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Chuck Caputo Crazies Have Halloween Early

By Greg L | 30 October 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia House | 4 Comments

Local politics is where all the interesting stuff seems to happen, as this article in the DC Examiner so wonderfully attests.  At what other level of government would you have something like this happen, where incoherent and irate supporters of Chuck Caputo try to browbeat Jim Lemunyon for both not supporting their right to obtain an abortion and not allowing them to marry another man? 

While the Miller-Rust battle provided the most interesting, albeit uncomfortable, theater, the most contentious point of the evening came from two Caputo supporters who berated Jim LeMunyon on his social stances. One gentleman had to be asked by the moderators to refrain from his increasingly hostile and incomprehensible line of questioning after accosting Mr. LeMunyon for not supporting abortion or his wishes to marry another man. Mr. LeMunyon tried to calmly state his position but was continually interrupted by the irate man.

After an almost identical question from a teenager in the audience Mr. LeMunyon explained,”I think it’s important that the government leave people alone, to get back to the idea of limited government. There are going to be those cases when government needs to interact and intersect with those positions. My positions are very clear on that and I understand that people disagree on those things.”

When the teenager continued to press for a different answer Mr. LeMunyon said, “I respect your point of view and we will have to agree to disagree.”

A Chuck Caputo supporter then proceeded to yell out an expletive not suitable for print.

Mr. LeMunyon bravely held his own and responded, “I’m proud of my pro-life stance.”

Where does Chuck Caputo manage to dredge up people like this?

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  1. CC said on 30 Oct 2009 at 11:14 am:
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    Just so happens the teenager questioning LeMunyon was also one of the teen cronies from Caputo’s Chantilly HS photoshoot.

    Caputo’s supporters are as dumb as Caputo. They showed up dressed like they were going on a cruise. Is that really something to be proud of? Caputo has never passed a transportation bill in the House, isn’t responsible for Route 50 widening as he claims, and then skipped all the transportation votes to take a cruise.

    Complete morons.

  2. Not SPLC said on 30 Oct 2009 at 1:22 pm:
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    This is from a friend-”Gross domestic product grew 3.5% in the third quarter. That’s great news and all. Only a few months ago, GDP was falling at a 6%-plus clip, and we were certain the economy was about to meet a fiery death.
    String together another quarter or two of growth, and the powers in charge will declare the recession over. That really means nothing, but it’ll produce great headlines that make people feel good again. That’s how these things work.
    But what’s important is why GDP is growing:”


    Third-Quarter Growth
    Personal spending
    Nonresidential fixed investment
    Real exports
    Government spending
    Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    Export growth was on fire, thanks in part to a weaker dollar. But exports are a relatively small portion of our economy, so even though growth is big, the final contribution isn’t. In fact, net exports (exports minus imports) decreased the final GDP figures.

    Our economy is truly reliant on consumer spending. That’s why Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and Target (NYSE: TGT) dominate the landscape while manufacturing withers. You can see that by breaking out the contributions that made up the 3.5% gain:
    Contribution to 3.5% Growth
    Personal spending
    Gross private investment*
    Net exports
    Government spending
    Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

  3. Not SPLC said on 30 Oct 2009 at 1:44 pm:
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    How many people would be put to work if the government would finish the PROMISED fence along the Southern border?

  4. Not SPLC said on 30 Oct 2009 at 1:58 pm:
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    From: House Republican Conference - Mike Pence, Chairman
    Reading Guide—Pelosi Health “Reform” Bill

    October 29, 2009

    In order to assist Members, staff, and interested parties seeking to read and review the health “reform” legislation (H.R. 3962) introduced by House Democrats, the Republican Conference has compiled a list of important page numbers and provisions in the 1,990-page “Affordable Health Care for America Act:”

    1990 page HR bill can be found at: http://docs.house.gov/rules/health/111_ahcaa.pdf

    Page 94—Section 202(c) prohibits the sale of private individual health insurance policies, beginning in 2013, forcing individuals to purchase coverage through the federal government

    Page 110—Section 222(e) requires the use of federal dollars to fund abortions through the government-run health plan—and, if the Hyde Amendment were ever not renewed, would require the plan to fund elective abortions

    Page 111—Section 223 establishes a new board of federal bureaucrats (the “Health Benefits Advisory Committee”) to dictate the health plans that all individuals must purchase—and would likely require all Americans to subsidize and purchase plans that cover any abortion

    Page 211—Section 321 establishes a new government-run health plan that, according to non-partisan actuaries at the HULewin GroupUH, would cause as many as 114 million Americans to lose their existing coverage

    Page 225—Section 330 permits—but does not require—Members of Congress to enroll in government-run health care

    Page 255—Section 345 includes language requiring verification of income for individuals wishing to receive federal health care subsidies under the bill—while the bill includes a requirement for applicants to verify their citizenship, it does not include a similar requirement to verify applicants’ identity, thus encouraging identity fraud for undocumented immigrants and others wishing to receive taxpayer-subsidized health benefits

    Page 297—Section 501 imposes a 2.5 percent tax on all individuals who do not purchase “bureaucrat-approved” health insurance—the tax would apply on individuals with incomes under $250,000, thus breaking a central HUpromiseUH of then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign

    Page 313—Section 512 imposes an 8 percent “tax on jobs” for firms that cannot afford to purchase “bureaucrat-approved” health coverage; according to an HUanalysisUH by Harvard Professor Kate Baicker, such a tax would place millions “at substantial risk of unemployment”—Uwith minority workers losing their jobs at twice the rate of their white counterparts

    Page 336—Section 551 imposes additional job-killing taxes, in the form of a half-trillion dollar “surcharge,” more than half of which will hit small businesses; according to a model developed by President Obama’s senior economic advisor, such taxes could cost up to 5.5 million jobs

    Page 520—Section 1161 cuts more than $150 billion from Medicare Advantage plans, potentially jeopardizing millions of seniors’ existing coverage

    Page 733—Section 1401 establishes a new Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research; the bill includes no provisions preventing the government-run health plan from using such research to deny access to life-saving treatments on cost grounds, similar to Britain’s National Health Service, which denies patient treatments costing more than £35,000

    Page 1174—Section 1802(b) includes provisions entitled “TAXES ON CERTAIN INSURANCE POLICIES” to fund comparative effectiveness research, breaking Speaker Pelosi’s promise that “UWe will not be taxing [health] benefits in any bill that passes the HouseU,” and the President’s promise not to raise taxes on families with incomes under $250,000

    The House Republican Conference • GOP.gov
    1420 Longworth HOB • (202) 225-5107

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