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Equal Protection Of The Law Turned On Its Head

By Greg L | 9 August 2010 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 2 Comments

Heritage points out that while we supposedly don’t have enough money to detain and promptly deport criminal illegal aliens such as the one who recently killed a nun on her way to church on a Sunday morning, they supposedly have plenty of resources to turn detention centers into relative resorts, complete with free phone calls, recreation”in a natural area”, and bingo nights.  By granting de-facto administrative amnesty for illegal aliens like Carlos Montano, the Obama administration is effectively condemning innocent Americans to die at the hands of illegal aliens who refuse to respect the law — any law.

The political appointees who run the federal agency that is charged with enforcing our immigration laws and deporting illegal aliens like Carlos Montano are more interested in providing administrative amnesty and legal assistance to illegal aliens. They also care more about converting federal detention facilities to “an all-inclusive resort” as Tre Rebstock, president of the ICE union in Houston, told the Houston Chronicle.

ICE supposedly has only “limited enforcement resources” available. Yet it seems to have no problem spending its limited resources to provide illegal aliens with beverage bars and movie nights, hanging plants and flower baskets, portable computers and Internet access, and celebrations for special occasions — like perhaps successfully evading deportation and federal immigration laws?

Too bad that the numerous American citizens who have been killed, injured, robbed, and assaulted by illegal aliens, or who bear the enormous cost of public services extended to such aliens, won’t have access to the same types of facilities that they have paid for with their taxes.

It’s pretty clear to me who the Administration intends to use their awesome federal powers to protect not the American citizens who pay taxes and contribute to society, but the illegal alien invaders who don’t pay taxes and seem in some cases determined to transform the United States into precisely the failed states they have escaped from to come here.  You just can’t make stuff like this up.  No one would believe it.

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  1. Just Observin' said on 9 Aug 2010 at 8:27 pm:
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    Remember the Haitian Boat people? The “resorts” they were placed into were fenced in, guarded compounds at such “lovely, exotic” locations as Fort Indiantown Gap, PA and Camp Shelby, MS. Three hots and a cot in the WWII style wood barracks.

    Of course, once they were all cleared out, it was fun time for the National Guard drill weekends to go in and clean up the mess. A comment I made at the time was we should not have wasted money on indoor plumbing, just dig a pit latrine.

    Naturally, the Haitians were not voters or backed by illustrious outfits such as Catholic Charitiies. Still, a method worth looking into - fenced in compounds, basic barracks..and could be done cheap.

    And Obama then could really claim job creation out of the stimilus by having the construction industry rev up to build the compounds!

  2. wineplz said on 17 Aug 2010 at 12:22 pm:
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    Pathetic that these criminal aliens get suck perks as “bingo nights, dance lessons and hanging plants”. My grandparents barely got anything as nice as that while living in nursing homes paid-for by their social security, MediCare, and life savings. And they were never arrested or detained by police…

    I agree with Just Observin’. Sounds like Sheriff Joe’s method out there in Arizona.

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