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Gerrymandering Is OK If Parties Agree How To Do It

29 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 7 Comments

The General Assembly has agreed to a new Senate redistricting map and the Governor has pledged to sign it.  For some not-so-evident reason, this map is supposedly preferable to the previous plan that was vetoed by the Governor although it is only superficially changed from the plan the governor decried as violating the federal and […]

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Manassas Tea Party Goes Local

27 April 2011 | Manassas City | 43 Comments

The Manassas Tea Party is opposing tax hikes in the Manassas City budget and making some very interesting arguments in favor of fiscal restraint during a time when we’re not really sure when local economic conditions are actually going to recover.  A tax hike right now isn’t going to be popular, and it certainly isn’t […]

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Who Says The Left Has No Religion?

25 April 2011 | National Politics | 16 Comments

Days are reserved for honoring the objects of their devotion.  Sacrifices are called for as a measure of public piety.  Doctrine is believed as a matter of faith.  Regular gatherings are held among the faithful, and evangelists spread out across the land to proclaim the gospel.
And now, at Easter, that religion — what it actually […]

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The UnDemocrats

23 April 2011 | DPVA | 5 Comments

If my often expressed concerns about the autocratic “leadership” of the Democratic Party aren’t enough to convince people that there aren’t major issues these folks need to address, here’s the perspective of a long-time Democrat activist talking once again about the scorched-earth tactics of the DPVA going on right now:
Ben Tribbett, a longtime Democratic activist, […]

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Open Thread

21 April 2011 | Uncategorized | 41 Comments

While I continue to battle through a repair/upgrade of the workstation I usually use to keep BVBL going there’s a lot happening out there in the world.  Here’s your chance to take the podium for a bit and fill in your neighbors on what you think is important…

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PWC Is Redistricted

18 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 13 Comments

At least at the magisterial district level, we now know what the lines will be in November.  The utter beauty of this plan is that a bunch of the people that Supervisor Wally Covington screwed over by blocking the establishment of a new elementary school — because it didn’t benefit his district — will now […]

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Worst Business Ever In Manassas?

18 April 2011 | Manassas City | 16 Comments

After riling up city residents with an adult-oriented store in Manassas, you’d think these folks would try to build some bridges with the community.  Instead they try to start having wet T-shirt contests in Old Town.  You’d think they haven’t learned their lesson after trying to sell “Teenage Lesbian Hookers” DVDs right next to the […]

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Caption Contest

17 April 2011 | Virginia Politics | 23 Comments

This one just cries out for a creative caption.  Submit your entry in the comments section.

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Babur Lateef Underwhelms

16 April 2011 | Prince William County | 13 Comments

Campaign finance reports are out, giving James Young an opportunity to deliver one of his classic critiques that tears away the spin and gets right to the truth.
In toto, then, excluding money from the candidate himself, from out of state, and out of the County, Dr. Lateef has raised only $21,161, or less […]

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Dick Saslaw’s Waterloo

16 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 4 Comments

Governor McDonnel’s veto of redistricting plan sets up a unique battle between Senate Majority leader Dick Saslaw  and the Governor that could have wide-ranging impacts on the political landscape of Virginia for the next ten years.  Saslaw has dug in, daring Governor McDonnell to veto the same bad plan he vows to advance again, and […]

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15 April 2011 | Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

NLS is reporting that Governor Bob McDonnell isn’t going to try to amend the redistricting plan, he’s going to veto the whole disaster!

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Cut Down on Illegal Alien Crime by Cracking Down on Illegal Employers

15 April 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 15 Comments

Guest post by “Just the Facts”
The most effective way to reduce the number of crimes committed by, and address other problems created by, illegal aliens is to crack down on the illegal employers who hire them. Eliminate the jobs and illegals have no reason to be here. However, we don’t have enough Supervisors […]

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How Many More Victims Must We Suffer?

14 April 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime, Prince William County | 9 Comments

Once again an illegal alien is charged in a heinous crime, as reported today by PotomacLocal.  The disturbing frequency of violent crime committed by people our government should be getting and keeping out of our country continues unabated and still our federal government does nothing, our state government does very little, and our local government […]

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New Map, Better Than The Old Map

13 April 2011 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

This new county redistricting map should make some politically active people happier, although those not politically active and who will be put into the new Coles district might be scratching their heads come election day.  There are a few issues with the map — some strangely-drawn snaking lines that sneak in to gobble up targeted […]

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George Barker: When Do We Get Your Apology?

12 April 2011 | 39th VA Senate, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 6 Comments

When the NAACP joins with Corey Stewart in decrying the redistricting plan devised by Senator George Barker you really have to wonder how in the heck any democrats can possibly defend this violation of the civil rights of Virginians.  Republicans hate it.  The left-wing blogs hate it.  The NAACP hates it.  Nobody has stepped up […]

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More Deviance For Our Schools

12 April 2011 | Prince William County | 12 Comments

A few days ago I posted an article showing some of the signs at Battlefield High School promoting homosexual behavior and predictably got all sorts of hate mail about my neanderthal thinking that promoting perversion in our public schools is a bad idea.  Well, it turns out that the website of the “Gay Straight Alliance” […]

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Corey Stewart Blasts George Barker’s Redistricting Disaster

11 April 2011 | 39th VA Senate, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Senator George Barker came up with a redistricting plan specifically designed to dilute the political influence of Prince William County, and Chairman Corey Stewart is taking him to task for it.  Good for him.  When residents go to the polls this November and have to deal with all the split precincts and insane district lines, […]

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Mike Frey Begs For A Challenger

11 April 2011 | Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens | 6 Comments

Fairfax Supervisor Michael Frey desperately wants a primary challenge.  There’s no other way to interpret his recent comments at the Centreville Immigration Forum, a local lobby seeking to protect illegal aliens from the consequences of their unlawful actions and promote the illegal hiring of foreign nationals in Centreville.

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11 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | No Comments

Not many things bug me more than when people who are supposed to be able to think for themselves swallow obvious leftist inanities without hint a critical thought.  Such is the case with Bacon’s Rebellion today, a Virginia blog that at least used to receive widespread acclaim for thoughtful analysis.  When the wildly partisan leftist […]

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The Unfair and Unbalanced Media

10 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate, US Congress | 18 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
While Congressman Jim Moran’s assault on the military and its veterans went viral Friday, April 8, one day following a town hall meeting held in Alexandria at Hammond Middle School, nary a word appeared in The Washington Post.
Moran treated Wayne Tunick, a disabled 27-year veteran rudely following an important question […]

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