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So Why Be Nice To Democrats, Again?

By Greg L | 28 January 2011 | Virginia Senate | No Comments

Democrats trash Chuck Colgan in order to protect embattled Senate P&E Chair Janet “because I said so” Howell, who has come under a withering fire for acting like a tyrant jerk in the Senate lately.  You’d think these same Democrats would remember that they kinda owe Chuck a few, since a huge reason they have a majority in the Senate of Virginia and the opportunity to act like tyrant jerks is because Colgan has continued to run for re-election after being begged to stay in place by Democrats.  Without Colgan, Democrats might not be in the majority in the Senate.

If this is how Democrats reward their friends, is there really any qualitative difference their treatment of friends and enemies?  Really, is it possible to tell the difference?

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