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video production in Manassas and Prince William County

Prince William County Defines “Cool”

By Greg L | 25 October 2009 | Patriotism, Prince William County | 8 Comments

Regular people getting to ride in tanks and watch flamethrowers shooting fifty-foot fireballs into the air.  Man, do we live in the greatest county on the face of this earth, or what!

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  1. Anonymous said on 26 Oct 2009 at 4:35 am:
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    I was there, and it was a picture perfect day. Got my T-shirt to boot! I’ve been going to the open house for years, and there’s always something new to see. Alan Cors’s hobby has resulted in the creation of a national museum, and for that effort we owe him a debt of gratitude. Don’t forget the VMMV site where it all started: http://www.vmmv.org

  2. me said on 26 Oct 2009 at 5:41 am:
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    Awesome simply awesome…..wish I had been there!!!!!

  3. O. P. Ditch said on 26 Oct 2009 at 8:35 am:
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    I’ve been to this event in years past, they are AWESOME! Good job on the video Greg.

  4. Manassascityresident said on 26 Oct 2009 at 9:51 am:
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    Great video, Greg!

  5. mnd said on 26 Oct 2009 at 10:28 am:
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    Ah! That explains the UH-1 I saw yesterday while riding in the area.

    I was confused because it was in military colors but they’ve all been retired from active duty and the Yankee models that the USMC uses are distinctive.

    Pretty cool.

  6. Greg L said on 26 Oct 2009 at 10:49 am:
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    That one sure didn’t look like it had been retired. It had all the markings of a VANG bird, and I assumed when I saw it that it was part of the grop that supports the 29th ID. The crew were in uniform, but I didn’t look closely enough to tell whether they had insignia.

    The UH-1 is a great piece of equipment that I had the chance to ride in on quite a few occasions, and I’m sorry to see them going away, even if the Blackhawk is a nice replacement. Lotsa fun memories of helocasting, sitting in the door with my legs dangling in the breeze during an NOE flight, and getting from one place to another in a hurry.

    A lot of armor rounded out this pretty incredible collection. What didn’t get in this short video was a lot of relatively obscure British scout cars and a Matilda and Challenger tank, lots of Russian stuff including a T-72, BRDM, BTR-50 and the T-55 in the video, and the bevy of U.S. vehicles including M-113s, the 105mm SP in the video, half-tracks, Shermans, a Patton, and even a Sheridan light tank. There must have been at least thirty tracked vehicles there, and all of them seemed operational. It’s the most impressive collection I’ve ever seen and included a lot of pretty obscure stuff I thought I would never see.

    A truly awesome event. I wish the weather had been better on Saturday or I would have been there both days.

  7. Cargosquid said on 26 Oct 2009 at 12:22 pm:
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    The Huey was active. The VA NG was nice enough support the effort.

    We bloggers REALLY need some identifying marks. I was there yesterday and ConcreteBob was there all weekend.

    Outstanding video.

    Bob loaded some up at our site.

  8. citizenofmanassas said on 26 Oct 2009 at 1:26 pm:
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    We went on Sunday and had a blast, no pun intended.

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