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Juan Gone From NPR — Call to Strip Taxpayer Funding

By Greg L | 24 October 2010 | National Politics | 13 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. HornThe vigorous and immediate support of former NPR (National Public Radio) commentator Juan Williams, in the wake of his unceremonious dismissal via cell phone, from both sides of the aisle both politically and in the media speaks volumes – especially when Williams has been silenced, albeit only by NPR.

For a simple expression of his true feelings, that should he encounter Muslims in full Muslim garb aboard an airplane he would feel nervous, Williams was fired by National Progressive Radio. And the fateful words were not even uttered on NPR’s vaunted airwaves, but instead on the Fox News Channel as a guest on the O’ Reilly Factor, Monday, October 18. (Williams said he would have repeated those same feelings on NPR.)

The outrage by the public over the Wednesday, October 20 firing comes, coincidentally, during their semi-annual beg-a-thon, or pledge week as National Pompous Radio calls it. The subsequent aftermath should, and will, affect NPR’s bottom line. This math will be seen in the form of subtraction of public donations, a multiplication of the ire by the rank and file as many listeners have called and e-mailed protesting Williams’ firing. These listeners are decidedly left of center as NPR is a liberal operation.

A liberal operation that claims it only receives one to three percent of its finding via the federal government, yet at the mere mention of Congressional defunding, it cries poverty. Let’s look at that one to three percent. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives about $425 million annually from Congress, of which $90 is absorbed by public radio – certainly nothing to sneeze at, even when dealing with trillions in debt and deficits. This is money that comes from the taxpayers’ pockets and can surely be used more efficiently. Public Broadcasting is for ALL the public, yet it is far from balanced and most definitely advocacy programming supporting left of center causes.

Sorry, NPR, you can’t have it both ways. Congress should defund CPB and NPR immediately. Let them compete in the free market where they can sink or swim – they are not too big to fail and should no longer be funded by tax dollars. They can continue to receive the corporate grants and viewer/listener support that has come their way for years, but they will never receive another dime from me.

Yes, I have contributed to public broadcasting, particularly to my local radio station, WETA in Washington, DC for the sole purpose of supporting the classical music programming. But no longer. Actions have consequences, and National Propaganda Radio’s actions were careless, irresponsible and an affront to what a free and open press is all about in the first place.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution, a document with which NPR may or may not be familiar, guarantees freedom of speech and press – a double whammy, yet NPR is guilty of violating Juan Williams’ rights on both counts.

National Pinko Radio not only crassly fired a revered commentator in their employ for more than a decade via cell phone, but added insult to injury when Vivian Schiller, NPR CEO mocked Williams in a public speech. Schiller said the firing was not a passing of judgment on what Williams’ said, which by the way, it most certainly was just that. Schiller then said Williams should have kept his comments between himself and his psychiatrist or publicist. In watching Schiller make those comments, one could clearly see the sneer on her face, which should be wiped off with her own dismissal.

Schiller said Williams’ violation of NPR’s journalistic standards caused his termination. National Putrid Radio must have the most obsequious of standards and demonstrated its adherence of clinging to the leftist orthodoxy that allowed other commentators to remain on the air for uttering infinitely more damning statements than Williams’.

Longtime NPR commentator Nina Totenberg said in 1995 the now late North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms or even his grandchildren should contact AIDS. So-called NPR humorist Andrei Codrescu said in 2005 that the evaporation of four million Christians who believe in the Rapture would leave the world a better place. In June of this year, National Palestinian Radio hosted a “balanced” forum following the Gaza flotilla incident in which none of the five panelists defended Israel. Such standards of excellence in journalism.

Williams’ dismissal brought immediate support from members of his own profession on both sides of the aisle. Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg, both of The View, as well as commentators from MSNBC and other left of center media operations came to Williams’ defense. Clearly even they saw the potential writing on the wall regarding the erosion and stifling of First Amendment rights with the firing of a man of the character and caliber of work as a Juan Williams.

In addition to his radio and television work, Williams is also a noted author of numerous books, including Enough The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America – and What We Can Do About It, which I highly recommend.

Fox News, for whom Williams also works, stood by their man and put its money where its mouth and slogan are by extending his contract – defending the Constitution and demonstrating they clearly are fair and balanced.

With a recent infusion of $1.8 million from far left, anti-American, anti-free speech financier George Soros to NPR, it is obvious who is now pulling the strings. Juan Williams may just as well have been fired for his association with Fox News. Who’s next on Soros’ hit list? Mara Liasson? Either dance the NPR dance or dance alone.

The American public demonstrated that Juan Williams is not alone. Flooding the switchboard and crashing the website at NPR demonstrated support for Williams to the tune of roughly 8,000 to 60. The 60 coming from extremist CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and its supporters calling for retribution against Williams for what? Having the nerve to express his feelings.

It is amazing that as the American lexicon grows via politically correct euphemisms, the English language continues to shrink in terms of what words people can and cannot say. Every word is parsed beyond recognition. This is political correctness taken to the worst degree that it is actually a repudiation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is disturbing to the point of Orwellian. This is the epitome of censorship and as a publicly funded organization, it should not go unpunished.

Call NPR at 202-513-3232 (10-5 EST) or visit their website at www.npr.org. Inform them how much money you would have pledged, but won’t, due to the cowardly firing of Juan Williams. Then inform them your next call will be to your member of Congress to demand that NPR be stripped of its federal funding. We will speak with out wallets and our votes.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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  1. Anonymous said on 25 Oct 2010 at 4:55 am:
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    Taking the 2% of their budget the Feds contribute means people like Soros will write a slightly bigger check. As for people who read this site: cutting your contribution from nothing to nothing has absolutely no effect.

  2. USA said on 25 Oct 2010 at 5:31 am:
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    Wrong. NPR gets about two percent. The majority of money they get come from PUBLIC radio stations.

    Which means they are heavily funded by us.

    This will be a test for the new republicans. If they cannot - or will not - jerk all the public funding from NPR, they will be totally impotent when it comes to obamacare.

    I don’t think NPR will go away, but they do not deserve one penny of our money. Let them go into the deep end of the pool like air America on their own.

  3. Just the Facts said on 25 Oct 2010 at 6:28 am:
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    NPR is even worse outside our area. I travel to Los Angeles sometimes and have listened to them there. It’s the farthest left I’ve ever heard any broadcast. They make MSNBC sound like Rush. In addition, they broadcast a constant, pro-illegal alien line. All public funding for NPR, whether directly or through PBS, should be shut down immediately. Let Soros and the Obamatrons pay for it.

  4. Sanford Horn said on 25 Oct 2010 at 9:35 am:
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    Anonymous - you missed part of my point - (A) I USED to contribute to support the classical music programming, but now no more; and (2) that Soros and his ilk will write bigger checks is just fine and dandy - it’s less money to other causes.

    USA - you got it right, and they ought to compete in the free market like any other station. Sink or swim - if the folks want it to stick around, they can fund it themselves.

  5. Robert L. Duecaster said on 25 Oct 2010 at 9:49 am:
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    I’m glad I read your last post prior to reading your tome, Sanford. Now I’ve got your bottom line and still have time for some Dostoyevsky.

  6. Sanford Horn said on 25 Oct 2010 at 11:14 am:
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    Ouch, Robert. Are you suggesting I am long winded? I can’t say “hello” in under 10 column inches!

  7. Anonymous said on 25 Oct 2010 at 6:09 pm:
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    …and the stations claim about 10% of their money comes from the Fed. Still not much leverage. USA you need to get out of the 70’s and find out what is happening today. Our politicians will make all kind of nosie about cutting their funding but won’t actually do it. If they did they would be giving up a cheap and easy target.

  8. Dittyman8 said on 25 Oct 2010 at 6:58 pm:
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    Why is the Federal Government funding NPR in the first place? Why is this an essential Federal Government function? I can see maybe funding the Voice of America which provides official news and information in places where freedom of the press is restricted or to counter foreign propaganda. Why do we need to provide for a partisan news service which serves the interests of only one party? It’s not the amount of money (even though it’s money better spent elsewhere or not spent at all) but the principle that is the issue.

  9. Citizen12 said on 25 Oct 2010 at 10:07 pm:
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    It’s an off shoot of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, no doubt part of the Great Society brought about by President Johnson. The intent was to enhance education through the technical marvels of the day.



    In reading the address of President Johnson the following caught my attention and leaves me with a very compelling question.

    “So today we rededicate a part of the airwaves–which belong to all the people–and we dedicate them for the enlightenment of all the people.”

    My question is this……If the President of the United States says the airwaves belong to all the people, when can the good people of Virginia get back their confiscated radar detectors?

  10. USA said on 26 Oct 2010 at 2:39 am:
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    Citizen - good question. Why can’t we use radar detectors and why do we have red light cameras.

    Two very good examples of incremental big brotherism.

    And we are led to believe that we are free Virginians.


  11. Anonymous said on 26 Oct 2010 at 5:40 pm:
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    You are allowed by Federal law to receive on the frequency. You are not allowed by VA law to have a device that will indicate the power levels of the received frequency (i.e. “detect”). VA will not confiscate your detector. They may make you hand it over while they record info and they may even make you come to the station to get it. They WILL NOT keep it. They stopped doing that years ago. Not sure I like them being outlawed.

    I love red light cameras. How stupid do you have to be to get caught running a light? Spare me all of the “what ifs” and “buts”. Those situation make up a tiny percentage of the instances where the fools get caught. I think they should have more red light cameras and triple the fines if they can prove you were in the car.

  12. USA said on 27 Oct 2010 at 6:07 am:
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    We have clearly defined rights - one of which is the ability to face an accuser.

    The problem with red light cameras is that it is creeping intrusiveness. After all, illegals are caught running red lights, even killing people and what happens to them?

    Very little, so it is clear that public safety is not at the forefront, revenue enhancement is.

    I don’t want to have to lock my brakes up at the sight of a yellow light, possible causing someone behind me to rear end me, on the chance that the corporation - probably foreign - has rigged the camera to increase their take. I am not naive enough to imagine that any politician who purports to represent me will intervene. There is simply too much salivation over the prospects of increased revenue, revenue for which they don’t have to go on record with a vote, with which they can buy future votes. And thats both sides.

    Give me a list of who voted against red light cameras.

    I also don’t want a foreign company to have access to DMV records. In this area there are many, many people with cover issues. While our government makes some effort to protect that, foreign agencies have no such conscience and to the contrary, would gladly publish any information they mine from DMV.

    Also, no one has to prove you were in the car. If you are on the registration, you are guilty.

  13. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 6:39 am:
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    Stupid people that run red lights get to face the camera. Intrusiveness be damned.

    Sure it’s a money-maker. Quit giving them an easy $$ by running lights.

    If you are paying the least bit of attention you do not have to lock up your brakes. That is the result of your inability to drive. The camera trips of you break the barrier when it is red. That means you did not enter under yellow. In VA it is legal to enter an intersection under yellow.

    All the crap about rigging the cameras is all the more “wah-wah poor me and my rights” BS. Don’t drive like an idiot.

    “Cover issues” are not issues at all. It’s simply more noise from you “I got my right to violate the law” guys! If they have cover then guess what? Their DL is a cover also. There are also DMV records you CANNOT pull without special permission. Even cops can’t get them without answerng a couple of questions. There are some flagged so high that you will get a phone call for running them.

    If you can prove who was in the car you are not guilty. They are. Unfortunately for you it is usually you and “wah-wah I MIGHT not have been driving”.

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