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Mexicans Without Borders Lies Again

By Greg L | 27 May 2010 | Zapatistas, Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 32 Comments

Does anyone else find it amazing that representatives of Mexicans Without Borders can alternately claim that racial profiling by the Prince William County Police Department is rife, and also admit they are unaware of a single instance of racial profiling?  The willingness of the left to so obviously prevaricate is boundless, and one wonders why anyone bothers even talking to folks like this.

First, let’s look at an article in the illegal alien-friendly Washington Post:

Civil rights violations are going on” in Prince William, said Nancy Lyall, legal coordinator for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, one of the groups meeting with the Justice Department. “People are being stopped and questioned for no apparent reason while walking their dogs. . . . The quality of life for a Latino in the community is different than the quality of life for a white person in the community.”

Now, let’s see what this same individual said to a National Review reporter:

If nothing else, Prince William County has not suffered a racial-profiling controversy of the type that Deane once feared. One of the enforcement policy’s most outspoken critics is Nancy Lyall of Mexicans Without Borders, an immigrant-rights group. Since 2007, she has attacked Prince William’s tactics with a fervor that others have devoted to Arizona’s. When I asked whether she could identify a single case of a citizen or legal permanent resident, Hispanic or otherwise, who was mistakenly brought into custody because of racial profiling, she paused. Then she made a reluctant confession: “No.” In a survey, 73 percent of Hispanics said they were satisfied with the overall performance of the police department.

It is well worth noting that Lyall represents a group initially named “Comite Zapatista Los Pasamontanas“, which roughly translates as Zapatista Committee of the Knitted Cap, referring to the ski mask which is so de rigeur among these marxist revolutionaries who engaged in an armed rebellion against the Mexican government in the 1990’s.  These self-described anarchists don’t depart at all from the methodology used by other anarchist groups — namely to pursue their agenda at any cost and blatantly lie if that’s what they think will advance their cause.

Of course, only the Washington Post takes such mendacity at face value.  Fortunately when they supposedly commit journalism there are a few folks out there who are going to follow up on their biased reporting and actually try to dig for the real story.

As for the effort by Mexicans Without Borders to encourage the Justice Department to investigate Prince William County, this administration has an important choice to make:  either they rightly ignore a radical group who has been earnestly searching for plaintiffs for years and failed to find a single credible case for litigation, or they throw in their lot with anarchist revolutionaries allied to armed insurgents in the third world.  I figure the voters will learn a lot about the Obama Administration by the decision they make.

I certainly will.

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  1. Tyler Durden said on 27 May 2010 at 11:09 pm:
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    My drachmas are on the anarchists and Nancy.

  2. Cynic said on 27 May 2010 at 11:25 pm:
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    Divine retribution

  3. legal2 said on 28 May 2010 at 6:58 am:
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    This publicity is another opportunity for Prince William County to educate the masses. When the BOCS had the mother of all hearings prior to voting for the Rule of Law Resolution, the hundreds of latinos that “testified” served to bring the magnitude of the problem to the public. Many of the latinos used an interpreter and had been here quite a while, some decades, and still had not learned English/not assimilated. Their arrogant, demanding, entitlement-mentality, especially in these economically-difficult times, undermined any credibility or sympathy they tried to evoke.

    Don’t like our laws? Go home, take your anchor babies with you, and fix your own d@mned countries.

  4. NoVA Scout said on 28 May 2010 at 7:13 am:
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    legal2: my family didn’t learn English until the second generation. The initial immigrants spoke German most of the time, all of their lives. Generally it is not the first generation that masters the new language. I wouldn’t pay much attention to that issue. The kids pick it up fairly quickly. There were folks who suggested that my forebears should go home to Germany and “fix” it. The turmoil of the 1840s had left quite a mess. But by the 1860s, virtually all the men of military age were serving with distinction in the United States Army. Not a lot of telling them to go home after 1865. The country they assimilated into also assimilated into their culture. The result was a mix that reflected both what was there before, and the inputs that the immigrants provided.

  5. legal2 said on 28 May 2010 at 7:22 am:
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    The cultures brought over by western cultures generally did not turn the USA into a third-world mess. People come here illegally and pee on the sidewalks, lie to come and lie to work, demand benefits to which they have not contributed, bring more crime, overburden hospitals, buy houses they cannot afford, get 2nd mortgages, and foreclose, if not destroy the homes first. The legal immigrants I have known, actually care about their adopted country and the communities they live in.

    The arrogant, demanding, entitlement-mentality of illegal aliens, especially in these economically-difficult times, undermined any credibility or sympathy they tried to evoke.

  6. Peter Danlyn said on 28 May 2010 at 7:44 am:
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    Not only were those legal immigrants of a bygone day all upstanding, patriotic bleeders of red white and blue, they left us with a great cinematic history of their goodness and assimilation.

    Like “Gangs of New York”, “The Untouchables” and “the Godfather”

  7. Peter Danlyn said on 28 May 2010 at 8:14 am:
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    someone “mistakenly brought into custody” could be a manifestation of racial profiling, but the absence of this ultimate outcome doesn’t disprove the statement that ” … The quality of life for a Latino in the community is different than the quality of life for a white person in the community”

    The language in your “unbiased” report, “she made a reluctant confession: “No”, induces people to believe that she was hiding something, when it’s quite possible she just didn’t know the answer.

  8. A Chick said on 28 May 2010 at 8:37 am:
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    Both of these articles are so riddled with lies and misconceptions. I had to stop reading. Nancy Lie-all, is obviously full of BS. She can’t even get her facts straight.
    Where’s her faithful sidekick Ricky? Has he swam back to Mexico?

  9. Big Dog said on 28 May 2010 at 9:22 am:
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    The ESL segment of the student population continues to grow
    in PWC and the two cities. With ample housing choices in nearby
    “amnesty” jurisdictions, why would the Hispanic population continue
    to expand here if they really felt a “climate of fear and intimidation”?

  10. Oh No! said on 28 May 2010 at 11:12 am:
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    Big Dog,

    Possible explanation here. While the illegals may be reinfiltrating back into PWC, I suspect the high birthrate within this community continues. With the closed nature of this community, and the little english spoken in the home, these kids are showing up unprepared for school.


    Perhaps you might want to call Chris Plante and see if he might want to talk about this on-the-air. It sounds like Nancy Layall is trying to use the AZ debate to reignite her organization. MWB’s failure to stop the passage of the PWC resolution caused them to lose major creds with their constituancy, namely illegal aliens. This tactic is straight out of “Rules fo Radicals” as in “never waste a crisis”. She’s making demonstrably false statements to the DOJ, the WaPo, and anybody who will listen. She needs to be shown for the fraud she is, and people need to be reminded of the nature of her organization. She figures, “hey, if the DOJ is getting ready to sue AZ, why not see if we can’t get them to include PWC as well.”

  11. Big Dog said on 28 May 2010 at 12:01 pm:
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    Oh No!
    School systems with a large percentage of students that arrive
    not speaking English, with little or no education even in their
    own language and with a family history of proverty and
    illiteracy are challenged on a number of fronts. They can
    have good programs and good teachers and still do poorly
    on testing and be more costly than systems not as impacted
    by the same demographic change. Also, for example,
    a student may enter the 10th grade, stay for three months
    and then suddenly move, often back to their native country,
    but the school is charged with a “dropout” upon “his class”
    graduation. So, a school system can have higher than average
    per student cost, poor academic test results and a
    bloated dropout rate that detracts from the entire jurisdiction
    but be stymied finding a reasonable and fair way to
    address the problems.

    The LOCAL cost of illegal immigration is simply not considered
    at the national or, too often, state level.

    Good luck Arizona!

  12. Wolverine said on 28 May 2010 at 3:15 pm:
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    Interesting survey the University of Virginia did on PWC. One of the questions addressed to the public was whether or not the PWC police were doing a good job of enforcing the Resolution as it currently stands amended. Overall satisfaction level in the county was 80.5%. Broken down by ethnic groups? Whites: 86.7%; Asian: 75.8%; Blacks: 76.6%. And the Hispanic community? 51% - a majority.

  13. Dave in PWC said on 28 May 2010 at 4:58 pm:
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    Where is Ricky? I concur with Oh No! Greg, we need to support Arizona and show how the rule of law helped our county for awhile, not sure it’s working anymore as I’m seeing a lot more day laborers at Coverstone Raceway as well as 7-11.

  14. Peter Danlyn said on 28 May 2010 at 5:31 pm:
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    51 percent is the majority threshold where those who disagree or feel they have legitimate conerns should just give it a rest? Seems like Mr. Obama beat that threshold in the last election. By your reasoning, those who object should just get out of the way and let him do his thing.

  15. legal2 said on 28 May 2010 at 5:45 pm:
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    The ignorant, what-can-you-do-for-me crowd continues to elect ignorant, what-can-you-do-for-me candidates and we end up with a downward spiral of third-world social/economic conditions from whence they escaped (if immigrants), or which they admire (socialist/marxist, limousine liberals). I think we owe a lot of this mindset to the dumbed-down, revisionist-history, public education for the last couple of generations.

  16. You Know Me said on 28 May 2010 at 6:30 pm:
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    “51 percent is the majority threshold where those who disagree or feel they have legitimate conerns should just give it a rest?”

    Peter, your comment is illogical, and yet, pointless.

  17. Peter Danlyn said on 28 May 2010 at 7:05 pm:
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    Sorry if my post seemed a bit obtuse. The statistical post seemed to say, “If 51 percent of hispanics think the law is being implemented fairly then the opinion of the 49 percent who feel otherwise is discredited, thus proving that it is being impemented fairly” The other way one could read it is “the significant deviation in responses between hispanic and all other respondents suggests that there is indeed some racial profiling going on. That perception could affect the quality of life of almost half the hispanic residents of PWC.”

    Surely that wasn’t the intent of the post, was it?

  18. Rgdfry said on 28 May 2010 at 10:28 pm:
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    Perhaps that segment perceives there is profiling, OR they would like others to believe there is??? Where is the evidence?

  19. Wolverine said on 29 May 2010 at 12:01 am:
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    Danilyn, the intent was to show that more than half of the Hispanic community appears to approve of the way in which the police are enforcing the current resolution. That 51% came from two categories, as did all the other percentages: “Very Satisfied” and “Somewhat Satisfied.” Most certainly one has to take into account the attitudes of the remaining 49% of that community; but the majority number would seem to indicate that over half are not particularly focused on evidence of racial profiling in the application of the law. One ought to be able to read some significance into the fact that you got a satisfied response of some sort from over half of the community almost exclusively involved in the basic issue from Day One. That seems to me to be a promising positive for PWC with regard to the current resolution. But, if there is some solid evidence of cases of racial profiling, I would like to see it. Moreover, given the way surveys of this kind usually go, you have to calculate that a good portion of the negative responses may have come from those who want no resolution whatsoever and consider the existence of anything like it as unacceptable. It does not necessarily mean that they have witnessed or experienced racial profiling themselves, except if they think any police stop for DUI or traffic violations or lesser “crimes” is the eqiuivalent of racial profiling.

  20. chicko said on 29 May 2010 at 8:56 am:
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    Old Ricky was probably deported, what should have happened long ago. Now if we can get Nancy deported we are getting somewhere, she’s around somewhere dancing around with her ski mask..

  21. Cynic said on 29 May 2010 at 11:50 am:
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    Nancy, is she not an Immigration Attorney?

    Why would she wear a ski mask?

  22. Greg L said on 29 May 2010 at 3:29 pm:
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    She is the legal coordinator for Mexicans Without Borders. I do not know for sure whether she is an attorney or not. She certainly seems to present herself as one, but her behavior seems rather inconsistent with that discipline.

  23. chicko said on 29 May 2010 at 5:06 pm:
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    she’s not an practicing attorney as far as I know.

    she’s one of those people with pseudo-legal knowledge that use subterfuge and smoke and mirrors to try to dazzle people with their legal brilliance…so that they THINK they are lawyers (but really are not).

    but I’ll give her one thing…she is pretty stupid though, that I’m sure of.

  24. chicko said on 29 May 2010 at 5:07 pm:
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    as long as she wears any mask I’m fine with it, they should have issued her one from birth with that nasty mug of hers…

  25. Cynic said on 29 May 2010 at 5:15 pm:
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    Is the “legal Coordinator” a citizen?

    Would guess she is not. As an illegal in the USA she has far more rights and benefits than a citizen. She should go to Mexico where the immigration laws are somewhat stricter. There she would at least have some challenges.

  26. Dave in PWC said on 29 May 2010 at 5:57 pm:
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    Just checked the voting records of our Virginia Senators on the three amendments offered up on the emergency war funding bill discussed on Thursday that had to do with securing the southern border. Webb voted for adding funds to the bill to help secure the border on all three amendments and Warner voted no on all three. Two additional amendments were offered but Harry Reid would not let them come up for a vote. Maybe we are getting through to Webb, but Warner needs to know we are not happy with him.

  27. chicken little said on 29 May 2010 at 9:49 pm:
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    Nancy is a former social studies teacher - I taught with her at Potomac High School many years ago

  28. You Know Me said on 30 May 2010 at 12:30 pm:
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    Chicken Little is correct. Nancy “All Lies” Layall is no attorney, even though she plays one on TV. She’s what Sailors call a “sea lawyer” and Soldiers and Marines call a “Barracks Attorney”. In reality, she is nothing more than a marxist fraud who prey upon her constituancy. She’s no better than Al Not-so-Sharpton. She is a commie. Worse, she is a traitor to her nation. She deserves a traitor’s fate.

  29. GimmeABreaaaaak! said on 30 May 2010 at 1:18 pm:
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    “Maybe we are getting through to Webb, but Warner needs to know we are not happy with him.”

    Webb is up for re-election in 2012, when Obama is as well. His voting record on immigration issues is D. Warner, up in 2014 - a long 4.5 years away - has F-, meaning that he basically has 0 good votes. He shares this distinction with Jim Moran.


  30. Cynic said on 30 May 2010 at 2:59 pm:
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    I’m all for scraping the mild Arizona immigration law and replacing it with Mexico’s immigration laws.

    Am sure Nancy and her illegal minions would be in full support of taking this action.

  31. chicko said on 30 May 2010 at 5:12 pm:
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    what’s up with teachers turning into freaks lately…isnt moonhowler a former teacher too? damn…wouldnt want to be in any of their classes. I’m all for teaching as a profession, some of the greatest people in the world..but fools like that put the profession down.

  32. bill said on 9 Aug 2010 at 11:01 am:
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    With all of the identity theft done by the illegal communtiy, ie. stolen or fake Social Security Numbers, how is it possible the U.S. Government cannot track them down through the Social Security Administration. It would be very simple for ICE to subpoena the records of SSN’s not issued by the Social Security Administration, or the ones that have two, three, four, who knows how many incomes paying into the account from multiple states, and cities it would be impossible to commute between. There really are easy ways to track illegals and I see no reason to hold them long term in U.S. prisons unless they commit crimes other than illegal entry to the U.S. Simply ship them back to Wherever they came from. As for the arguments of seperating legal children from illegal parents, since the dawn of man the children have had to suffer the consequences of their parents actions and decisions. Does the child born into poverty choose to be born into poverty? When your family moved because of a new job did you stay behind? I never stayed behind. Past influxes of immigrant populations came in numbers which were able to be assimilated into society and chose to assimilate tehmselves into society. The current problem with the immigrant population is the large number who do not chose to assimilate themselves into our society. Which leaves the sad fact that if I want to go to a fast food restaraunt, wal mart, etc.. I now have to speak spanish inorder to get food or pay for the items I am trying to buy. This countries language is english, not espanyol. As for constitutional rights, when did crimanals get more constitutional rights than law abiding citizens? What right does somebody who is here illegally to hide behind the constitution? If you are here illegally then you are a criminal and should be treated as such. If the issue is racial profiling, then every time I commit a crime check my residency status. Wait, forget that I said that, I do not commit crimes! Check my status when I walk down the street, whn I go to the DMV, when I get my car inspected, when I speed. You can check my status every day I do not care! If you check everybodies status there is no racial profiling involved. The deficite, How many billions of dollars do we spend on welfare, insurance, housing, etc. for illegals. Why is it my responsibility to pay for them to live when they cannot get a job in the down economy. There are enough americans I already have to pay for. Marches on the Capitol, For gods sake if you are going to march on the capitol of my country do it in english. 95% or more of the people in the white house and capitol building do not speak spanish and therefore do not understand you, and do not do it waving any other flag than an American Flag. I am not going to listen or care what you have to say if you are waiving a foriegn flag, But I will check your residency!

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