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Getting Goofy Early

31 March 2011 | Prince William County | 11 Comments

The left is all abuzz in the wake of the Richmond Times-Dispatch fact checking Babur Lateef’s campaign ad that tries to pin class sizes, the mortgage industry meltdown and current national economic difficulties on Corey Stewart.  In a reprise of “it’s all Bush’s fault” apparently every pothole, school closing for inclement weather, and auto accident […]

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ICE Releases Illegal Alien Predators

31 March 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 14 Comments

Since we’ve had to re-arrest over 300 illegal aliens that we have previously turned over to ICE for deportation is it any wonder people are skeptical about federal law enforcement efforts?  How many times do we have to turn these people over for deportation before they finally depart?
Instead, ICE continues to release known predators […]

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Killing The Senate Redistricting Plan

31 March 2011 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Northern Virginia Lawyer provides not only the hope that the Senate redistricting plan can be defeated, but solid legal reasoning why it inevitably will if only patriots in Virginia will stand up for their civil rights.  Regardless of the back-room negotiations that will push this horrible and decidedly undemocratic deal through the General Assembly, and […]

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Proposed Senate Districts: Unbelievable

29 March 2011 | Virginia Senate | 24 Comments

The Virginian-Pilot has put up some Google maps of the proposed Senate districts (amazing what can be done when you’re not relying on Microsoft technology) and wow, are they absolutely incredible.  Not one of the districts in Northern Virginia approach anything resembling sanity — each one of them is a long, snaking mess that is […]

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Proposed House Districts In Prince William

29 March 2011 | Manassas Park, Manassas City, Virginia House, Prince William County | 7 Comments

The House has posted their redistricting bill and within that are broad descriptions of the makeup of the now eight House Districts (up from five) that will be in Prince William.  Although we don’t know exactly where the proposed precinct splits are drawn, this at least gives us some idea of what these boundaries will […]

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Redistricting Maps Are Up

29 March 2011 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House, Virginia Senate | 6 Comments

House and Senate maps are up.
UPDATE: DLIS took the new maps down, and are promising they’ll put them back up shortly.
UPDATE 2: A Senate plan is now available.  DLIS Server is being crushed, and it is nearly impossible to get pages to load.

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Organizational Disaster: The Coffee Party USA

27 March 2011 | National Politics | 7 Comments

Funny how criticism from within the Coffee Party — which is supposed to be an organization dedicated to fostering respectful political discourse  — starts to sound like this:
We have been sent emails from our founder [Annabel Park] calling us timid bureaucrats, sexist jerks, out of touch with the people, fearful, intimidated, unable to understand the historic […]

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The Prince William Redistricting Mess

27 March 2011 | Prince William County | 13 Comments

On April 5th the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will have a discussion about the rather bizarre proposed redistricting maps that county staff has developed.  Two maps have been made public, one which keeps the current number and general positions of the seven magisterial districts and another which adds an eighth district around the […]

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Battlefield HS On Display

26 March 2011 | Prince William County | 68 Comments

Since both our kids had artwork selected to appear in the county school’s art show we went on up to Battlefield High School again this year.  While we were there we noticed a lot of posters on the walls encouraging students to participate in the “Gay Straight Alliance,” which I found rather disturbing.  That there’s […]

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Alyson Satterwhite Kickoff Packs The House

25 March 2011 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

Alyson Satterwhite had a tremendous campaign kickoff last night with Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup, and Delegates Jackson Miller and Bob Marshall there to lend support. As you can tell from the video above, this is an upbeat campaign full of confidence, energy, and backed by tremendous support in the Gainesville district.

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I like Patricia Phillips

25 March 2011 | Loudoun County, Virginia Senate | 2 Comments

If you do also, click here to “Like” her on facebook, too.
Patricia is running for Senate in Loudoun County and probably by next Tuesday we’ll have a good idea of what district she’ll be in and who else may be running.  I’ve known Patricia for quite some time now and without any reservation I say […]

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How Anti-Semitic Is George Barker?

23 March 2011 | 39th VA Senate | 3 Comments

If Senator George Barker’s campaign kickoff includes Congressman Jim Moran as a “special guest,” would voters be correct in assuming that Barker agrees with the policies promoted by Moran and his actions as a Congressman?  It’s hard to come to any other conclusion when the first official event of your re-election campaign prominently features Virginia’s […]

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ICE (Temporarily?) Awakens From Slumbers

23 March 2011 | Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 24 Comments

After being pounded upon for releasing illegal aliens back into our community after they were turned over by local authorities for deportation, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up 163 illegal aliens in Northern Virginia earlier this week.  Meanwhile millions of Americans also did the jobs they’re being paid to do but no […]

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Gary Friedman Gets Burned

22 March 2011 | PWCDC | 6 Comments

So according to the Gainesville Times, Gary Friedman has decided to abandon his bid for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Not too surprising with the leadership of the PWCDC arrayed so defiantly against probably their most qualified challenger candidate for any office in years.  They told donors to stay away from Friedman’s campaign.  They […]

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George Allen Camp Calls Me A Bad Name

22 March 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 10 Comments

Here’s one that struck me as rather odd today:  One of George Allen’s supporters wasn’t quite happy that in an online poll on BearingDrift.com Allen wasn’t getting the stratospheric levels of support that he thought George was due.  While that’s in no way unusual, what is unusual is the message he sent out over facebook […]

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Proposed Redistricting Map for PWC

21 March 2011 | Prince William County | 20 Comments

And finally, there’s a proposed redistricting map up for Prince William County.  What a whopper!
Click here to get a gander, and hold on to your hat!

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Gov. McDonnell Speeds Up E-Verify Requirement

21 March 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 1 Comment

Governor McDonnell issued an executive order to have state agencies participate in the federal E-Verify system by June 1st rather than have them wait for the December 2012 deadline demanded by the Senate of Virginia.  At least in the case of state agencies, new publicly-funded jobs will go to legal workers rather than illegal aliens […]

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Speakman To Take To The Air?

20 March 2011 | Loudoun County | 5 Comments

Ron Speakman is first out of the gate with some quality video in the Loudoun Sheriff’s race. This video appears to be cut for broadcast television or cable, which either indicates Speakman is going to do an ad buy in this expensive market, or is at least hedging bets with […]

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17 March 2011 | Uncategorized | 16 Comments

I have been waiting so long for this…

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Getting Rich On The Public Teat

16 March 2011 | Manassas Park | 24 Comments

Now maybe this makes sense, but to me it seems really strange.  Why would a municipality pay someone $231,000 a year (plus benefits and expenses) to work part time up to 27 1/2 hours a week?  If their duties for that municipality exceed 110 hours in a month, they get to bill the city $175 […]

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