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Marty Nohe Orphans His Baby

By Greg L | 18 November 2010 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 4 Comments

Supervisors Marty Nohe and Frank Principi were the only two voting against a policy statement that recommends the Rule of Law Resolution be implemented at the state level.  Now Frank Principi, who campaigned as a rule of law kind of guy when he was running for Supervisor, only to turn around and actually introduce a measure that would repeal it, surprises us in no way.  He’s effectively the voice of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras on the Board of County Supervisors.  Marty Nohe’s sudden disapproval of the policy he once boasted as something he wrote is quite a bit more troubling. 

As the debate about the Rule of Law Resolution wound down, Supervisor Nohe cobbled together elements of the final compromises and added in an item to have UVA do a study about the effects of the Resolution, which was released this week. Since that time, Marty has been proud to claim ownership of the Rule of Law Resolution when asked about his actions to do things like protect illegal aliens running independent businesses from having their business licenses revoked, even if all he did was try to take control of the legislation after the debate was pretty much settled and it was clearly very popular with the electorate.

The study, which was legitimately Marty’s idea, pretty much endorses the Rule of Law Resolution as responsible and effective policy to the extent that statistical evaluations can make such determinations.  You’d think Marty would be awfully proud that that one idea he came up with– to pay UVA about $300,000 out of the police budget to study the effects — ended up vindicating the final form of the Rule of Law Resolution that he so proudly penned.  Think of the political hay to be had here — you latch onto the coattails of some really popular legislation, wrangle your way into drafting the final form, and have the prescience to include a measurement of the effects.  If the policy turns out to have bad effects, you get to say “See?  I made sure we got the evidence to repeal it, so let’s do that.”  If it turns out great, as it has, you get to claim the credit for settling the debate with an independent, third-party study that says how smart you were in drafting up that final language.

Win-win, folks.  It’s a slam-dunk politically.

Strangely enough, Marty does something else.  Right after it was proven to be effective by the very study he insisted on having performed, Marty now walks away from it and doesn’t want to encourage other localities to follow the model of “his own” legislation.  What, are you freakin’ nuts?  Did your open-mindedness become so notable that your brains just fell out of your head?  Or have you hung out so extensively with “the antis” that when UVA said “thumbs up!” you heard “stinks like rotting fish?”

What is now known at the Coles District is due for a major boundary realignment in the upcoming redistricting and will have to shift tremendously towards Manassas — right towards the area that was ground zero during the illegal alien-fed overcrowding debacle that got substantially cleaned up by the Rule of Law Resolution.  Marty’s current district hardly has any issues at all with illegal aliens — not one day laborer site even nearby, hardly any residential overcrowding, and it has to a large degree been one of the places almost untouched by the illegal alien issue.  The district as it will almost certainly be after redistricting may well have a lot of that ground-zero territory, and the last thing a lot of those residents will want is to have someone who at best can be described as “wobbly” on the Rule of Law Resolution representing them.

The news that “Frank Principi lite” is going to be the board’s voice for one of the two areas (the other being Woodbridge) most affected by residential overcrowding, MS-13 gang activity, and other impacts of illegal immigration is not going to be very welcome in these parts.  It’s another inexplicably dumb move on the part of Marty Nohe, who seems eager to cast off all sorts of deeply-held convictions at various times for no discernible reason.

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  1. Get Bullwinkle! said on 18 Nov 2010 at 11:25 pm:
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    Mister Nohe has mental problem. When he get all friendly with communist filmmakers and telling them he supports what they do but at same time says to other people how he wants to stop illegal immigrant problem that is a dangerous sign. Maybe he need time in good psychatric hospital so he can learn to say same things to different peoples.

    Very important Mr. Nohe get someone running against him in election so can be better choices for voters. Who will be running? Does anyone know?

  2. Jaspar said on 19 Nov 2010 at 7:56 am:
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    Mr. Nohe owns a business that sells appliances to home builders that depend on illegal alien labor. These home builders are also a venue for Nohe campaign contributions.

    Mr. Nohe just wants to be able to slop at the illegal alien labor trough once the economy turns around. Business as usual.

    Mr. Nohe’s mentor is Progressive-Marxist County Board Member Chris Zimmerman (D) from Arlington.

    Mr. Nohe is a RINO fraud touted as some local Opie Taylor because he grew up here and is “in tune” with the needs of Prince William County.

    He is the perfect “maverick” RINO fraud that every cesspool of Democrat malcontents such as Frank Principi et al all need to show that there is at least one person in a Republican majority (PWC BOCS) that has “compassion” like the moonbat Democrats.

    Adios next election cycle, Martino

  3. sandy said on 19 Nov 2010 at 9:50 am:
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    Principi has a Health Center and may need more clients, this is one way of makng money. He received a million or more from Stimuls money due to Connolly.

  4. Woodbridge said on 19 Nov 2010 at 10:31 am:
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    Supervisors Nohe and Principi are both a joke. Nohe is a spineless wimp and Principi is an arrogant puppet for Gerry Connolly. If only eastern PWC would get a clue!!!!

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