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DMV: The Law Is For Other People, Not Us

31 December 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 29 Comments

After concerns were raised that Virginia was issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, the General Assembly passed HB 1954 in 2003 which added a requirement in the Virginia Code § 46.2-328.1 to have license applicants prove their legal status.  After that passed, I guess we thought we had this issue licked. But have we, really?  […]

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Get Ready For The New Soviet Woodbridge

29 December 2008 | Prince William County | 35 Comments

After years of neglect under Supervisor Hilda Barg, Woodbridge has become a dysfunctional eyesore in Prince William County where vacant buildings compete with struggling junky retail shops and day labor sites along the Route One corridor to see which can make a community look the least attractive.  In close proximity to the remarkable success of […]

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Is Independent Hill A Suburb Of Chicago?

29 December 2008 | Prince William County | 20 Comments

Did the Prince William County Schools throw out the rulebook, relevant provisions of the Virginia Administrative Code, and county policy in approving “Math Investigations” as the primary curriculum in the county’s fifth grade classrooms?  According to a recent post on the PWC Education Reform Blog, it sure looks that way.  We now have spent millions […]

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Merry Christmas!

24 December 2008 | Uncategorized | 42 Comments

Merry Christmas to all!   Here’s wishing that you still in Virginia are getting as white a Christmas as our family is.  The girls really did enjoy the foot of nice powder at “Cookin’ Grandma’s” yesterday, and are really looking forward to Christmas carols at Church tonight, and of course the aftermath of Santa’s visit […]

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We Deserve Answers

23 December 2008 | Crime, Prince William County | 66 Comments

The murder of Jean and Jim Smith by a repeat juvenile offender in Dale City earlier this week has Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon wondering how a known public safety threat like this was free to commit this crime. Police seem to have done a good job in quickly identifying suspects in this case and […]

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Slashing The Budget Defecit

21 December 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 17 Comments

Virginia’s unemployment rate, while lower than most of the rest of the country, is still at a higher point than it has ever been in the past ten years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The most recent figures released show that over 180,000 Virginians are out of work.  At the same time, studies […]

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They’re NOT Immigrants

20 December 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 22 Comments

You really can’t blame a defense attorney for doing his best to vigorously defend his clients, but this is patently ridiculous.  Two of the three defendants accused of murdering Omar Florencio-Vazquez appeared in court recently, arguing that the trial should be moved from Prince William County because of local “anti-immigrant sentiment”.  Instead of trying three […]

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Are You Smarter Than An Elected Official?

19 December 2008 | Patriotism | 28 Comments

Take this quiz and find out.  The score you have to beat is 44%.  Before you scoff at that score, you may want to take the test yourself.

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Open Thread

19 December 2008 | Uncategorized | 54 Comments

What’s on your mind?

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McDonnell Beats Back The Tax Hike

17 December 2008 | Virginia Politics | 17 Comments

Governor Kaine is predictably calling for tax increases to help address a biennial budget shortfall, along with spending cuts.  Increasing the burden of government on the citizens during uncertain economic times when many of us have less is utterly ridiculous.  Given the choice between forking over an increasing amount of our declining incomes, or telling […]

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Yet More Illegal Alien Crime

16 December 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 30 Comments

And yet again, another story of an illegal alien enriching our nation with the diversity they bring.  The victim in this case is a twenty four year old developmentally disabled woman.
At approximately 1 p.m. Monday, the police began investigating a rape that occurred at [Brayan Migdanio Bustillo] Fuentes’ address .  The investigation revealed that the […]

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No Breaks For Osbourn High School

16 December 2008 | Manassas City | 26 Comments

One tragedy comes to a conclusion for Osbourn High School, and another begins.  On the same day former teacher Ted Johnson is sentenced to twenty years in prison with all but four years suspended, there are reports that another student — I believe the fifth this year — is dead.  School officials sent home a […]

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Manassas News & Messenger Wins The Scrooge Award

16 December 2008 | Prince William County | 16 Comments

Ten days before Christmas, a sanitation worker in Woodbridge was killed in an accident leaving behind a wife and three young children.  The Manassas News & Messenger decided to really get into the spirit of the holidays and splash a picture of the deceased being given the last rites by the Fire Department’s chaplain on […]

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Fewer Guns, More Crime

16 December 2008 | Crime | 26 Comments

The London Times wrote about the tragedy at Virginia Tech and the notion of gun control recently.  You might expect them to decry the barbaric and unenlightened Americans whose lust for guns fuels death and violence, but in this case at least you’d be mistaken.  As least some subjects have come to realize that banning […]

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Bipartisan Information Technology Lies

15 December 2008 | Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

Our government bureaucrats and elected officials must think that we’re just plain stupid.  When these idiots are getting heat for screwing something up, it seems that the new “out” is to say something utterly vapid about information technology, figuring that the unwashed masses will simply buy the BS and forget how badly they’re screwing up.  […]

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Residential Market Update

12 December 2008 | Local Economy | 21 Comments

Our local residential real estate market started a remarkable turnaround starting last June that is still going strong.  The chart at left shows the change in the supply of houses on the market in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park starting in May which has steadily declined through December 1st.  The number of houses […]

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Where’s Ricardo?

11 December 2008 | Zapatistas, Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 45 Comments

Ricardo Juarez, the leader of Mexicans Without Borders, has seemed pretty scarce lately.  No media, no press releases, no goofy press conferences in months.  To go a few months without hearing him spout off seems pretty unusual, and missing my humor fix, I started asking around.  I though that maybe he had gotten deported, but […]

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The Excuse Here Will Be Legendary

10 December 2008 | Humor & Satire | 20 Comments

From the “Too Bizarre to have been made up Department”:
U.S. Customs officials at Dulles International Airport discovered the charred carcasses of three monkeys in the luggage of a traveler arriving from Central Africa.
The monkeys have been confiscated are being examined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Principi Responds

10 December 2008 | Prince William County | 39 Comments

Today’s Manassas News & Messenger contains a response by Frank Principi to a recent letter to the editor pointing out that Principi’s rather public support for pro-abortion candidates.  It’s a pretty unusual read that probably raises more questions than it answers.

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Mexicans Without Borders Asks For Your Money

10 December 2008 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 30 Comments

Mexicans Without Borders and the Woodbridge Worker’s Committee is hard at work trying to make the unlawful residency of illegal aliens in Prince William County little more comfortable.  You too can willfully aid and abet violations of federal immigration law by contributing money to them as they provide food to illegal alien squatters huddled outside […]

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