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Open Thread

By Greg L | 23 November 2010 | Uncategorized | 53 Comments

As the nation goes progressively more insane, I’m sure there are things you all want to discuss that I haven’t covered…

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  1. Anonymous said on 23 Nov 2010 at 8:32 pm:
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    1. The DREAM Act is NOT limited to children, and it will be funded on the backs of hard working, law-abiding Americans.

    2. The DREAM Act PROVIDES SAFE HARBOR FOR ANY ALIEN, including criminals, from being removed or deported if they simply submit an application.

    3. Certain criminal aliens will be eligible for amnesty under the DREAM Act.

    4. Estimates suggest that at least 2.1 million illegal aliens will be eligible for the DREAM Act amnesty. In reality, we have no idea how many illegal aliens will apply.

    5. Illegal aliens will get in-state tuition benefits.

    6. The DREAM Act does not require that an illegal alien finish any type of degree (vocational, two-year, or bachelor’s degree) as a condition of amnesty.

    7. The DREAM Act does not require that an illegal alien serve in the military as a condition for amnesty, and there is already a legal process in place for illegal aliens to obtain U.S. citizenship through military service.

    8. Despite their current illegal status, DREAM Act aliens will be given all the rights that legal immigrants receive — including the legal right to sponsor their parents and extended family members for immigration.

    9. Current illegal aliens will get federal student loans, federal work study programs, and other forms of federal financial aid.

    10. DHS is prohibited from using the information provided by illegal aliens whose DREAM Act amnesty applications are denied to initiate their removal proceedings or investigate or prosecute fraud in the application process.


  2. Anonymous said on 23 Nov 2010 at 8:33 pm:
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    Contact these two Virginia Senators who are a “YES” vote for Amnesty “Dream Act”

    Sen. Jim Webb
    Richmond: 804-771-2221
    Virginia Beach: 757-518-1674
    Roanoke: 540-772-4236
    Falls Church: 703-573-7090
    Danville: 434-792-0976
    Norton: 276-679-4925

    Sen. Mark Warner
    Richmond: 804-775-2314
    Norfolk: 757-441-3079
    Roanoke: 540-857-2676
    Vienna: 703-442-0670
    Abingdon: 276-628-8158

    Yes, we really do need more phone calls before Thanksgiving. See the list below of the Senators who most need to hear from you because their votes are still up for grabs.



    Your outpouring of phone calls and faxes these past 12 days has pushed the expected NO votes to the point that we think if the vote were held today that we’d have the 41 votes needed to kill DREAM with a filibuster.

    Hooray for you!

    But the opposition is changing the bill by softening some of its most egregious aspects. You have done such a good job of pointing out loopholes that the amnesty sponsors have introduced new versions of DREAM that:
    reduce the maximum age from 35 to 30

    eliminate the section rewarding illegal aliens with in-state tuition
    Even these two concessions don’t go far enough, and there are many more problems with the bill besides those two.

    But we don’t yet know how many of the Senators who currently are whipped as being NO votes — as well as “Unannounced” Senators — might switch to YES if the DREAM sponsors keep narrowing the amnesty.

    The other side is using its vast war chest of funds to pay for special phoning campaigns pushing YES votes.

    We desperately need your phone calls today. Thanks. (Remember that the Senators are back home this week, so make the phone calls to their staffers back in the home state offices.)

    To get talking points for your own Senators and to report what you hear back to us, be sure to go to your NumbersUSA Action Board and look at your Phone Action Notes.

    ACTION 1 — ‘Undecideds’ are the priority

    We need at least 4 of these 14 to vote NO. (The amnesty folks have a steeper hill to climb and need 11 of the 14 to vote YES.) But because there are a few wish-washy Senators among our NO list, we should aim to get at least 6 of these Undecideds. Please help.

    Although many of these seem like they are leaning NO or ought to be a NO vote, there has to be a reason why they have chosen to remain publicly Undecided. The reason is unlikely to be a good one.

    Most of these Undecided Senators are from small to medium sized states. If you live in the region of any of them, please call.


    Sen. Lisa Murkowski She goes back and forth on amnesties. Did her scare in almost losing her seat make her a little more attentive on this kind of thing? Too often in the past, she has seemed to trade her vote FOR open borders to get some kind of pork barrel for the state. Will she be different this time?
    Anchorage: 907-271-3735
    Fairbanks: 907-456-0233
    Ketchikan: 907-225-6880
    Wasilla: 907-376-7665
    Kenai: 907-283-5808


    Sen. Sam Brownback He voted YES on the DREAM amnesty back in 2007. But he remains uncommited this time in public. He was just elected governor. Help him see that a YES vote now would immediately hurt his approval ratings.
    Topeka: 785-233-2503
    Wichita: 316-264-8066
    Overland Park: 913-492-6378
    Garden City: 620-275-1124
    Pittsburg: 620-231-6040


    Sen. Mary Landrieu She has generally voted with US, especially as she faced tough re-election in 2008. She falsely was reported last week as coming out as a YES. But why is she remaining Uncommitted?
    New Orleans: 504-589-2427
    Baton Rouge: 225-389-0395
    Shreveport: 318-676-3085
    Lake Charles: 337-436-6650


    Sen. Susan Collins She voted YES in 2007. But her statements this week lean toward NO. You have driven her to the brink of a good decision; help her do it right.
    Portland: 207-780-3575
    Augusta: 207-622-8414
    Bangor: 207-945-0417
    Lewiston: 207-784-6969
    Caribou: 207-493-7873
    Biddeford: 207-283-1101

    Sen. Olympia Snowe She voted YES in 2007. But she is up for re-election in 2012. She has seen some other ensconced high-seniority Republicans nearly lose or lose to Primary challengers this year. A vote for amnesty now could make her a real target. It is a good sign that she hasn’t declared herself a YES yet.
    Portland: 207-874-0883
    Augusta: 207-622-8292
    Bangor: 207-945-0432
    Auburn: 207-786-2451
    Biddeford: 207-282-4144
    Presque Isle: 207-764-5124


    Sen. Debbie Stabenow When she was coming up for re-election in 2006, she voted with us. But after winning, she voted YES on the DREAM Amnesty in 2007. Now, she is a Democrat coming up for another election in 2012 after big Republican gains in Michigan in the 2010 election. She is obviously conflicted and afraid to reveal either way. How does she tell Michigan’s unemployed in 2012 that she voted to give millions more work permits to illegal aliens?
    Detroit: 313-961-4330
    Grand Rapids: 616-975-0052
    East Lansing: 517-203-1760
    Traverse City: 231-929-1031
    Flint: 810-720-4172
    Marquette: 906-228-8756


    Sen. Claire McCaskill She voted NO in 2007 and has been one of the more reliable pro-enforcement votes among Democrats. Missouri swung strong toward Republicans in the 2010 elections. So, why is she holding back on announcing a NO now? She was one of the original co-sponsors of Harry Reid’s placeholder amnesty bill in winter of 2009. She is very close to Pres. Obama. She is conflicted. Like others on this Undecided list, she probably hopes the vote doesn’t occur so she doesn’t have to anger either side of the issue.
    St. Louis: 314-367-1364
    Kansas City: 816-421-1639
    Springfield: 417-868-8745
    Columbia: 573-442-7130
    Cape Girardeau: 573-651-0964


    Sen. Max Baucus He was one of the few Democrats who voted NO last time. He has indicated he is leaning NO.
    Helena: 406-449-5480
    Billings: 406-657-6790
    Bozeman: 406-586-6104
    Great Falls: 406-761-1574
    Glendive: 406-365-7002
    Missoula: 406-329-3123
    Kalispell: 406-756-1150
    Butte: 406-782-8700


    Sen. Ben Nelson He has been one of our more reliable Democrats but he voted YES on the DREAM amnesty in 2007. He is facing huge battle for re-election in 2012. He has just come out with a statement indicating he is leaning NO, but it is ambiguous.
    Omaha: 402-391-3411
    Lincoln: 402-441-4600


    Sen. Kay Hagan Her statements indicate leaning NO, but they aren’t clear enough.
    Charlotte: 704-334-2448
    Raleigh: 919-856-4630
    Asheville: 828-257-6510
    Greensboro: 336-333-5311
    Greenville: 252-754-0707


    Sen. Kent Conrad One of few Democrats to vote NO last time and is leaning NO now. Up for re-election in 2012.
    Fargo: 701-232-8030
    Bismarck: 701-258-4648
    Grand Forks: 701-775-9601
    Minot: 701-852-0703

    Sen. Byron Dorgan Our most reliable Democrat who voted NO last time. But he is retiring and perhaps has different senses of obligation. Why hasn’t he clearly put himself in the NO column this time?
    Fargo: 701-239-5389
    Bismarck: 701-250-4618
    Minot: 701-852-0703


    Sen. Lindsey Graham One of the most pro-amnesty Republicans. But he has said amnesties have to be linked to tough new enforcement. South Carolinians have thought he was impossible to budget, but their constant complaints to him on immigration seem to have helped him step away from pushing for a blanket amnesty earlier this year.
    Columbia: 803-933-0112
    Greenville: 864-250-1417
    Pendleton: 864-646-4090
    Mount Pleasant: 843-849-3887
    Florence: 843-669-1505
    Rock Hill: 803-366-2828


    Sen. Joe Manchin This Democrat is replacing the always-anti-amnesty Sen. Byrd. Manchin’s statements indicate he is leaning NO. Time to get a commitment to what thre people of his state overwhelmingly want.
    Washington, D.C.: 202-224-3954

    ACTION 2 — Up for re-election in 2012 but still say they’ll vote YES on amnesty (you can change some of these)

    With the anti-incumbent mood widely expected to continue through 2012, these Senators need to be reminded what a great liability a pro-amnesty vote will be in their next election.

    At the least, they need to see that there is political pain to suffer for voting to give out millions of work permits to illegal aliens. We especially need help from neighbors to get the calls up for the small states of Delaware, Rhode Island and Vermont.


    Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    Los Angeles:310-914-7300
    San Francisco: 415-393-0707
    San Diego: 619-231-9712
    Fresno: 559-485-7430


    Sen. Joe Lieberman
    Hartford: 860-549-8463


    Sen. Tom Carper
    Dover: 302-674-3308
    Wilmington: 302-573-6291
    Georgetown: 302-856-7690


    Sen. Bill Nelson
    Coral Gables: 305-536-5999
    Tampa: 813- 225-7040
    Jacksonville: 904-346-4500
    Fort Myers: 239-334-7760
    Fort Lauderdale: 954-693-4851
    West Palm Beach: 561-514-0189
    Tallahassee: 850-942-8415


    Sen. Richard Lugar
    Indianapolis: 317-226-5555
    Fort Wayne: 260-422-1505
    Evansville: 812-465-6313
    Valparaiso: 219-548-8035


    Sen. Ben Cardin
    Baltimore: 410-962-4436
    Bowie: 301-860-0414
    Cumberland: 301-777-2957
    Salisbury: 410-546-4250


    Sen. Amy Klobuchar
    Minneapolis: 612-727-5220
    Rochester: 507-288-5321
    Moorhead: 218-287-2219
    Virginia: 218-741-9690


    Sen. Jeff Bingaman
    Albuquerque: 505-346-6601
    Santa Fe: 505-988-6647
    Roswell: 575-622-7113
    Las Cruces: 575-523-6561
    Farmington: 505-325-5030


    Sen. Sherrod Brown
    Cleveland: 216-522-7272
    Cincinnati: 513-684-1021
    Columbus: 614-469-2083
    Lorain: 440-242-4100


    Sen. Bob Casey
    Philadelphia: 215-405-9660
    Pittsburgh: 412-803-7370
    Harrisburg: 717-231-7540
    Allentown: 610-782-9470
    Scranton: 570-941-0930
    Erie: 814-874-5080
    Bellefonte: 814-357-0314


    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
    Providence: 401-453-5294


    Sen. Bernie Sanders
    Burlington: 800-339-9834
    Brattleboro: 802-254-8732
    St. Johnsbury: 802-748-9269


    Sen. Jim Webb
    Richmond: 804-771-2221
    Virginia Beach: 757-518-1674
    Roanoke: 540-772-4236
    Falls Church: 703-573-7090
    Danville: 434-792-0976
    Norton: 276-679-4925


    Sen. Maria Cantwell
    Seattle: 206-220-6400
    Spokane: 509-353-2507
    Tacoma: 253-572-2281
    Everett: 425-303-0114
    Vancouver: 360-696-7838
    Richland: 509-946-8106


    Sen. Herb Kohl
    Milwaukee: 414-297-4451
    Madison: 608-264-5338
    LaCrosse: 608-796-0045
    Eau Claire: 715-832-8424
    Appleton: 920-738-1640

    ACTION 3 — These are the other Senators who have committed themselves to a YES for amnesty.

    I’m not expecting much chance of changing these. But if they are from your state, please let their staff know how seriously disappointed you are in their actions.

    You will find a Phone Action Note on your NumbersUSA Action Board giving you the specific talking points for calling these Senators who ought to at least know that their announced decision to support amnesty is being noticed and is very unpopular.


    Sen. Mark Begich
    Anchorage: 907-271-5915
    Juneau: 907-586-7700
    Fairbanks: 907-456-0261
    Ketchikan: 907-225-3000
    Kenai: 907-283-4000


    Sen. Blanche Lincoln She and her past pro-amnesty record were defeated overwhelmingly by the voters early this month. So, she’s going to vote for amnesty again just to put a stick in the eye of Arkansans?
    Little Rock: 501-375-2993
    Fayetteville: 479-251-1224
    Texarkana: 870-774-3106
    Jonesboro: 870-910-6896
    Dumas: 870-382-1023


    Sen. Barbara Boxer
    Los Angeles: 213-894-5000
    Riverside: 951-684-4849
    San Francisco: 415-403-0100
    San Diego: 619-239-3884
    Sacramento: 916-448-2787
    Fresno: 559-497-5109


    Sen. Michael Bennet
    Colorado Springs: 719-328-1100
    Fort Collins: 970-224-2200
    Durango: 970-259-1710
    Alamosa: 719-587-0096
    Fort Morgan: 970-542-9446
    Grand Junction: 970-241-6631
    Pueblo: 719-542-7550

    Sen. Mark Udall
    Denver: 303-650-7820
    Colorado Springs: 719-471-3993
    Greeley: 970-356-5586
    Durango: 970-247-1047
    Grand Junction: 970-245-9553
    Pueblo: 719-542-1701


    Sen. Chris Dodd
    Hartford: 800-334-5341


    Sen. Tom Carper
    Dover: 302-674-3308
    Wilmington: 302-573-6291
    Georgetown: 302-856-7690

    Sen. Chris Coons
    Washington, D.C.: 202-224-5042


    Sen. Bill Nelson
    Coral Gables: 305-536-5999
    Tampa: 813- 225-7040
    Jacksonville: 904-346-4500
    Fort Myers: 239-334-7760
    Fort Lauderdale: 954-693-4851
    West Palm Beach: 561-514-0189
    Tallahassee: 850-942-8415


    Sen. Daniel Akaka
    Honolulu: 808-522-8970

    Sen. Daniel Inouye
    Honolulu: 808-541-2542
    Hilo: 808-935-0844


    Sen. Dick Durbin
    Chicago: 312-353-4952
    Springfield: 217-492-4062
    Carbondale: 618-351-1122


    Sen. Evan Bayh He portrays himself as a moderate, new-style Democrat but he’s willing to vote for an amnesty just before retiring from the Senate?
    Indianapolis: 317-554-0750
    Fort Wayne: 260-426-3151
    Evansville: 812-465-6500
    South Bend: 574-236-8302
    Jeffersonville: 812-218-2317
    Hammond: 219-852-2763


    Sen. Tom Harkin
    Des Moines: 515-284-4574
    Cedar Rapids: 319-365-4504
    Davenport: 563-322-1338
    Sioux City: 712-252-1550
    Dubuque: 563-582-2130


    Sen. Barbara Mikulski
    Baltimore: 410-962-4510
    Hagerstown: 301-797-2826
    Annapolis: 410-263-1805
    Greenbelt: 301-345-5517
    Salisbury: 410-546-7711


    Sen. John Kerry
    Boston: 617-565-8519
    Springfield: 413-785-4610
    Fall River: 508-677-0522


    Sen. Carl Levin
    Detroit: 313-226-6020
    Grand Rapids: 616-456-2531
    Lansing: 517-377-1508
    Traverse City: 231-947-9569
    Saginaw: 989-754-2494
    Warren: 586-573-9145
    Escanaba: 906-789-0052


    Sen. Al Franken
    St. Paul: 651-221-1016
    Duluth: 218-722-2390
    St. Peter: 507-931-5813
    St. Cloud: 320-251-2721


    Sen. Harry Reid
    Las Vegas: 775-882-7343
    Reno: 775-686-5750
    Carson City: 775-882-7343


    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
    Manchester: 603-647-7500
    Nashua: 603-883-0196
    Dover: 603-750-3004
    Claremont: 603-542-4872
    Berlin: 603-752-6300


    Sen. Frank Lautenberg
    Newark: 973-639-8700
    Camden: 856-338-8922

    Sen. Bob Menendez
    Newark: 973-645-3030
    Barrington: 856-757-5353


    Sen. Tom Udall
    Albuquerque: 505-346-6791
    Santa Fe: 505-988-6511
    Las Cruces: 575-526-5475


    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
    New York: 212-688-6262
    Buffalo: 716-854-9725
    Syracuse: 315-448-0470
    Albany: 518-431-0120
    Rochester: 585-263-6250
    Melville: 631-249-2825

    Sen. Chuck Schumer
    New York: 212-486-4430
    Buffalo: 716-846-4111
    Syracuse: 315-423-5471
    Albany: 518-431-4070
    Rochester: 585-263-5866
    Binghamton: 607-772-6792
    Melville: 631-753-0978
    Peeskill: 914-734-1532


    Sen. Jeff Merkley
    Portland: 503-326-3386
    Eugene: 541-465-6750
    Salem: 503-362-8102
    Medford: 541-608-9102
    Pendleton: 541-278-1129
    Bend: 541-318-1298

    Sen. Ron Wyden
    Portland: 503-326-7525
    Eugene: 541-431-0229
    Salem: 503-589-4555
    Medford: 541-858-5122
    La Grande: 541-962-7691
    Bend: 541-330-9142


    Sen. Arlen Specter
    Philadelphia: 215-597-7200
    Pittsburgh: 412-644-3400
    Harrisburg: 717-782-3951
    Allentown: 610-434-1444
    Scranton: 570-346-2006
    Erie: 814-453-3010
    Wilkes-Barre: 570-826-6265


    Sen. Jack Reed
    Providence: 401-528-5200
    Cranston: 401-943-3100


    Sen. Tim Johnson Some are reporting that he says he is leaning NO. Help him get there.
    Sioux Falls: 605-332-8896
    Rapid City: 605-341-3990
    Aberdeen: 605-226-3440


    Sen. Bob Bennett
    Salt Lake City: 801-524-5933
    Provo: 801-851-2525
    Ogden: 801-625-5676
    Cedar City: 435-865-1335
    St. George: 435-628-5514


    Sen. Pat Leahy
    Burlington: 800-642-3193
    Montpelier: 802-229-0569


    Sen. Mark Warner
    Richmond: 804-775-2314
    Norfolk: 757-441-3079
    Roanoke: 540-857-2676
    Vienna: 703-442-0670
    Abingdon: 276-628-8158


    Sen. Patty Murray
    Seattle: 206-553-5545
    Tacoma: 253-572-3636
    Everett: 425-259-6515
    Yakima: 509-453-7462
    Vancouver: 360-696-7797
    Bellevue: 425-462-4460


    Sen. Jay Rockefeller
    Charleston: 304-347-5372
    Martinsburg: 304-262-9285
    Fairmont: 304-367-0122
    Beckley: 304-253-9704


    Sen. Russ Feingold
    Milwaukee: 414-276-7282
    Green Bay: 920-465-7508
    Wausau: 715-848-5660
    LaCrosse: 608-782-5585
    Middleton: 608-828-1200


  3. legal2 said on 23 Nov 2010 at 8:35 pm:
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    It’s way past time to take our country back — http://www.infowars.com/ron-paul-crotch-groped-by-tsa-calls-for-boycott-of-airlines/ and enjoy the comments!

  4. fed up said on 23 Nov 2010 at 8:51 pm:
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    I’m amazed that all I hear on the radio is about the TSA and their screening and nothing but complaints.
    I would imagine who these same people will blame when the terrorists finally blow a plane up if the screening is relaxed.

    I think the possibility of the Koreans restarting their 1953 conflict deserves a little more attention.

    Is the Manassas Tea party going to get involved in the city budget process or are we going to just roll over and take it?
    125% rise of the taxes over the last 10 yrs
    It seems to take a large group (like HSM) to get their attention and go back to basic goverment and accountability for the schools.

  5. citizenofmanassas said on 24 Nov 2010 at 12:12 am:
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    I’ve seen a lot of police activity in the Wellington/GTS area tonight(after 11) a show of force, or just continued fall out from the stabbings?

  6. Dave in PWC said on 24 Nov 2010 at 1:44 am:
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    I saw a couple of police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck in the Subway parking lot at lunch time today between Wellington and Godwin on 28. Cop cars had a low rider POS car blocked in, couldn’t see what was going on though.

  7. citizenofmanassas said on 24 Nov 2010 at 7:13 am:
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    fed up,

    The liberals running the school system would just have a cow if they don’t get their 100 million dollar budget every year. They only received about 90 million this year, and I thought some would kill themselves in protest. Gut the esl class budget and our taxes won’t be so high. However, the City Council is not really concerned with how much or where the school board spends money.

  8. Just the Facts said on 24 Nov 2010 at 8:32 am:
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    Greg’s comment, “As the nation goes progressively more insane …” is unfortunately true. However, there is still some sanity left in some places. In wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, I want to recommend that in your down time over the season, if you have not already, read “The Fountainhead.” Aside from the Bible, no other book I have ever read holds so many fundamental truths. As an introduction, watch Gary Cooper as Howard Roark deliver the famous speech,


    When you read strive to understand what Ayn Rand meant about parasites and second-handers, and the role of the individual in society. “The Fountainhead” is available from Amazon and in libraries.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and good reading to everyone!

  9. Just the Facts said on 24 Nov 2010 at 10:21 am:
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    I hope everyone will focus on the positive over Thanksgiving. Here’s something else to lift your spirits:


    We made a difference when we elected Ronald Reagan. We made a difference by throwing out Pelosi this month. We can continue to make a difference in the future. This nation has backslid tremendously since Ronald Reagan left office, but we are still free and can change again. Let’s do the work necessary to throw out not only the statists who threaten our liberty, such as Pelosi and Obama, but also those who pose as conservatives only to be bought off by special interests who enrich themselves at the cost of our freedom, livelihoods and the quality of life that Americans have earned through centuries of hard work and commitment.

    Benjamin Franklin said once that we have a Republic, if we can keep it. We must be on guard against those threatening our Republic whether they come from the realm of government or business. Conservatives understand well the threat that big government poses. They should also defend against concentrations of private power and influence as well. For example, always remember that illegal aliens would be no threat if those who profiteer from their labor could not buy off politicians who tell us one thing and then serve the interests of their paymasters.

  10. Tyler Durden said on 24 Nov 2010 at 11:02 am:
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    Buy guns. And ammo. I predict that 7.62 X 39 mm will become coin of the realm in the near future.

  11. Robert L. Duecaster said on 24 Nov 2010 at 2:40 pm:
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    Check this out on Yahoo Finance: 99ers: Unemployed need help as their benefits expire


    Those who have been collecting unemployment comp for TWO YEARS are organizing to get their bennies extended.

    How did we get here from there?

  12. Anonymous said on 24 Nov 2010 at 3:59 pm:
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    Five Somalis found guilty of piracy charges in Norfolk, Virginia

    In a historic decision, a jury in federal court today convicted five Somali nationals of piracy in the April 1 attack on the Norfolk-based frigate Nicholas.

    It’s the first time in nearly 200 years that a jury returned a guilty verdict in a piracy case in a U.S. court and now likely sets up years of appeals. The five men face mandatory life in prison.

    Each defendant stood without expression as the court clerk announced guilty verdicts on each of 14 counts. Their lawyers were polling the jury to ensure the verdict was read correctly.

    The jury deliberated about 10 hours over two days before reaching its decision.


  13. IdahoDon said on 24 Nov 2010 at 6:45 pm:
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    citizen of manassas:

    ESL classes are killing our public schools and most people don’t realize it, therefore no one is speaking out in support of our students. For the most part:

    1. Enrollment is high, classes are overflowing due to ESL students (don’t go by county school profiles - that is an absolute lie and pwcs knows it and promotes the lie. Class sizes for most schools lie between 30 - 35).
    2. ESL teachers cost the county money via programs and staffing.
    3. ESL students bring scores down, ultimately bringing schools down and funding down.
    4. ESL students are a burden to teachers who are trying to teach to a ‘known’ general apptitude level according to state guidelines but have to dummy it down to teach ESL, not to mention spend their plannng period accommodating ESL and implementing recommended ESL modifications (which must be documented) rather than accommodating and planning for ALL students. That means the ESL students get the best of a teacher’s planning time due to prioritizing since he/she has no time left to plan for regular students.
    5. Because ESL students cannot comprehend the material as quickly as the average student and they must wait until they are addressed by a teacher, they spend much of their time goofing off and causing disruptions, which ultimately affects all students.
    6. Schools do not monitor the white students. Their test scores are thrown out, even if they fail, because they are not in one of the identified sub groups. So, if your little white Johnny fails a test, no one cares because he is not hispanic, black, asian, an english language learner, or a free/reduced lunch child from an impoverished family.

    So goes the way of public schools. Somehow…nobody is listening and nobody cares.

  14. Pat said on 24 Nov 2010 at 7:19 pm:
    Flag comment

    another one down - Tom Delay found guilty - http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/25/us/politics/25delay.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

    He is still dancing around on technicalities saying he did nothing wrong, but has politicized everything.

  15. Citizen12 said on 25 Nov 2010 at 12:44 am:
    Flag comment

    IdahoDon said on 24 Nov 2010 at 6:45 pm

    So goes the way of public schools. Somehow…nobody is listening and nobody cares.


    IdahoDon - someone has been listening and acting on behalf of our schools. Only it’s not who we think or want.

    “The Naked Communist”

    by Cleon Skousen

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

    45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

    And following through on these plans - our own Congressional Progressive Caucus

    The Progressive Promise

    Fairness For All

    1. Fighting for Economic Justice and Security in the U.S. and Global Economies

    Wraparound services could include early childhood education, before-school and afterschool care, mental health services and counseling, medical care, meals, tutoring, family literacy classes

    Low-income children and English Language Learners must be prioritized to receive both child care, preschool and full-day Kindergarten services.

    “In Washington D.C. there is powerful and popular lobby called the Congressional Progressive Caucus which, at one time, openly espoused the principles of socialism and publicly signed onto the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America.”




  16. Gone said on 25 Nov 2010 at 6:18 am:
    Flag comment

    Russia and China went off of the dollar and will use their own currencies for bi-lateral trade. This is a very big deal as discussed on Glen Beck’s radio program:


  17. Anonymous said on 25 Nov 2010 at 7:15 am:
    Flag comment

    Yet people like the Clinton’s, Reid, Dodd, Boxer, Rangel and Waters skate off scott free.

    The prosecutor in this case is a rabid Dem who has been after Delay forever. He purposely fought very hard to have the trial in “progressive” Austin. TX. Given where the trial was held, there’s no reason whatsoever to believe Delay got a fair trail.
    A show trial by a political prosecutor in a leftist jurisdiction. Go figure.

    Does this mean EVERY Congressperson that has done Quid Pro Quo for Lobbyist is going to be prosecuted and jailed for 99 years?

    They ALL do it, or you wouldn’t have millions “donated” to their campaigns to win a $150K/yr. job….

    There may be more than a few Democrats that are going to regret this next year.

  18. Anonymous said on 25 Nov 2010 at 7:31 am:
    Flag comment

    “You know, the Statue of Liberty and this wonderful holiday we call Thanksgiving go together naturally… because although as Americans we have many things for which to be thankful, none is more important than our liberty…”

    President Ronald Reagan
    -November 1985-


  19. Anonymous said on 25 Nov 2010 at 8:49 am:
    Flag comment

    A Thanksgiving Day Message From Red Skelton from 1952


  20. Brian G said on 25 Nov 2010 at 12:38 pm:
    Flag comment

    COM said “The liberals running the school system would just have a cow if they don’t get their 100 million dollar budget every year. They only received about 90 million this year, and I thought some would kill themselves in protest.”
    What members protested the budget and when did they do so? Just wondering because although I don’t follow the schools as close as I do the city, I do not recall any SB members complaining.

  21. Tillie said on 25 Nov 2010 at 3:01 pm:
    Flag comment

    For entertainment, I suggest you go to

    rebellious pixels.com and watch “Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck”

    Great Thanksgiving everybody. The future is ours!

  22. citizenofmanassas said on 25 Nov 2010 at 10:45 pm:
    Flag comment


    I attended a school board forum this summer where that came up, and I have read many articles in the past where the school board and officials have indicated they had cut the “fat” out of the budget and could no longer afford to make cuts.

    Just saw the words “cut the school budget” to any member and wait for the reaction. They all think an education cannot happen without an unlimited amount of money. Why do you think the phase “fully funded schools” is so vague? Because it does not tie the person to a specific number.

  23. Brian G said on 25 Nov 2010 at 11:39 pm:
    Flag comment

    COM said. “and I thought some would kill themselves in protest”. When did you see any of them protest? I am afraid you throw things out there that you ‘think’ and not what you ‘know’. I have talked to 5 of the council people and the mayor lately and they all say how well they are getting along with the SB and how well the schools are doing with the lower funds. I would love if you could quote time and place on some of the things you say. I did not make the forum you talk about in the summer, didn’t even know there was one. When and where was that?

  24. Turkey Bake said on 26 Nov 2010 at 8:42 am:
    Flag comment

    @Brian, which five did you talk to? I have a feeling I know one you did not talk to!

  25. Patty said on 26 Nov 2010 at 9:59 am:
    Flag comment

    Another insane act, the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the Family Research Council a hate group: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/nov/24/frc-labeled-a-hate-group/

    How long will it take SPLC to declare the Bible as hate speech?

  26. StopShouting said on 26 Nov 2010 at 11:10 am:
    Flag comment

    Good Read.
    I love VDH.
    Is accepting illegal immigration a moral one?

  27. Chauncey Gardiner said on 26 Nov 2010 at 11:24 am:
    Flag comment

    10 worst places to live. I wonder why they’re so bad. Must not be enough flowers.


  28. Robert L. Duecaster said on 26 Nov 2010 at 11:34 am:
    Flag comment

    Hanson’s article is indeed a good read, SS. Whenever one talks about the morality of illegal immigration, he should include the Scripture, ““Amen, amen I say to you: He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up another way, the same is a thief and a robber.” (John 10:1)

  29. Brian G said on 26 Nov 2010 at 11:47 am:
    Flag comment

    Turkey Bake,
    The only one I did not talk to was Mr. Way.

  30. wirewhisk said on 26 Nov 2010 at 1:21 pm:
    Flag comment


    The thing to remember about a student that has an ESL label is that the label itself does not imply that the student is not proficient in the english language. In fact, I know many students that have an ESL label that speak English as well as you and I, and some do not even speak Spanish/or their home language, yet they are labeled as ESL regardless. The entire ESL label in my opinion is rather misleading and here’s why:

    When a student is enrolled in school, the parents must fill out a home language questionnaire which asks if any language other than english is spoken in the home. Now mind you, the questionnaire does not ask if the particular student speaks another language, but just if another language is spoken in the home. As soon as a parent checks yes…poof the student has the label ESL REGARDLESS as to what language the student speaks proficiently, which in many instances happens to be english. Then upon entering school, the student is given a test to determine their speaking, reading and writing ability in english, and the test requires that they score well in all three areas to avoid a low score. Many of the students are tested when they enter K, at a time when they are not yet reading or writing, so they end up scoring as a “basic” or “level 1″ ESL student, EVEN IF the only language they speak is english. I’ve had plenty of hispanic students in K who were labeled as level 1 ESL students even though they were second generation and spoke absolutely NO spanish. All because of how the test is structured and the fact that in September of K the students were not yet able to read and write in english (duh). So the school systems end up with a glut of ESL students, not because the students lack proficiency in english, but because of the test they are given. For that you need to thank the federal gov’t. If the school systems could use a test that focused only on spoken english at the youngest grade levels, there would be a drastic decrease in the amount of students that were labeled as level 1 ESL students.

    As for SOL scores, ALL student scores are look at when the state determines accreditation, and white students are a sub group when it comes to federal AYP. The feds have five sub groups: white, black, hispanic, economically disadvantaged, and sped. There are white students that receive free/reduced lunch, and their are white students that are sped as well. So little white Johnny’s scores are not “thrown out”. In fact, this past year many schools had their ayp impacted by the scores in the sped category rather than the racial subgroups. Scores are not thrown out, but the federal gov’t applies a complex formula to weigh the scores in the subgroups, and the subgroups are each weighed differently according to the population of each group. That’s why black students in manassas city can get lower scores than black students in petersburg, yet manassas city can meet ayp for their black student subgroup but petersburg fails to make ayp for their black student subgroup…scores + population size.

    As for the education of ESL students, I don’t know what model the county uses, but in the city, the students are immersed in a regular classroom. They are not pulled out. The ESL teacher is a resource teacher and comes into the classroom and works for 30 minutes or so with the regular classroom teacher to provide support to students who may need it. Depending on the size of the elementary schools’ ESL population, there may be one or two ESL teachers who work with all of the grades.

  31. Rocky said on 26 Nov 2010 at 3:01 pm:
    Flag comment

    I’m surprised the SPLC didn’t include the Boy Scouts on their
    list of hate groups.

  32. Cynic said on 26 Nov 2010 at 9:16 pm:
    Flag comment

    The SPLC is a left wing Hate Group.

    Prepare yourself for some pornography then google Morris Dees, the co-founder of the SPLC.

  33. citizenofmanassas said on 27 Nov 2010 at 2:00 pm:
    Flag comment

    Brian G,

    I do not make up things. The school board forum took place at Metz Middle School, and took place a few weeks before the election. I believe there was one or two others as well.

    Do you believe the 75% graduation rate is a good thing? How about half of that for esl students?

    To a number, not a single member of the school board at the forum said they believed 90 million was enough money, or felt it was too much money. Of course they did say they would have to make do with such an amount, but none thought it was too much money. What does that tell you?

    They just want to spend spend spend. More money does not always mean better results, but it does mean more money for the teachers unions.

    Here is an article that covers the school board to get money from the State.


    Here is an article detailing the failing school system.


    Here is one where the superintendent is complaining about not having enough money.


  34. Disgusted said on 27 Nov 2010 at 3:33 pm:
    Flag comment

    About Dees, leader of the SPLC, Rick Silverstein wrote in November 2000 edition of Harper’s magazine in”The Church of Morris Dees” the following quote:

    “He’s the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement,” renowned anti- death-penalty lawyer Millard Farmer says of Dees, his former associate, “though I don!t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye.”


  35. OutIn2012 said on 27 Nov 2010 at 8:00 pm:
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    Obama administration develops revolutionary new alternative energy! The plan is to procure generators, locate the graves of the founding fathers, then dig down. Connect a driveshaft to the bodies. Because the founding fathers are spinning in their graves, their bodies will provide energy until Obama is out of office!

  36. Disgusted said on 28 Nov 2010 at 9:47 am:
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    I’m reading an interesting essay on conservatism written by a UCLA associate professor in August 2004. His premise is essentially this:

    “People who believe that the aristocracy rightfully dominates society because of its intrinsic superiority are conservatives; democrats, by contrast, believe that they are of equal social worth. Conservatism is the antithesis of democracy.”

    The essay is found at http://polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/pagre/conservatism.html.

  37. Rocky said on 28 Nov 2010 at 1:19 pm:
    Flag comment

    You have posted a dead link to the brain dead.

  38. Citizen12 said on 28 Nov 2010 at 2:16 pm:
    Flag comment

    After generations of federal education policy many still turn a blind eye to the facts.

    The sugar coated version..

    “As of yet, there has not been a clear consensus to the size, and perhaps even the existence of a correlation of the financial strength of a school district and the quality of education.”


    The stark truth…

    “Detroit’s spending per pupil is in the 91st percentile and DPS teachers are paid at the 96th percentile. For all that…Detroit’s public school students perform at the 3rd percentile in the state - that is, they are in the lowest 3 percent…


    The big business of dumbing down the American school system.

    “Every American should understand that these three items: higher pay, smaller classrooms and more money for schools are the specific agenda of the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA is not a professional organization for teachers. It is a labor union and its sole job is to get more money into the education system, and more pay for its members.”


    The NEA supports the Dream Act because it means so much to the students of the taxpaying American citizen? The NEA is taking your money to fight against you.



  39. Anonymous said on 28 Nov 2010 at 3:05 pm:
    Flag comment

    U.S. Social Security Administration Employee Charged with Creating, Selling Social Security cards:

    A 29-year employee of the U.S. Social Security Administration office in San Jose has been indicted for illegally creating and selling Social Security cards.

    Rachel Ochoa, 66, of San Jose, was arrested at her office in San Jose last week and appeared briefly in federal court before being released on $50,000 bail.

    According to the indictment by a federal grand jury, Ochoa was able to use her position at the San Jose office of the Social Security Administration to falsely create cards for people. Recipients of the cards paid from $2,500 to $5,000 to obtain the cards, according to an affidavit by the FBI.

    The affidavit said Ochoa fabricated documents to support applications for the cards and then claimed application interviews had taken place when they hadn’t.

    Authorities declined to say how many cards were involved but the charges against Ochoa stem from Nov. 18, 2005 to Nov. 9 this year. Ochoa is charged with one count of unlawfully producing an identification document — Social Security cards — one count of theft of government property. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.


  40. Disgusted said on 28 Nov 2010 at 4:24 pm:
    Flag comment

    Thanks Rocky. Try this http://polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/pagre/conservatism.html

  41. Anonymous said on 28 Nov 2010 at 4:44 pm:
    Flag comment

    Swiss immigrants face instant expulsion if they commit ANY crime under proposed get-tough law

    “Switzerland is poised to vote on a controversial law that will allow for all immigrants - EU citizens included - to be automatically expelled from the country if they commit a crime.

    Even benefit fraudsters and burglars are targeted by the proposed law, a project of the Swiss People’s Party which has the backing of a majority of the population and will probably be passed in a referendum scheduled for November 28.

    The controversial campaign for the initiative involves posters featuring a black sheep being kicked out of the country by several white sheep. The vote comes almost exactly a year after a previous plebiscite banning minarets on mosques in the country was passed……”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1325961/Swiss-immigrants-face-expulsion-commit-ANY-crime-proposed-law.html#ixzz16bTJz6aO


    Imagine the exodus we could have going in the states if this were implemented here…

  42. Donald said on 28 Nov 2010 at 4:53 pm:
    Flag comment

    Are we going to talk about Cuccinelli’s assessment of Stewart’s plan?

  43. Rocky said on 29 Nov 2010 at 10:52 am:
    Flag comment

    Thanks for the repost. The article failed to mention the authors
    manic depression and disappearance.

  44. Disgusted said on 29 Nov 2010 at 6:49 pm:
    Flag comment

    Your welcome Rocky… By the way, van Gogh cut off an ear. Did that make him any less an artist or his paintings any less significant?

  45. Rocky said on 29 Nov 2010 at 10:26 pm:
    Flag comment

    Did Van Gogh work for UCLA? Maybe I missed something.

  46. Bob Bruhns said on 30 Nov 2010 at 10:36 am:
    Flag comment

    Here is yet ANOTHER fine example of why we need enforcement of immigration law. This is happening over and over and over again. The minute I saw this story, I knew it would turn out like this. When will people learn?

    It seems that an illegal immigrant with a record of arrests and driving violations, including drunk driving, who had no drivers license, who was on parole, and who was even convicted of a parole violation, managed to cause an accident in which a Virginia man named Casey Bohr was killed.

    Are you getting a sense of deja-vu yet? You should. This happens all the time, because illegal aliens are above the law! This is the fault of corrupt business interests who demand cheap illegal slave labor, it is the fault of our corrupt government that likes the money from those corrupt business interests, and it is the fault of our terminal do-gooders who are useful idiots for those corrupt business interests. It is time to rise up against those evil interests and restore the rule of law. I’m sorry - I am sympathetic with the poor and even with illegal aliens… but illegal aliens simply can not remain above the law.

    Illegal immigrant’s past surfaces after fatal Hanover crash
    Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 30, 2010

  47. Bob Bruhns said on 30 Nov 2010 at 10:52 am:
    Flag comment

    (expletives deleted)
    And now ICE says they never heard about this illegal alien.


  48. Gone said on 30 Nov 2010 at 2:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    Illegal alien?


  49. Anonymous said on 30 Nov 2010 at 8:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    Virginia: Federal Judge Upholds ObamaCare Individual Mandate…

    Here’s the shocker: The judge is a Clinton appointee…

    (The Hill)- A federal judge in Virginia on Tuesday rejected a legal challenge to the healthcare reform law, the second time the law’s mandate that people buy insurance has been ruled constitutional.

    The lawsuit was brought by Liberty University, which also argued that the law violates the First Amendment by requiring people to buy insurance that could cover abortions.

    “I hold that there is a rational basis for Congress to conclude that individuals’ decisions about how and when to pay for health care are activities that in the aggregate substantially affect the interstate health care market,” ruled U.S. District Judge Norman Moon, a Clinton appointee. “Nearly everyone will require health care services at some point in their lifetimes, and it is not always possible to predict when one will be afflicted by illness or injury and require care (so the government will make the decision for us -ed.)

    “Far from ‘inactivity,’ by choosing to forgo insurance, Plaintiffs are making an economic decision to try to pay for health care services later, out of pocket, rather than now, through the purchase of insurance. As Congress found, the total incidence of these economic decisions has a substantial impact on the national market for health care by collectively shifting billions of dollars on to other market participants and driving up the prices of insurance policies.” (judicial activism at its finest -ed.)

    A federal judge in Michigan ruled the same way last month. And in August, a California federal judge rejected a similar lawsuit on the grounds that the plaintiffs had no standing.


  50. Anonymous said on 30 Nov 2010 at 11:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    Free Speech Attack: The 19 Senators Who Voted to Censor the Net

    Patrick J. Leahy — (D) Vermont
    •Herb Kohl — (D) Wisconsin
    •Jeff Sessions — (R) Alabama
    •Dianne Feinstein — (D) California
    •Orrin G. Hatch — (R) Utah
    •Russ Feingold — (D) Wisconsin
    •Chuck Grassley — (R) Iowa
    •Arlen Specter — (D) Pennsylvania
    •Jon Kyl — (R) Arizona
    •Chuck Schumer — (D) New York
    •Lindsey Graham — (R) South Carolina
    •Dick Durbin — (D) Illinois
    •John Cornyn — (R) Texas
    •Benjamin L. Cardin — (D) Maryland
    •Tom Coburn — (R) Oklahoma
    •Sheldon Whitehouse — (D) Rhode Island
    •Amy Klobuchar — (D) Minnesota
    •Al Franken — (D) Minnesota
    •Chris Coons — (D) Delaware


  51. Anonymous said on 5 Dec 2010 at 8:52 pm:
    Flag comment

    More illegal aliens using children for sex:

    One of three men pleads guilty to sexually assaulting 6-year-old victim


  52. Dave in PWC said on 6 Dec 2010 at 6:36 pm:
    Flag comment

    Here is a list of good questions about repealing don’t ask don’t tell:

    Written by a retired Marine officer with excellent command credentials.

    —————–Quoted message follows—————————————————-

    I was skeptical of DADT also. But, it worked because the objective was to permit individuals to serve. Not once did I ask a Marine if he or she was a homosexual or a heterosexual. It was not an issue for me, and the Marines with whom I served never made it an issue.

    Unlike DADT, the current agenda is not about individual service. It is a political agenda focused on total integration and acceptance not of individuals but of the homosexual lifestyle.

    I think ending DADT suddenly is a major distraction to combat readiness and good order and discipline. Special interest groups whose primary intent is fostering total acceptance not only of homosexuals but the homosexual lifestyle are using the Armed Forces as a judicial lab rat.

    I am suspect of any person who puts any personal issue above devotion to duty and accomplishment of mission. Are we Marines 24/7? What is more important: one’s sexuality, one’s religion, one’s political party, or the imperatives of duty?

    On a practical level:

    I am not sure what serving “Openly” as a homosexual means. I would like to see a definition Is all homosexual conduct permitted? Such as, cross dressing and going to the PX? What conduct is not permitted? From a command and leadership perspective these questions need to be addressed, and the Congress needs to make the necessary adjustments to the UCMJ.

    When someone joins the Armed Forces must he/she declare their sexuality? i.e. male or female; homo/hetero

    I want to know how Federal hate speech laws apply to the Armed Forces. For example, If a non-homosexual Marine calls a homosexual Marine a “faggot” is that hate speech? Will company commanders be required to take judicial action? If no judicial action is taken, will commanders be subject to civil or criminal suit by various homosexual political groups and their elected sponsors.

    Will a career Marine’s personal opinion on homosexuality become an impediment to promotion or assignment to key billets?

    Specifically, is the belief that homosexuality is a choice and homosexual acts immoral not compatible with military service?

    Do the Senate and the House Armed Services committees intend to demand sexuality statistics to make certain that homosexuals are being promoted at the same rate as non-homosexuals? Will homosexuals be promoted at a faster rate to “compensate” for previous years of discrimination?

    Since same sex marriage is not authorized by Federal Law is a married homosexual from MA authorized to enlist? Does the spouse of a married homosexual rate a dependent’s ID card? Will “partners” of homosexuals be given dependent status?

    If yes, what is the definition of a “partner”, one night stand, one year relationship. How often may a homosexual change partners and the partner still rate dependent benefits? Will partners of homosexuals be assigned to on-base housing? Do former “partners” of active duty homosexuals retain dependent benefits (like a divorced spouse) when divorce is not a legal option?

    Will homosexual Marines be permitted to date each other? Live with each other as “partners” in the BOQ/BEQ”? How does this affect fraternization regulations?

    Will homosexuals be deployed to countries where there is no SOFA in place in which homosexuality is a crime? If no, who picks up the slack?

    Are there any assignments to which homosexuals must be or may not be assigned? For example, may an elected official demand a homosexual officer as a military aide?

    Will homosexuals who become HIV positive still be discharged? Is being HIV positive now a “service connected” injury which rates disability?

    These are just the tip of the ice berg. I have no doubt that right now there are active duty colonels who are just now discovering their real sexuality and can’t wait to be the FIRST OPENLY HOMOSEXUAL GENERAL

    To sum it up, it is approaching FUBAR status!! I fear for the future of our Corps.

    Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

  53. citizenofmanassas said on 6 Dec 2010 at 9:17 pm:
    Flag comment

    obama and ICE team up to make America less safe. Visit my blog to read more. Just do not forget to bring your barf bag.

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