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Howie Lind For 10th CD Chairman

By Greg L | 19 February 2010 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

I was able to make it to a meeting of the Leisure World Republican Club in Loudoun County this week and shot this footage of Howie Lind’s remarks. Howie has a great vision for the 10th Congressional District Committee and would make a great chairman. I hope BVBL readers will join me in supporting Howie and attend the upcoming 10th District Convention.

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  1. Truth to Power said on 19 Feb 2010 at 5:01 pm:
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    Howie is a great guy and a solid leader. He’ll be a breath of fresh air for the 10th.

  2. Ayn Rand IS Right said on 19 Feb 2010 at 5:41 pm:
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    Does he have a website? Who has endorsed him?

  3. Greg L said on 20 Feb 2010 at 12:53 am:
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    Go to http://lindforchairman.com.

    His endorsement list is pretty extensive. Here’s the last one I got:

    Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia
    Morton Blackwell, National Republican Committeeman for Virginia
    Bob Marshall, Delegate, Loudoun and Prince William Counties
    Dick Black, former Delegate, Loudoun County
    Corey Stewart, Chairman, PrinceWilliam County Board of Supervisors
    John Stirrup, Supervisor, Gainesville District, Prince William County
    Dennis Husch, Fairfax County, Herndon Town Councilman & former Vice Mayor
    Randy Tate, Fairfax County, Former U.S. Congressman (Washington State)
    Pat McSweeney, former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia
    Lyle Beefelt, Chairman, Prince William County GOP
    Charles Proctor, Fairfax County GOP, Dranesville District Chairman
    Gerrie Smith, Fairfax County GOP, Dranesville District Operations Manager
    Shak Hill, Fairfax County GOP, Sully District
    Mike McHugh, Warren County, President, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
    Bob Seale, Frederick County, former Chairman, Frederick County GOP
    Joann Seale, Frederick County, Frederick County GOP
    Jim Hyland, former Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee
    Bob Maistros, Loudoun County, former Chief Writer, Reagan-Bush ‘84
    Kay Gunter, Clarke County, 10th District State Central Committee, RPV
    Jo-Ann Chase, Loudoun County, 10th District State Central Committee, RPV
    Clay Chase, Loudoun County GOP
    Michael Giere, Fairfax County, 8th District State Central Committee Member, RPV
    Vellie Dietrich-Hall, Fairfax County, 8th District State Central Committee, RPV
    David Ray, Fairfax County, 11th District State Central Committee Member, RPV
    Patsy Drain, Fairfax County, 11th District State Central Committee Member, RPV
    Keith Damon, Fairfax County, 11th District State Central Committee Member, RPV
    Dan Runde, Fairfax County GOP
    Heidi Stirrup, Prince William County GOP, 10th District Committee Member
    Suzanne Volpe, Former Chairman, Loudoun County Republican Committee
    Chris Bates, Clarke County GOP
    Robert McMahan, Fairfax County GOP
    Michael Formica, Fairfax County GOP
    Bill & Angie Steele,Winchester City GOP
    Kevin Allen, Fairfax County GOP
    Don & Sandy Workman, Fairfax County GOP
    Don Soloman, Loudoun County GOP
    Bob Fitzsimmons, State Senate Candidate, Prince William County
    David Martin, Fairfax County GOP
    David Milstein, Fairfax County GOP
    Jason Suarez, Prince William County GOP
    Rich Nilsen, Fairfax County GOP
    Daniel Davis, Loudoun County GOP
    Scott Mills, Fairfax County GOP
    Lindy Bowie, Manassas City GOP
    Elizabeth Smith, former President, Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club
    Bert Buscher, Treasurer, Prince William County GOP
    Mike Rothfeld, former State Senate Candidate
    Josh Lineberger, Fairfax County GOP
    TomWhitmore, Prince Williams County GOP
    Russ Krull, Fairfax County GOP
    Nancy Husch, Fairfax County GOP
    John Grigsby, Organizer, NorthernVirginiaTeaParty.com* (*for identification purposes only)
    Ron Wilcox, Organizer, NorthernVirginiaTeaParty.com* (*for identification purposes only)
    Randy Russell, Fairfax County GOP
    Madge Eicher, Fauquier County GOP
    Allan & Mary Edwards, Warren County GOP
    John Taylor, President, Virginia Institute for Public Policy* (*for identification purposes only)
    Anna Ross, Fairfax County GOP
    Robert Landrum, Fairfax County GOP
    George Sigalos, Fairfax County GOP
    Julie DAmon, Fairfax County GOP
    Brian Leeper, Manassas Park GOP
    Jairo Rodriquez, Fairfax County GOP
    Mike Panchura, Loudoun County GOP
    Gene LeBoeuf, Fairfax County GOP
    Joe Kuhn, Fairfax County GOP
    Pat Paris, Prince William County GOP
    Paul O’Brien, Fairfax County GOP
    Mr & Mrs Ken Tomlinson, Fauquier County, former Director of VOA
    Harry Locock, Fairfax County, former President, Greater Reston Republican Club
    Jo Thoburn, Director, Fairfax Christian School
    Willie Deutsch, Vice President, Virginia College Republicans
    Bill Stanley, Chairman, Franklin County GOP
    Michael Farris, Chancellor, Patrick Henry College
    Helen Blackwell, Chairman, Virginia Eagle Forum
    Kate Obenshain, Former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia
    Jeff Frederick, Former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia and Former Delegate
    Genaro Pedroarias, Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly - Virginia
    Yeda Baker, 2nd Vice Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly - Virginia
    James Atticus Bowden, Former Chairman, 1st Congressional District
    Patricia Phillips, President, Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club
    Robert Shreve, Chairman, CEO, Gulf South Business Systems
    Michael Monrroy, Loudoun GOP, President, American University College Republicans
    Joe Budzinski, Loudoun GOP, Leader of ‘Help Save Loudoun,’ and Novatownhall.com
    Greg Stone, Loudoun County GOP Executive Committee, Chairman Potomac District
    Steve Thomas, Vice Chairman, Manassas City GOP
    Ben Jones, President, Jones Group International, Former Minority Outreach Leader, RPV
    Don Scoggins, Prince William County GOP, Former Fairfax County GOP Leader
    Jack Slimp, Manassas City GOP Executive Committee
    Carol Printz, Loudoun County GOP, Leisure World Republican Club
    Paul Protic, Former Chairman, Loudoun County Republican Committee
    Eve Marie Barner, Vice Chairman, Loudoun County Young Republicans
    Roberto and Patricia Costantino, Loudoun County GOP
    Richard Raybold, Fairfax County GOP, Physicist
    Mark Tate, Clarke County GOP, Former State Senate Candidate
    Janet Jackson, Fauquier County GOP,
    Jack Ryan, Loudoun County GOP, Former Board of Supervisors Candidate
    Raymond Rohbar, Fairfax County GOP
    Charlie McKinney, Loudoun County GOP, Veterans for McCain Leader
    Greg Letiecq, Prince William County GOP
    Ahto and Janet Kivi, Loudoun County GOP
    Alma Jackson, Fairfax County GOP Leader
    Kara Lee Olson, Loudoun County GOP
    Robert Follett, Loudoun County GOP
    Rose Follett, Loudoun County GOP
    Daniel Whalen, Loudoun County GOP, Captain, U.S. Navy (retired)
    Maureen Whalen, Loudoun County GOP
    Dr. and Mrs. Roy Schwarz, Winchester City GOP

  4. Groveton said on 20 Feb 2010 at 8:25 am:
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    This November MIGHT be interesting in the 10th. Along with the usual uber-liberal suspects the Democrats have a man named Jeff Barnett running in the primary for a shot at Frank Wolf in the fall. Normally, Frank Wolf is so strong that the Democrats send some sacrificial lamb like Judy Feder out to meet “the Wolf”. I would normally think that this November will be even worse than usual for the Dems. However, Barnett looks to be a very strong centrist candidate. Maybe this is just his maiden voyage in politics. Or, maybe the Democrats have some reason to believe that Frank Wolf is vulnerable. I don’t see that reason but who knows….

  5. The Bulletproof Monk said on 21 May 2010 at 8:23 pm:
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    Please scratch Albert Navas, David Crow, Johanna & Nat Ashworth, Gerrie Smith, Carol Hoffman, Liz & Hunter Richardson, Garnet Dupont, Nancy Ningard, and Larry Ambrogi. All these folks have indicated that they did not endorse Howie, and several have actually hosted events FOR Schmidt

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