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Live Convention Video

By Greg L | 30 May 2009 | RPV | 1 Comment

The Republican House Caucus is sponsoring the ustream feed of today’s Republican Convention, and I’ll me managing the technical details. Tune in for a bit to watch this rockin’ event! Coverage starts at 10AM.

After the convention concludes, I will remove the video player and the formatting of this site will return to normal.

This was one heck of a convention.  Ken Cuccinelli won with about 62% of the votes in a three-way race, Sean Hannity rocked the house, and there were plenty of hugely inspirational speakers.  Unfortunately, I spent so much time taping interviews and managing the live video feed I could barely pay attention to a little of it.  Still, I had a great time, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun helping bloggers put together interview videos.  A few of them have completed production, but there are a lot more in the queue.

I’ll be awfully busy putting all that footage together over the next few days so blogging might be a little light for a while, but I’ll start posting links to the videos we shot as they start popping up across the commonwealth.


NOVATownHall has some good coverage of the convention, including a picture of yours truly manning the mini-studio we set up for bloggers:

…and this one of Crystal Clear Conservative using it to interview Bob Marshall:

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  1. Victoria DeLacy said on 4 Jun 2009 at 2:32 pm:
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    I was at that excellent convention, but did not have my trusty tape recorder on me and would REALLY like to get a copy of the video of Sean Hanitty’s speech - would you be so kind as to send that to me? Thanks:)!

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