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10 December 2009 | Prince William County | 11 Comments

This has got to be the front-running nominee for the most obtuse and incomprehensible sentence ever published in a newspaper:
The amendment would do away with a requirement that adding trailers on existing school property to bypass a “public facility review” by the Planning Commission.

Some of us might actually want to understand how decisions are made […]

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Open Thread

10 December 2009 | Uncategorized | 34 Comments

There are lots of things I haven’t had the chance to write about this week that are obvious targets of intense discussion, and this is your chance to start the ball rolling.  From the nutcase who failed to shoot his teacher at NVCC with a Marlin 30.06 and had it jam on the third round, […]

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“Brown Pride” On Display At Local Library

8 December 2009 | Crime, Prince William County | 25 Comments

Here’s what the “brown pride” movement brings us, quite literally.  Gangs, and their graffiti.  As racial supremacists such as the Mexica Movement spew their filth about how “indigenous” people are superior to everyone else and are the sole legitimate inhabitants of the North American continent, young and idle minds seem to latch on to the […]

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Gays Rally For Virginia ObamaCare

8 December 2009 | Virginia Politics | 7 Comments

Since the story broke about the Kaine Administration’s under-the-radar attempt to provide health insurance benefits to the “domestic partners” of state employees, not only has the Kaine Administration stuck with the crazy idea, but the homosexual lobby has gone to battle in support of it and think they can win.  It’s like watching the push […]

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Money Don’t Buy You Love

7 December 2009 | Virginia House, Prince William County | 9 Comments

So which candidates for the House of Delegates in Prince William County got the most “bang” for their campaign “buck”?  Once again we see that Delegate Bob Marshall once again is far more effective with his campaign finances than just about anyone else.  And the least effective candidate this cycle?  That’s hardly a surprise either […]

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Global Warming Hysteria In Loudoun County

7 December 2009 | Loudoun County | 7 Comments

NOVATownHall has a great article today on Loudoun County Supervisor Andrea McGimsey, a hyper-liberal enviro-maniac who is trying to push through a county energy policy based on the discredited global warming hysteria.  The proposed policy would require every home and business in the county be audited for energy usage, that in order to transfer real […]

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Cops Nab Naked Flasher

7 December 2009 | Crime, Manassas City | 17 Comments

Some of our newer residents don’t benefit from growing up as part of American society and miss out on some important cultural lessons, to their detriment.  Take for example the case of Artemio Rojas Sanchez, who decided that of all the places he could choose to remove his clothing and expose himself to customers sitting […]

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Live From the RPV Advance!

3 December 2009 | RPV | 5 Comments

For those of you not able to be at the 26th Annual Huffman Advance this weekend, a special treat.  I will be part of the team from the New Media Committee live streaming the luncheon and dinner banquet activities on Saturday, and you can tune in to the RPV Advance Ustream Channel or the RPV website […]

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Mainstream Media Picks Up Insurance Scandal

3 December 2009 | Virginia Politics | 11 Comments

The Kaine Administration’s attempt to sneak taxpayer-funded health benefits for the same-sex partners has broken from the blogosphere to the mainstream media today with a pair of articles in the Hampton Roads Pilot and the Northern Virginia Daily today, and no doubt it’s going to spread from there.  Of course neither publication credits BVBL with […]

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HOA vs. Medal Of Honor Recipient

3 December 2009 | Patriotism | 44 Comments

This HOA couldn’t have inflicted a more serious self-inflicted head wound had it decided to hold a puppy barbequeue in the community commons.  Unbelievable.

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Julie Lucas Steps Down

3 December 2009 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

In order to deal with some family issues that often take her out of the area, Neabsco School Board member Julie Lucas announced she will resign her seat, according to the News & Messenger.  This is a huge blow to the board and the citizens of Prince William County, as Julie has been among the […]

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Watch This Space…

3 December 2009 | RPV, Virginia Politics | No Comments

Stay tuned for some pretty cool announcements regarding the RPV Huffman Advance this weekend, of particular interest to all of you who for some reason can’t make it but would like to stay in touch with everything that’s going on.  While posting on BVBL has languished a bit this week, I’ve been working on a […]

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Watching the 37th - UPDATED

1 December 2009 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

UPDATE: Steve Hunt pulls out a big win with 51% of the vote! 
A pretty respectable turnout tonight in the 37th District as between 1,700 and 1,900 voters showed up for the Republican primary.  Surprisingly the race seems to between Will Nance, who mounted a pretty aggressive turnout effort, and Steve Hunt.  Marianne Horinko looks to be trailing […]

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Kaine’s Parting Gift To Gays

1 December 2009 | Virginia Politics | 25 Comments

Yeah, we’ve got an enormous budget shortfall that the General Assembly is going to grapple with, rest stops are closed and localities are challenged with dramatically less support from Richmond in their upcoming budgets.  That’s not stopping DNC Chairman/Virginia Governor Tim Kaine from adding health coverage for adult non-dependents to the state employee health plan.  […]

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The Week The Aggregators Died

1 December 2009 | Blogs | 4 Comments

It’s not easy keeping up with maintenance and increasing capacity on a blog aggregator, and these days it appears to be even more challenging than usual.  Two aggregators I find particularly useful in keeping up with what others are saying in Virginia have been failing this week, a frustrating return to the days when the only […]

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