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Gary Friedman Gets Burned

By Greg L | 22 March 2011 | PWCDC | 6 Comments

So according to the Gainesville Times, Gary Friedman has decided to abandon his bid for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Not too surprising with the leadership of the PWCDC arrayed so defiantly against probably their most qualified challenger candidate for any office in years.  They told donors to stay away from Friedman’s campaign.  They told volunteers to steer away.  They did everything they could from the beginning to make it impossible for this moderate Democrat with substantial experience in local government to run for office.  Friedman tried hard, even to the extreme point of probably taking out a second mortgage on his house in order to fund his campaign, but when the party leadership decides you can’t run, well, the peons don’t ever get a chance to weigh in.

The parallels here with the 2012 Senate race are jaw-dropping.  In that race the party leadership has decided that former Governor Tim Kaine is going to be their nominee, and a year out from the actual primary they’re busy clearing away any potential obstacles in his path.  Might there be a candidate out there who didn’t try to ram tax hikes down our throats, wreck the budget, and manage to divert millions of dollars in road construction money so it couldn’t be used to solve transportation issues?  You bet, but Democrats will never get a chance to decide whether that candidate might be preferable to Tim Kaine.  Party leaders will bury that person well before a primary.  They’ll often destroy such a candidate before he even has a chance to officially announce.

Now back to Prince William County:  Instead of even allowing Friedman to run, the local politburo has decided to run a political novice by the name of Babur Lateef under the rationale that the guy can raise money.  Gee, when you’re not trying to sabotage the guy and actually supporting him, sure he can raise money, but I don’t know if this guy can get elected no matter how much money he can raise.  Will democrats be that excited about a candidate who supported Republican Faisal Gill whose only connection with Lateef was that they’re both Pakistani-American?  Will they be pleased as rumors of Lateef’s past history as a raging anti-semite start to gain currency?  Will voters dump a sitting chairman with high approval ratings in order to put someone with absolutely no elected experience in the county’s top elected position?  This is all utterly silly.

Anyone trying to peddle that utter garbage that there’s actually anything “democratic” about the Democrat party should take a hard look at what’s happening so often not only at the state level, but right here in the county.  The people in the party don’t get to select their nominees, the party leadership does that for them and that party leadership has a terrible track record of picking some of the worst candidates.  Sometimes a few of them actually manage to get elected and we get to see that they weren’t just bad candidates, but people who made horrible elected officials as well.

Now Gary Friedman is added to the list of burnt offerings made upon the altar of whatever the heck it is these people seem to hold sacred.  Maybe it’s deliberate ignorance.  Whatever it is, I don’t understand why the rank and file puts up with it, because whatever they’re sacrificing plausible candidates for office to here, that deity isn’t answering.

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  1. Maureen said on 23 Mar 2011 at 4:35 am:
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    Off topic. But DHS is holding a press conference in Manassas today. Should be interesting.

  2. Anonymous said on 23 Mar 2011 at 9:45 am:
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    Greg, I think you might be wrong about this. Friedman does not seem like the type that would be pushed around by the party leadership. He worked for Stewart after all, after throwing Pandak under a bus. He’s vindictive and would probably stay in just as a way to stick it to them and hurt them in the general election. There is also no way that a Muslim American like Babu could be the pick of the party leadership. He might be the pick of a moonbeam like Roemmelt, but the local party chair has never really controlled anything. Look at the major races and their candidates–Pandak, Torian, Nichols, Principi, Colgan. Who did the work for these people–the old, white guard. Who worked for wingnuts without a chance like Roemmelt and Rishell? None of them. The wingnuts generally get left twisting in the wind. This looks like a way of sticking it to the party leadership to me. The proof will be in whether or not Friedman ends up supporting Lateef in some meaningful way. If he does, then you know someone is trying to give someone the shaft. At the end of the day it won’t mean anything since there is no way Friedman or Babu could win.

  3. Rick said on 23 Mar 2011 at 9:55 am:
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    I wonder where this leaves Friedman. He has wanted to be on the Board of Supervisors for a long time. He can’t be happy about all this. I think the question is who he takes it out on. He could stick it to the Democrats by shafting their candidates or he could try to stick it to Stewart. If he has any dirt on Stewart from when he worked for him it will now be a lot easier for him to use it if he’s not a candidate.

  4. Sif Less said on 23 Mar 2011 at 10:43 am:
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    Get a clue everybody. Look, Roemmelt doesn’t control jack. The Prince William Democrats are run by King John Jenkins and his queen and as much as they hate Friedman there is no way they want a brown-skinned Muslim guy as the Democrats nominee for chair. Don’t expect them to lift a finger to help him. I think Friedman has found a new way to slam the party’s powers that be. He wasn’t going to win against Stewart anyway so instead he drops out and supports Lateef. If Lateef wins with his backing his standing in the party jumps significantly, he gets a choice of appointments, and the Jenkins look foolish and marginal. If Lateef loses, which is what will happen, Friedman gets to point out how the lack of support from the Jenkins shows how unreliable and useless they are and that no one should listen to them anymore. All this comes without Friedman having to spend a dime of his own money. If he wants to, he also gets to let loose whatever dirt he has on Stewart without it coming back to him. This is a no-lose for Friedman and a great political move.

  5. hazegray said on 23 Mar 2011 at 3:27 pm:
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    Maureen said on 23 Mar 2011 at 4:35 am: Flag comment

    Off topic. But DHS is holding a press conference in Manassas today. Should be interesting.


    DHS press conference about 100+ illegals arrested by ICE… surprising that a link hasn’t been posted here. Check out WTOP

  6. Harry said on 25 Mar 2011 at 9:56 am:
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    Look, Jenkins cut a deal with Stewart to pick up the rest of Dale city that he didn’t already control. In return jenkins agreed to not support a D against Nohe and to ensure that there is no viable D to run against Stewart. Seems like jenkins gave up way too much to pick up two precincts in dale City or Stewart is way smarter than Jenkins, probably the latter.

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