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Duck And Cover: The Steve Shannon Campaign Strategy

By Greg L | 11 September 2009 | Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

You’d think that someone who wants to be the Commonwealth’s top attorney wouldn’t shy away from actually having debate participants actually ask each other questions.  Then again, there’s Steve Shannon running for the job, who has only shown a willingness to debate his dog, from the looks of his campaign videos.  Sure enough, Shannon objected to having Ken Cuccinelli and himself answer each other’s questions during the debate sponsored by the Bar Association, which really does make one wonder, as Chris LaCivita does in this press release, what Steve Shannon thinks the Attorney General actually does in a courtroom.  Play tiddly-winks, perhaps?

In what will be the final debate in the campaign for Attorney General, the Richmond Bar Association, in conjunction with the Women’s Bar Association, is hosting a debate, and Federal Court Judge Henry Hudson to moderate.  “I couldn’t be more pleased with the rules and debate format put forth by the Richmond Bar Association, said campaign advisor Chris LaCivita. 

“The Richmond Bar association had a great format established and sent to the campaigns for approval.  One of those rules allowed for each candidate to ask each other a direct question.  Unfortunately, the Shannon campaign refused the direct candidate questioning portion of the format,” continued LaCivita.
“Its bad enough that there are only three more debates between now and the election,” said LaCivita.  “The Shannon campaign has refused time and time again debate offers throughout the Commonwealth, and now they want to avoid debating in a debate! Senator Cuccinelli sent an email to Shannon on July 27th giving him a heads up that the first question he would ask Steve, if Steve ever accepted a debate challenge, would be ‘when did you first read the Melendez-Diaz case?’ Given Shannon’s clear misunderstanding of the effect Melendez-Diaz had on drunk driving and drug cases in Virginia, it’s obvious Shannon doesn’t want to be faced with a question that he doesn’t have a good answer to. This lack of self confidence on behalf of Steve Shannon and his handlers should give Virginians pause,” said LaCivita.  “Shannon wants to be the Commonwealth’s top lawyer but he doesn’t want to engage in debate.  What does Steve Shannon think the Attorney General does?” concluded LaCivita.
Besides the Richmond Bar Association, the campaigns are scheduled to debate on WTOP radio and in front of the Prince William Committee of 100 in Manassas. Currently the Cuccinelli campaign is awaiting a response from the Shannon campaign on a 12 debate challenge which was extended to them on July 13th.

What a pathetic candidate.  If Shannon can’t even muster up the courage to publicly answer a question from Ken Cuccinelli, why the heck is he running for the job of Attorney General?

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  1. Wolverine said on 13 Sep 2009 at 12:40 am:
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    Given all the touting of Shannon by Dems during the past year, I really expected him to be a stronger and more visible candidate than he has currently shown himself to be. He seems to be behind the proverbial eight ball on some things. His recent talk in Loudoun County about anti-gang measures seems to have evidenced a certain knowledge gap on his part. Those interested in this subject in LC would know that the establishment of a separate anti-gang task force in the Shenandoah Valley covering the entire I-81 corridor from Winchester to Harrisonburg has been in the works since at least June 09, if not earlier. In fact, Frank Wolf announced in a public meeting in Sterling Park on 1 July 09 that, of the additional $35 million authorized by Congress for the national fight against gangs, three million would go to the NoVA Anti-Gang Task Force and another one million to the new and operationally separate anti-gang task force in the Valley. The Loudoun Independent article on Shannon’s campaign appearance made it sound like Shannon was totally unaware of this Valley task force and was proposing a new measure. Shannon did not clear this up on his website, so I guess the Loudoun Independent got it right.

  2. anonymous said on 13 Sep 2009 at 4:05 pm:
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    Hmmm..Bar Association format allows the candidates to ask each other a question? Don’t you mean the Prince William Committee of 100?

  3. Greg L said on 13 Sep 2009 at 9:06 pm:
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    That’s the other debate. The first one is the Bar Association debate.

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