success, and it’s a wonderful example of how goofy this has become.

The author?  William Westhoff, who has been the treasurer of the Prince William County Democratic Committee.  How nice.

RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick, a strong advocate for the Republican Party staying true to principle is under fire lately from a cast of characters that include such “conservative luminaries” as Russ Potts, and has taken a lot of sniping of late.  We had a presidential candidate in 2008 who didn’t understand the Virginia battleground, ran an utterly incompetent ground game, and bypassed successful elected officials in order to tap ideologically compatible “mavericks” like Marty Nohe* to organize operations in Prince William County.  Jim Gilmore, the candidate who can only win when drafting behind a Republican wave ran another uninspiring campaign.  With that headwind, we lost some Congressional seats.  What that has to do with an RPV Chairman who has been on the job for four months, I can’t fathom.

William Westhoff would doubtless be really happy if the Republican Party engaged in a circular firing squad of internal bickering right as the 2009 House of Delegates races are starting to gear up.  If Russ Potts and John Chichester, both whom endorsed Mark Warner as a demonstration of their devotion to Republican principles, and a few who think as they do want to gut the party in the aftermath of the 2008 national elections, that’s fine.  I don’t care to join them, however.

When Jeff Frederick took over RPV I offered to do whatever I could to help him succeed.  I believed in his vision then, and I still believe in that vision now.  Jeff decided he needed to deploy resources elsewhere, and that’s fine.  I’m not going to bash him because I might not feel that I’m not getting an adequate degree of recognition, or that I’m not getting sufficiently rewarded for supporting his candidacy. In the meantime I do what I can to help, because that feels like a more constructive approach than to think that somehow every problem can somehow be fixed if someone else was in that position.

My gauge for future success is whether it’s possible to contact the RPV Chairman directly if I have an idea I think is good, and Jeff is dramatically more accessable to the grass roots than prior chairmen were.  Maybe the chairman will think my idea is great and run with it, or maybe he’ll think it’s not or that it just can’t be done and it’ll go nowhere, but I know I can reach out and contact Jeff Frederick.  His predecessors were utterly unapparoachable, and would even use staff to run interference from pesky grass roots activists who wanted to do something for Republicans in Virginia.  Having someone who will simply listen, and even come to activists on his own when he thinks it’s useful is a huge, positive change.  Just being interested in what the grass roots have to say is a huge shift.  Let’s help make that lead to success by trying to be helpful rather than provide an object lesson on how worthless it is for an RPV Chairman to pay attention to them.

Or we can take William Westhoff’s advice.   I’d rather not, though. I’ll stick with Jeff Frederick, thanks.

* One hilarious story making the rounds is that Marty Nohe was tapped to be in charge of one of John McCain’s events in Prince William County and managed to get in control over who was seated in the VIP section at the event.  Instead of a dozen or so local elected officials, about a hundred of Marty’s friends and family got passes, which drove the Secret Service absolutely nuts since this section was inside the secure perimiter and they were hardly equipped to manage the security risk that was introduced.

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  1. Anonymous said on 25 Nov 2008 at 1:03 am:
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    Frederick’s problems don’t seem to have much base in ideology and more to do with personality. Frederick excited alot of people at the convention making promises to anyone who would listen. What happened? He is now approaching dangerous Gilmore territory where both sides of the party are now ganging up on him. Will he survive? Possibly, but with absolutely no confidence from those running statewide and working completely around RPV instead of with RPV.

  2. K.O'toole said on 25 Nov 2008 at 8:28 am:
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    “As liberal Democrat E.J. Dionne Jr. exuded about McCain in the Washington Post during the Republican primaries, “John McCain is feared by Democrats and liked by independents.” Dionne proclaimed that McCain “may be the one Republican who can rescue his party from the undertow of the Bush years.”…”I keep trying to get Democrats to take my advice (stop being so crazy), but they never listen to me. Why do Republicans take the advice of their enemies?
    How many times do we have to run this experiment before Republican primary voters learn that “moderate,” “independent,” “maverick” Republicans never win, and right-wing Republicans never lose?”


  3. Flavius Maximus said on 25 Nov 2008 at 9:37 am:
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    Marty Nohe IS a security risk. He has thrown in with those who a intentionally trying to destroy this country, this state, and this county. I put him on the same level as Chuck Schumer. How can a rational person beleive that facilitating thousands of illiterate, unskilled, and in some cases, violently criminal persons continued presence in our community is somehow going to improve the community? It’s not rational. It is intentional. It is willful.

    As to William Westhoff’s views on how to save the GOP, taking his advice would be like taking Satan’s advice on salvation. I’ll pass.

  4. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 9:51 am:
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    Beyond state affairs - the Republican party, nationally, is corrupt. And rudderless.

    Wouldn’t it be a more noble effort to form a THIRD party in Virginia and to support it?

  5. Flavius Maximus said on 25 Nov 2008 at 10:46 am:
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    “Beyond state affairs - the Republican party, nationally, is corrupt. And rudderless. ”

    And the Democrats are corrupt, but there is someone at the helm. Who is the greater evil-doer, the party that does bad things on an individual basis (Ted Stevens, Duke Cunningham) but doesn’t protect those who are caught from justice, or the party that intentionally shields crooks from justice (William Jefferson, Barney Frank)? Republicans leadership may be inept, but the Democratic leadership is evil.

  6. OP Ditch said on 25 Nov 2008 at 11:05 am:
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    Are there any “real people” commenting on this blog? My apologies if there is a real “K.O’toole”.

    Where is Jim Young when you need him?

    Greg, I’m still with Jeff also.

  7. Here we Go Again said on 25 Nov 2008 at 11:10 am:
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    I agree with Greg and what he says about Frederick. Jeff will do OK, it all takes time.

    As far as Westhoff, we can do without him. He is so Liberal and he will say and do anything to get his way. The Democrats know they will not stay in power very long so they will do all they can to tear down the Repb. Now we need to make sure we do all we can to build it up and get rid of those that can’t run as a Republican.

  8. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 11:18 am:
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    Ever get the feeling you’re being exploited? Fighting other people’s battles for other people’s interests?

  9. A PW County Resident said on 25 Nov 2008 at 1:04 pm:
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    The problem with the Republican party is their message, not their approach. Republicans gave up the message that their way helps people so that they have lately come off as sounding uncaring and sometimes combative to the largest number of voters.

    They should be concentrating on articulating why conservative policies help people and individuals. Part of the message can also include “these economic policies are designed to fight unemployment by making sure that we have strong and healthy businesses and a strong and healthy economy. Under our approach, if you have a job, you will keep it or improve. If you don’t have one, you can get one. If you can’t work because of health and similar reasons, you can be taken care of-because we will have the resources to do that.” Or for transit type projects–”one of the most important things we need in this country is a way for all people to get to and from work so that they will keep their job or be able to get one or a better one. That strengthens our economy.”

    Then there is the old favorite–”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

    “Our most important resource is our people. All policy should revolve around how we best take care of our resource. This policy does this in this way …”

    “Everyone hates taxes. If we can’t have the fiscal restraint to pay for only necessary things, we need to cut taxes to rein in unneccessary spending. Is it the right way? No, we should approach it to pay only for what we need, and then determine the tax level to have–in other words, we need “right taxes not more taxes.”

    Just some simple thoughts. One does not need to alter their approach if the message reaches the maximum number of people and they can see the benefit of it. There are just good ways to say things and other ways that are not as helpful.

  10. Rick Smith said on 25 Nov 2008 at 1:05 pm:
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    That’s a pretty funny story about Marty, but it isn’t the one that I heard. I heard that Corey didn’t feel like he was accorded enough of the “royal” treatment at the event, so he complained to the newspapers and spread this fairytale in response. Interesting how the story changes when you actually look for more than one perspective, no?

    I’m sure that, if you actually discussed this with Marty instead of listening to and spreading gossip planted for personal reasons, you’d get the real story.

  11. Mighty Putty said on 25 Nov 2008 at 2:26 pm:
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    BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 9:51 am: Flag comment
    Beyond state affairs - the Republican party, nationally, is corrupt. And rudderless.

    Wouldn’t it be a more noble effort to form a THIRD party in Virginia and to support it?

    Great idea. Let’s call ourselves the Rick Bentley Party. Our party platform: 1) living rent free in mom’s basement; 2) frequenting blog sites as a full time job; 3) secretly supporting Obama and other Democrats while we pretend to be independents or “frustrated Republicans”; and 4) being anti-Christian.

    Rick knows a lot about corruption. Forgive daddy and let go of the anger, Rick.

  12. PWConservative said on 25 Nov 2008 at 2:34 pm:
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    My problem is that Jeff applied (Rather Unfairly) the same blame for the 07 elections to Hager, that His critics are applying now. With that said, For the past couple of years the chairman’s office at the RPV has been a revolving door. Now is not the time for a new chairman, Now is the time for Unity in organizing for what could very well be a historic turnaround in 2009.

  13. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 2:41 pm:
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    PW County Resident - that would make sense. If the GOP leaders cared about the same things that you do. As opposed to being a bunch of crooked elitists who use the issues you care about to provide cover for their primary agenda, which is selling out Americans’ birthright and ensuring that they and their cronies don’t pay tax on the dividends.

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

    Bush would rather bring in 10 million fishermen from Mexico and sell the fish to the guy rather than to teach him to fish. There’s bigger business in it.

    But I’m through bashing the GOP for a while, apparently there are more urgent matters. I hear that Hairy Reed is saying that he and Obama and Pelosi have agreed on how to implement Amnesty?

  14. Johnson said on 25 Nov 2008 at 2:52 pm:
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    The Republican Party allowed Bush and Cheny to rape the economy. Period. True, the Dems went right along with it, facilitating the start with legislation requiring banks to make risky loans. Thusly, it will be a long time before a Republican is back in the White House. The GOP needs to do the following to regain trust:

    Drop the anti abortion stance. Roe V. Wade is the law of the land. Nobody likes abortion, but it is necessary to have a choice.

    Become a strong advocate for illegal alien enforcement.
    Deport the illegal aliens, complete the fence, secure the borders.
    Develope an enforceable guest worker program AND ENFORCE IT.
    Do not allow unfettered immigration. Do not allow families to join a temporary worker. Once they are in, it is hell to get them back out.
    Institute the REAL I.D. program.
    Require I.D. for ALL public benefits, including school and medical care.
    Enforce criminal AND civil sanctions against employers of illegal aliens. Take their money, close their businesses and send them to prison.
    Removing 20-30 million illegal aliens will reduce the need to educate, medicate and employ them. Unemployment will drop, prices will stabilize, traffic will decrease, people will buy homes and durable goods.

    Last but not least, decriminalize street drugs. The supply/transfer countries will lose most of their income and collapse. Terrorism will shrivel and lose funding. The billions in U.S. currency that leaves the U.S. every year for drugs will stay here and boost our economy.

    Standard apologies.

  15. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:04 pm:
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    I don’t agree with that legalizing drugs part above. That will only weaken us.

    I read what Hairy Reed actually said. He said Obama and McCain have an agreement, meaning I suppose that McCain has promised to fight like hell for “comprehensive amnesty reform”. So what’s new? Obama can hardly obfuscate the issue more than Bush did. Nothing new at all but Hairy does indicate that they’re going to try this thing again, and that he doesn’t anticipate much of a fight. Get geared up for a fight. Every year these scumbags try Amnesty and every year so far we fight it back.

    Those of you STUPID and MORONIC enough to believe McCain was now “tough on illegal immigration” because supposedly his brother winked at someone or something - please take note when McCain takes the point position on Amnesty 2009 and please ACKNOWLEDGE YOU’RE TOOLS who get played like fiddles, out of touch with reality and living in a fantasy land. You voted for the GOP pointman on Amnesty. You should not vote again. Just acknowledge that you’re politically retarded and stay out of the process next time, do the world a favor and your country this service.

    Don’t take any wooden nickles, McCain voters. And thank you so much for giving McCain a real message. The message is, the GOP can run a few negative ads every 4 years and they have your vote in the bag, no principles needed, no integrity necessary. For God’s sake, please go an find a way to un-register en masse. People here who rail about illegal immigration and then vote for McCain are the STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

    Stupidity and naivite of that magnitude are probably a large part of what’s wrong with the world.

  16. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:11 pm:
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    “On immigration, there’s been an agreement between (President-elect Barack) Obama and (Arizona Republican Sen. John) McCain to move forward on that. … We’ll do that.”

    “Q: Will there be as much of a fight on immigration as last time?

    A: We’ve got McCain and we’ve got a few others. I don’t expect much of a fight at all. ”

    Please go unregister, please. Especially you Mighty Putty, you’re an imbecile who thinks in terms of personal attacks rather than reasoned dialogue. You’re exactly what’s wrong with the GOP. It’s chock-full of people like you for whom politics is about harboring personal resentments and insecurities rather than engaging reality.

  17. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:12 pm:
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    Now perhaps someday I will speak at more length and tell you all how I really feel.

  18. Flavius Maximus said on 25 Nov 2008 at 4:15 pm:
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    No, Bothpartiesblahblahblah…it is you who is the tool, and a major tool at that.

    I have to laugh, when I read comments like “in order for the GOP to regain power, they must do X” with the “X” being something that can only be accomplished by the party actually IN power. The GOP cannot enforce immigration law, build the fence, etc. etc., because they are not in a position to drive the agenda.

    I will conceed that the GOP is a mess right now, and they (the leaders of the party, senior electeds and the like) are to blame. They are getting tossed out, and unfortunately a few good ones are getting tarred with the same brush and tossed out too. I will also conceed that the party is guilty of thinking that the social conservative agenda was enough to keep them in power.

    In order for the GOP to regain it’s former glory, it must clean house. It must go back and look at the message that resonated with the people in the past. Small Government, fiscal responsibility, strict constructionalism regarding the Constitution, strong national defence. Contrast themselves with the Democrats. The people will get tired of bail-outs, taxes, regulations, and the rest of the bilge the Democrats like to sell, and they will want a change. Obama has a tough road. He may start turning things around, but when the people get the bill, they are going to be pissed. $700 Trillion and counting. $96K of national debt for every family of four. He can’t just sock the “rich” to pay for it, so the definition of “rich” will change. Pretty soon Joe Six-pack will realize what his tax burden is, and say, “hey, I am not rich”…and another Republican will be born. Reagan revolution all over again.

  19. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 4:33 pm:
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    You miss my point. My point is not about what the elitists who run the GOP can or can’t acheive right now. I’ve made this point over and over on this blog, and the point is …

    When faced with Juan McAmnesty as a candidate, Republicans in Virginia should have loudly revolted and sent the GOP a message that

    The message anyone sent by pulling the lever for McCain is “I’m in the bag. just feed me some negative ads every 4 years, and I’m all yours”.

    Alternately, it would have been possible to send a strong message to the GOP, that would have resonated. Because they care about one thing from you. You pulling the lever every 4 years.

    But the only message they got was “the white males are in the bag, we need to continue to soften our message to get more voters”.

  20. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 4:38 pm:
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    “The people will get tired of bail-outs, taxes, regulations, and the rest of the bilge the Democrats like to sell, and they will want a change.”

    Well you’d better get a third party going if you want some change from that.

    And even if and when people get upset with higher taxes, they will hardly be upset with Obama moreso than Bush. This is the Bush bailout. From the last mistake you GOPers made, the last complete tool you elected who sells you one thing and delivers something entirely different.

  21. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 4:41 pm:
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    You can probably convince 40% of the electorate that the economic mess we’re in will have been Obama’s fault more than Bush’s. The same bunch of morons who convinced themselves that McCain was now committed to border security.

    You never learn. You reflexively pull the lever every time and wonder why the people you reward don’t “get the message”.

    Perhaps you’re the idiot in this equation.

  22. CONVA said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:21 pm:
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    Some how the thread went from Jeff to Bush. The Bush haters will not be satisfied until he is buried up to his neck in sand and stoned to death. The same fate awaits Jeff if he attempts to respond to their socialist agenda. He will be better served to ignore them and get on with his plan. Now someone will ask what is his plan…ask him. I know a complete idiot that was surprised when Jeff responded to his inquiry. He said it amazed him that Jeff would reply to a “registered dumbocrat”. And yes he is stupid enough to think he some how is registered as a democrat in Virginia. And the jackass votes.

  23. BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:42 pm:
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    Sorry if this seemed personal. Let me try to spend tomorrow on the anti blog bashing the Democratic party’s exploitation of their voters.

  24. Save Jeff said on 25 Nov 2008 at 5:47 pm:
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    I’ve created a petition for those of us who believe Chairman Frederick is the man to lead our party out of this mess:


    Please sign and tell your friends!

  25. freedom said on 26 Nov 2008 at 8:14 am:
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    Jeff should definitely remain as Chairman of the RPV.

    Afterall, it’s going to get much easier in short order. After two years of the new administration, we’ll ALL be thinking that we shouldn’t have opposed Obama because of Wm Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, or Tony Resko; we’ll be thinking that any of the three would have been a better choice than “the messiah.”

  26. Anonymous said on 26 Nov 2008 at 8:29 am:
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    BothPartiesDoColludeAgainstYouAndMarketToYourFears said on 25 Nov 2008 at 3:04 pm: Flag comment

    People here who rail about illegal immigration and then vote for McCain are the STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.


  27. Flavius Maximus said on 26 Nov 2008 at 11:21 am:
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    “Wm Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, or Tony Resko; we’ll be thinking that any of the three would have been a better choice than “the messiah.”

    I wonder if these three wisemen brought gifts when they came to meet Obama. Was there a star shining over Hawaii, er, Kenya, er, Malaysa? (now just where exactly was the new messiah born?).

    And if Obama gets voted out in 2012, I wonder if he’ll say, “Please forgive them, for they know not what they do”?

  28. freedom said on 28 Nov 2008 at 10:10 am:
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    Then BPC, if “let’s build a fence” BO and his congressional cronies successfully pass/sign an amnesty bill , will you agree that YOU are one of the stupidest people in the world?

  29. BothgPartiesColludeAgainstUsAndMarketToYourFears said on 28 Nov 2008 at 6:51 pm:
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    I didn’t vote for him, so, no.

  30. freedom said on 29 Nov 2008 at 4:29 pm:
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    Ah then BPO, you’re one of the smartest people in the world….at least, on THAT issue. :)

  31. Harry said on 1 Dec 2008 at 7:14 am:
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    Keep Jeff as Chair; Palin/Huckabee in 2012.

  32. NoVA Scout said on 2 Dec 2008 at 11:30 pm:
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    Harry, Huckabee is a well-informed, articulate guy with vision. Why did you put him in that group?

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