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Dems: Rush Is Gonna Eat Your Kids!

28 February 2010 | Fairfax County, Virginia House | 22 Comments

Can you believe this crap?  Do Democrats really think that they’re going to win elections by saying that Rush Limbaugh is going to eat their children?  I’d characterize this over-the-top hyperbole as utter desperation, if only I could make any sense out of it.  Seeing that these rantings are typically reserved for the mentally disturbed, […]

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

27 February 2010 | Prince William County | 17 Comments

I find it particularly appalling when government agencies lobby our elected officials to raise our taxes.  When they use taxpayer resources to contact residents to do their lobbying for them it is even more enraging.  Is this why we paid for IT services for the county schools, just to have them used to promote a […]

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Bad Call, Governor

26 February 2010 | National Politics, Virginia Politics, US Senate | 69 Comments

This is a big disappointment.  I could understand Governor McDonnell keeping mum about the Arizona senate race, but I can’t understand Bob McDonnell endorsing for re-election that tremendous and consistent disappointment to conservatives called John McCain.

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Steve Thomas Announces For Chairman

26 February 2010 | Humor & Satire, Manassas City | 5 Comments

I was very surprised to learn that Steve Thomas, a fixture in the Manassas City Republican Committee has just announced his candidacy for Chairman.  Steve has served as the Operations Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Manassas City Republican Committee, as well as serving as the Operations Chairman for Help Save Manassas.  A former Marine officer […]

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10th CD Chairman Videos

26 February 2010 | RPV, US Congress | 3 Comments

I imagine there aren’t a whole lot of people who have had the chance to see both candidates for 10th Congressional District Chairman.  Now that Dave Schmidt has a video up on his website, readers have an opportunity to get to know both of them a little bit.  This is the first time I’ve seen […]

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Back To Back Funnies

25 February 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Humor & Satire, Prince William County | 31 Comments

Manassas News & Messenger opinion writer Michael Shannon offered us a real treat in his column today entitled “The 2010 Mexican Roundup“, which is published the day after a former illegal alien tries to take WMAL Host Chris Plante to task for not being sufficiently ‘enlightened’ about the unlawful presence of illegal aliens.  While “Prince […]

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Are You Kidding Me?

25 February 2010 | Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 32 Comments

Mason Conservative notes the differing choices Keith Fimian and Pat Herrity made in deciding a venue for their campaign kickoff events, and it kind of makes you wonder what’s up with the Herrity campaign.  After Herrity withdrew from the Commonwealth Transportation Board after missing a huge chunk of their meetings, you have to wonder if […]

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Bolognese Takes To The Air

25 February 2010 | Fairfax County, Virginia House | 5 Comments

Kerry Bolognese is going on air with this ad in the final week of his campaign in a special election in the 41st House District that will be held on Tuesday. I’d be interested to hear what readers thought of it.

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Once Again, The Media Gets It Wrong

25 February 2010 | 13th HOD District | 25 Comments

For all those so eager to jump on the bandwagon of criticizing Delegate Bob Marshall for comments he never made, here’s something for you to consider. 

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Chuck Colgan Hints At Retirement

24 February 2010 | 29th VA Senate | 16 Comments

Once again speculation runs rampant about whether Senator Chuck Colgan will seek re-election.  This familiar discussion is refueled by comments reported in the Virginian-Pilot and replayed at Virginia Virtucon that disclose health concerns may force Senator Colgan to retire from public service.  This is not at all the retirement scenario Prince William County Republicans were […]

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Keith Fimian Kickoff On Saturday

24 February 2010 | US Congress, Prince William County | 1 Comment

Keith Fimian is holding a campaign kickoff on Saturday afternoon which is a great opportunity for folks to come out and see the man who is going to take down Gerry “Boss” Connolly in November.  If you’re in the 11th District and can make it, I highly recommend attending.
You are invited to Keith Fimian’s Prince […]

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Dick Saslaw: Why Aren’t We Retaliating?

23 February 2010 | Virginia Senate | 13 Comments

Dontcha just love to see how Virginia Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw is so concerned about good governance in Virginia and getting the people’s business done?  Right on the heels of stacking committee memberships in Finance and Courts by stripping Republicans of membership, now he’s decided the most important thing he should be doing is”retaliating” […]

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Ken Cuccinelli Keynote Address

23 February 2010 | PWCRC, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Here’s the video of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli at the PWCRC Lincoln-Reagan Dinner last week. Seeing how clearly and convincingly he makes his arguments, it’s not hard to understand why liberals get so incredibly upset with him. Ken is a real threat to the liberal agenda, making him one […]

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“Cut Virginia Spending Tour” Visits Gainesville

22 February 2010 | 29th VA Senate, Prince William County | No Comments

Not much notice on this, but if you’re free Tuesday night (tomorrow) there’s another Americans For Prosperity event in Gainesville that you probably won’t want to miss.  While Senator Chuck Colgan is supporting higher taxes on Virginians during these difficult economic times, some citizens are gathering to demonstrate that we want smaller government, not higher […]

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Bob Marshall Responds

22 February 2010 | 13th HOD District | 49 Comments

The blogsosphere, particularly on the left side of the aisle, went into quite a frenzy today as a result of Delegate Bob Marshall’s comments at a recent press conference.  Virginia Virtucon has the scoop on Delegate Marshall’s response to the controversy, which should help clarify to those who misundersood what Marshall was talking about that […]

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Open Thread

22 February 2010 | Uncategorized | 42 Comments

Other obligations temporarily prevent me from disturbing the sensibilities of readers with another substantive post, but in the interim they can share their insights about things such as the continuing collapse of the Church of Global Warming, the kickoff of the budget fight in Richmond, and other happenings around town and around the country.
Coming up […]

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Wow, What A Show!

20 February 2010 | PWCRC | 7 Comments

Last night’s PWCRC Lincoln-Reagan dinner at Heritage Hunt went way beyond expectations for a local committee’s fundraising dinner.  Sure, you had the usual speeches — and they were very good, especially Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s keynote address, but it was the extras this year that put this event way over the top.  The committee brought […]

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Illegal Alien Charged With Rape of 11 Year Old

19 February 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 32 Comments

Perhaps you were wondering whether Jose Piedad Don Juan Martinez might be an illegal alien.  Martinez was recently charged with two counts of rape and one count of attempted rape involving an eleven year old girl, an utterly shocking crime that in the past has been almost uniquely committed by those whose entire existence in […]

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Osbourn Gets Another Tragedy

19 February 2010 | Manassas City | 18 Comments

This just in:
Manassas City Public Schools was notified by the Manassas City Police on February 18, 2010 of the arrest of Osbourn High School teacher, Mr. Kevin Ricks for possible inappropriate conduct with a former 16 year old male student. Mr. Ricks has been charged with Carnal Knowledge, Aggravated Sexual Battery and […]

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Howie Lind For 10th CD Chairman

19 February 2010 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

I was able to make it to a meeting of the Leisure World Republican Club in Loudoun County this week and shot this footage of Howie Lind’s remarks. Howie has a great vision for the 10th Congressional District Committee and would make a great chairman. I hope BVBL readers […]

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