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Tim Kaine Jumps In

By Greg L | 5 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 20 Comments

I think what this means is that Governor Timmy! is going to run for Senate.

He sat on a billion dollars of transportation money at the same time he raised our taxes in order to supposedly pay for transportation projects. He took a “part-time” job as DNC chairman at the same time he was drawing a full-time check from the taxpayers as Governor. He left our budget a mess, sat on his hands with the illegal alien issue, and left the state in worse shape than he found it.

Now I suppose we can expect to see “press one for English.”  Great.

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  1. Maureen said on 5 Apr 2011 at 9:25 pm:
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    Wow! I’m voting for him since I didn’t understand a word he said

  2. VRC said on 5 Apr 2011 at 10:16 pm:
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    What a Hispanic-pandering, Tammany Hall scumbag

  3. Get Bullwinkle! said on 5 Apr 2011 at 10:25 pm:
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    I am offended. He did not record a video in russian. Tim does not care about me.

  4. Gerdie Schmertz said on 6 Apr 2011 at 12:27 am:
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    Wow…check him out…he’s the “Milli Vanilli” of politics….

  5. Anonymous said on 6 Apr 2011 at 11:16 am:
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    Maybe if he gets elected he’ll sponsor a bill to close ALL rest stops in the country.

  6. Bwana said on 6 Apr 2011 at 12:58 pm:
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    Apparently his eyebrow works overtime in both English and Spanish

  7. Harry said on 6 Apr 2011 at 2:49 pm:
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    Anyone want to set the odds Allen vs Kaine?

  8. FrauD said on 6 Apr 2011 at 3:04 pm:
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    We need to make sure this clown never holds another elected office again.

  9. Rocky said on 6 Apr 2011 at 3:59 pm:
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    Spot on FrauD. This jerk needs to be relegated to the dustbin
    of history. He was dangerous enough as a part-time Governor.

  10. Rocky said on 6 Apr 2011 at 4:23 pm:
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    A little web surfing tells me Timmy’s replacement at the DNC
    is going to be Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    Her rating on illegal immigration from NumbersUSA: F-

    Her rating on 2nd Amendment record from the
    Gun Owners of America: F-

    Sounds like she’ll fit right in.

  11. Citizen12 said on 6 Apr 2011 at 8:46 pm:
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    He’s just a couple of skipped shaves and a hair net this side of the border.

    I hear they are taking bets down at the day labor site on what we will see the next time he rolls up the sleeves on that flannel. A Blessed Virgin or Pancho Villa tattoo?

    Anybody check Timmy’s birth certificate?

    Can somebody give a shout out to Donald Trump and get him to check on this one too?

  12. Anonymous said on 6 Apr 2011 at 9:03 pm:
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    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to head the DNC? Perfect.

    I hear she comes from an esteemed family:





  13. Regdfry said on 6 Apr 2011 at 9:09 pm:
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    One of Timmy’s best transportation accomplishments? Busing Democrats (the faithful) from Virginia to DC for the coronation of the wise one. It was reported that this cost the state over 500,000 dollars. But don’t be concerned, Timmy indicated that he planned to recover the cost from the federal government. I think he had a friend there with access to a printing press. I do not know if the costs were ever recovered.

    Number two on my list of memorable transportation jobs that Timmy pulled? The public rest stops were closed. . . That was a winner, huh?

  14. skepp said on 6 Apr 2011 at 9:37 pm:
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    I like Kaine, eyebrows and all!

  15. Loudoun Insider said on 6 Apr 2011 at 11:01 pm:
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    Ridiculous! How many Spanish speaker only voters are there in Virginia???

  16. Rocky said on 7 Apr 2011 at 12:45 am:
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    To “anonymous”: Thanks for posting the family tree. That made my day.

    To “Loudon Insider”: Isn’t it time to verify those voter registration
    rolls? I heard of a case where someone was called for jury duty
    and opted out because they were here illegally.

  17. AmericaFirst said on 7 Apr 2011 at 6:04 am:
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    Ridiculous! How many Spanish speaker only voters are there in Virginia???

    Too many. Especially since the spineless gop refuses to shut down the illegal voter registrations presses at dmv.

  18. Anonymous said on 8 Apr 2011 at 5:28 am:
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    Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrats: Unions before Taxpayers –DNC Chairman uses remnants of Obama campaign to back teachers union fight for unsustainable spending in Wisconsin —

    If there was any doubt as to who was in charge of the Democratic Party - both nationally, and in Virginia - DNC Chairman Tim Kaine has laid them to rest.

    From The Washington Post:

    The White House political operation, Organizing for America, got involved Monday, after Democratic National Committee Chairman Timothy M. Kaine, a former Virginia governor, spoke to union leaders in Madison, a party official said.

    The group made phone calls, distributed messages via Twitter and Facebook, and sent e-mails to its state and national lists to try to build crowds for rallies Wednesday and Thursday, a party official said.

    Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Chairman Kaine backing liberal causes and unsustainable government spending. Tim Kaine has been the primary cheerleader for President Obama and his liberal, budget busting policies for years.

    But now Chairman Kaine is rallying his troops to support an unsustainable state budget and public employee collective bargaining - two things that Virginia has never embraced.

    Why is Tim Kaine moving so far to the left so early in his run for U.S. Senate?

    RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

    “Chairman Kaine’s actions further emphasize just who’s in the driver’s seat over at the DNC and the Democratic Party of Virginia - Big Labor.

    After years of trying to raise taxes, missing $1 billion hiding in the Virginia Department of Transportation, and cheerleading for President Obama’s liberal policies, it’s not surprising to see Tim Kaine take this stance. But it is odd to see someone move so far to the left, so quickly, and so early.

    When the Communications Workers of America demanded that Democrats fight a telecommunications modernization bill, House Democrats snapped to attention. When the teachers union demanded that Senate Democrats kill private school scholarships for poor children, it was done without questions.

    And when Republicans attempted to protect our Right to Work laws by enshrining them in the Virginia Constitution, Democrats broke the rules to stand up for Big Labor and kill the bill.

    Taken together, these actions paint a clear picture of the Democratic Party, both nationally and in Virginia - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Labor.”

    Virginians, and the job creators in the Commonwealth understand that in order to create new jobs, bring new businesses to our state, and rebuild our economy we must keep our free market system strong and that means keeping Virginia a strong right to work state.

    The Democrats - and the union bosses that are clearly calling the shots in their General Assembly caucus - are completely opposed to this principle and I am confident that Virginians, the job creators, and those who want to grow their businesses have rejected the democrats policies in 2009 and 2010 and will certainly do it again this fall and in 2012 when Tim Kaine is running for U.S. Senate.”

    Virginia Democrats: Putting unions ahead of taxpayers, low-income students

    … because union checks don’t bounce.



    Poll: George Allen leads Tim Kaine by double digits

    A new poll shows former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) ahead of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine by double-digits in Virginia’s 2012 Senate race.

    Allen leads Kaine 45 percent to 32 percent with another 23 percent of voters undecided, according to numbers released Thursday from Roanoke University.

    Kaine officially jumped into the race for the seat of retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) earlier this week, setting up what could be one of 2012’s marquee Senate match-ups. Allen still faces a Republican primary challenge from Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke.

    The survey, which was taken before Kaine made his candidacy official, shows Allen with a lead among self-identified independents and Kaine leading among self-identified moderates.

    The double digit lead for Allen in the Roanoke poll, though, is a stark difference from the result of a recent survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, which found Allen and Kaine in a dead heat. Roanoke’s sample does skew more Republican.

    The poll surveyed 437 registered voters and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.7 percent.


    Associated Press to declare Timmy the “Winna” shortly….

    2012 is shaping up nicely

  19. Citizenofmanassas said on 8 Apr 2011 at 6:50 pm:
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    Why is he speaking in a foreign langauge? In order to vote in America, one must be a Citizen. In order to be a Citizen one must be able to speak and understand English.

    His party is openly cheering for illegals and if it were up to them, illegals would not only have the right to vote, but would not even have to become Citizens to do so.

    I can’t wait for the lies to start from timmy. He claimed to be a moderate when he ran for Governor. Yet, took on the job of one of the most partisan positions in politics, the head of his political party. Yup, I can’t wait for timmy to tell how he is a moderate.

    As head of the DNC, he’s had to shape and defend the message of his party to include the health care bill, the EPA rules, etc. He’s had to help out Harry Reid and blinky Nancy. He’s had to stand arm in arm with obama on every issue. Yup, that’s a moderate to me.

  20. Freedom said on 10 Apr 2011 at 8:56 am:
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    …and where’s the ICE agents when you really, really need ‘em!!???

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