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Tea Party Protest Dwarfs Organizing For America

By Greg L | 13 November 2009 | Gerry Connolly, National Politics, Fairfax County | 16 Comments

“Organizing For America”, the collective behind President Obama’s perpetual campaign, decided to lend some assistance to the beleagured Congressman Gerry Connolly this afternoon by holding a “thank you rally” in front of his office in Annandale.  Four days ago, an email started rallying the Obama troops to come to the defense of Connolly, suggesting a pretty impressive crowd would show up to thank him for his vote to gut medicare spending, socializing a fifth of our economy, and adding as much as $1.2 trillion in federal outlays to the budget at a time of exploding budget deficits.  What ended up happening was a little different than what most folks expected.

First, here’s the rallying cry from “Organizing For America”:

As you know, The US House passed a bill for real healthcare reform with a public option late on Saturday night. This bill is a huge step in the fight for healthcare reform and it’s because people like YOU made your voices heard in Congress. The phone calls, letters and emails you all sent pushed 220 Representatives to vote for the bill. Congressman Connolly stood on the side of real healthcare reform voting for HR 3962. This Friday, we’ll be going to his office to thank him for his support and ask him to vote for the final healthcare bill when it comes back to the House. We want him to know that his constituents appreciate his support for this bill. Please join us on Friday to keep pushing forward on healthcare reform!

DATE: Friday, November 13th
TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
WHERE: Congressman Connolly’s District Office - 4115 Annandale Rd, Suite 103, Annandale, VA 22003
WHAT: Join others as we rally outside his to thank Congressman Connolly for his support of the healthcare bill and to ask him to vote for real reform again in the future.
RSVP: Email me, Emily at elamia@democracyforamerica.com so we know you’re coming!

See you Friday,
Emily, State Director VA Public Option
Democracy For America

So today was the day when legions of supporters of socialized medicine were to flex their muscle.  Here they were, in all their glory.

Meanwhile, some folks that weren’t all too pleased with Connolly decided to show up and express their opinion, gathered together pretty much by personal emails that started going out Wednesday evening.  I don’t know, but it looks like the numbers are just a little unbalanced here.

and here’s the view from across the street:

If the weather hadn’t been so awful, I’d expect that the turnout would have been a lot higher on both sides, but when the opponents of Connolly’s vote appear to dwarf the supporters by a factor of four at a rally organized by the supporters I really doubt Organizing For America would have had the larger crowd.

It looks to me that the OFA legions that were supposed to provide political cover for “moderate” Democrats who were toeing the Pelosi line in defiance of the sentiments in their district have dwindled into obscurity.  Meanwhile the coalition of “tea party” protestors, conservatives, and others concerned about the direction of this country is as strong as ever, if not getting larger and more engaged.  People like Gerry Connolly have to be mighty concerned about this, as they’re being abandoned by the folks they were counting on to politically protect them right as they deliver their politically dangerous votes in favor of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.  With their allies all but gone and their opponents as loud and energized as ever, representatives like Connolly are in deep trouble.

In a little less from one year from now, Connolly will answer to the voters for what he’s done.  If this straw poll is any indication, we’re going to be welcoming a new Congressman in the 11th District when that happens.

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  1. Debbie Munoz said on 14 Nov 2009 at 8:25 am:
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    The ratio we see here represents the future election results for 2010. Keith Fimian will hand Connolly his pink slip.

  2. Groveton said on 14 Nov 2009 at 9:32 am:
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    Nothing would make me happier (politically speaking) than being rid off Gerry Connolly. However, Keith Fimian ran a lousy campaign last time. Just awful. If we are going to get pur wish of an unemployed Connolly than Fimian will have to run a much, much better campaign. Just complaining about Connolly won’t be enough. We also need some pretty concrete reasons to support the policies of Keith Fimian. And Fimian needs to articulate those policies himself - not live trough bloggers like GregL et al.

  3. Greg L said on 14 Nov 2009 at 10:52 am:
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    Check out the press conference video and the interview I shot with Fimian at the tea party protest in front of his office. If you want policies that make sense, he’s chock full of them. You can find those videos on the link to the right of this page that says “VIDEO.”

  4. Prester John said on 14 Nov 2009 at 12:11 pm:
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    Re: Keith Fimian’s campaign.

    If we want “real” people to run for office to get rid of the career politicians, we are going to have to get used to the idea that the campaigns may be a bit rough around the edges. While these new candidates need to listen to the professional campaign types they can’t allow themselves to be controlled and co-opted by them.

    They need to go with their gut instincts IMHO amd speak honestly no matter how inarticulate they may seem.

    We all know that more often than not style beats substance.

    Our job is get people to actually listen and learn the differences in policy positions then vote accordingly.

  5. jeff said on 14 Nov 2009 at 12:33 pm:
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    Congrats all for showing up! Wish I could have made it.

  6. InTheNavy said on 14 Nov 2009 at 2:15 pm:
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    A bit off topic, but somewhat related to Connelly and Fairfax County: just returned from the home of my child’s classmate in Annandale…nice neighborhood, but we ventured out of their neighborhood and onto Little River Turnpike searching for a Panera and were absolutely shocked to see the dozens of day laborers lining the road for about a mile. We made the mistake of pulling into a shopping center and our vehicle was quickly approached by a number of the men hanging out near a trash-filled tree (yes, there was actually garbage wedged in the tree). We’re not from VA and not yet familiar with all of NVA, so should I or should I not be shocked by what we encountered? Has living in PWC, with its resolutions, blinded me to the issue that continues to plague the surrounding counties?

  7. Anonymous said on 14 Nov 2009 at 2:31 pm:
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    Nice to see a perspective from a newcomer that clearly indicates to positive effects of the PWC resolution. We still have a few hangers-on here however.

  8. Conservative 2 said on 14 Nov 2009 at 4:06 pm:
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    I think Debbie is right. We need to support Fimian and he needs to beef up his campaign. He has alot to offer. But he needs to hit the doors,every last one of them. Even SO Called Democrats,as he can put forth a good plan and a personality that the people will like.

    Our Resolution has done alot. But we need the enforcing to be done at those hang out areas. It is becoming a disgrace and also a Health Hazzard with all the relieving of their bathroom needs. Keep calling the Health Dept. and hopefully they will see the danger. What a good way to spread the H1M1 Flu. Really unsanitary and everyone is breathing those germs. No wonder we are having so many get sick and we can’t really
    cure it with enough vacine. If it’s not this flu,it will be another.The unsanitary situations is not what this country is about. Send them home to live in their own slop and leave us alone.

    Our County and Country needs to wake up now before it is way to late.

    Greg you do so much to help all of us. Maybe you can take the place of Lou Dobbs and be the speaker for the majority of our citizens.

  9. Citizenofmanassas said on 14 Nov 2009 at 5:09 pm:
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    You won’t find all of Fairfax County like that. But, that is what happens when illegals get a toe hold and it just goes down from there. Keep that in mind the next time you see anyone come on and write what PW County did was wrong. Particularly novascout. He thinks Fairfax County can combat illegal aliens by just enforcing current laws without passing new ones aimed at illegals.

  10. anon said on 14 Nov 2009 at 10:14 pm:
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    Greg, your link to Fimian is keithfimian.org, which seems to go nowhere. Keithfimian.com goes to his website.

  11. Greg L said on 14 Nov 2009 at 10:16 pm:
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    Thanks. The link has been updated.

  12. Howard the Duck said on 15 Nov 2009 at 9:59 am:
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    InTheNavy, friend you ain’t seen nothing! Go back there on a weekday morning, it’s not dozens, it’s hundreds! There also smaller labor sites on Backlick Road at Commerce Street, up by the Rail Station, and way up Columbia Pike at Baily’s Cross Roads. Fairfax County is a Sanctuary Community for illegal aliens.

    Oh, did I mention Herndon?

  13. InTheNavy said on 15 Nov 2009 at 3:54 pm:
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    Hundreds? Disgraceful. It’s simply amazing that this continues to be tolerated. Surely loitering, littering, etc., would be sufficient to justify a round-up of, or at least running off of, these people? I can’t imagine that the majority of the residents consider this to be an acceptable situation. I wanted to ask my daughter’s friend’s mother where she’s actually able to shop, as the shopping centers in their area seemed to be all overrun that day. Doesn’t seem like a safe situation/area for young girls.

  14. Ron Homan said on 15 Nov 2009 at 5:32 pm:
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    In the debates regarding the last election Fimian kept bringing up Fairfax county monetary short falls and the associated deficit. People are interested in “what are you going to do”, vice harping on the malfeasance of the “progressive”. Let the surrogates handle that kind of stuff. Stay above the fray and don’t promise outlandish crap.

  15. Debbie Munoz said on 16 Nov 2009 at 7:07 am:
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    I worked in Bailey’s Crossroads for many years and repeatedly had visits from agents regarding this matter. Here’s the true threat to national security, locally and nationally:


  16. wineplz said on 19 Nov 2009 at 5:06 pm:
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    LOVE the “chains you can believe in” sign…big props to that guy (or whomever created it for him).

    Hopefully someone besides us noticed the difference between the supporters and the Tea Partiers. As it is, I’m still miffed by the lack of coverage and validation for the huge number of people who showed up at the Capitol building two weeks ago.

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