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Anti-Illegal Immigration Bills Move Forward

By Greg L | 30 January 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia House | 4 Comments

This week a number of important initiatives to crack down on illegal immigration made their way through the immigration subcommittee of the House Courts of Justice committee on a largely party-line vote, according to patch.com.  Among the bills that are moving forward are ones that require the use of E-Verify to help ensure that businesses who use legal labor aren’t unfairly undercut by unscrupulous employers who use illegal aliens, and bills that ensure that taxpayer-supported public universities aren’t admitting illegal aliens instead of legal residents and citizens.  Of course the open borders lobby has been trying hard to derail these bills, sometimes with inadvertently outrageous claims.

A statement by a representative of the Latino Student Alliance perhaps speaks most eloquently about the bizarre mindset of these folks.  Speaking of illegal aliens who would not be eligible for legal employment if they graduated from a university supported with taxpayer dollars, this individual claimed that “this bill is an attempt to stunt the academic growth of undocumented citizens.”

Really?  “Undocumented citizens?”  I’ve heard all sorts of ways to paper over the fact that we’re talking about illegal aliens here, but this takes the cake.  Are we supposed to reward these “undocumented citizens” with voting rights also, because they’re “dreamers?” What about the opportunities for actual American citizens, who can be legally employed after graduation?  They’re entitled by their actual citizenship to have a shot at the real “American dream,” and because public resources are diverted to support illegal aliens the ability of American citizens and legal residents to obtain it is being undercut.  Apparently in the minds of these ethic tribalists, your “rights” only count if you happen to belong to their ethnic and racial clan and play fast-and-loose with the law.

HB 1859 and HB 1727 would require that employers and subcontractors working on state contracts use the E-Verify system to ensure their workforce is legally employed.  This is a pretty modest bill, as all employers in Virginia should be using this, especially when the national unemployment rate exceeds 9%.  As expected a host of organizations that quite obviously seem to benefit through the employment of illegal aliens rather than legal workers complained bitterly about this, including the Coalition of Virginia Employers, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Retail Merchants Association, the Virginia chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, the Virginia Association of Counties and the Virginia Municipal League.

Gosh, might one conclude by this that their member organizations knowingly violate federal labor laws in ways which are often punishable as felonies?

Of note the City of Manassas Park lifted their entire legislative agenda from the Virginia Municipal League this year and managed to ignore the issue in the city that is generating the most frequent citizen complaints: illegal immigration.  While they utterly ignored the problem (again) they did manage to raise the issue of interest rate caps on car title lenders, something no elected official representing Manassas Park has ever been contacted about.  Perhaps it’s time to have the Park save a few scarce dollars and stop participating in the Virginia Municipal League which is not only ignoring the most pressing issue in the Park, but actively trying to perpetuate it.  Those dollars would well be better spent elsewhere.

Despite this onslaught of lobbyists trying to protect lawbreakers and those who profit from them, there were a few voices offering personal testimony about how illegal immigration is harming Virginia’s economy.

Ryan Baker, who described himself as “in the construction industry,” said such laws are needed.

“I see the effects of illegal immigration on a first-hand basis,” Baker said. He said contractors who hire illegal workers underbid other companies for government work.

“If you don’t have to pay unemployment insurance or the wages that U.S. citizens get, you can do things a lot cheaper,” Baker said. He said that hurts American workers: “Anything we can do in defense of that, I think we should do.”

There we go.  The unending cycle of lawlessness that is illegal immigration, harming everyone that comes into contact with it.

If we actually care about employment in Virginia, we need to make sure every job unlawfully held by an illegal alien goes instead to a legal worker.  And before someone trots out that ridiculous platitude about illegal aliens only taking the jobs Americans won’t do or somesuch, they missed out on a literally golden opportunity recently: PFIR had a contest recently for someone to name any job an American citizen would not perform in the US, and offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who could identify one.  No one offered a single job.  I suppose everyone aligned with the open borders lobby is so flush with cash from George Soros they don’t need any extra “walking around” money.

These bills are likely to pass the House, but face an uncertain future in the Senate of Virginia.  It should be interesting to see how Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw decides to address these bills.  Will he recognize the impact illegal immigration has on our economy and localities in Virginia and allow these bills to come to a floor vote?  Or will he once again ensure these get shunted to some two or three person senate subcommittee which will meet in secret and kill these bills with a vote that will never be recorded?

We’ll see, and we’ll certainly remember, as every member of the House and Senate is up for re-election this year.

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  1. jm said on 31 Jan 2011 at 8:56 am:
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    Virginia also needs to take steps to insure that employers do not falsely label their illegal alien employees as subcontractors in an attempt to skirt the E-Verify requirement. Iowa has taken steps to address this issue, and their efforts have more than paid for itself and added much needed revenue to their state coffers.


  2. Harry said on 31 Jan 2011 at 11:44 am:
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    Nichols tried this when he was in the house, got ripped apart by the Republican Chamber of Commerce whose members want to use illegals in state and county contracts.

  3. Maureen said on 31 Jan 2011 at 12:08 pm:
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    Nichols bill got ripped by both Parties.

  4. Robert L. Duecaster said on 31 Jan 2011 at 3:41 pm:
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    Actually, I think it was Senator Colgan who was the first GA member to introduce an E-verify bill. It died in the Senate Rules committee. Even though the Democrats controlled that committee (as they do now) had all the Repubs on that committee voted for it, it would have had enough support to go to the floor.

    The bill that Paul Nichols introduced was one that would have required banks and other lenders to verify legal presence prior to processing a mortgage. The bankers, the Chamber, the construction contractors, and all the rest of the illegal alien lobby almost took out the door frame of his office when they all tried to get in at the same time to lobby against it. It was a good concept. Had such a law been in effect in 2002, our county would have had far fewer foreclosures and a much lower illegal alien population.

  5. Harry said on 2 Feb 2011 at 9:13 am:
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    Maureen, the house was and still is controlled by the Rs, the Rs killed the bill, Robert is correct, however there was another bill requiring everify for all that was killed by the R majority. Nichols was castigated by every R business organization and lobbyist in the state. No R came to the defense of either bill. The Rs do NOT want everify to pass any more than the Ds do, so it’s not going to happen.

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