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Comment Number 100,000

13 January 2011 | Blogs, Prince William County | 36 Comments

And true to form, it’s something guaranteed to turn a lot of heads as Mike Albertness tells us that Chief Deane has secretly shut down the police department’s Criminal Alien Unit, something he was directed to establish by the Board of County Supervisors in 2006.  Details are below the fold…

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Just Sick

12 January 2011 | National Politics | 56 Comments

In a disturbing flashback to the funeral of Rep. Paul Wellstone in 2002, President Obama held a pep rally disguised as a memorial service in Tucson, AZ complete with the distribution of t-shirts bearing “Together We Thrive” to attendees.  Too Conservative calls it “A New Low In Partisanship.”
Really, what monster would think to actually brand […]

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Once Again, Will Colgan Pack It In?

12 January 2011 | 29th VA Senate | 7 Comments

We’ve heard this before, but might it actually be true this time?
Nevertheless, his grandson, the Rev. Charles Colgan, came from Colorado to deliver the Senate’s opening prayer today. Just before taking to the podium, Rev. Colgan, who last gave the prayer three years ago, said he’d traveled the long distance because he “wanted to be […]

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Repeal Amendments: Good, Bad & Ugly

11 January 2011 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Plenty of electrons have been sacrificed recently about ways devolving power from the federal government and even the Virginia General Assembly to lower levels of government.  All of these efforts are trying to address real problems where higher levels of government either duck problems in a classic demonstration of how crap rolls downhill or acts […]

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Open Thread

11 January 2011 | Uncategorized | 43 Comments

It has been a while since we had one of these…

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I Must Have Missed The Outrage

10 January 2011 | National Politics, Crime | 43 Comments

Hey, all you leftists out there that think Sarah Palin exercises some sort of mind control over unhinged potheads steeped in the Communist Manifesto.  Remember this?
Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family, and threatening to kill Congressman Eric Cantor, […]

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CPAC: Just Go Away

9 January 2011 | National Politics | 12 Comments

If you’re thinking of attending CPAC, you need to read this article from the Blue Ridge Forum.
“With the Conservative Political Action Conference under fire for allowing participation by a homosexual activist group called GOProud and for a financial scandal in which some $400,000 was misappropriated under the watch of current leadership, Frank Gaffney, a leader […]

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PWC School Board: Let’s Declare War On Parents

8 January 2011 | Prince William County | 12 Comments

Yeah, this is the guy that the members of the Prince William County School Board selected to be the Vice Chairman.  Since Attilla The Hun wasn’t eligible as a candidate (being that he’s been dead for a few hundred years) this must have been their fallback choice.  Parents, clearly the board […]

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Giving Some Equal Time

6 January 2011 | Humor & Satire, Manassas City, Prince William County | 19 Comments

Now how much fun would it be if we only showed videos of people who actually made sense?  For your viewing pleasure, here’s Illana Naylor of Unity In The Community addressing our local legislative delegation, and sharing the moonbat perspective.  Duct tape for your head is optional, but recommended.

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Delegate Miller Gives The Hard Truth

5 January 2011 | 50th HOD District | 51 Comments

When was the last time you saw an elected official tell someone the gravy train ain’t stoppin’ at this station?

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Trashing Our Armed Forces

5 January 2011 | National Politics | 42 Comments

James Atticus Bowden chimed in with another excellent post (along with a lot of other veterans, elsewhere) about the utter travesty of relieving Captain Honors Owens of his command of the USS Enterprise and the trashing this dedicated patriot’s military career.  When protecting the delicate sensibilities of special grievance classes, such as those who somehow […]

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The Cost Of Illegal Immigration

4 January 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas City, Prince William County | 48 Comments

Local resident Donna Widawski shares her research about the cost of illegal immigration with local elected officials at a Town Hall meeting in Manassas, demonstrating that the cost of doing nothing is far greater than the costs of taking action to protect our community.

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Prince William Town Hall Monday Night

2 January 2011 | Manassas City, Prince William County | 9 Comments

At 7:00PM on Monday night at Manassas City Council Chambers there’s going to be a Town Hall event with a number of our local elected officials in attendance.  Since there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to address most of the local legislative delegation all at once before the General Assembly session starts, this is […]

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When Mutant Ninja Turtles Attack

1 January 2011 | Crime, Humor & Satire, Manassas City | 15 Comments

2010’s entry in the dumbest robber ever in Manassas contest has got to be one of the most amusing stories of the year. It is an absolute miracle this idiot survived his early morning encounter with a store clerk, as an eight foot long piece of raw lumber versus a ball peen hammer would […]

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