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Obama Revokes Five Constitutional Amendments

30 December 2009 | National Politics | 24 Comments

And when will the first American Citizen be seized on U.S. soil, denied his Constitutionally-protected rights, and rushed away to face charges as a “war criminal” in some foreign court?  Any day now, according to the DC Examiner.
…the Obama order reverses a 1983 Reagan administration decision in order to grant Interpol, the International Criminal […]

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Chuck Colgan: Channeling Karl Marx

29 December 2009 | 29th VA Senate | 23 Comments

Senator Chuck Colgan somehow seems to think that his constituents are demanding an increase in Virginia’s income tax, according to the WashPo:
“We hadn’t had an increase in the income tax rate in 38 years. I’d be willing to bet there’s not another state in the union that has held fast on that rate for that […]

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McDonnell Calls For Budget Cycle Reform

28 December 2009 | Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Sometimes great policy isn’t as sexy as selling off the Commonwealth’s liquor stores or eliminating parole for violent felons.  Often it’s the mundane stuff most of us wouldn’t choose to pay a lot of attention to, but those less headline-grabbing proposals are the ones that make the largest impacts in many cases.  Governor-Elect McDonnell is […]

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Amnesty Talk And Unemployment

28 December 2009 | Illegal Aliens | 13 Comments

This ridiculous bill has about zero chance of seeing the light of day but it’s still disturbing that the federal government seems interested in not only granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but ceasing all state and local assistance to federal authorities enforcing our immigration laws and killing the E-Verify program that hundreds of thousands of […]

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Mark Warner Comedy Gold

26 December 2009 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 7 Comments

From the most excellent From On High:
According to Amy Gardner, Washington Post reporter, Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s first year in office was a waste of time (he “has found himself mainly on the sidelines”), but he’s doing his best to pull his liberal Democrat colleagues back toward the “center” of American politics.
Say what?
Yeah, the Post […]

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The White House Culture War

24 December 2009 | National Politics | 23 Comments

What would Christmas be without an homage to Chairman Mao, drag queens, and The Obummer himself?  In the eyes of the Obama administration, apparently a holiday not sufficiently infused with “hope and change”, one would suppose.
I would never have thought Aldous Huxley’s imagination could have possibly underestimated what our future holds for us.

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Peace and Joy To You

22 December 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

First, some joy for Christmas:

And now, some peace:

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Connaughton To Get Post In McDonnell Administration

21 December 2009 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 23 Comments

Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell will appoint former PWC Chairman Sean Connaughton to be his Secretary of Transportation according to the Washington Post.  While TC is predictably cheering about anything involving Connaughton, it’s got some of us scratching our heads seeing as Connaughton just got off a stint as heading up the Maritime Commission under President Bush.  […]

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Warner and Webb: Harry Reid’s Lap Dogs

21 December 2009 | National Politics, US Senate | 18 Comments

In the middle of the night the Senate invoked cloture on the massive “manager’s amendment” to the Senate’s health care bill, with Senators Warner and Webb voting to stop the discussion. Although no one has been able to actually see the amendment under consideration, it includes Sen. Harry Reid’s unprecedented payoff to Ben Nelson […]

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Since Others Are Getting Freebies…

19 December 2009 | National Politics, US Senate | 19 Comments

Senator Ben Nelson held out a bit on ObamaCare and got hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to cover the increased costs that will be forced on to states like Virginia as a result of this bill.  Senator Mary Landrieu got 300 million dollars for Louisiana in return for her support.  Some […]

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Chuck Colgan To Sponsor Massive Tax Hike

18 December 2009 | 29th VA Senate, Virginia Politics | 12 Comments

I hope those of you out there who voted to re-elect Chuck Colgan are as pleased with him today as you were when you cast that vote.  Colgan announced he is going to be the chief patron this session for a bill hiking the state income tax by two billion dollars.  Although the measure is […]

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Obama: Stop Destroying Our Country!

17 December 2009 | National Politics | 11 Comments

If you were on Interstates 66, 95 or 495 during this morning’s rush hour and happened to look up, you might have seen this.  Thanks to the Danville TEA Party for putting together the funding for a great effort to highlight our discontent with the policies of the current administration!

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NLS Attacks Grandmother

17 December 2009 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 7 Comments

Note: vulgarity alert (below the fold)
I can understand a blogger supporting a preferred candidate or elected official.  What I can’t grasp is what would drive one to personally attack an elderly lady expressing her opinion as a “pathetic old woman” when she happens not to like that candidate.  Has the left become so incredibly unhinged […]

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Bill Treuting Appointed In Manassas Park

16 December 2009 | Manassas Park, Jeanette Rishell | 13 Comments

The Manassas Park Governing Board appointed Bill Treuting to fill the vacant seat created by the forced resignation of Peter Farrell tonight, dealing another blow to the political aspirations of Jeanette Rishell.  Rishell not only lobbied hard for this position but managed to dredge up four people to speak on her behalf at tonight’s meeting, […]

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Jim Webb’s Constituent Service

16 December 2009 | National Politics, US Senate | 21 Comments

Senator Jim Webb, you better start treating your constituents better. You don’t want more of them feeling like this.
UPDATE: NLS is now attacking this woman.  Read more here.

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Keith Fimian Gets More Endorsements

15 December 2009 | Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 28 Comments

The bar for someone to challenge Keith Fimian for the nomination to take on Gerry Connolly got a little higher today as Delegates-Elect Rich Anderson and Jim LeMunyon add their endorsements to Keith’s list.  These two freshman delegates join Congressman Eric Cantor, PWC Chairman Corey Stewart, Supervisor Mike May and Delegates Bob Marshall and Scott […]

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Town Hall Meeting Tuesday

14 December 2009 | Manassas City, Prince William County | 17 Comments

Not much advance notice, but if you want to tell your elected officials what you’re hoping they’ll accomplish this legislative session, here’s one of the few local chances you’ll get before the session starts.
Manassas, VA- The Prince William County Delegation will host a town hall meeting at the Manassas City Hall (located at 9027 […]

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Herrity In The 11th CD Race?

13 December 2009 | Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 3 Comments

UPDATE: NLS says Herrity is in.  My sources say Ben is full of crap.

Chris over at Mason Conservative is saying he’s hearing the rumblings of a possible entry by Supervisor Pat Herrity in the 11th Congressional District race.  We’ve seen these rumors floated before about this by the Washington Post, which I skeptically attributed to […]

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One Million Visits

12 December 2009 | Blogs | 16 Comments

According to sitemeter, we crossed the one million visits mark at BVBL this week.

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Residential Overcrowding Enforcement Improves

11 December 2009 | Crime, Prince William County | 15 Comments

Earlier this year citizens pushed to get the Prince William Board of County Supervisors to enact new restrictions aimed at addressing residential overcrowding, and they seem to be paying off.  Although not as contentious or as headline-grabbing as the Rule of Law Resolution of 2007, the new zoning regulations make it a lot easier for […]

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