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Stewart, Lingamfelter and the Cooch Battle It Out

28 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime | 35 Comments

While the public debate between the Attorney General’s office, members of the House of Delegates and Prince William Chairman Corey Stewart regarding proposed legislation to help reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in Virginia has been occasionally contentious, this nearly unprecedented public policy debate should give plenty encouragement to residents who have waited […]

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School Board Corruption In Fairfax County

28 November 2010 | Fairfax County | 15 Comments

Guest Post by “Outraged In Fairfax”
I’m one of hundreds of concerned parents who not only disagree with the irrational vote for closure (of Clifton Elementary School) carried out on July 8th this year by the Fairfax County School Board(FCSB), but who also disagree with the boundary study that Fairfax County Public Schools and the FCSB […]

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Open Thread

23 November 2010 | Uncategorized | 53 Comments

As the nation goes progressively more insane, I’m sure there are things you all want to discuss that I haven’t covered…

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F-16s Scramble Over DC Area

22 November 2010 | Uncategorized | 13 Comments

Spotted flying over Manassas headed east-southeast: several pairs of F-16s at about 1000 feet AGL and moving with a purpose, loaded with air-to-air missles.  Looks like someone tripped an alert and is going to get a quick visit by America’s finest…
UPDATE 3:20: A single engine aircraft was forced to land at Manassas Airport.

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Gang Violence In Manassas Takes Two Lives

21 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 35 Comments

Two stabbings over the weekend, both victims and perpetrators appear to be Hispanic, the police say these are gang-related, and the crimes seem to bear every similarity with other illegal alien gang-banger crimes that used to be much more prevalent in the area.  This, dear readers, is a huge challenge not only for Manassas but […]

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Good Grief!

19 November 2010 | National Politics | 50 Comments

Can the government possibly get any stupider than this?

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Adopt Israeli Air Strategy

19 November 2010 | National Politics | 8 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin
In baseball, good pitching beats good hitting, or so goes the adage. In sports in general, good defense thwarts a solid offense and quickly leaves the field giving momentum to the […]

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Day Two: Connolly Still Refuses To Disclose Vote

18 November 2010 | Gerry Connolly | 6 Comments

Did Gerry Connolly vote for Nancy Pelosi to be House Minority Leader?  He still won’t tell his constituents!
See if you can get him to tell you by contacting him at his DC office at 202-225-1492, his Fairfax office at 703-256-3071 or his Prince William office at 703-670-4989.  If you don’t get an answer at one, […]

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Marty Nohe Orphans His Baby

18 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 4 Comments

Supervisors Marty Nohe and Frank Principi were the only two voting against a policy statement that recommends the Rule of Law Resolution be implemented at the state level.  Now Frank Principi, who campaigned as a rule of law kind of guy when he was running for Supervisor, only to turn around and actually introduce a […]

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UVA Report Analysis - Part 1

17 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 21 Comments

While I am still going through UVA’s report on the success of the Rule of Law Resolution, which tells a lot of the positive story we living at the heart of the issue have experienced over the past three years, there’s some warning signs in the report that deserve immediate attention.  We knew this would […]

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Day One: Connolly Won’t Say How He Voted

17 November 2010 | Gerry Connolly | 8 Comments

Today House Democrats chose Nancy Pelosi to be their Minority Leader in the next Congress.  Finding no announcement by Gerry Connolly about how he voted, several friends took it upon themselves to contact Gerry’s office and ask whether Gerry cast his vote for Heath Schuler, or for Nancy Pelosi.  Strangely enough, staffers refused to disclose […]

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The Final Report Is Now Available

16 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 17 Comments

Here’s the link for UVA’s report on the impacts of the Rule of Law Resolution.
UPDATE: Here’s an additional link for the report, and there’s now a presentation that goes along with it.
UPDATE 2: I’m told that Mexicans Without Borders has managed to slither out from whatever rock they’ve been hiding lately to play damage control and […]

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Next Time, Just Stay Home

15 November 2010 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

I guess it takes wackos like Westboro Baptist Church to make Unity In The Community appear mainstream.  Thanks a lot, you nonsense-spewing, fatally-confused Biblical non-scholars.  Nothing makes the homesexual lobby appear more reasonable than you folks darkening our doorstep and acting like complete and utter idiots.  You manage to make any left-wing fringe group look […]

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UVA Report On The Rule Of Law Resolution

15 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 6 Comments

Tomorrow the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will release the long-awaited independent evaluation on the effects of the Rule of Law Resolution that was conducted by UVA over the past several years.  We’ve heard wild claims from the illegal alien lobby for years about how the Resolution supposedly is destroying the county, and tomorrow […]

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One Day In Old Town Manassas

13 November 2010 | Manassas City | 3 Comments

Here’s some video from the Arts & Wine Festival in Manassas that readers might appreciate.

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Becoming A Bananna Republic At The Speed of Hope

13 November 2010 | National Politics | 2 Comments

This explanation of “quantitative easing” — the policy being pursued by the fed in order to further trash our economy — is about the most clear and easily understood explanation I’ve ever seen.  H/T to Disrupt The Narrative.

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Steve Hunt Announces For State Senate

10 November 2010 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 2 Comments

Undaunted by his razor-thin loss to Dave Marsden last election, Steve Hunt has announced he’s running to take back the Senate seat Ken Cuccinelli held in Fairfax County before he became Attorney General.  If you don’t recall just how terrific a candidate he is, let me show you something I filmed during his run during […]

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Dennis Husch For Drainesville!

10 November 2010 | Fairfax County | 4 Comments

Former Herndon Town Councilman and Vice-Mayor Dennis Husch is first out of the gate announcing that he will run for the Fairfax Board of County Supervisors for the Drainesville District.  Before almost anyone knew what it was, Husch was an early advocate of the Section 287(g) Program that allows trained local authorities to assist ICE […]

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Thank You, Veterans

10 November 2010 | Patriotism | 4 Comments

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once […]

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Open Thread

9 November 2010 | Uncategorized | 60 Comments

Here’s a chance for all those OFF TOPIC comments to come to life.  Have at it, folks.

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