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Spotted From Miles Away…

7 September 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime | 9 Comments

From the better-late-then-never department comes the stunning revelation that DMV is going to suspend giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens with an Employment Authorization Card.  So far no one has identified the complete and utter idiot who thought Virginia law permitted issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens under any circumstance.

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A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

7 September 2010 | Manassas City | 24 Comments

The Mayor and Council are having an emergency meeting this evening concerning the porn shop that wants to open in Old Town this evening, which will include time for citizens to offer their thoughts.  Immediately following will be Delegate Jackson Miller’s town hall meeting, if the two don’t get merged into one event.  I’d suggest  […]

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Nun Killed By “Hope And Change”

3 September 2010 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 22 Comments

As if the sordid tale of Carlos Martinelly-Montano killing a nun wasn’t shocking enough, now comes a story from the Washington Post about how instead of deporting this habitual drunken driving illegal alien, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement instead provided him with an Employment Authorization Card and set him free.  As an illegal […]

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Manassas: History At Your Fingertips

2 September 2010 | Manassas City, Prince William County | 15 Comments

Here’s a project I recently completed for Historic Manassas that readers might enjoy, focused on the Civil War events and re-enactors as we prepare for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas. One of the really special things about living in this area is how we are so […]

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More Reader Feedback

2 September 2010 | Blogs | 19 Comments

It’s always such a treat when “enlightened” leftists drop by to comment after seeing or reading something about me and have their comments immediately snapped up by the comment filters that do their best to keep BVBL somewhat family-friendly.  Every once in a while it might be worth it to share with readers these pearls […]

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The Summer of Crazy - Part 2

1 September 2010 | Humor & Satire | 15 Comments

As if mosques at Ground Zero and sex shops opening in Old Town Manassas weren’t enough to make this the Summer of Crazy, today an Al Gore inspired eco-nut decided the best way to save the planet was to plant explosives and take hostages at the eco-nut friendly Discovery Channel.  The response of Montgomery County […]

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