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Jeanette Rishell Campaign Shakeup?

By Greg L | 28 August 2009 | Jeanette Rishell, 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

The announcement of Jeanette Rishell’s most recent campaign event in Manassas urges the massive throngs of 50th District voters (presumably the hard-core porn demographic) to contact a new face for the Rishell campaign, who seems to have been left out of previous announcements.  It’s got to make one wonder whether Rishell has traded up from “Used Condom Girl” to a new campaign manager with somewhat less personal baggage.

PS. I would love the opportunity to personally talk to as many community members as possible and learn what issues concern them most. If you would like to have an event at your home or business, please email Amanda at Amanda@JeanetteRishell.org

Funny, those used to go to Ilana Kaplan-Shain.  I wonder what the story is on this one, if she’s the replacement campaign manager. 

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  1. JM said on 28 Aug 2009 at 8:51 pm:
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    I think your videos and YouTube’s restoration of them to their sight finally did poor Ilana in.

  2. JM said on 31 Aug 2009 at 2:29 pm:
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    I’ve seen Ilana’s car in front of Rishell’s house several times over the past few days. She’s still on the job–just less visable.

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