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Gerry Connolly: Nevermind My Jihadist Buddies

By Greg L | 27 October 2010 | Gerry Connolly | 9 Comments

Gerry Connolly gets confronted by constituents for his support of terrorist-linked jihadists. Gerry Connolly responds by accusing his constituents of slander instead of responding to their concerns. Just another day with Congressman Gerry Connolly…

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  1. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 11:47 am:
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    Gerry accepts campaign donations from radical islamists with ties to terrorists. Vote for Keith Fimian so we can protect our country from jihadists!

  2. G Man said on 27 Oct 2010 at 12:00 pm:
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    “Jihad” Gerry is very proud of the earmarks he puts in bills. Does “Jihad” Gerry bring home the bacon to the Dar al-Hijrah mosque and ISA too?

  3. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 3:44 pm:
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    FNC) — A Virginia man has been arrested for allegedly trying to help Al Qaeda plan multiple bombings around the nation’s capital, according to U.S. officials.
    Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn, Va., was arrested today by the FBI and charged with providing material support to terrorists and collecting information for a terrorist attack.

    “It’s chilling that a man from Ashburn is accused of casing rail stations with the goal of killing as many Metro riders as possible through simultaneous bomb attacks,” said Neil MacBride, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Today’s arrest highlights … our ability to find those seeking to harm U.S. citizens and neutralize them before they can act.”

    According to an indictment filed in U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, between April 2010 and Oct. 25, Ahmed repeatedly met with individuals he thought were affiliated with Al Qaeda to discuss “jihad.”

    On May 15, in a hotel room in Sterling, Va., Ahmed told one individual that he might be ready to travel overseas to conduct jihad, but only after he completed the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in November, according to the indictment.

    In addition, he agreed to watch and photograph Arlington Cemetery Metrorail station and a hotel in Washington, D.C., in order to obtain information about their security and busiest periods.

    In fact, on July 7, he participated in surveillance and recording images of Arlington Cemetery Metrorail station. The next month, he allegedy participated in surveillance of the Courthouse, Pentagon City and Crystal City Metrorail stations outside Washington.

    During a meeting at a hotel in Herndon, Va., on Sept. 28, he suggested that rolling suitcases be used instead of backpacks, and he said that he wanted to kill as many military personnel as possible, according to the indictment.

    Officials say that at no time was the public in danger during this investigation. The FBI was aware of Ahmed’s activities from before the alleged attempt began and closely monitored his activities until his arrest, according to U.S. officials.

    Ahmed is set to make his initial appearance Wednesday afternoon in Alexandria, Va.


    “Ahmed Abdullah Minni, Umar Farooq, Aman Hassan Yemer, Waqar Hussain Khan and Ramy Zamzam — used to worship together at a mosque in Alexandria, Virginia, until they went missing in November and turned up in Pakistan”


  4. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 4:42 pm:
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    Wednesday, 27 October 2010
    Abdullah Farooq Makes Senator Kerry Allahu-Akbar Twice

    Today, at a groundbreaking ceremony for subsidized housing to be run by Central Boston Elder Services, a non-profit organization funded mainly by state and Federal money, the proceedings were brought to a close by Abdullah Farooq, the louche imam of the louche Boston Mosque, the history of which includes such piquant details as the sale of city land, arranged by a Muslim member of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, at far below market prices, and the subsequent travels — with city funds, apparently — of that same BRA member to Saudi Arabia, to raise more money.

    He delivered a Muslim prayer, did this Abdullah Farooq who once told Muslims they should, if they felt it necessary, “reach for their guns,” and he asked the whole audience to join him in proclaiming “Allahu Akbar” — a Muslim statement of elation — of elative and relative triumph over the Infidels, for Allah is the Greatest, and Allah is also Greater for it says not that “God is Great” but that “God, the Muslim God, Allah,” is greater than the God of the Christians or the Jahweh of the Jews.

    And when the audience did as it was told, he berated them for not being enthusiastic and loud enough, and insisted that again they all say with him, this time more loudly, and with feeling: : Allahu Akbar.

    And so they dutifully, or sheepishly, did.

    And among those who lustily shouted “Allahu Akbar” was the man sitting next to Abdullah Farooq:

    Senator John Kerry.

    I believe that spectacle has been caught on tape. I certainly hope that tape, or at least a few stills, appear on YouTube. Just a little something — not to be forgotten — during the next election.


    The establishment clause isn’t just against my OWN government establishing state religion in America

  5. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 5:35 pm:
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    Most people should recognize by now that what happens in a mosque is sedition. Pure and simple.

    Islam is not just a “religion”, it is also it’s own government, it is judicial…in its sharia laws, and its military (jihadis). All rolled into one and with one singular intent; to eventually rule wherever they take root.

    It is an invasive, systemic infection looking to take over the host once it has the quantum. Islam is all inclusive i.e. there is no separation of “church” and state.

    The church is the state. The state is the church .

    This is far more than just a “religion”, but something that cloaks itself in that term so it should not be given the same treatment contemplated under the first amendment. It’s rule is to consume whatever government is wherever it goes. To supplant and replace.

    The sooner America learns this , the better.

    Obama, in part, stated this defense of the Ground Zero Islamic Center:

    “we treat everybody equally and in accordance with the law, regardless of race, regardless of religion.”

    Obama should be tried for treason in this issue for promoting the establishment of a foreign government on our soil.

    Faisal Abdul Rauf in Arabic: Our Goal Is To Establish Sharia




    Keith Ellison attempts to equate Moslems with Pilgrims …They fled to escape persecution by a religious state. Moslems do not depart Islamic States to realize religious freedom.

    Islam is infiltrating, colonizing to inflict its totalitarian tyranny.


    Americans and the rest of the West will eventually come to the full realization that:

    a) Islam and Liberty are functionally incompatible.

    b) Muslims have been ushered into the West by their leftist enablers and advocates for one reason; to serve as an endless source of chronic irritation and social unrest.

    President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – - mostly from Islamic countries – - to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.

    Mr. Obama says that the increase in Muslim immigrants “is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”


  6. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 6:03 pm:
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    Arrests Seen as Part of a Wider Plot
    “Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn, Va., was indicted Wednesday for attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, collecting information to assist in planning a terrorist attack on a transit facility, and attempting to provide material support to help carry out multiple bombings in the D.C. Metro subway system.
    Ahmed’s arrest follows that of Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, arrested Tuesday in Hawaii for lying about a failed attempt to go to Pakistan and join the Taliban. Shehadeh said he was planning to travel to Pakistan to wage jihad, but after that plan failed he tried to join the U.S. Army. According to the indictment, Shehadeh said that in the Army he “would be provided with training, transportation and a weapon” that would help him attack Americans.

    Ahmed and Shehadeh are considered to be part of a wider plan by U.S. citizens or residents hoping to serve elements of the Taliban and al-Qaida to conduct terrorist attacks throughout the country, a federal law enforcement official told IPT News.

    There are multiple ongoing investigations of radical Muslims who are believed to have received training or direction from Pakistan-based terror groups in order to carry out attacks here, the official said. In the last eight months, U.S. authorities have detected a dramatic increase in the number of planned Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States or against Western targets abroad.

    Evidence for this comes from four categories, the official said.

    Actual tracking of foreign terrorist recruiters, including some with U.S. passports, who have been sent here to select terrorist candidates to carry out major attacks in the United States.
    Evidence showing a substantive increase in international travel of terrorist operatives into the United States and Europe. They have either been dispatched by al-Qaida-linked groups or are “lone wolf” types who have connected to groups in both Pakistan and Yemen in order to volunteer to carry out attacks.
    A substantial increase in the “terrorist chatter” that has preceded previous major attacks.
    The capture and interrogations of key Islamic terrorists by U.S. allies who have revealed details of plots and names of operatives who have been sent or trained to carry out attacks.
    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a speech Monday that law enforcement officials believe terrorist groups are preparing to launch attacks. Those officials, she said, “are operating under the premise that individuals prepared to carry out terrorist acts are already in the country, and may carry out these acts of violence with little or no warning.”

    Al-Qaida leaders outside the United States have increased their calls for attacks in this country. In May, Anwar al-Awlaki, an American cleric believed to be living in Yemen, issued a 45-minute video urging attacks on American civilians to retaliate for the deaths of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Awlaki invoked the Prophet Muhammad, whom he said waged battles that had civilian casualties.

    On Sunday, Adam Gadahn, a U.S. citizen turned al-Qaida leader, issued an Internet call for followers to stage attacks in the United States. “It is the duty of everyone who is sincere in his desire to defend Islam and Muslims today, to take the initiative to perform the individual obligation of jihad,” Gadahn said in Arabic in the video.

    Ahmed and Shehadeh join a growing list of accused or convicted domestic plotters of terrorist attacks. In May, Faisal Shahzad, a U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, was arrested for trying to detonate a car bomb in New York’s Times Square. He was sentenced to life in prison on Oct. 5. In February, Najibullah Zazi, a naturalized citizen from Afghanistan, was sentenced to life in prison for his role in a plot to attack New York’s subway system.

    A naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, Ahmed met with undercover law enforcement officers whom he believed were al-Qaida members, the indictment said. During these meetings between April and October 2010, Ahmed detailed his plans for a terrorist attack on the Washington Metro. He reportedly scouted numerous stops, including those at Arlington Cemetery, Crystal City, Courthouse and the Pentagon in Northern Virginia. Ahmed, the indictment said, picked these stops because military personnel use them regularly.

    Detailing the planned attacks, Ahmed told undercover officers he had taken notes and video to document security procedures and when the stops were the most crowded. Ahmed, the indictment said, determined the best time for an attack would be between 4 and 5 p.m. Attacks then would cause the most casualties. The plot would involve the use of rolling suitcases placed at predetermined locations within a number of metro stops for simultaneous attacks.

    In addition to planning attacks, Ahmed offered to provide financial support to al-Qaida. He wanted to donate $10,000 and said “he would collect donations from people even if he had to do it in the name of another cause, and send it to the organization in increments of $1,000 in order to not raise any red flags.”

    “It’s chilling that a man from Ashburn is accused of casing rail stations with the goal of killing as many Metro riders as possible through simultaneous bomb attacks,” U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride said after the arrest. “Today’s arrest highlights the terrorism threat that exists in Northern Virginia and our ability to find those seeking to harm U.S. citizens and neutralize them before they can act.”

    Ahmed is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Alexandria, Va. If convicted, Ahmed could face up to 50 years in prison.”


    Oh, and after that little “Allahu Akbar” from Johnny “jihad” Kerry up there in Massachusetts, anybody else think he might make for a fine Secretary of State?

    “Word on Capitol Hill is that Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee with a well-worn passport to the world’s hot spots, is in the mix to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who’s been hinting of an exit before the end of President Obama’s first term. Kerry, as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has acted as an emissary for Obama.”


  7. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 6:50 pm:
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    SENATOR KERRY WANTS MORE MUSLIMS IN USA - As he introduced a bill to bring more Muslim “professionals” to the United States, Senator John Kerry said, “This legislation is designed to help build professional capacity, strengthen civil society, and improve ties between the US and Muslim-majority countries through a two-way exchange of professional fellows.” Under his proposal teachers and other “professionals” would be exchanged with majority Muslim nations. Oddly not a single American news outlet reported this and I had to pick it up from a newspaper in India. In Kerry’s liberal mind, Muslims and Baptists are essentially the same. And while stoning people to death in the USA may be wrong, it is OK in Muslim nations.

    REPORTED IN THE OFFICIAL SAUDI PRESS - Senator John Kerry’s desire to bring Muslim “professionals” to the USA on an exchange program must be taken in light of the comments of Anas Zahed, a columnist for the Saudi government daily Al-Madina. Zahed was critical of Arab and Muslim intellectuals who say jihad is a personal, spiritual struggle and said it is a call to war as well. In his column he says, “There is no Islam without Jihad.”


    Hey, John Kerry, know who else yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ on American soil ?


  8. Anonymous said on 27 Oct 2010 at 7:30 pm:
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    Dem Rep Betty McCollum from MN claims al-Qaeda no longer a threat to the US:


    Only thing missing from the video is her yelling the requisite ‘Allahu Akbar’ .

  9. madmom said on 28 Oct 2010 at 8:07 am:
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    Great video. He actually told a constituent that he was a liar and to shut up now. Wow.

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