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Keith Fimian Gets More Endorsements

By Greg L | 15 December 2009 | Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 28 Comments

The bar for someone to challenge Keith Fimian for the nomination to take on Gerry Connolly got a little higher today as Delegates-Elect Rich Anderson and Jim LeMunyon add their endorsements to Keith’s list.  These two freshman delegates join Congressman Eric Cantor, PWC Chairman Corey Stewart, Supervisor Mike May and Delegates Bob Marshall and Scott Lingamfelter in endorsing Fimian, leaving very few Republican elected officials in the 11th Congressional District who haven’t stated their clear preference in what will certainly be Northern Virginia’s most closely-watched race of 2010.  If the door hasn’t entirely shut on someone else entering the race, it’s pretty darned close.

This is from the Fimian campaign, today:

Fairfax, VA  – Keith Fimian’s campaign received another round of support today with the endorsement of the two Republican Delegate-elects from the 11th Congressional District. Both Rich Anderson and Jim LeMunyon defeated Democrat incumbents last month. Both now endorse Keith Fimian for Congress in 2010.

“In my successful campaign for Delegate, the key issues I heard over and over again were that people want a leader committed to real solutions of creating jobs and battling wasteful big government.  Focusing on those issues propelled me to victory.  Keith Fimian is the leader we need in Congress who will tackle these issues head on.  Keith opposes tax increases and his CPA background will help root out wasteful government spending.  He is the conservative leader who Northern Virginia needs in Congress.”

–Rich Anderson, Delegate-elect 51st District

“I ran for Delegate and won by focusing on the issues of improving transportation, holding the line on wasteful spending and creating economic growth that matter to the people of Northern Virginia.  So now I am proud to endorse Keith Fimian for Congress. He will bring the common sense business experience and real world knowledge on balancing budgeting and creating jobs that we sorely need in Congress. Fimian is the Republican Congressman we need.”

– Jim LeMunyon, Delegate-elect 67th District

Keith Fimian commented, “I am honored to have these two successful campaigners and strong leaders backing my campaign. Their victories prove that Northern Virginians are tired of the career politicians and their job killing tax-and-spend policies.”

The Washington Post must be a pretty downbeat place today, as their effort to try to encourage someone other than Keith Fimian to run for the Republican nomination seems to be failing pretty badly.  Maybe they haven’t grasped that Virginia Republicans don’t particularly care for what they think.

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  1. Doc said on 15 Dec 2009 at 8:55 pm:
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    Keith Fimian is our best chance to beat Connolly JPP. Keith has the endorsements, the business experience to create jobs, and the vision to reach beyond Fairfax County to become a national leader right out of the box. Herrity is a local machine pol in the Tom Davis RINO mode.

    Nobody knows Herrity from Adam in Prince William County. Fimian swept the field here. Herrity would do best to keep his seat on the Fairfax county board of supervisors. If he really wants to be helpful, Pat should run for Chairman over there.

    The issue is to beat Connolly JPP, not undermine Fimian’s campaign.

  2. Patty said on 15 Dec 2009 at 10:08 pm:
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    Doc said on 15 Dec 2009 at 8:55 pm:

    “Nobody knows Herrity from Adam in Prince William County.”

    Don’t be so sure. Many residents of Prince William lived in Fairfax County when they were kids. They remember Pat’s dad, Jack, very well.

  3. NovaRep said on 15 Dec 2009 at 11:19 pm:
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    Doc, your a buffoon. Actually, Fimian lost in Price William County in 2008, in addition to having it handed to him in Fairfax County. He lost PW by 9%.

    Keith does not stand a chance against Gerry and everyone knows it. Gerry will be tough to beat no matter who runs, but with Keith on the ballot we are ensured another loss.

    Furthermore, considering you know nothing about politics I would assume you would also know Fairfax is the 800LB Gorilla in the room when it comes to the 11th CD. Everyone knows Pat in FFX County and we love him up here.

    Furthermore, Mike May did not endorse Fimian, team Fimian made a booboo by saying he did…and I would not put a lot of stock in some of these endorsements because they were probably made pre-Pat Herrity, which I know for sure is the case with Corey Stewart. You all just need to calm down. Please be courteous to a possible challenger. The venom you have to anyone who might challenge “Keith” is amazing.

    And if by business experience you mean being CEO of a company that is laying off 30% of its workers and is in financial trouble then yes, he has done a wonderful job at managing that company. Gerry will mop the floor with Keith. AGAIN, he LOST BY 11 POINTS…that is not doing well, that is called being BEAT TO DEATH!

    Go do some research and then come talk when you are armed with facts. Then again, I am wasting my breath because you are nonsensical to begin with so talking to you won’t change your ignorance of the issues.

  4. Doc said on 15 Dec 2009 at 11:47 pm:
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    Hi NovaRep,
    Are you Tom Davis? Pour some syrup on that stack of pancakes, you’ll be just fine.

  5. Anonymous said on 16 Dec 2009 at 6:12 am:
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    Stewart and Cantor are backing him??? Sign me up!! (sarcasm off)

  6. Newin said on 16 Dec 2009 at 7:29 am:
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    For NovaRep,
    You seem enthusiastic, but also a bit rude and quick to launch ad hominem invectives. If you are representative of Herrity’s support base, you diminish his prospects. Before calling others buffoons, take a deep breath and look at the man in the mirror.

  7. Dittyman8 said on 16 Dec 2009 at 8:35 am:
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    You’ll need to keep in mind that 2008 was more about electing Obama than picking a Representative for the 11th CD. A lot of those voters who showed up would have voted for any Dem, regardless of who was running as a Republican. That was part of the reason why Tom Davis bowed out. Combine that with the fact that Keith Fimian was relatively unknown and had relatively little money then. Now that Virginia is shifting right again, Keith has more of a chance. Plus, to his credit, Keith has done the yeoman’s work being a strong conservative voice at Tea Party and other conservative events instead of fading away after he lost. That has gained him much “street cred” among Conservatives and momentum as the 2010 elections approach.

  8. NovaRep said on 16 Dec 2009 at 8:59 am:
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    First, no I am not Tom Davis. Second, I am offering as much respect and politeness as “Doc” and others have offered. Would not the same argument be true that there language and insensitivity towards potential candidates diminish Fimian’s credibility as a conservative?

    As for 2008, yes, it was about electing Obama, but remember nearly 2 in 14 voters who voted for Obama DID NOT vote for Connolly. Fimian ran in a horrible year, granted. However, his campaign was lackluster at best and just because its a bad year does not give you the excuse not to campaign 100%. Look at Wolf in the 10th, he increased his win margin from 2006. I simply will not buy the argument that is was a bad year. Furthermore, there is more to being a Republican than being part of the “Tea Party” movement. When they were in DC, I was on the streets volunteering for McDonnell.

    Keith WILL NOT WILL NOT be able to beat Connolly. Why? Because the national issues that will be more favorable for Republicans will not be such hot button issues in Fairfax County. Keith’s lack of community involvement such as being on a BOS or a Delegate mean that he is simply poorly tuned to the needs of the District.

    Again, the 11th is not a “Conservative” district. It is a very moderate district, so having a STRONG conservative is not necessarily indicative of a win. Furthermore, please tell me where Herrity is any less conservative than Fimian?

    As for street cred, I have seen Pat work HARD for Republicans for the past 5 years. From his time as FFX County Ops Chairman, to his run for Supervisor, to him Chairing Fairfax County McCain campaign, to running a STRONG Chairman’s race, to helping get Cook elected, to working for the Delegate candidates in 2009 and working with McDonnell, to working for Steve and all the while arguing for common sense conservative solutions to problems facing FFX County on the Board of Supervisors.

    Fimian did not have relatively little money. His campaign was well funded. For evidence of how bad Fimian’s campaign was, note that after August Connolly stopped campaigning. And, if you did your research you would find out that maybe just maybe there is a reason that Fimian might not be the best candidate…but, I will let you find that on your own. So, do your own research.

  9. Kevin C said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:23 am:
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    NovaRep said on: “You…just need to calm down.”

    GOOD advice.

    Now stand in front of a mirror, say it again and TAKE IT?

  10. NovaRep said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:25 am:
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    I am not “upset” I am laughing at how naive you all are to think Fimian can win, that’s all. And, after reading some of things said about Pat Herrity, I am a bit shocked at how nasty the “Tea Party” people really can be.

  11. Advocator said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:55 am:
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    I think after Connolly joins up with Rep. Gutierrez and votes to legalize the Illegal Invasion Force, I could run my pet goat and beat the communist bastard .

  12. Advocator said on 16 Dec 2009 at 10:07 am:
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    Incidentally, a summary of traitor Gutierrez’ bill is at http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/sites/default/files/docs/CIR_ASAP_2009_Summary.pdf.

  13. Maureen said on 16 Dec 2009 at 10:26 am:
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    OK, a few things - First, doc is right when he states that Fimian lost in PW and FFX counties. However, don’t forget that Fimian was running against the heavy cottails of the Obama campaign. To underestimate the effect of this would be an egregious error. Now, to compare Keith to Wolf is dumb. Wolf has been an incumbent since 1981, right after Reagen won his first election. That’s way different than a challenger like Keith. Furthermore, doc, the idea that the endorsements for Keith were only made because they were “pre-pat” is an assumption. Maybe it is true with Corey Stewart, but what is your evidence for the that? I’m just curious. Thirdly, laying off 30% is the direct result of the housing crash (they are a home inspection company) not the management of Keith. How is Keith responsible for the macro effects of the economy? Once again, terrible argument.

    PS: Since the existence of Keith is not in question, putting his name within quotations is incorrect. Just thought you should know.

  14. Nova Republican said on 16 Dec 2009 at 10:28 am:
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    Keith Fimian is the real deal and he can win in 2010 by sticking to the issues like Bob McDonnell did. McDonnell ran a great campaign and Fimian can do the same by following his lead. Many of the best people in Congress lost at least once before they won for the first time including Frank Wolf and Mike Pence. Fimian is our best bet this time around. Herrity would make a great Chairman of the Board in Fairfax and I would gladly support him if he decides to run for Chairman instead of the 11th. Everyone benefits if Herrity stays in local government, we need him to keep up the fight there.

  15. Maureen said on 16 Dec 2009 at 10:30 am:
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    By the way that’s a response to NovaRep, not Doc. Sorry Doc!

  16. Joe D said on 16 Dec 2009 at 11:56 am:
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    Fimian or Herrity, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want Connolly out.

    Please, folks, if there is a primary contest, don’t let it get nasty. We will essentially hand Connolly a victory. Fimian supporters: highlight Fimian’s strengths. Herrity supporters: highlight Herrity’s strengths. Then let us voters decide.

    A person on this blog noted that Bill Bolling was crucial to the GOP winning in November because he did not run for Governor. That’s the kind of teamwork we need in Northern Virginia if we’re to have any success at all. If we get in a yelling match about “who’s more conservative,” we’re doomed. And then we can ALL look in the mirror for who is to blame.

  17. Nova Republican said on 16 Dec 2009 at 12:42 pm:
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    Joe D is right we need to get Connolly out. We need a strong voice in Congress; Fimian can provide that voice, he sees the problems in DC and NoVa for what they are and has real solutions. Connolly is a Pelosi-Puppet who rarely listens to his constituents yet always seems to hear and heed the commands of the Speaker of the House. He toes the line of her job-killing agenda and forgets about Northern Virginia and the District he swore to serve.

  18. NovaRep said on 16 Dec 2009 at 12:54 pm:
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    Just to confirm, NovaRep is DIFFERENT than Nova Republican….

  19. Harold72 said on 16 Dec 2009 at 2:52 pm:
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    Ol “Hit and run” Connolly needs to go back to Ny or Mass where he came from.

    He would fit in much better up there.

  20. Kevin C said on 16 Dec 2009 at 4:25 pm:
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    NovaRep said, “Just to confirm, NovaRep is DIFFERENT than Nova Republican….”

    Do you REALLY, SERIOUSLY think ANYONE was confused ???

  21. NovaRep said on 16 Dec 2009 at 4:55 pm:
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    From NLS:

    Local media continues to print endorsements from Keith Fimian campaign press releases without checking up with people first. I did, and it is an embarassing picture for the Fimian campaign.

    At least two of the elected official endorsements Fimian has recently rolled out told me they pledged their support to him months ago. Both told me they endorsed well before Pat Herrity was considering running, and if Pat ran they would support him instead.

    This does not reflect well on Fimian’s organization or his campaign troll Jimmy Callahan who is putting this trash out there. A real Congressional campaign doesn’t roll out endorsements from months ago to try to lock down or embarrass people getting ready to abandon them. Maybe Keith should go run for something more at his ability level.

  22. Joe D said on 16 Dec 2009 at 5:45 pm:
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    I guess my post went right over NovaReps head.


  23. Greg L said on 16 Dec 2009 at 5:58 pm:
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    I’d be rather surprised if elected officials are providing the Fimain campaign with endorsement quotes but then saying those endorsements are conditional on Fimain running unopposed. It makes no sense at all. I really have to think that our elected officials aren’t that dumb.

    Something about all that doesn’t add up at all. In fact, none of that stuff makes any sense.

  24. Steve L. said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:43 pm:
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    Wow, proof that if Herrity steps in, this is going to split the party. Some people (NovaRep) need to chill. Herrity hasn’t even made it official yet and people are already attacking both Herrity and Fimian. There goes party unity.

  25. Not Carl Schurz said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:45 pm:
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    Unless Pat Herrity says something to actually hint that he is getting into the race this all smoke and no fire. It feels much more like a few people who want this to happen are suggesting it to some blogs and reporters in hopes that the press and debates forces Herrrity into running. This sort of rumor creation and hope driven angst happen all the time in sports and usually amount to nothing. So, Nova Rep doesn’t like Fimian, and two bloggers and Washington Post reporter all report the same rumor and we are supposed to believe them.

  26. Not Carl Schurz said on 16 Dec 2009 at 9:54 pm:
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    About Fimian.

    It is easy to pick at his campaign from 2008 and say it was a mess. Every campaign in NOVA was a mess that year. But many challengers start off the same way and learn from their failures. His campaign has been pretty active for a off year challenger. Nova Rep is challenging Keith for not being an elected offical on BOS or city elections. Sure it may help, or it may not, it is no magic potion. Keith has been hosting town hall meetings on the health care issue himself. Keith has been personally going door to door for GOP delegate candidates and organizing other to do so as well. There is no reason to think that Keith is any less clear about what folks want than Herrity or Connolly.

    For whatever it is worth, Fimian just sent out a great Christmas card.

    And no I don’t work for Fimian, but I do support him.

  27. Riley said on 18 Dec 2009 at 10:43 am:
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    I’m taking a wait and see approach. I believe that either Fimian or Herrity could defeat Connolly in 2010. I believe that can be done even if Fimian and Herrity oppose one another for the nomination. This is all speculation until Herrity makes his intentions known and I have it on solid authority that Ben jumped the gun and Herrity has not made up his mind yet.

  28. Doc said on 22 Dec 2009 at 10:08 pm:
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    Too close to Christmas now, then too close to New Years Eve, then too close to the Hunt election. Then, Herrity might as well stay on as supervisor. Too little, too late. Fimian leads: http://rednova8.com/

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