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Illegal Aliens Get A Candidate

By Greg L | 18 June 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 9 Comments

What’s the only thing better than drawing a Unitarian as a challenger in your next election?  How about having John Gray run against you?  It’s arguably a better position to be in as Gray has managed to enrage both Democrats and Republicans by flip-flopping between affiliation with both parties while retaining all the personal charm of a rotting fish.  Actually, Gray does seem to maintain one consistent affiliation, that being with the pro-illegal alien lobby, a group that can reliably turn out perhaps a dozen voters at the polls.  Maybe even a few more.

Corey Stewart must be ecstatic.

When the Washington Post mentioned Gray is going to file to run for County Chairman because Corey Stewart is advocating that Virginia follow Arizona’s lead in combating illegal immigration, the exchange of high-fives among the non-schizophrenic segment of the electorate was likely audible across the county, except in that zone of alternate realities in Woodbridge where Frank Principi is considered to maintain a measurable degree of wisdom and competence.  How much did Corey Stewart have to pay Gray to get into the race and thus potentially discourage other filers?  Whatever it happened to be, it was certainly money well spent.

Gray ran as a Democrat in 2003, then ran against Corey Stewart for the Republican nomination for Chairman in 2006 and got positively smoked after thoroughly embarrassing himself.  Then Gray ran against Mike May for Occoquan Chairman in a Special Election, this time as an Independent, and got smoked again.  His most recent actions have been to work with the Mexicans Without Borders crowd to agitate for the repeal of the Rule of Law Resolution.  This is the opponent you really want to draw.  He’s about as in tune with the electorate as Nancy Lyall, the steadfast Marxist spokesperson who pinch-hits for Gaudencio Fernandez and Ricardo Juarez since their incoherent rantings are also delivered in broken English, at best.

I love it when the illegal alien lobby closes its eyes, lowers its head, and runs full steam into brick walls like this.  The amusement factor of this sport makes local politics every bit the fascinating diversion it can potentially be, making national politics as comparatively dynamic as swamp water. We’ve never seen someone run for office on the illegal alien lobby platform in Prince William County before.  No one would have ever though anyone would be dumb enough to try.

This might even trump having a candidate maintain personals ads on gay dating sites during a campaign in terms of voter appeal.  At least that behavior can be rationally explained to some degree.  Having a white guy caricature of the accounting profession with a bad comb-over wring his hands about the plight of illegal aliens makes you wonder whether the Silly Party is John Gray’s new political home.

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  1. Right to Know said on 18 Jun 2010 at 10:45 pm:
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    Well, I am not surprised at what ever Gray does.He flip flops in many directions And I think Mouller has his opinion correct.
    Only one as dumb as Gray would want to run with the banner of The Illegals.He thinks he’s doing something great but you see he’s been this way for a long time and doesn’t know the difference.

    Reminds me of another Candidate that thinks he’s great and keeps trying to win,but never does.

    Gray is really tied into Principi. He works for Principi’s health Clinic, he works for Principi’s Wdbg. Association.

    He is now checking out the Federal Liason and the State Liason and the money the BOS is wanting to lay out for these positions. Gray is so dumb,doesn’t know where he is suppose to send a FOIA Request. Now I am not sure if Principi put him up to this,bur he sent the request to Principi abd he sent it on to others. Gray has done this before at Supervisors request. Then brags about it to everyone.So he could be doing this for Principi?
    He is probabley doing for himself and hoping to find something that leads to Corey. That is what he has done since Corey has been in office.

    It is amazing how many people think he is a dupe and not very smart.

  2. Freedom said on 19 Jun 2010 at 5:37 am:
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    Hey guys, take it easy on John!! If you don’t, he just might move to California and live next door to Faisal Gill…now THAT would be terrible, wouldn’t it??!! :)

  3. Jon Wong said on 19 Jun 2010 at 6:25 pm:
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    Who his guy Gray…Sound like he make customer very mad.

  4. Proud to be a Gringo said on 19 Jun 2010 at 6:46 pm:
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    What a platform…. I’m runnign because I’m tired of Cory’s S#@* I miht run for office too.

  5. Proud to be a Gringo said on 19 Jun 2010 at 6:47 pm:
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    Dang! Can’t run if I can’t type right.

  6. Greg L said on 19 Jun 2010 at 8:02 pm:
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    Jon Wong,

    You number 1. Customer make Greg L very happy with talk both amusing and wise. If Customer like to write guest post, please send to Greg L. Make many customers very happy to see it!

  7. Riley said on 21 Jun 2010 at 9:48 am:
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    Greg, you forgot that Gray ran against Mike May for the GOP nomination in the SPECIAL ELECTION in 2007 (before Mike won the seat against Jeff Dion.)

  8. Riley said on 21 Jun 2010 at 9:52 am:
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    Gray ran against Mike again that Nov. in the general election as an Independent.

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