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Tornado Watch Until 10PM

30 September 2010 | PWCRC, Humor & Satire | 3 Comments

National Weather Service:

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A Brave New World

29 September 2010 | Arlington County, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 18 Comments

So in a bow to Tenants and Workers United, Arlington is going to request dropping out of Secure Communities despite the fact (admitted by the illegal alien pandering police department, no less) that the program helps ensure that the identities of illegal aliens arrested for violations of state or local law are confirmed, and that […]

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Is This What They Call “Truthiness?”

29 September 2010 | Manassas City | 57 Comments

Yes, there’s going to be a protest this weekend about the opening of a porn shop in Old Town Manassas.  No, it will not, as some irresponsible people out there have claimed, involve a boycott of businesses in Old Town during the Fall Jubilee.

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Fimian Leads Connolly In Poll

29 September 2010 | Keith Fimian, Gerry Connolly, US Congress | 24 Comments

Not sure what to make of this poll by ccAdvertising, but it has Fimian leading Connolly 42%-37% with 21% undecided.  Connolly isn’t releasing his internal polling which suggests this is at least close, so perhaps this isn’t off the mark.  With a pretty substantial number of undecideds, which tend to break for the challenger in […]

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The Incredible Cost of Illegal Immigration

28 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens | 22 Comments

From Congressman Randy Forbes, who definitely gets it that we can’t bear the financial burden of illegal immigration.
I want to share some statistics with you from a recently released report detailing the actual cost to Virginians for subsidizing illegal immigration, a grand total of $1.9 billion.
Breakdown of Cost to Virginians

$1.28 billion a year to educate the children […]

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More Reader Mail

27 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Humor & Satire | 18 Comments

Apparently some leftist mental giant, assuaged by the twisted depiction of reality that is an Eric Byler film, decided the best thing they could do to improve the quality and performance of the human species was to send me an email.  Honestly, I do revel in these opportunities to ponder the pearls of wisdom that […]

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It Can Only Make Sense In ObamaLand

27 September 2010 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 18 Comments

I suppose it was only a matter of time before countries trying to solve their domestic problems by exporting their uneducated, disaffected and criminally-minded citizens was going to propose something like this.  Just what might countries like Mexico propose we do with their citizens who have illegally come to our country and then were convicted […]

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Into Your Hands, O Lord

27 September 2010 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

Our prayers go to the family of School Board Member Gil Trenum, whose son Austin passed away this weekend.  Words cannot express the heartbreak of such a tragedy, and actions cannot heal the pain of such a tremendous loss.

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Gerry Connolly’s Laser-Like Focus On The Issues

24 September 2010 | Gerry Connolly | 7 Comments

Given all this work on Gerry’s part, it’s hard to imagine how he found the time to read the Obamacare bill.

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Don’t Miss This

23 September 2010 | Virginia Politics | No Comments

AFP and CWA is holding a barbecue in Clifton on Sunday, October 3rd and this looks like a do-not-miss event for conservatives to attend. If you’d like to lend a hand to Keith Fimian’s effort to retire Gerry Connolly and help build the grassroots, here’s a great way to do it. Details below […]

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And Yet More Illegal Alien Crime

23 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime | 42 Comments

And this young man would likely have been a beneficiary of the DREAM (nightmare) act that both Senators Webb and Warner voted for this week, had it passed in time:
On April 9, the woman called police to report that her foster son had just raped her at knife point. The victim was able to […]

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Good Question

23 September 2010 | Loudoun County, US Congress | 6 Comments

Strange.  The GOP announced their latest iteration of “Contract With America” at a business in Sterling today, and some local activists managed to figure out where it would be.  When they arrived, they weren’t allowed to go in.  Here’s a comment from one of them: “Why have it at a business in Northern Virginia, expressing […]

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Another November Is Coming

21 September 2010 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 29 Comments

It’s well worth noting that Senators Webb and Warner voted today to attach provisions to the Defense Authorization Bill to force military hospitals to perform abortions, permit open homosexuality in the Armed Forces, and give illegal alien “children” up to 35 years of age in-state tuition rates and amnesty so they can sponsor their parents […]

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Pravda On The Potomac Strikes Again

18 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 24 Comments

I’ve grown quite accustomed to the Washington Post blatantly shilling for the far left. What I’ve rarely seen so far is a clearly intentional effort on their parts to misrepresent the facts when doing so. In an editorial published this week, they set a new standard in journalistic malfeasance, accelerating the impending total […]

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DREAM Act a Nightmare

17 September 2010 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 21 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
Leave it to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and his cohorts to politicize a Defense Department budget bill by linking it to his back door, de facto amnesty DREAM Act.
At a time when support for illegal aliens can not be found beyond the borders of Capitol Hill, save for such far-left […]

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Open Thread

16 September 2010 | Uncategorized | 58 Comments

Lots of stuff going on, and little time to write about it.  Here’s your place to vent.

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Tank Farm 2010

12 September 2010 | Patriotism, Prince William County | 9 Comments

Here’s one of the projects I’ve been working on lately.  I hope you enjoy.

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A Worthy Cause For Readers

8 September 2010 | Uncategorized | 10 Comments

Normally I don’t venture too far afield from Virginia politics, but this is worth a rare exception: down in Arizona there are vastly different candidates running for Attorney General.  One quite obviously wants to undermine SB 1070, and another supports it.  One has improved student performance by eliminating bilingual education in schools, and the other […]

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Manassas Settles On A Study

7 September 2010 | Manassas City | 113 Comments

Three and a half hours after Citizen’s time started, the Manassas City Council unanimously decided to refer the issue of porn shops in Old Town to the Land Use Committee, which will engage in an exhaustive review of the secondary effects of sexually oriented businesses in North America and then with those findings draft a […]

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Chief Charlie Strikes Again

7 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 18 Comments

Here’s another one of those wonderful illegal aliens, working at the jobs Americans apparently don’t want to do:
Eric Alexander Barahona-Rivas, 19, of no fixed address, is charged with forcible sodomy, robbery and abduction, said Perok.
He is being held without bond at the Prince William-Manassas regional jail.
Officers checked the immigration status of Barahona-Rivas after his arrest […]

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