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John Bell: Economics For Idiots

By Greg L | 2 October 2009 | 13th HOD District | 3 Comments

The true beliefs of John Bell, running in the 13th District against Bob Marshall, leak out in a News & Messenger article published yesterday where Bell apparently thinks he can deliver a free lunch to Virginians, and no one is going to have to pay for them.  Once again, a democrat starts talking about increasing taxes while Virginia families are dealing with an economic recession, but this time a democrat is making the claim that you probably wouldn’t have to actually pay the higher taxes.  The proletariat fairy is going to pay them, not you. 

Transportation fixes cost a lot, however. Bell said he would attack the road money issue by cutting waste in state government and employing cost-efficient maintenance efforts.

If those didn’t save enough money, then he would consider a tax increase, probably in the gas tax.

It would be the most reasonable option, he said, noting that sometimes states with higher gas taxes don’t have higher gas prices, meaning oil companies are just pocketing the difference.

The Warner and Kaine Administrations promised they would cut waste and improve efficiency, and all we’ve seen from that are proposals for more tax increases.  Any “savings” they have come up with — more often surpluses that have developed from previous tax increases — haven’t been put into transportation, but into increased general fund expenditures.   Now folks like John Bell are trotting out once again that they’re going to increase efficiency and generate savings that will be dedicated to transportation.  Right.  Like we haven’t heard that one before.

Then there’s the inevitable variation of “everything is on the table”, but this time a tax increase is more explicitly identified.  Once we find that we’re not going to magically increase efficiency and cut waste to the point we can afford to improve transportation infrastricture, we’re going to ask hard-pressed families to give up more of their money.  The last time Northern Virginia families did this, they didn’t see any improvements on I-66 or I-95, but got a bypass around Danville, instead.  The budget grew by 90%, improving transportation was one of the reasons given to justify all this new taxation, and Virginians looking for actual improvements ended up with nothing.

But not to worry, says John Bell.  Borrowing the most inane statement Chuck Colgan ever uttered, if we raise gas taxes, consumers won’t have to pay more.  Those greedy and heartless corporations will eat the whole increase, just so they can enjoy the civic pride of continuing to supply us with the things we want, no matter whether they make or lose money.  Those costs won’t be passed on to us.  Just because costs rise for them doesn’t mean prices will rise for us.

What a crock.  For someone who claims to have all this financial expertise, John Bell sure seems to lack any understanding of such fundamental economic concepts such as supply and demand.  Perhaps if his mind weren’t so cluttered with socialist nonsense and this blind determination to repeal the Marriage Amendment, he might actually remember what I’m sure was taught to him in High School Social Studies.  We do, however, and we’re not buying this at all.

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  1. Ted said on 2 Oct 2009 at 2:00 pm:
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    As a retired military officer mark me down as being totally unimpressed with Bell using his rank and a picture of him in uniform on his mailers.

    It is one thing to include a picture in uniform like McDonnell has to show how he spent a part of his life, it is something else to have it as your “formal” candidate photo and the centerpiece of your advertising even with all the mandatory disclaimers.

    Completely inappropriate IMHO.

  2. Another Vet said on 2 Oct 2009 at 7:41 pm:
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    You can mark me down as number 2.

    This guy was an accountant in the Air Force. Yet the material we’re being bombarded with makes him out to be some sort of combat veteran. Having been someone who drew imminent danger pay for 6 of my 8 years, I find this offensive. Drop the schtick already. I’m not trying to denegrate a man’s service but don’t pimp yourself as something you’re not.

  3. Ron Homan said on 2 Oct 2009 at 7:58 pm:
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    During the recent debate Bell repeatedly left the impression that aea major he was the prime budgeteer in the USAF. Majors are a dime a dozen in the Air Force a nd hardly are trusted with budgeting to the degree Bell claimed. he also stated FDR’s actions in the 1930s is what pulled out of the depression. He obiously knows very little about the depression and FDR’s follies. This is hardly the type of person we should send to Richmond, unless some “progressive” needs a page.

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