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DREAM Act a Nightmare

By Greg L | 17 September 2010 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 21 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn

Leave it to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and his cohorts to politicize a Defense Department budget bill by linking it to his back door, de facto amnesty DREAM Act.

At a time when support for illegal aliens can not be found beyond the borders of Capitol Hill, save for such far-left sanctuary cities as San Francisco, El Paso, TX and even closer to home in Alexandria, VA, Senate Democrats are pushing this DREAM Act nightmare on the American people, all the while forgetting what the word “illegal” means.

In an attempt to curry favor with Hispanic voters, which should be an insult to them, the DREAM Act would put illegal aliens on a path toward citizenship by serving two years in the United States military or for being enrolled in an American college or university for two years – at in-state tuition rates.

This is wrong on so many levels, starting with the rewarding, for bad behavior, of criminal acts committed by people with no legal right to be in the United States, let alone taking the seats in a college classroom from deserving, legal students. The DREAM Act plows through the wickets creating a clear path for illegal aliens to garner citizenship as a reward for their criminal behavior.

As for allowing these illegal aliens the opportunity to gain their green cards via a two-year stint in the United States military, what guarantee is there that some of these illegal aliens won’t turn their military-issued firearms on their own platoon?

Attaching the DREAM Act to a defense bill is a purely political move the Democrats can use to levy a claim the Republicans don’t support the troops when they vote against the bill due to this rider. This is dangerous as the Democratic majority is playing with national security.

It’s no wonder TEA Party-endorsed candidates such as Sharron Angle (R-NV), Ken Buck (R-CO), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Joe Miller (R-AK), Christine O’ Donnell (R-DE) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), have all managed to speak to voters in a language the rank and file understand. They, along with many other candidates both Republican and even a few Democrats have come to realize that passage of the DREAM Act would be a nightmare.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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  1. Red White and lueB said on 17 Sep 2010 at 7:13 pm:
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    Harry just keeps on dreamin’ and Angle will show him reality.

  2. park'd said on 18 Sep 2010 at 10:53 am:
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    The ONLY way I favor amnesty is if an illegal alien joins a fighting branch of the US military i.e. the Army or Marines only and there needs to be a certain level of English competency as well in order to qualify. If you are willing to die for this country and its ideals then welcome aboard. No amnesty for illegal alien college kids whatsoever. I think the comment about them turning their firearm towards their platoon is silly and unjustified and is fear mongering. They are no more apt to that type of mental breakdown than your typical American recruit. Let ‘em join and send ‘em to Afghanistan to learn what it means to be an American. There is something honorable and romantic about that. The rest of them and their enablers got to go.

  3. USA said on 18 Sep 2010 at 4:02 pm:
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    One of Harry Reid’s biggest enablers is the NRA.

    If you are a member, or use MidwayUSA, urge them to support Angle.

    Its the least they can do.

  4. Rocky said on 18 Sep 2010 at 4:49 pm:
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    “USA said on 18 Sep 2010 at 4:02 pm:
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    One of Harry Reid’s biggest enablers is the NRA.

    If you are a member, or use MidwayUSA, urge them to support Angle.

    Its the least they can do.”

    Not so fast there USA.


  5. Citizen12 said on 18 Sep 2010 at 5:12 pm:
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    While Harry “closet socialist” Reid and his comrades in congress try to stuff yet more unconstitutional actions down the throats of Americans, the propaganda puppets of his ilk continue to spread more disinformation. This “solution” is from the same people who complain about the last administrations spending, who spend even more and then tell us the only way out is to spend {and tax} even more than that.

    Why they insist allowing the criminals to start out on the wrong foot is beyond reason.

    Being a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant of the United States is only one of the basic requirements to join the U.S. military.

    The reality of this has somehow not yet reached the masses. The game plan is a simple one. From a professor at one of Americas finer institutes of higher learning,

    “We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”



    They want you to believe that the presence of millions of unskilled illegal aliens, many now unemployed due to the slowdown in the housing market, will somehow boost our economy to the point that the millions of skilled Americans who have lost their jobs over the last few decades are really a non issue.

    That while millions of jobs in manufacturing and their supporting industries have been lost overseas and will never return, the millions left in poverty stricken desolated areas across the country will somehow be provided for by the tax dollars generated by allowing unskilled poorly educated criminal invaders a chance at higher learning.

    Yes, they are talking about saving this country with the help of the illegal invaders brightest and best, of which currently have a high school dropout rate around 50%, a college graduation rate of 8%, all the while devastating the economic safety net of every community across the country they invade.

  6. Dave in Alexandria said on 18 Sep 2010 at 7:53 pm:
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    If someones reason to join the U.S. military is a quick path to legality and citizenship, then we are selling citizenship at too cheap a price. The U.S. military does not need this type of person in the ranks, they are law-breakers and criminals.

  7. anklenipper said on 19 Sep 2010 at 7:33 am:
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    I wonder if these college kids realize that the folks in this administration trying to buy their votes are working like mad to try to turn this country into the same corrupt third world society they ran away from?

    It’s funny how the supporters always say, “they are just here to better themselves” then they attack the foundations that made it possible for anyone to better themselves here.

    Immigrants in the past have been fast tracked to citizenship when they have been NEEDED, I’m still not sure if I agree with that or not but that’s the past. Is there a shortage of college graduates right now? I don’t think so.

  8. Dave in PWC said on 19 Sep 2010 at 7:38 am:
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    Not sure how many would even qualify for the military. You need to be able to read and write to get into the military nowadays, in English!!! The minimum standards of entry into the armed services have been raised over the years. Did you know that the Army and Marines no longer accept recruits that have tatoos on their hands or neck? A buddy of mine’s kid was refused because of this.

  9. Laura Lee said on 19 Sep 2010 at 3:54 pm:
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    Dave, I am elated to learn this. This raising of the standard for entry into our
    armed services is absolutely a step in the right direction to getting our country
    back to the basics. Let’s take our country back!!

  10. Robert L. Duecaster said on 20 Sep 2010 at 12:09 pm:
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    @ Dave in Alexandria:

    I would not characterize granting citizenship after service in the military as “selling” citizenship. I would say it’s more akin to earning it. Some of the best troops I had under my command while an Army officer were non-citizens. I was not aware of their legal presence status at the time, but knew that they were not citizens. I cannot think of one that was not a good trooper, and I had many in that category.

    Later, as an Army JAG officer, I prosecuted many soldiers, but never one that was not a citizen. I’m not against allowing aliens into the services, within certain parameters. We’ve always had them.

  11. Pat said on 21 Sep 2010 at 3:05 pm:
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    and give credit to Orin Hatch - the original sponsor of the DREAM Act, and has been keeping it alive since 2001.

  12. hazegray said on 21 Sep 2010 at 6:24 pm:
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    Well, it failed in the Senate today….but until we get some folks in who not only belive in the rule of law, but in its strict application, this charade will continue.

  13. Cthulhu's prophet said on 21 Sep 2010 at 9:58 pm:
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    Nightmare? Cthulhu is the Great Old Illegal, and He will drag you into the depths, refracting your hate into a thousand razors of pain. Have a horrible day!

  14. Anonymous said on 23 Sep 2010 at 8:08 pm:
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    Holy crap.

    Mexican teen illegal alien, not stopped at our border, not deported, is instead placed in a Virginia foster home by government social services and Lutheran church services.

    Rapes foster mom and comes up with a contorted blackmail scheme to extort 15 grand from foster family…by threatening to tell of forced sex by foster mom.



  15. Jasmine said on 26 Sep 2010 at 7:31 pm:
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    People come here to get an education, kids come here to study and become something of themselves. When other kids that are from here drop out and don’t care about studies the illegal aliens as you call them still do. Mexicans and all the “illegal aliens” do all the dirty jobs those lazy people from America don’t want to do. The people that come here try to better themselves unlike Legal people who don’t do nothing and sit around waiting for mommy and daddy to give them money so they can go spend. I think they should let illegal aliens go to college and let them become citizens if they are studying. When u say we are law breakers and criminals look at have of the white population who is getting high on crack and buying all those drugs. White kids now a days only count on parents giving them money, unlike Mexicans we work for what we want. So give me a better meaning of why u call us this. When the military has no more soldiers they take mexicans. So if you all don’t like us so much why recruit us? Guess what we came here and we are here to stay, when you have better arguments then those, then you can start talking. When i see legal people of white color doing dirty jobs and long hard jobs then you can all start talking because right now all the mexicans are doing it.

  16. ihatethis said on 26 Sep 2010 at 8:30 pm:
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    i think this is disgusting. they should let “illegal aliens” go to college because they ACTUALLY want to study and be something unlike most americans now-a-days. if youre worried about this people taking your jobs then study and be something. that way you shouldn’t be worried about “illegals” taking your jobs.

  17. Maria said on 26 Sep 2010 at 10:57 pm:
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    Jasmine you are right about everything I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  18. anonymous said on 27 Sep 2010 at 5:25 pm:
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    i agree with the other posts.. There are jobs out there for everyone - you just have to get off your ass & find them.

    Http://www.takepurjobs.org - run by the immigrant labor union, they will find jobs for any white american willing to work a job that’s normally performed by an illegal mexican (harvesting/large crop work, landscaping, etc). Alot of the jobs pay below minimum wage, there’s no FMLA, worker’s compensation, or health benefits available. I’m glad that this opportunity has become available for illegal immigrants who are trying to better themselves. I think it’s a great motivation for hispanic kids to continue their education instead of getting into a life of poverty, teenage pregnancy, gangs, drugs, etc.

    I dated an illegal a few years ago. His whole family was illegal except for his step-mother. I’ve never felt so welcome & comfortable in another person’s home as i did at my ex’s mother’s. Even though my spanish wasn’t good back then & she spoke no english, we still found ways to communicate with each other. Anyway! I’m glad this act has passed!

  19. Greg L said on 27 Sep 2010 at 6:39 pm:
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    Actually, you moonbat, it did not.

    “a lot of the jobs pay below minimum wage” with no tax witholding has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I suppose it’s not that much of a stretch to think that if illegal aliens are normal, employers breaking federal labor laws, the IRS code, and a dozen other laws might not seem so shocking.

    A labor union staying mum about such obvious oppression of the working class in an obviously unlawful manner? Yeah, that’s believable.

  20. V said on 28 Sep 2010 at 3:13 pm:
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    I AGREE WITH YOU JASMINE!!!! Dont just start pointing fingers not everyone is perfect but at least they are trying to change and do something better for themselves and their families. Those that are againts this why so much hate? we are all illegal one way or another. What happend to LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL??? stop the hate give them a chance to show you they can be and do something good for this country. I am a latina and im going to college and im going to support this Dream Act in the best way I can so that all these students that are not able to higher their education will be able to sooner or later.

  21. Greg L said on 28 Sep 2010 at 5:00 pm:
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    That these two sentences abutted each other makes such drivel all the more laughable:

    “we are all illegal one way or another. What happend to LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL???”

    Is this some sort of call for “justice for lawbreakers” that would somehow preclude any kind of consequence for lawbreaking? I would expect that the author of these comments cannot actually define the word “justice.”

    And to think this individual is a college student…

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