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A Vote For Gerry Connolly Is A Vote For Nancy Pelosi

By Greg L | 20 October 2010 | Keith Fimian, Gerry Connolly | 3 Comments

According to ABC News, Nancy Pelosi depends on Gerry Connolly being re-elected in order to hold on to her grip of power over the House of Representatives.  Despite the obligatory mainstream media doublespeak about how Keith Fimian is somehow not in tune with the district, or that his opposition to abortion and global warming hysteria is somehow political suicide, the message filtering through this media lens is clear: if Nancy Pelosi is to remain in control of the agenda in the House, she needs Gerry Connolly’s vote.  Although it sounds awfully desperate to say such a thing, there’s some truth to this.

As President of the freshman class in the House, Gerry Connolly has played an important role in marshaling support Nancy Pelosi’s agenda among his colleagues.  Except in those instances where the outcome of a vote didn’t depend on Connolly and he was given clearance to cast a defensive vote or two, Connolly has been in virtual lockstep with Pelosi, siding with her on 97% of the votes in the house.  If you like Nancy Peolsi, you’ll love Gerry Connolly.

A few Democrats running in tough races have pledged, as a means of propping up tier crumbling candidacies, to not vote for Pelosi should Democrats somehow retain the majority in the House.  Connolly isn’t one of them.  Since Connolly is remaining loyal to Pelosi and has steadfastly maintained that he is proud to be part of the Obama agenda, he’s getting the support of the House leadership in his election to the extent that the leadership has support to spare in this race.

“I’m proud of have been part of President Obama’s agenda. … We need to keep the good thing going that we started when we elected the President and the 111th Congress.

“President Obama has to have a working majority in the House and the Senate if he’s going to continue the work of changing this country. He needs partners—I want to be one of those partners.”

Yeah, that’s good for getting the support of Obama and Pelosi, but the question remains as to whether that’s going to rack up a lot of support in the 11th District.  They’ve seen the “change” Obama and Pelosi have been cramming down the throats of constituents, and they’re not liking it a whole lot.  Maybe being a “partner” with Pelosi and Obama is personally rewarding to Gerry Connolly, but it’s a far cry from actually partnering with the constituents of the 11th District and not saddling their children with mountains of debt they can’t possibly afford to repay.  Change is about all they’ll have left when they grow up and these bills come due.

But hey, if you like how Nancy Pelosi has run the House of Representatives, by all means vote for Gerry Connolly because she really needs him.  If you don’t, well, you might want to make a different choice on November 2nd.

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  1. Gurduloo said on 21 Oct 2010 at 10:47 am:
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    There’s really no chance of Democrats retaining the House, even if Connolly wins. So Pelosi is out as speaker no matter what.

  2. LLea said on 21 Oct 2010 at 11:03 am:
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    In response to Gurduloo– the havoc Pelosi and her fellow travelers in the House, can create will prevent anything from getting done even if th dems lose control. It is imperative to get rid of as many dem leaders as possible, and that particularly includes Connolly, in order to give the new members a fighting chance of making a difference.

  3. HelpGerry said on 21 Oct 2010 at 3:59 pm:
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    What about Gerry the person? We need to help Gerry. He is in trouble. http://www.savegerryconnolly.com/

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