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Voting Is Open: Best Video of 2009

By Greg L | 28 October 2009 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | No Comments

Bearing Drift has opened the voting for the Berry Awards — recognizing the effective use of Web 2.0 in Republican political campaigns and by Republican activists in Virginia — and you need to go vote.  I’ve been nominated for my video of the Cuccinelli/Shannon debate (which has pulled in over 19,000 views so far), and Northern Virgina candidates Rich Anderson and Aaron Ringel have been nominated as well.  The list of nominee videos is a really entertaining snapshot of the 2009 election and I highly recommend folks take a few minutes to watch them.

Voting is open in a number of categories, such as the best use of social networking, the best campaign blog, and so forth, but to me, the list of videos is the most entertaining part of the voting, and not just because I happen to have one of mine there.  These are definitely fun to watch, and the quality and number of these that have been produced this election cycle definitely has eclipsed the efforts of years past.  Republicans have definitely embraced using the web in campaigns and have done some really teriffic work.

Deeds On the Ropes on Taxes

This video by RPV features Creigh Deeds struggling to explain to reporters whether he will raise taxes or not, and the reporters aren’t settling for the typical wishy-washy answer. After watching this, see if you can explain Deeds’ position here in any way other than “I’m going to raise your taxes.”  Production by Frank Strategies, LLC.  (58,436 YouTube views)

Steve Shannon Gets Desperate

My video of the Cuccinelli-Shannon debate in Prince William County where Steve Shannon looks like a deer in the headlights when asked what the office of the Attorney General does. Just to make things more interesting, Shannon’s campaign staff they try to prevent anyone from filming him after the debate when he gets a chance to redeem himself to a reporter. (19,219 YouTube views)

Morefield For Delegate 2009

Morefield’s campaign got an in-kind donation from the media firm that worked for Hillary Clinton in 2008 that produced this stunning campaign commercial. Although this wasn’t done for the web, and might not strictly qualify, it’s a great video nonetheless. Production by Lumiere Film Group.  (2,299 YouTube views)


Rich Anderson showcases his military experience in this beautiful video that makes you want to stand up and salute. Production by BeeHiveSites.com Video.  (826 YouTube views)

Aaron Ringel for Virginia Delegate

Aaron Ringel explains how the opportunities to solve problems in Arlington have been squandered and that new leadership is what’s needed in the 48th district. Production by BeeHiveSites.com Video.  (279 YouTube views)

Deeds Post Endorsement

Another RPV video that pokes fun at the endorsement of the Washington Post of Creigh Deeds, ostensibly for his position on raising taxes. Production by Frank Strategies, LLC.  (7,874 YouTube views)

Now that you’ve had a chance to watch these, head on over to Bearing Drift and cast your vote for the best video of 2009!

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