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9-12 DC Tea Party Open Thread

12 September 2009 | National Politics | 43 Comments

The Tea Party Express goes into full gear in Washington, DC today with rallies, marches and a huge protest in front of the Capitol.  I won’t be able to make it, but know that a lot of my readers will, and will be eager to share their observations and stories in the comments thread below.
UPDATE: Reports are that between one […]

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Duck And Cover: The Steve Shannon Campaign Strategy

11 September 2009 | Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

You’d think that someone who wants to be the Commonwealth’s top attorney wouldn’t shy away from actually having debate participants actually ask each other questions.  Then again, there’s Steve Shannon running for the job, who has only shown a willingness to debate his dog, from the looks of his campaign videos.  Sure enough, Shannon objected to […]

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USCG Thwarts Terror Attack?

11 September 2009 | National Politics | 33 Comments

The U.S. Coast Guard fired on a boat in the Potomac River today.  Stay tuned for details.
UPDATE: The word from the USCG is that this was a training exercise, but the Park Police who observed this weren’t aware of that.  Not hard to blame them, since the utter stupidity of conducting an exercise with munition […]

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I Will Not Forget

10 September 2009 | Patriotism | 17 Comments

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“You Lie!”

10 September 2009 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, US Congress | 64 Comments

Representative Joe Wilson had the guts to shout out to Barry “Dear Leader” Obama that he was lying to the American People, a refreshing departure from the conventional decorum of a joint session of Congress that would have otherwise allowed Obama’s steady stream of untruths and namecalling to go unchallenged.  The Associated Press decided to […]

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Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

10 September 2009 | Arlington County, Patriotism | 1 Comment

Guest Post by Robert Molleur 
Before I moved to Prince William I lived in the People’s Republic of Arlington. One morning just after terrorist attacks of 9/11 I was watching the Arlington County Board (Board of County Supervisors) meeting on TV. I noticed that unlike the Arlington County School Board, the Arlington County Board did not […]

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Obama Healthcare Speech Poll

9 September 2009 | National Politics | 36 Comments

I had a pretty strong reaction to this speech, and an interested in seeing what others felt about it…

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Born Too Early? You Die, Says Bureaucrats.

9 September 2009 | National Politics | 20 Comments

Just when you thought the stories about nationalized healthcare couldn’t possibly get more alarming…
Sarah Capewell begged them to save her tiny son, who was born just 21 weeks and five days into her pregnancy - almost four months early.
They ignored her pleas and allegedly told her they were following national guidelines that babies born before […]

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Remember the Fallen, Forget the Politics

8 September 2009 | National Politics, Patriotism | 25 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
For my grandparents it was December 7, 1941. For my parents it was November 22, 1963 and July 20, 1969. For us it will always be September 11, 2001.
Dates that define a generation.
Whether it was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as the impetus to the United States’ full scale involvement […]

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Deeds Cedes Prince William To Bob McDonnell?

7 September 2009 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 24 Comments

Virginia Virtucon notes that the Washington Post’s Monday edition seems to lend to the theory that Creigh Deeds has conceeded Prince William County to Bob McDonnell and is trying to focus on rural Virginia and the Washington, D.C. suburbs.  Citing the struggle “against anonymity in Northern Virginia”, Deeds seem to be playing defense in areas he certainly thought he would perform strongly in […]

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Jeanette Rishell Caught In A Lie, Again

6 September 2009 | Jeanette Rishell, 50th HOD District | 9 Comments

The Manassas News & Messenger’s editorial today points out that just like last year, when the campaign of Jeanette Rishell couldn’t tell the truth to voters about Delegate Jackson Miller’s voting record, she’s not being honest about his campaign this year.  For someone who proclaims to be standing up for Virginia families, you’d think that she could at […]

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Creigh Deed’s Campaign Contracts

5 September 2009 | Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire, Prince William County | 17 Comments

Looks like this Creigh Deeds for Governor field office in Prince William County is shutting down. I wonder whether campaign contributions have dried up after weeks of terrible polling, or whether Democrats have lost so much enthusiasm for this campaign that they can’t find the volunteers needed to staff it.

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Dems Might As Well Pack It In

5 September 2009 | Virginia Politics | 13 Comments

Liberal bloggers are aghast at the polling numbers for Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli which continue to command double-digit leads ahead of their Democrat opponents.  The grumbling is already turning into sniping, with consistent complaints that the campaigns of Chreigh Deeds, Jody Wagner and Steve Shannon have done nothing to enamor themselves to […]

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Tim Kaine: The Press Needs To Buy Tickets!

4 September 2009 | Loudoun County, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

If you’re expecting to have the media cover all of Governor Kaine’s activities, you better start sending them money so they can do that, according to the Observer.
Gov. Tim Kaine will be making a rare appearance in Herndon Sept. 16 when he is scheduled to drop in at a campaign party for Stevens Miller, the […]

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Bob McDonnell Announces Support For State-Wide 287(g) Program

4 September 2009 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime | 16 Comments

In case anyone out there was still wondering whether Bob McDonnell wanted to help reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in the Commonwealth, the DC Examiner reports today that McDonnell has gone on record supporting the participation of the Virginia State Police in the Section 287(g) Program.  While Governor Kaine has steadfastly refused […]

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Open Thread

4 September 2009 | Uncategorized | 37 Comments

For whatever’s on your mind…

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Jeanette Rishell Caught In Yet Another Lie

4 September 2009 | Jeanette Rishell, 50th HOD District | 12 Comments

An activist for the Jeanette Rishell campaign, who also happens to be in charge of setting up a debate between Rishell and Delegate Jackson Miller for the NAACP feeds a story to the Rishell campaign that Delegate Miller is refusing to attend an NAACP-sposored debate.  True to form, the consistently hapless Rishell campaign issues a […]

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Ham Sandwich Leads Senate Majority Leader

3 September 2009 | National Politics, Prince William County | 6 Comments

The venerable campaign of Ham Sandwich received quite a boost today when the National Review revealed that Ham Sandwich is beating Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  This is according to a poll by Research2000 that was commissioned by The Daily Kos, which should be pretty friendly to Senator Reid, no less.  Even though Ham has […]

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Gerry “Cowardly” Connolly

3 September 2009 | Gerry Connolly, US Congress | 8 Comments

Congressman Gerry Connolly doesn’t seem to be all that popular with his constituents from the looks of this video, which might have something to do with the fact that Gerry Connolly won’t allow them to participate with him in any Town Hall meetings on the subject of healthcare. As some constituents-relegated-to-protesters […]

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Connolly Restricts Heritage Hunt TownHall

2 September 2009 | Gerry Connolly, Prince William County | 7 Comments

Got this in my inbox from someone who was at Heritage Hunt today, where Congressman Gerry Connolly will be holding a Town Hall meeting tonight:
We just got back from my mom’s place and while there watched the [Heritage Hunt] announcements on their internal cable channel.  That’s the same system I have.  Last time I watched it they […]

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