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37th Special Election On Tuesday

30 November 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

On Tuesday evening Republicans will select their nominee for the special election in the 37th District and all indications are that Steve Hunt is heavily favored to win.  Hunt has an impressive list of local endorsements, has maintained an enormous lead in our online poll, and as the only candidate with a record as an elected official has garnered […]

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A Sucker Born Every Minute

29 November 2009 | National Politics | 21 Comments

Before Congress and the Obama Administration continue to push forward with their jobs-destroying plan to address “global warming,” they better come up with some answers quickly about the growing evidence that the scientific process was subverted in order to push a political agenda.  Over the past week a steady stream of hugely embarassing revelations about […]

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Help Save Manassas Monday

29 November 2009 | Illegal Aliens | 3 Comments

It’s getting time to bring the heat on, again.  Perhaps not locally, as the Board of Supervisors has overall done a good job in implementing the Rule of Law Resolution and the impacts of illegal immigration are dramatically lower in the Prince William County area than they were several years ago, but at the state […]

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I’m Calling This Election Early…

25 November 2009 | Manassas City | 10 Comments

Another election season that’s starting to get underway is in Manassas City, where Council members Steve Randolph, Andy Harrover and Marc Aveni are seeking re-election.  So far the Dems haven’t made any noise about running candidates, while Republicans Harrover and Aveni have announced they’re going to run a joint campaign, which may discourage anyone else […]

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The Obama Subservience Tour Continutes

24 November 2009 | National Politics, Humor & Satire | 20 Comments

This time Obama bows down to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, following his previous bowing before the Japanese Emperor.  Reportedly, North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Il is anxious to have Obama come visit so he can render similar honors.
H/T: Hope Is Not A Foreign Policy

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Dave Marsden Lowers The Bar

23 November 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 16 Comments

As a preview of the campaign he intends to run, Dave Marsden has pulled what Riley is describing as “A Steve Chapman” by renting a room in the 37th Senate District so he could qualify as a candidate.  Some Democrats are aghast, as Marsden manages to establish for himself even less of a plausible qualification […]

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Open Thread

22 November 2009 | Uncategorized | 45 Comments

Once again, it’s time…

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Walk For Children

20 November 2009 | Patriotism, Manassas City, Prince William County | 6 Comments

Once again, Austin Haynes is raising money for a good cause in his quest to be sort of a one-man United Way for the City of Manassas.  He’s raised money for a number of charitable causes over the years with 24 hour swims and other tests of endurance and perseverance that are pretty darned incredible.  […]

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No More Bills!

19 November 2009 | Humor & Satire | 15 Comments

This is just too funny.

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18 November 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 15 Comments

Can you believe this?  Democrats even conducted a poll to try to figure out who to run in the 37th District, and all they could ultimately come up with was Dave Marsden!!!  Apparently mounting a write-in campaign for a week-old dead carp was seen as too much of a challenge, so Marsden got the nod instead.
Boy, how […]

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Who Is Marianne Horinko?

18 November 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 30 Comments

Voters in the 37th District are being bombarded with robocalls and mailers — as many as five a day this past Saturday – from the Marianne Horinko campaign as she tries to win the Republican nomination to run for Ken Cuccinelli’s Senate seat.  Before her run for the Senate I’d never heard of Horinko as she’s never run […]

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Propaganda Worthy Of Stalin?

17 November 2009 | National Politics | 27 Comments

The “stimulus” passed by Congress and the Obama Administration has truly done a wonderful thing. It has expanded the number of congressional districts in Virginia beyond the eleven we currently have, and managed to create new jobs in them! I never thought something like this would be possible, but I really have to wonder who […]

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16 November 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

After seeing what these incredible folks have done with their last three pictures, I absolutely cannot wait for this to come out!


Peter Farrell Resigns

16 November 2009 | Manassas Park | 23 Comments

Manassas Park City Councilman Peter Farrell resigned his position on the Governing Board last Friday according to the News & Messenger, just before his trial on charges of election fraud was scheduled to begin today.  The comment from his press release stating that he was giving up simply because he was spending more time outside of Manassas […]

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Washington Blade Shuts Down

16 November 2009 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

With the mainstream media so openly promoting homosexuality and hostile to traditional values, I guess the continued existence of “gay newspapers” was pretty much superfluous.  Oh well, gone will be the days when conservative candidates could hold up stories from the Washington Blade as a means of inflaming their base voters.  Doing so with the Washington […]

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PWC: The Redistricting Battleground

16 November 2009 | Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

One of the big concerns for both parties going into this election year was the effect the election would have on redistricting, an inescapably partisan process where the House, Senate and Governor re-draw the electoral districts to reflect population changes and ensure roughly equal representation.  The concern of both parties was that if the other […]

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Tea Party Protest Dwarfs Organizing For America

13 November 2009 | Gerry Connolly, National Politics, Fairfax County | 16 Comments

“Organizing For America”, the collective behind President Obama’s perpetual campaign, decided to lend some assistance to the beleagured Congressman Gerry Connolly this afternoon by holding a “thank you rally” in front of his office in Annandale.  Four days ago, an email started rallying the Obama troops to come to the defense of Connolly, suggesting a pretty […]

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Our Patriot-In-Chief

13 November 2009 | National Politics, Humor & Satire | 39 Comments

Once again, President Obama demonstrates his deep love and profound respect for the United States of America in this photo taken yesterday.  He actually stood up for the National Anthem, and didn’t fidget once.
Meanwhile, Dictator Hugo Chavez of Venzuela behaves a bit differently in similar circumstances.  Maybe Obama should set him straight or something.

H/T: Charles.

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Hold Your Wallet – Here’s Mark Again

12 November 2009 | Manassas City, Prince William County | 106 Comments

Guest post by Howard Roark
I was astounded to read in the November 11 “News & Observer” that Manassas Councilman Mark Wolfe is again reaching for the wallets of taxpayers in Manassas and Prince William County. We know already that he padded his request for arts funding to get $55,000 of taxpayer money from Prince William […]

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Dems: Ouch!

12 November 2009 | National Politics | 17 Comments

Yeah, how’s that whole ramming socialized medicine through Congress thing working out for you, Speaker Pelosi?  And Gerry Connolly, are you paying attention here?

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